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VII. The Rajah engages never to entertain in his Service any British Subjects or Europeans, of any Nation or description whatever, without the consent of the British Government.

VIII. This Treaty, consisting of 8 Articles, &c. &c.

No. 31.-TREATY with the Rajah of Rewah and Mookundpore.

Banda, 5th October, 1812.


Treaty of Friendship and Defensive Alliance, concluded between the

British Government and the Rajah Jey Sing Deu, Rajah of Rewah and Mookundpore.

ALTHOUGH the relations of Amity have uniformly subsisted between the British Government and the State of Rewah, and especially sincu the augmentation of the intercourse between the 2 States, by the an nexation of a portion of the Province of Bundlecund to the British Dominions, those amicable relations have been cultivated and improved by reciprocal acts of Friendship, yet no formal Engagements, imposing upon the two Parties specific obligations with respect to each other, have hitherto been concluded; and Rajah Jey Sing Deo, the present Ruler of Rewah and Mookundpore, having now expressed a desire that this defect should be supplied by the conclusion of a Treaty of Friendship and Defensive Alliance; and the Right Honourable the Governor General in Council being cordially disposed to accede to the wishes of the Rajah, in this respect declared, the following Articles of Treaty are, by mutual consent, concluded between the British Government and the Rajah Jey Sing Deo, bis Heirs and Successors.

Art. I. The Governor General in Council acknowledges Rajah Jey Sing Deo to be the lawful Possessor of the present Dominions of Rewah, wbich bave been held by him and his Ancestors in successive generations during a long course of years; and in compliance with the Rajah's request, and for his entire satisfaction, assures him, agreeably to justice and the uniform principles of the British Government, that so long as the aforesaid Rajah, his Heirs and Successors, shall truly and faithfully fulfil the obligations of Friendship and Alliance, according to the true spirit and intent of this Treaty, it will not commit Hostilities against the Rajah of Rewah, nor take possession of, or in any way encroach on, any part of his Territories. On the contrary, the British Government engages to protect and defend the Dominions at present in the Rajah's possession, from the aggression of any Foreign Power, in the same manner as the Dominions of the Honourable Company are protected and defended.

U. The British Government having, by the terms of the preceding Article, engaged to protect the Territories at present possessed by the Rajah of Rewah from the aggressions of any Foreign Power, it is hereby agreed between the Contracting Parties, that whenever the Rajah shall have reason to apprehend a design on the part of any Foreign Power to invade his Territories, he shall report the circumstances of the case to the British Government, which will endeavour, by representation and remonstrance, to avert such design, and if its endeavours to that effect shall fail of success, the British Government will be prepared, on the requisition of the Rajah, to detach a Force of British Troops into his Territories for their protection. In which event, the expenses of those Troops, during the period they may be so employed, calculating from the day of their entering the Rajah's Dominions, until that of their quitting them on their return, shall be defrayed by the aforesaid Rajah. If the apprehended design of invading the Rajah's Territories shall be referrible to any disputed Claim between the Rajah and the other Power, the Rajah shall report all the circumstances of such disputed Claim to the British Government, which will then interpose its mediation for the adjustinent of the dispute; and the Rajab, relying on the justice and equity of the British Government, agrees implicitly to abide by its award. If, notwithstanding the Rajah's acquiescence in that award, the other Power shall persist in its hostile designs, the British Government will be ready to afford its assistance in the manner above provided. If any of the Rajah's Troops shall at any time be required to serve in the British Ter. ritories, the Rajah engages to furnish the same, and in that event, the expense of them, calculated at the rate of 20 rupees per mensem for each Horseman, 6 rupees per mensem for each Foot Soldier, actually furnished by the Rajah, shall be defrayed by the British Government, from the date of their leaving the Rajah's Territories until that of their return. Whenever the Troops of the British Government, and of the Rajah, shall have occasion to act together, the Commander of the Rajah's Troops shall conform to the advice, and act under the instructions, of the British Commanding Officer.

III. The Rajah of Rewah being the acknowledged Sovereign of his own Dominions, the British Government will not consider itself entitled to take cognizance of any complaint which may be preferred to it by any of the Relations, Subjects, or Servants of the Rajah, who on his part shall not possess a Claim to the aid of British Troops, for the support of his authority within the limits of his Dominions.

IV. If the Rajah of Rewah shall at any time have any Claim or cause of complaint against any of the Rajahs or Chiefs allied to, or dependent on the British Government, the Rajah engages to refer the case to the arbitration and decision of that Government, and to abide by its award, and on no account to commit aggression against the other Party, or to employ his own Force for the satisfaction of such Claim, or for the redress of the grievance of which he may complain. On the other hand, the British Government engages to withhold its Allies or Dependents from committing any aggression against the Rajah of Rewah, or to punish the Aggressors, or to arbitrate any de- . mand they may have upon the Rajah of Rewah, according to the strict principles of justice; the Rajah, on his part, agreeing implicitly to abide by its award.

V. The Rajah of Rewah engages never to grant an asylum within his Dominions to any Enemies of the British Government, or to Rebels; but, on the contrary, to exert his utmost endeavours for the apprehension of such Persons, and if apprehended, to deliver them up to he Officers of the British Government. The Rajah further engages not to permit the Families of Persons of that description to reside within his Territories. If any of the Enemies of the Rajah, or the Rebels to his Government, shall take refuge within British Territories, the British Government, on receiving notice thereof from the Rajah of Rewah, will, after due investigation, pursue such measures with regard to the Fugitives as equity and justice may appear to require, adopting, at the same time, every practicable means to prevent their committing any acts injurious to the Territory and Government of the Rajah.

VI. Whereas Robbers, issuing from the Territories of the Rajah of Rewah, frequently commit depredations in those of the Company, the Rajah engages, on receiving an Application from the Officers of the British Government, to exert his authority for the purpose of arresting the Persons accused of such Crimes, and when apprehended, to cause them to be delivered over to the said Officers.

VII. If any of the Brothers or Seryants of the Rajah of Rewah shall calumniate, misrepresent, or accuse the Rajah before the British Government, that Government will not, without inquiry and proof, give credit to the statement of such Persons.

VIII. The honour, rank, and dignity of the Rajab of Rewah shall be estimated by the British Government in the same degree as that which they were estimated by the former Emperor of Hindostan.

IX. Whenever the British Government shall deem it expedient to send its Troops into the Dominions of the Rajah of Rewah, or to station or canton a British Force within the Rajab's Territories, for the purpose of guarding against the advance, or intercepting the retreat of an Enemy, or of Pindarries, or other predatory Bodies, it shall be competent to the British Government so to detach its Troops, and the Rajah of Rewah shall give his consent accordingly. The Rajah shall also, on any such occasion, station his Troops according to the advice of the Officers of the British Government, at the Ghaut of Chaudeah, Kunriah, or such Ghauts or Passes as the British Government's Commanding Officer shall point out; the Commanding Officers of the British Troops which may be thus employed in the Rajah's Territories, shall not in any manner interfere in the internal concerns of the Rajah's Government. Whatever materials or supplies may be required for the British Cantonments, or for the use of the British Troops during their continuance in the Rajah's Territories, shall be readily furnished by the Rajah's Officers and Subjects, and shall be paid for at the price current of the Bazaar. If any materials which are indispensably necessary should happen not to be procurable by purchase, and it sbal} consequently become necessary to take such articles whenever found in the Rajah's Dominions, the price of such articles shall be paid for by the British Government, at the rate that may be settled by Arbitrators, appointed by the British Government and the Rajah respectively.

X. The Rajah of Rewah, being admitted among the number of the Allies of the British Government, engages at all times to comply with any just and reasonable Requisition connected with the interests and prosperity of the Government, to conform to its advice, and to the utmost of his power to fulfil the obligations of Friendship and Attachment towards the British Power.

XI. This Treaty, consisting of 11 Articles, having this day been concluded between the British Government and Rajah Jey Sing Deo, Rajah of Rewah, through the Agency of Mr. John Richardson, in virtue of Powers delegated to him by the Right Houourable Lord Minto, Governor General in Council, on the one part; and Bukhshy Baugaun Dhut, the Vakeel of the said Rajah, on the other; Mr. Richardson bas delivered to the said Vakeel one copy of the Treaty in English, Persian, and Hindooee, signed and sealed by himself; and the said Vakeel has delivered to Mr. Richardson another Copy, duly executed by the Rajah; and Mr. Richardson has engaged to procure and deliver to the said Vakeel, within the space of 30 days, a Copy ratified by the Seal of the Company, and the Signature of the Governor General in Council; on the delivery of which, the Copy executed by Mr. Richardson shall be returned, and the Treaty shall be considered from that time to have full force and effect.

Signed, sealed and exchanged, at Banda, on the 5th of October, A.D. 1812.

No. 32.-TREATY with the Rajah of Rewah.-Badderah, 2d June,


Whereas, on the 5th October, 1812, corresponding with 15th Kooar, 1869 Sumbut, a Treaty of mutual Friendship and Defensive Alliance was concluded between the British Government and the Rajah of Rewah: And whereas, the Rajah of Rewah having failed to fulfil the engagements which the aforementioned Treaty imposed upon him, the British Government was compelled, in vindication of its honour and its rights, to detach its Troops into Rewah to enforce the execution of those engagements, and to obtain security for their due fulfilment in future: And whereas, the Rajah having now returned to a proper sense of his relations with the British Government, and having expressed his contrition for the past, agrees to the following conditions, for Himself and for his Heirs and Successors.

Art. I. All the Stipulations of the Treaty concluded on the 5th October, 1812, corresponding with the 15th of Kooar, 1869, Sumbut, are hereby declared to be in full force and effect, in as far as they are not affected or altered by the Conditions contained in this Treaty.

II. The Rajah of Rewah hereby binds himself to engage in no correspondence of a Political nature with any Foreign State or Chief whatever, without the privity and consent of the British Government, or its Representative, the Agent of Bundlecund.

III. The Rajah engages to receive, and permit to remain at his place of residence, a News-writer, or any other Agent on the part of the British Government, or the Agent in Bundlecund; and to maintain an authorized Vakeel with the Agent, and with the Commanding Officer of any British Detachment which may be stationed within his Territory, both for the purpose of maintaining the general relations of amity, and of enforcing the supply of provisions, and ready compliance with the just demands of the Commanding Officer.

IV. The Rajab of Rewah agrees to allow Dawks to be established through his Territory, by the Officers of the British Government, in any direction that may be deemed necessary; to compel his Feudatory Chiefs to do the same, and to punish them in case of opposition; and the Rajah acknowledges the right of the British Government to punish them for such opposition, in the event of his own inability to do so.

V. Lal Zubberdust Sing, the Jageerdar of Chourut, having, in a very insulting and contumacious manner, refused to permit the Honourable Company's Dawk to be laid through his Jageer, the exemplary punishment of the aforesaid Jageerdar is indispensable. The British Government is accordingly resolved to inflict exemplary punishment on this Jageerdar; and the Rajah of Rewah not only acknowledges the right of the British Government to do so, but agrees to aid and co-operate with the British Troops in effecting that object. The Rajah further engages to use his utmost means to punish Lal Zubberdust Sing himself, whenever the British Government shall require him to do so.

VI. Frequent instances of robberies and other crimes have occurred within the British Territory, the perpetrators of which issue from and take refuge within the Rewah Territory, and thereby not only escape the punishment due to their crimes, but continue to infest the Honourable Company's adjacent Territory with impunity, keeping the Inhabi. tants in a constant state of alarm. With a view to suppress this evil, the Rajah hereby engages to permit the Troops or Police Officers of the British Goveroment to pass into the Rewah Territories, for the pursuit and apprehension of all such offenders; and also to afford them, and to cause his Officers and Jageerdars to afford them, every neces

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