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Row Guicowar Sena Khas Kheyl, on the one part, and the Government of the Maha Rao Shree Raidhun, on the other, it is agreed, that no Troops shall cross to the Country to the East, or opposite side of the Gulph and Run, lying between Kutch and Guzerat, nor shall any claim or interference be therein maintained.

II. The above Article is indispensable, but as the Maharao Mirza Raidhun possesses old claims on Noanuggur, it is agreed that these, as well as any other demands, either pecuniary or otherwise, which exist or may arise, shall be settled agreeably to equity and justice, and with due regard to the character of Maha Row Shree, by the decision of 3 People, 1 on behalf of the Honourable Company, 1 on behalf of the Maha Row Shree, and a 3rd on behalf of the Parties on whom the claims are made.

III. The Maha Row Shree Raidhun engages, that Piracy shall be eradicated throughout the Country of Kutch : should any Piracy take place, the Pirates shall be punished, and expelled from the Country.

IV. Maha Row Shree Raidhun engages not to permit any Establishment whatever to be made in the Country by any European or American Power, or any of those Nations to remain therein.

To the truth of the above God is witness.

Dated 16th of Ramzan, 1224 Hejeree, corresponding with the 3rd of Asivoud.-1809.

No. 25.—ENGAGEMENT with Dewan Hansraj, of Mandavie.

28th October, 1809.

Articles of Engagement entered into by Dewan Hansraj Samidoss, of

Mandavie Bunder, with Captain Samuel A. Greenwood, on behalf of the Honourable Company, as follows :

Art. I. As Friendship exists between the Government of the Honourable Company, and the Government of the Maha Rajah Sena Khas Kbeyl Shumsheir Behauder, on the one part, and the Government of Maha Rao Shree Raidhun, on the other; I do hereby agree that no Troops shall cross to the Country on the opposite side of the Gulph and Run, (lying between Kutch and Guzerat ;) nor shall any claim or interference be maintained therein. Should any claim or dispute arise, the same shall be settled by Arbitration, under the mediation of the Company

11. Hansraj Sa Dewan engages, on behalf of the Maha Rao Raid. hun, that Piracy shall be eradicated throughout the Territories subject to Mandavie: should any act of Piracy occur, the Pirates shall be punished and expelled the Country.

III. Hansraj Sa Dewan also engages, on behalf of the Maha Rao Raidbun, not to permit any European or American Power to form an Establishment at Mandavie and its Dependencies, nor to permit any of these Nations to remain therein.

Dated 1865, Assainvud 5th; corresponding with 28th October, 1809. A. D. What is above written is truth:


No. 26.-ENGAGEMENT with the Rajah of Macherry.-1618

July, 1811.

Engagement on the part of Maha Rao Rajah Bukhtawar Singh, Rajah

of Macherry. Whereas the strictest unity of interests is firmly established between the British Government and Maha Rao Rajah Sinac Bukhtawar Singh; and whereas it is expedient that this should be universally known and understood: the Maha Rao Rajah hereby engages, for Himself and his Heirs and Successors, that he will never enter into any Engagement or Negotiation whatever, with any other State or Chief, without the knowledge and consent of the British Government.

With this view the present Engagement is written, on the part of Maha Rao Rajah Sinac Bukhtawar Singh, this 16th day of July, 1811, of the Christian æra, corresponding with the 24th of Jumadee oul Sawee, 1226 Hijeree: it being understood, that the Treaty formerly concluded between the 2 States is by no means annulled by the preseut Engagement; but, on the contrary, is hereby confirmed and strengthened.


No. 27.-TREATY with the Vizier of Oude.Lucknow, 14th

January, 1812.

Whereas disputes and contentions have arisen betweon the Subjects of the Honourable Company and the Government of His Excellency the Vizier, regarding the Boundaries of their respective Villages, the possession of Lands acquired by alluvion, and of Islands formed in the Rivers which constitute the Frontier of the 2 States; therefore, and with the view of settling and obviating such disputes at the present and in all future times, the following Treaty is concluded by His Excel. lency the Nawab Vizier ool Murmaulik Yeemeen 00 Dowlah Nazin ool Moolk Saudut Aly Khaun Behauder Mobaurez Jung, for Himself, his Heirs and Successors; and by Major John Baillie, Resident at Lucknow, by virtue of Full Powers vested in him for this purpose, on the part of the Right Honourable Gilbert Lord Minto, one of His Britannic Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, and GovernorGeneral of all the British Possessions in the East Indies, on the part of the Honourable the United East India Company, and their Heirs and Successors.

ART. I. Every Island and portion of ground which, at the end of the Fuslee year, 1208, appertained to the ceded Territory, belong now to the British Government; and every Island and portion of land that appertained to the reserved Dominions, belong now to His Excellency the Vizier.

Any Island originally belonging to either State, which shall by inundation disappear, shall, on its re-appearance, belong to that State whose property it originally was, although its form may be altered ; and all villages and lands situated on the Boundary of the 2 States, which appertained at the above period to either of the States, shall hereafter and for ever, without dispute, be the property of the State to which they belonged at that time.

II. If any River or Stream forming the Boundary of the 2 States shall, by gradually changing or receding from its present channel or course, occasion an alluvion, or create an increase of land on either of the baoks of such River, the land so gained by alluvion shall be the unquestionable property of the State whose Territory is situated on the bank from which the River may have receded, notwithstanding any loss which may arise to the other Party from the encroachment of such River on his Territory.

III. All Islands which have been formed in the channels of Rivers or Streams, forming the Boundaries of the 2 States, since the end of the year 1208 Fuslee, or which may hereafter be so formed, shall be adjudged to belong to the State on whose Frontier the channel may be fordable; and in the case of the channels on both sides of the Island being equal in point of depth, the Island shall be considered to form a part of the Territory of that State to which, at any point, it is the most contiguous.

IV. In the case of a subsequent alteration in the course of the principal channel of a River or Stream forming the Boundary of the 2 States, that is, if the channel, on either side of an Island, which was in the first instance deep, shall become shallow, and the channel on the opposite side become deep, in this case the right to the Island shall again be transferred to the State on whose boundary the channel is shallow, and the same rule shall be applied to eventual changes in the contiguousness and distance of Islands from the Territories of the 2 States.

Further, as with a view to ascertain the comparative depth and breadth of the opposite channels of a River in which an Island may be formed, the specification of a period is indispensable, the Con


tracting Parties do hereby stipulate and agree, that the commencement of the season of the Rubee be the specific period assigned, in all cases of dispute, for ascertaining the depth and breadth of the channels.

V. If at any time, as in the case of Rivers or Streams forming the common Boundary which wind greatly in their course, an arm or portion of land shall be separated from the Territory of either State, by the total alteration of the course of a River or Stream, the land so separated shall belong exclusively to the State to whose Territory it may, by such alteration, have been annexed, notwithstanding any Territorial loss which may be sustained by the opposite Party.

VI. What has been agreed to in the foregoing Articles, relates merely to the prevention of disputes between the 2 States, with respect to the lands alluded to in those Articles, and has no reference whatever to the rights of Zemindars.

VII. This Treaty, comprising 7 Articles, having been settled and concluded in the City of Lucknow, on the 14th of January, in the year of our Lord 1812, corresponding with the 28th of the month of Zehujjee, of the year 1226 Hejree; Major John Baillie, Resident, has delivered to the Vizier 1 Copy of the same in English and Persian, sealed and signed by him; and His Excellency the Vizier has delivered to Major Baillie another Copy, also in Persian and English, bearing his Excellency's Seal and Signature; and Major Baillie hereby engages to procure and deliver to His Excellency the Vizier, within the space of 30 days, a Copy of the same, under the Seal and Signature of the Right Honourable the Governor-General, when the Copy under his own Seal and Signature shall be returned.

J. BAILLIE, Resident.

No. 28.–AGREEMENT with the Rajah of Colapore.-Curveer, 1st

October, 1812.

Articles of Agreement concluded between the Rajah of Colapore and

the Honourable Mountstuart Elphinstone, Resident at Poona, on the part of the British Government, and accepted by the Raja of Colapore, on the 1st of October, 1812.

ART. I. There shall be perpetual Peace and Friendship between the Allied Governments of the Honourable Company and His Highness the Peshwah on the one part, and His Highness the Rajah of Colaporé on the other.

II. The Rajah of Colapore on his own part, and on that of his Heirs and Successors, hereby renounces all right and claim, of whatever description, on the Districts of Chickoree and Manowlee, and all Dependencies which have hitherto been comprehended in those Dis. *tricts. The Districts aforesaid are henceforward to belong in absolute sovereignty to Row Pundit Purdhaun Peshwah Bebauder, his Heirs and Successors.

III. All the Forts and Country taken in consequence of the Wars occasioned by the disputed Claims to Chickoree and Manowlee, from the Rajah of Colapore, within the last 4 years, i. e. since the month of September, 1808, and now occupied by the Troops of Row Pundit Purdhaun Peshwah Behauder, shall be universally restored to the Rajah of Colapore.

IV. The Rajah of Colapore hereby renounces all other Claims, of whatever description, on Row Pundit Purdhaun Peshwah Behauder, and on all and every part of his Dominions, with the exception of the new Conquests mentioned in the IIIrd Article; His Highness the Ma. harajah likewise renounces all Claim upon Nupaunee : His Highness the Rajah of Colapore hereby further renounces all Claims, of whatever description, on all the Peshwah's Subjects, of whatever rank and denomination.

V. For the security of the British Trade against a renewal of the Piratical depredations formerly practised by the Rajah of Colapore's Subjects, the Rajah of Colapore hereby agrees, on his own part, and on the part of his Heirs and Successors, to cede to the Honourable Company, in perpetual sovereignty, the Harbour of Malwaun, that is to say, the Fort and Island of Sindoodroog or Malwaun, and the Forts of Puddumghur, Rauj Cote, and Sirjee Cote, with the lands dependent on the said Forts, and the British Troops shall immediately be put in possession of the said Forts and their dependencies.

VI. His Highness the Rajah of Colapore engages, on his own part, and on that of his Heirs and Successors, never to employ any Armed Vessels, or to permit any Armed Vessels to be fitted out at, or to enter any of the Sea-ports which may remain in His Highness's possession, after the cession of the Places before-mentioned, or which he may hereafter acquire; and the Rajah agrees that the Honourable Company's Vessels shall have the right to search all Vessels that may

be in the said Ports, or that may have sailed from them; and that, if any Arms are found in V-ssels so searched, the said Vessels shall be lawful prize to the Honourable Company. The Rajah further engages to permit Agents, on the part of the Honourable Company, to reside in all Ports in his Dominions, or which may hereafter fall into his hands, for the purpose of ascertaining the state of all Vessels lying in such Ports, and to permit the said Agents to search the said Vessels.

VII. If any Ship bearing the British Flag, or furnished with a British Pass, or belonging to the Allies of the British Government, should hereafter put into the Rajah of Colapore's Ports, or be driven by stress of weather, or any other cause, upon his Shores, His Highness the Rajah of Colapore engages on his own part, and on that of his

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