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of the department, is said not to have On Monday, March 31, Legendre inbeen implicated in the plot, but to have formed the convention, that four of their been put under arrest merely on account meinbers had been arrested by order of the of his having inserted in the list of the committees of public safety and general wel. jurors for criminal causes, the names of fare. •The celebrated Danton,' said he, several suspected persons. The execution is one of them; I know not the names of of the nineteen criminals lafted eighteen the other three. If they are guilty, I will minutes only.

be the first to call for their punishment; The next day, a large body of the but you ought to hear them.' I am pure, armed force of Paris filed through the hall, and I believe Danton to be as pure as mywith their commandant Henriot at their self.' head, who spoke as follows :

He was interrupted by noise-A memCitizens Representatives,

ber called to the pretident to keep order.

The president faid, he would not suffer • You see before you a part of the armed freedom of speech to be infringed; that force of Paris : it will never separate from this day would be glorious to liberty : the people never from the convention- and that the people and posterity should nor will it ever ferve any faction. The judge the representatives of the people. steel with which it is armed shall be em. Legendre relumed. He feared ihat priployed to defend the republican govern. vate animosities were going to sacrifice ment, of which the convention is the soul men who had rendered great services to the and the centre. (Loud applauses) Con. revolution. He spoke of his own continue to labour for our good ; punishnections with Danton ; of what Danton crimes, tyrants who are the enemies of had done in 1792, when minister of jus. the people, and stretch your hands toward tice; and concluded with moving that the perfecuted patriots. Our love and our deputies arrelted lat night should be beard gratitude Mall be as eternal as liberty, equa. at the bar. This motion was received lity; and the republic.' (Honourable with soine applauses. mention.)

Fayau thought there ought to be no On Tuesday, March 25, Le Blanc, exception to general rules, and that the after having reminded the convention that laws ought to be the same for Danton as the British admiral Anfon, had loft eighty to other persons. Men were to be tried men through the uncertainty of a point of by the whole of their conduct, not by their astronomy, presented a work calculated to conduct at particular periods. The com. correct and fimplify the art of navigation, mittees were bound to report the causes of and Sans-Culotise the astronomical science. arrest within twenty-four hours, and there

On Thursday, March 27, Barrere pro- fore he moved that the parties arrested posed the suppression of the revolutionary Mhould not be heard. army. ' li has been found,' said he, Robespierre then rose. From these

that the revolutionary army is a danger. disturbances,' said he, · for a long time ous institution, on account of its being unknown in this assembly, it is evident more immediately within the power of the that a grand interest is in question, viz. general of it.-It resembles the army of Whether certain men thall be more powerCromwell, or the usurped power of a ful than their country? Why else is this senate. You want neither pretorian bands motion, which was rejected when made

nor janizaries.' The suppression was ac. by Danton in favour of Chabot and. cordingly decreed.

Bazire, now applauded by some indiviOn Sunday, March 30, Barrere oh. duals? I repeat it, the question is, wheserved, that the recent contpiracy was ther or not certain ambitious inen ihall be connected with religious disturbances; to ftronger than liberty? What then ! shall excite which, an effort was inade to deltroy we have made so many facrifices, only to every moral principle, and to inculcate fall under the yoke of intriguers ? Little atheistical doctrines, through the extrava- do I regard the eulogies which people begant enterprizes of Cloors, Chaumette, stow on themselves and their friends. No Hebert, &c. against the liberty of wor. more do we ask what a man has done at ship. The committee, laid he, is em- this or that period; we ask what has been ployed in an extentive plan of generation, his conduct during the whole of his polithe result of which will be at once to banith tical career. Legendre pretends not to immorality and prejudices, superstition know the names of the deputies arrested. and atheilim; and' to found the republic Knows he not that Lacroix, his friend, on good principles and morals.

is of the number ? He affects ignorance,


because he knows that he cannot pro- fuccessively agitated the republic, and all rounce the name of Lacroix but with bad for their objet to restore royalty and fhaine. He chooses rai her to speak of annihilate liberty. The revolution, said Danton, the intimate friend of Lacroix, be, depends upon the people, not upon b-cause the name of Danion is less offen the renown of particular 'men. In the five. We thall now see whether or not sacred love of our country there is some. the convention can brak in pieces an idol, thing terrible, which facrifices even our Could not all that is said of Danton be affe&tions. Your committees have charged faid of Brillut, Heberi, and Chabor ? me to demand justice on men who were They were, at certain periods, the de. the accomplices of Orleans, Brissot, and tender's of liberty. Why then thonid Hebert, and whose object was to contound Danton be allowed a privilege which was the republican government. He entered denied to his companion Fabre d'Eglan. into a detail of the several factions that tine.

have followed in fucceflion for five years. • Attempts are made to alarm you on The Oilcans party was the firlt, and that the abuíe of power. What have you done to which Danton and Lacroix continued which you have not done freely, which firmly attached. He stated Danton's first has not contributed to the falvation of connections with Mirabeau, who got biom your country, which has not drawn doavn appointed one of the administrators of deupon you the blesings of the people? It is partment. He developed the immorality feared that individuals may be facrificel. and hypocrisy of Danton and Lacroix, Do you then distrust that justice which who had been always the friends of Dueunftitutes the people's hope ? I declare that mourier. Danton directed the la:e ob. whosoever' trembles at this critis is noxious writings of Camille. Delinoulins, guilty.

Phillippeaux, who wrote againit Marat in • Me too they have tried to intimidate. tavour of the appeal to the people on the The friends of Danion have written, ibat king's fentence, was the inftrument of if Danton be over thrown, I mult perish Fabre d'Eglantine and Danton. He conunder the stroke of the aristocrats. They cluded with propoling the following de. have inagined that connections might in- cree : dice me to divert the course of justice. • The convention decrees accusation What fignified to me dangers that may against Camille-Delinoulins, Herault Sethreaten My life is my country's, my chelles, Danton, Phillippeaux, and La. heurt is free from seproach, and above all, croix of Eure and Loire, charged with froin fear.

having been accomplices of Dumourier, • I was also the friend of Petion, of d'Orleans, and Fabre d'Eglantine, and Roland, of Bristot: they betrayed their with having been concerned in the con. country, and I declared againit them. Spiracy for re-eftablishing monarchy, and Danton withes to take their place; Dan- dissolving the national representation, frinn, in soy eyes, is only the enemy of his They shall be tried along with Fabre coupiry. Tlieguilty are not so numerous d'Eglantine. as they would have us believe. The most The convention adopted the decree cthnival are thole who would raise up idols unanimoully, and ordered the report of and domineerers. To propole a courte the commiliees to be printed, and copies with some inembers, not allowed in behalf of it sent to the departmentö, the arinies, of others, is an insult to liberty. The and the popular societies. cause of the guilty can be pleaded only by On Tuesday, April 1, the form of the their accoinplices. I move the previous decree for abolishing the ilave-trade, hav. question on Legendre's morion.

ing been referred to the committee of pub. barrere represented the necessity of hav- lic tatety, was presented and passed in the ing only one meature for the punithment following terms: of traitors. If the deputies arrested were • The Navery of negroes is abolished. 40 be heard at the b:r, the convention in consequence, the convention decrees, would be only an aristocrat sepate. Such that all the inhabitants of the colonies, ventitility of principle would be a direct whatever be thcir colour, are French citi. cenfure of all their fouiner proceedings. zens. They shall enjoy all the rights be

The previous queition was put and longing to this title.' carried.

Several communes in the neighbourhood St. Juit, in the names of the committees of Paris, congratulated the convention on mof public latery and general welfarc, re- the new discoveries respecting the confpipuried on all the conspiracies that have jacy against liberty.

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The president thus addressed them : archivist. The commissions of police • Be assured, citizens, that there never public instruction, and foreign affairs, ta will be in France, king, dictator, trium. coniiit of one commissioner and an affittant. virs, nor protectors. We each wear a That of finance to conlilt of five compoignard to be plunged into the heart of missioners and an afiliant. the first dominator who hall lay a parris IV. The rational treasury hall concidal hand on the statue of liberty. Virtue tinue under the management of the conand probity are not idle words. There vention and commictee of public safety as are hypocrites in virtue as well as in pa. usual. triotilin; but they shall be unmasked. It V. The members of these commission's is not to men that we must attach our. thall be nominated by the convention, on Selves, but to principles, which are in the presentation of the committee of public variable. Let every man in public trull safety. The salary of commissioners thall know, that he has only to choose between be 12,000 livres, of afliltants 8,000 livres, a civic crown and the scatfold.'

and of persons employed under them not Carno then called the attention of the inore than 6,000 livres. convention to a very important obji &. VI. Thele commissioners Thall give an • In the name,' said he, of the connit, account of their operations, day by day, ' tee of public fafety, I propose the abolic to the commitse of public fafety. The tion of the executive council, which your members shall be responsible individually. have already felt to be inconfitent with a Perfons employed under them hall be republican government.'— The hall re- appointed in the name of the convention, founded with applauies. After explain. On Friday, April 4, a deputation from ing the inconveniences of this remnant of the popular society of Cette was admitted monarchy, a lyftem, of which the follow to the bar. Legislators,' said the spokes. ing are the principal articles, was pro- man, “ treason Hill wishes to raise itself by poled and adopted as the form of revolu. railing monarchy. Let us raise it to the tionary government till peace :

scaffold. Legislators, make death the 1. The provisional executive council iş order of the day. Marat laid, off with suppressed, as well as the lix ininifters 300.000 heads, and liberty is fecured for who compose it. Their functions fall ever. If, more attentive to the voice of cale on the firtt Floreal (April 20th) their friend, the people had then exerted

II. Its place shall be lupplied by twelve their omnipotence, they would have crushed commiffions, viz. til, one of police and the seeds of La Vendee, of Fedi-ralism, courts of justice, charged with printing and of a war that will devour millions of and publishing laws, aiid with the leal. But we were weak, and liberty 2d, "One of public inttruction, charged tottered.' with libraries, with the superintendance To this the president answered : Not of schools, weights, measures, Ipectacles, death, but justice is the order of the day. and national fettivals.-3d, One of Agri- The national convention has proved that culture and arts, charged with rural eco- it will spare no conspirator, no enery of nomy and mechanic aris.-48h, One of liberty ; that it will even search for such comnierce and provisions, charged with in its own bofom. When we find a con. Interior circulation. This coinmislion fpirator, it is not to death we send him, alone shall have the right of pre-emption. But before a tribunal, formidable, it is sth, One of public works, charged true, to the guilty, but just to the accused i with making and repairing roads, inonu- that gives confidence to the good citizen, ments, purts, &c.-6th, One of public and to innocence oppressed. In exerciling fuccour.-7th, One of finance, charged these acts of just severity we discharge the with domains and contributions.-8111, dury which the trutt reposed in us hy tlie One of transports and pofts, charged wiih people, and our conscience, impote upon military convoys, &c.-yth, One of move us. But to the obduracy of the legislator, ments of land forces, charged with the succeed the feelings of the man. We levy of troops and the direction of armies. weep over the perverseness of our fellows, -ioth, One of marine, charged with the The language you have uttered here is levy of seamen, colonies, &c. - 11th, One unworthy of republicans; and the citi. of arms and gunpowder.--12th, One of zers who fill our galleries, have proved foreign affairs and cuttoms.

by their murniurs that they share not in III. Eight of these shall confift of two your sentiments : no!-- For they are comunitioners and an alliitant each, ihe Frenchmen, republicans, that are just latter to do the duty of lecretary and and bumane ! And in ipite of these who



would annihilate all public and private minister of the republic at Florence, who virtue, never shall we be brought to de- declared to us, that being in the chamber light in human blood; for virtue, pro- of Arthur Dillon the preceding evening, bity, and justice, are the order of the day, the latter told him, that Danton, Lacroix, Report this answer to those who sent you.' and others, had that day declared before This was applauded.

the revolutionary tribunal, that they would • No invitation to the honours of the anfwer no questions but in the presence of fitting !' exclaimed the menibers from all Robespierre, Barrere, and St. Jult, their parts of the ball, and the deputation was accusers; that the people were much turned out.

plealed with this determination ; that the • He who presented such a sanguinary jury was embarrassed how to proceed : petition,' said La Planche, must be a bad and that it was feared the cominittee of citizen. It iinports the justice of the con- public fafety would order all the prisoners vention to order enquiry to be made re- to be matsacred for fear they thould create specting the man who has dared to ad- an inturrection. Dillon added, that he dress the representatives of the nation as had concerted means with Simon to bribe an assemblage of executioners. I move the keepers ; that the wife of Desmoulins that he be sent before the committee of was to diftribute 1000 crowns to the mob general safety.'

to surround the revolutionary tribunal ; Breard thought it would be sufficient to and, in short, that a popular insurrection inform the committee of public safety of was to be excited in order to release the the address, and to insert an abstract of it, prisoners. La Flotte added, that Dillor and of the president's answer in the bulle: wished very much that he should enter into tin. This was ordered.

this conspiracy.' This declaration was The same day, St. Juit, in the name of figned by La Flotte; after which the dethe committee of public and general safety, cree pudposed by St. Just was adopted. made a report on the present circumitances Robelpierre moved, that the letter and of affairs. He said, that the wife of Ca- report of St. Juit be sent to the revoluse mille Desmoulins had received money to tionary tribunal, and read aloud in open cause the patriots and the revolutionary court. This was adopted. tribunal to be massacred. He compared On Saturday, April s, Couthon thus the ftuation of the convention to that of addressed the convention : We are here the Roman fenate, and afterward propused to give you fome particulars respecting the following decree :

what happened yesterday before the revo1. • The revolutionary tribunal Mall lutionary tribunal, where Vadier and I continue the proceedings againit Danton, were present without being seen. The Lacroix, Chabot, and others, implicated conspirators faid, that nothing was more in the same conspiracy.

glorious than to conspire againit a govern, II. · The prelident of the tribunal Shall ment which conspires. Danton even had employ all the means committed in him the audacity to 'Aing little balls in the by the law to make the authority respected face of the judges. Meanwhile, Simon, with which he is entrusted.

Thouret, and Dillon, in the prison of the III. Whoever shall insult the national Luxembourgh, escorted by their military justice, thall not be heard, but be tried fellow-prisoners, were waiting the moimmediately.'

ment to break their chains, to seize the Billaud Varennes then said : Before avenues to the committees of public welthis decree is passed, I demand the con- fire and general safety, to butcher their vention should hear the reading of a letter members, and to infli&t the same barbarity received by the committee, from the ad on the patriots of Paris, and on the revoministration of police. It will see how Jutionary tribunal; then, taking the son liberty is threatened, and the intinacy of Capet from the Temple, they were to which sublists between the conipirators have put him into the arms of Danton, now before the tribunal and those in the who was to present to the people their new prisons. The following letter was then despot.' read, dated

They calumniate your committee,' said • Commune of Paris, April 4. Vadier, they speak of arbitrary power, We, administrators of the department and of a dictator. We can anfwer this in of police, in consequence of a letter re a few words. Examine the whole tenor ceived from the k-eper of the Luxemburg of our life, and pronounce. For my part, prison, went thither, where there appeared I swear here, that if there were a member before us, citizen La Flotte, for.nerly who would usurp but for an instant the 7


fovereign power, though old age has made during the whole of the proceedings. chilled my vigour, yet would I liab him He reminded the jury of the decree which in this hall!'

the convention had pafled respecting the Couthon movedi

, that every deputy be treatment of those who hould insult the bound to give an account of his former president of the revolutionary tribunal. and present fortune, and that each oi them The tribunal, with due deterence to the declare that the national vengeance do remarks of the public accufer, then passed

lirike his head if he impoies on the na,, sentence of death upon Danton, Camille ition,

Delmouins, Pivilippeaux, Herault of Se. This motion was unguinously decreed, chelles, general Weiter mann, Fabre d'Eg. amid loud burits of applaule.

lantine, Delauny of Angers, Chabot, Cutthon also proposed to renew the Dillpanac, Janius and Emanuel Freyi proportion already conlecrated, that every Dietrichen, a Dane; and Gulinan a Spafreeman who thall make an aitempt upon niad ; and they were left for execution the rights of the people shall be put to the same day. death by freemen. This was applaudel. On Saturday, April 5, at five o'clock,

The proceedings againit Fabre d Eg: Danton, and the other cundeinnei personsz lantine, Danton, and the rest of ile were conveyed in three carts from the accused deputies, having lasted three Conciergerie to the Place de la Revoludays, the prelident of the revolutionary tion. In the first cart, vere Danton, tribunal read the decree of the convention, Chabot, Lacroix, Fabre d'Eglanuine, and which orilains the closure of all proceed- Herault de Sechelles; in the lecond, Philings, if the jury fhould declare themteives lippeaux, Delauny of Angers, Bazire, fatisfied with a discussion of three days. ansi Camille Definoulins; in the third,

The jury accordingly declared, that Westermann, and the rest. They all bethey would retire to their apartment to cle- haved wiih intrepidity excepi Lacroix. liberate upon a verdict.

Danion, in particular, who was executed Danton, and the rest of the accused, latt, newed the utmost contempt of made a long defence on the 4th, but as death. soon as they heard what the jury had an These executions passed without the least {wered, they grew quite riotous and re- difturbance. We have at length, says fractory, and insisted upon being heard. one of the Paris papers, reached the Westermann and Danton, in particular, happy epoch when the government triamphs became very turbulent. The prefident of over every faction. Regeneration is on the tribunal therefore ordered, that there every fide the greater order of the day; delinquents be taken from the bar, and and the members of all the municipal carried back to their dungeon.

bedics, and indeed of all the constituted Soon after, the jury returned into court, authorities, are pailing under the purifyand declared that they were fuificiently fa. ing crutiny. Constant searches, which tisfied with the evidence which had been terminate as regularly in the arrest of segiver.

veral individuals, are still inade in the The public accufer now put the jury in gaming. boufes, the taverns, and drinkmind of the audacity and impudence ing-houses, the ci-devant Palais Royal, which the accused had manifelted all the ani the theatres. In the midst of all these while their trial lahed. He recapitulated movements, the people preserve a solemn the outrageous insults committed by them filence. The number of prisoners am.oun:s against national justice, and the grins, to 7063. , railleries, and threats which they had

[To be continued.]

PROCEEDINGS of the Fourth SESSION of the Seventeenth Parliament

of Great Britain : Continued from Page 229. ON Friday, February 21, the eart of ner, to advert to the experiency of their Albemarle, in a maiden speech, opened being in this kingdom, but merely to the the state of the business for which he had legiuiry, The question was not rew; it summoned their lordships. He faid, that had been often agitaied, and often declarech he ineant to move the firreading of a to be illegal. He quoted the Bill of bill to indemnify ministers for permitting Rights, which, he said, was a declaratory a body of Hellian troops to land in this bill, the spirit of which went to prove, kingdom. He meant not, in any man, that the introduction of foreign troops in

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