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Highness Refaut Ood Dowlah Rufee Ool Moolk Ghazu Ood Deen Hyder
Khan Behauder Shehamut Jung, Nawaub of Oude, and delivered in
Duplicate on the day aforesaid, by His Highness's hand, to Emaud Ood
Dowlah Afzul Ool Moolk, Major John Baillie, Behauder, and Arsulan
Jung, Resident at the Court of Lucknow.

J. BAILLIE, Resident. Counterpart of Engagement with the Vizier of Oude. Tae Friendship and Alliance which so firmly and happily subsisted between his late Excellency the Nawaub Vizier Ool Mamalik, Yemeen Ood Dowlah Nazim Ool Moolk Saadut Alee Khan Behauder Mobarez Jung and the Honourable Company's Government, shall be considered to subsist with equal force and sincerity, and shall continue for ever unimpaired, between his late Excellency's Son and Successor, the Nawaub Refaut Ood Dowlah Rusee Ool Moolk Ghazee Ood Deen Hyder Khan Bebauder Shahamut Jung, and the Honourable Company; and all Treaties and Engagements which subsisted between his late Excellency and the Honourable Company's Government shall be considered to be in full force, to all intents and purposes; and his Excellency the Right Honourable the Governor General hereby declares, on the part of the Honourable Company, that the British Government is especially bound by the said Engagements and Treaties, and that the said Engagements and Treaties shall be duly observed until the end of time.

Given under the Seal and Signature of his Excellency the Right Honourable the Governor General, at Moongheer, in the Province of Bengal, this 3rd day of August, in the year of our Lord 1814. [Seal.]


No. 35.-TREATY with the Rajuh of Nepaul.-Segowley, 2nd

December, 1815.

Treaty of Peace between the Honourable East India Company and

Maharajah Bikram Sah, Rajah of Nepaul, settled between Lieute. nant-Colonel Bradshaw, on the part of the Honourable Company, in virtue of the Full Powers cested in him by His Excellency the Right Honourable Francis, Earl of Moira, Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter, one of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, appointed by the Court of Directors of the said Honourable Company to direct and controul all their Affairs in the East Indies, and by Seree Gooroo Gujraj Misser, and Chunder Seekur Opedeeah, on the part of the Maharajah Girmaun Jode Bikram Sah Behauder Shumsheer Jung, in virtue of the Powers to that effect vested in them by the said Rajah of Nepaul.

WHEREAS War has arisen between the Honourable East India Com. pany and the Rajab of Nepaul; and whereas the Parties are mutually disposed to restore the relations of peace and amity which, previously to the occurrence of the late differences, had long subsisted between the 2 States; the following terms of Peace bave been agreed upon :

Art. I. There shall be perpetual Peace and Friendship between the Honourable the East India Company and the Rajah of Nepaul.

II. The Rajah of Nepaul renounces all claim to the Lands which were the subject of discussion between the 2 States before the War, and acknowledges the right of the Honourable Company to the Sovereignty of those Lands.

III. The Rajah of Nepaul hereby cedes to the Honourable East India Company, in perpetuity, all the under-mentioned Territories, namely:

1st. The wliole of the Low-lands between the Rivers Kali and Rapti.

2nd. The whole of the Low-lands (with the exception of Bootwul Khass) lying between the Rapti and the Gunduck.

3rd. The whole of the Low-lands between the Gunduck and Coosah, in which the authority of the British Government has been introduced, or is in actual course of introduction.

4th. All the Low-lands between the River Meitchee and the Teestah.

5th. All the Territories within the Hills eastward of the River Meitchee, including the Fort and Lands of Nagree, and the Pass of Nagarcote, leading from Morung into the Hills, together with the Territory lying between that Pass and Nagree. The aforesaid Territory shall be evacuated by the Goorkah Troops within 40 days from this date.

IV. With a view to indemnify the Chiefs and Barahdars of the State of Nepaul, whose interests will suffer by the alienation of the Lands ceded by the foregoing Article, the British Government agrees to settle Pensions, to the aggregate amount of 2 lacs of rupees per annum, on such Chiefs as may be selected by the Rajah of Nepaul, and in the proportions which the Rajah may fix. As soon as the selection is made, Sunnuds shall be granted, under the Seal and Signature of the Governor-General, for the Pensions respectively.

V. The Rajah of Nepaul renounces for himself, his Heirs and Successors, all claim to, or connection with, the Countries lying to the West of the River Kali, and engages never to have any concern with those Countries, or the Inhabitants thereof.

VI. The Rajah of Nepaul engages never to molest or disturb the Rajah of Siccem in the possession of his Territories, but agrees, if any differences should arise between the State of Nepaul and the Rajah of Siccem, or the Subjects of either, that such differences shall be referred to the arbitration of the British Government, by whose award the Rajah of Nepaul engages to abide.

VII. The Rajah of Nepaul hereby engages never to take or retain

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in his service any British Subject, nor the Subject of any European or American State, without the consent of the British Government.

VIII. In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between the 2 States, it is agreed that accredited Ministers from each shall reside at the Court of the other.

IX. This Treaty, consisting of 9 Articles, shall be ratified by the Rajah of Nepaul within 15 days from this date, and the Ratification shall be delivered to Lieutenant-Colonel Bradshaw, who engages to obtain and deliver to the Rajah the Ratification of the GovernorGeneral within 20 days, or sooner if practicable. Done at Segowley, on the 2nd day of December, 1815.


(L.S.) CHUNDER SEEKUR OPEDEEAII. (Rajah of Nepaul's Seal.)

No. 36.-TREATY with the Rao of Cutch.-Bhooj, 16th January,


Articles of a Treaty of Alliance between the Honourable English East

India Company, and His Highness Maharaj Mirza Rao Bhar muljee, of Cutch ; agreed to by both Governments.

Art. I. A firm and lasting Peace and Amity shall hereafter exist between the Contracting Governments.

II. The People of the Cutch District of Wagur having committed unprovoked depredations in the Mahals of their Highnesses the Peshwah and Guicowar, in the Peninsula of Catty war, the Maha Rao engages to reimburse the losses sustained by their aggressions, and also to defray the military expenses incurred in consequence, according to a Separate Deed, by which the Maha Rao engages to abide.

III. His Highness the Maha Rao engages to become responsible to the Peshwab's and Guicowar's and Honourable Company's Govern. mepls, for any loss which their Subjects may hereafter sustain by depredations from Subjects of the Cutch State.

IV. The Subjects of the Cutch State shall on no account cross the Gulph or Runn for hostile purposes, neither shall they cross to act against the Subjects of the Honourable Company, or those of Shrimunt Peshwah or the Guicowar. The Subjects of the aforesaid 3 Governments shall (in like manner) not cross the Gulph or Runn for hostile purposes against the Rao's Subjects. The Fort of Anjar, &c. having been ceded to the Honourable Company, no objections exist to Troops and stores crossing the Gulph or Runn for that Place. (1816-17.]


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V. His Highness the Rao binds himself to suppress, in the most effectual manner, the practice of Piracy throughout his Dominions and Coasts, and engages to make good any losses sustained by Vessels sailing under the pass of the Honourable Company, by Piracies committed from the Ports in Cutch. The practice of confiscating property wrecked on the Coast shall from this date be suppressed, and His Highness engages to cause all property thus sequestrated to be returned to the legal Owner.

VI. His Highness the Rao engages, that no Foreign European or American Force of any description, or Agent of any of those Powers, shall be permitted to pass througli or reside in the State of Cutch.

VII. The Rao binds himself to prohibit the admission of Arab Mercenaries into Cutch; Arabs resorting for mercantile purposes shall not be permitted to leave any of their Followers. They shall return with the Merchants. This shall be particularly attended to. sideration, however, of the situation of Luckput, on the borders of Scind, and for the object of keeping the District of Wagur in subjection, the Rao shall retain in his service Arab Sebundy, not exceeding in number 400 men.

VIII. The Honourable Company, in consideration of the distracted state of the Government of Rao Bharmugee, and its inability to fulfil the above obligations without aid, engage to cause such Possessions as have been alienated by the treachery of bis Servants, to be restored to His Highness's authority; any of the Servants above alluded to returning to their allegiance, through the mediation of the Honourable Company, shall have their affairs arranged in a manner meeting the wishes of both Governments.

IX. The District of Wagur, a Dependency of the Cutch State, will require to undergo a thorough reform. The prohibition which exists to the Rao entertaining Arab Sebundy beyond a limited number, disables him from effecting a settlement of that District satisfactorily to the Honourable Company. The latter, therefore, agree to aid His Highness with a Force, to arrange this Talooka in a manner suitable to the objects of both Governments, so that it remain obedient to the Rao's authority, who binds himself, as in Article III, to be responsible for the future acts of the People.

X. As a friendly return for the essential services thus engaged to be performed, His Highness the Rao agrees to cede to the Honourable Company, in perpetuity, the Fort of Anjar, with Villages, including Tooreea Bunder, and, in addition, engages to pay in perpetuity an annual sum of 2 lacs of cowries in cash to the Honourable Company. The particulars of this Article are contained in a Separate Deed.

XI. The slaughter of cows and bullocks being directly at variance with the religion of the Jahrijals, and the greater portion of the Na


tives of Cutch, the Honourable Company engage to abstain from the slaughter of those animals within the limits of Cutch, and from violating the religious prejudices of the Rao's Subjects.

XII. His Higbness, the Rao, engages not to allow a Bharwuttia of the Shrimunt Peshwa, Guicowar, or Honourable Company's Governments, to reside within his Territory, and (in like manner) the above 3 Governments engage not to permit a Bharwuttia of the Rao's Country to reside in their Mahals. In the event, however, of a Bbarwuttia residing within a Foreign State, and committing acts of depredation from thence, the Power affording him an asylum shall be considered responsible.

XIII. A Representative of the Honourable Company's Government shall reside with the Rao in the Capital, in order that all questions which may arise between the Contracting Governments be discussed in a friendly manner, and the Engagements of both Parties be watched over and preserved inviolate. This Vakeel shall not listen to any complaints, either from the Rao's Bhyaud or his Minister; at the Rao's request, however, the Seriar will afford him its best advice.

The above 13 Articles of Treaty shall be adhered to by the Rao, his Heirs and Successors, and the Honourable Company. Done at Bhooj, on the 16th day of January, A.D. 1816.


Employed on a Mission to Cutch, [Seal]

by the Bombay Government.

Villages {Muthee Roheer,

DEED executed by Maharaj Mirza Rao Bharmuljee, of Cutch, in favour of the Honourable English East India Company.

(Translation.) Art. I. My Sircar, as a friendly gift, has for ever done over to you by Deed the Fort of Anjar, with Villages, including Tooreea Bunder, according to the following List: Anjar Town,

Tooreea. Port inclusive,
Khasee Rohur,


Puswallia Khasi, Suttapoor,
Ditto Meethee, Saphurda,

Naugulpoor. Small, Naugulpoor. Large,


Boruha Megpoor,


Morsin. According to the above List, I have given you the Fort, and, Bunder inclusive, 24 Villages, and surrender to you all Sovereignty, con

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