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No. 8.-TREATY with Doulut Ruo Scindia.-Serjce Anjemgaum,

30th December 1803,

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Treaty of Peace between the Honouruble English East India Com

pany and their Allies, on the ore part, and the Mahu Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah, on the other ; settled by Mujor Grneral the Honouruble Arthur Wellesley, on the part of the Honourable Company and their Allies; and by Eetul Mahadeo, Moonshee Kavel Nyn, Jeswunt Rao Gourparah Ameer-ool-Omrah; and Narroo Hurry, on the part of the Maha Rajah Dowlut Rao Scindiah, who have each communicated to the other their Full Pouers.

Art. I. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between the Honourable Company and their Allies, on the one part, and the Maha Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah, on the other.

II. The Maha Rajah cedes to the Honourable Company and their Allies, in perpetual sovereignty, all his Forts, Territories, and riglits in the Doab, or Country situated between the Jumna and the Ganges; and all his Forts, Territories, rights, and interests in the Countries which are to the north ward of those of the Rajalis of Jeypoor, and Jodepoor, and of the Ranah of Golud; of which Territories, &c. a detailed list is given in the accompanying Schedule. Such Countries, formerly in the possession of the Mala Rajah, situated between Jeypoor and Jodepoor, and to the southward of the former, are to belong to the Maha Rajah.

III. The Matra Rajah likewise cedes to the Honourable Company and their Allies, in perpetual sovereignty, the Fort of Baroach and Territory depending thereon, and the Fort of Ahmednuggur and Territory depending thereon ; excepting those lands which it is agreed, by the villth Article of this Treaty, that the Mala Rajah is to retain.

IV. The Maba Rajah likewise cedes to the Honourable Company and their Allies, all the Territories which belonged to him previous to the breaking out of the War, which are situated to the southward of the Hills, called the Adjuntee Hills, including the Fort and District of Jalnapore, the Town and District of Gandapore, and all other Districts betwean that range of Hills and the River Godavery.

V. The Mala Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah, for himself, his Heirs and Successors, hereby renounces all the claim to the Forts, Territories, rights, and interests ceded by the llod, IIIrd and IVth Articles, and all claims of every description upon the British Governments, and their Allies the Suubaldar of the Deckan, the Pesliwah, and Anund Rao Guikwar.

VI. The Fort of Asseerghur, the City of Boorlianpore, the Forts of Powanghur and Dohud, and the Territories in Candleish and Guzerat,

depending on these Forts, shall be restored to the Mala Rajah Dunlue Rio Scindiah.

Vil. Whereas the Maha Rajah Doulut Rao Scindiah has Te presented that his Family have long held in Enaum, as a gift from te kings of Hindustan, the Districts of Dholpoor Baree, and Rajalı herrah, which are situated to the northward of the Countries of the Rajahs of Jeypoor and Jodepoor, and of the Ranah of Gobud; and that lands in Hindustan, ceded by the Und Article of this Treaty to the Honourable Company and their Allies, are held in Jaghire by Persons of the Family of the late Madhagee Scindiah and others, by principal Sirdars in his service, all of whom would suffer distress if deprived of the advantages they enjoy in those Countries; it is agreed, that the Maha Rajalı shall continue to hold and enjoy, in Enaum, the lauds of Dholpoor, Baree, and Rajah Kerrah, and that Bala Baye Sahib, and Munsoor Sabil, Moonshee Kavel Nyn, Boogajee Jamdah, Amrajee Jadhoo, and Wirdah Charie, shall continue to hold their lands in Jaghire, under the protection of the Honourable Company. And further, in order that no Individual may incur loss, or suffer distress, in consequence of this arrangement, it is agreed that the Honourable Company shall either pay pensions or grant lands in Jaylıire, according to the option of the British Government, to certain other Sirdars and others, to be named by the Maha Rajah; provided that the total amount of the sums paid, or Jaghires granted or held, does not exceed 17 lacks of rupees per annum, including the annual value of the lands, which it is agreed by this Article that Bala Baye Sahib, Munsoor Sahib, Moonshee Kavel Nyn, Boogajee Jamdah, Amrajee Jadboo, and Wirdah Charie, are to continue to hold; and provided that no Troops in the service of the Maha Rajah are to be introduced into Dholpoor, Baree, and Rajah Kerrah, or the other lands held in Jaghire, under the pretence of collecting the Revenue, or any other pretence whatever.

VIII. Whereas the Mala Rajah Dowlut Rao Scindiah has represented, that his family have long held in Enaum certain Lands, Villages, &c., in the Territories of Rao Pundit Purdhaun; viz. Chomargoondec, Pergunna, Jamgaum, Ranjingaun, half of Seo Gaum Pergunua, 6 Villages in Umber Pergunna, 5 Villages in Pytun Pergunna, 5 Villages in Niwaz Pergunna, 5 Villages in Kurla Pergnova, 6 Vil. lages in Poona Pergunna, 2 Villages in Wahy Pergunna, 6 Villages in Patutood Pergunda, 5 Villages in Pandipeergaun Pergunna, 5 Villages in Pagood Pergunna, 2 Villages in Parnyra Pergunna, which Lave lately been taken possession of by the British Government aud their Allies; it is agreed, that those Lands and Villages shall be restored to him, provided that no Troops shall ever be introduced into those Lands and Villages, under pretence of collecting the Revenues, or any other pretence whatever.

IX. Certain Treaties have been made by the British Government with Rajahs and others, heretofore Feudatories of the Maha Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah. These Treaties are to be confirmed; and the Maha Rajah hereby renounces all claims upon the Persons with whom such Treaties have been made, and declares them to be independent of his Government and authority; provided that none of the Territories belonging to the Maha Rajah, situated to the Southward of those of the Rajahs of Jeypoor and Jodepoor, and the Ranah of Gohud, of which the Revenues have been collected by him or bis Aumildars, or have been applicable, as Surinjamee, to the payment of his Troops, are granted away by such Treaties. Lists of the Persons with whom such 'Treaties have been made will be given to the Maha Rajah Dowlut Rav Scindiah, when this Treaty will be ratified by His Excellency the Governor-General.

X. No Person whatever is hereaster to be molested on account of the part which he may have taken in the present War.

XI. It is agreed, that the rights of His Highness the Peshwah to certain Lands in Malwa and elsewhere shall be established as hereto. fore; and in case any difference should arise respecting those rights, it is agreed that the Honourable Company shall mediate, arbitrate and decide, according to the principles of justice, between His Highness and the Maha Rajah ; and whatever shall be thus decided will be agreed to by both parties, and will be carried into execution.

XII. The Maha Rajah Dowlut Rao Scindiah hereby renounces all claims upon His Majesty Shah Aulum, and engages on his part to interfere no further in the affairs of His Majesty.

XIII. The Maha Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah engages never to take or retain in his service any Frenchman, or the Subject of any other European or American Power, the Government of which may be at War with the British Government, or any British Subject, whether European or Native of India, without the consent of the British Government.

XIV. In order to secure and improve the relations of Amity and Peace hereby established between the Governments, it is agreed that accredited Ministers from each shall reside at the Court of the other.

XV. The Honourable Company, being bound by Treaties of General Defensive Alliance with His Highness the Soubadhar of the Deckan and His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun, to which the Maha Rajah Ali Jah Dowlut Rao Scindiah is desirous of acceding, he is to be admitted to the benefits thereof; and the Honourable Company, with a view to the future security of the Maha Rajah's Territories, engage, in the event of his agreeing to the Treaty above mentioned, in 2 months, to furnish him with a Force consisting of 6 Battalions of Infantry, with their complement of Ordnance and Artillery, and usual equipments of Military Stores, &c., and the expense of this Force is to be defrayed out of the Revenues of the Lands ceded by the lind, Ilird, and IVth Articles. But it is agreed, that, in case it should suit the interests of the Maha Rajab's Government to decline to enter into the Treaty above mentioned, such refusal shall not affect any of the other Stipulations of this Treaty of Peace, which are, in every respect, to be binding on the Contracting Parties, their Heirs and Successors.

XVI. This Treaty is to be ratified by the Maha Rajah Dowlut Rao Scindiah in 8 days from this time, and the Ratification is to be delivered to Major General Wellesley.

Major General Wellesley engages that it shall be ratified by His Excellency the Most Noble the Governor-General in Council, and the Ratification shall be delivered to the Maha Rajah in 3 months, or sooner if possible.

The Orders for the cession of the Territories shall be delivered to Major-General Wellesley at the same time with the Ratification of the Treaty of Peace; but the Forts of Asseerghur, Powanghur, and Do. hud, are not to be delivered up till accounts will have been received, that the Territories ceded have been evacuated by the Maha Rajah » Officers and Troops. ARTHUR WELLESLEY. EETUL MAHADEO.


NARROO HURRY. Done in Camp, at Serjee Anjengaum, this 30th of December, 1803, answering to the 15th Ramzaun, 1213 Fuzalee.

(Ratified by the Governor General in Council, 13th February, 1804.)

No.9.-TREATY with the Rajah of Travancore.-Jeroovanaporam,

12th January, 1805.

Treaty of Perpetual Friendship and Alliance between the Honourable English East India Company, Behauder, and the Maha Rajah Ram Rajah Behauder, Rajah of Travancore.

Whereas the Treaty concluded in the year 1795, between the Honour. able Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies, and his late Highness the Rajah of Travancore, was intended to defend and protect the Travancore Country against Foreign Enemies, and to strengthen and to fix the terms of the ancient Friendship and Alliance subsisting between the Company and the Rajah of Travancore : And whereas it is evident that the intentions of the Contracting Parties have not been duly fulfilled: And

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whereas the said Company and His Highness the Rujah of Tra. rancore have judged it expedient, that additional prorision should, at this time be made, for the purpose of supplying the defects in the said Treaty, and of establishing the connexion between the said Contracting Parties, on a permanent basis of security, in all times to come ; therefore, in order to carry into effect the said intentions, the present Treaty is concluded by Lieutenant-Colonel Colin Ma. caulay, Resident at Travancore, on the part, and in the name of, His Excellency the Most Noble Marquis Wellesley, K. P. and K. C., Governor-General in Council of all the British Possessions in the East Indies ; and by His Highness the Rajah of Travancore,

; for himself, agreeably to the following Articles, which shall be binding on the Contracting Parties as long as the Sun and Moon shall endure.

Arr. I. The Friends and Eneinies of either of the Contracting Parties shall be considered as the Friends and Enemies of both. The Honourable the East India Company, Behauder, especially engaging to deiend and protect the Territories of the Maha Rajah Ram Rajah Behauder of Travancore, against all Enemies whatever.

II. Whereas by the Vilih Article of the Treaty concluded in the year 179.), between the Maha Rajah Ram Rajah Behauder, and the English East India Company Behauder, it was stipulated, “ that when the Company shall require any aid of bis Troops to assist them in War, it shall be incumbent on the said reigning Rajah for the time being to survish such aid, to such extent, and in such numbers as may be in his power, from his regular lufantry and Cavalry, exclusive of the wative Nayers of his Country;" and the Company being now willing entirely to release the Rajah froin the obligations incurred under the said Stipulation, it is bereby concluded and agreed, that the Ram Rajah Belauder is for ever discharged from the aforesaid burtheusome obligation.

111. In consideration of the stipulations and release contained in the 1st and [Ind Articles, whereby the Company becoine liable to heavy and constant expense, while great relief is afforded to the Revenues of the Rajah, His Highness engages to pay annually to the said Company a sum equivalent to the expense of l Regiment of the Honourable Company's Native Lufantry, in addition to the sum now payable by the said Rajah, for the Force subsidized by His Highness, by the I1Trd Article of the Subsidiary Treaty of 1795, the said amount to be paid in 6 equal instalments, commencing from the 1st day of January, 1805; and His said Highness further agrees, that the disposal of the said sum, together with the arrangement and employment of the Troops to be maintained by it, whether stationed within the Travancore Country, or within the Company's Districts, shall be left entirely to the Company.

IV. Should it become necessary for the Company to employ a

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