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I greatly enjoyed the book. It was well written, easy to understand and more importantly the book provided an incisive socio-historical account of the Cuban Revolution.
As the saying goes, there
are no neutral historians, therefore Aviva Chomsky is no exception. Reading through the first chapters, one can tell that her sympathies lie with the revolutionary ideals but she rose above her sympathies and wrote an honest and fair historical account of the Cuban revolution. Highlighting the revolution's successes, challenges, failures and contradictions. In the process, shading light into the competing, US and Cuban perspectives in analysing the revolution and its socio-economic and political repercussions.
According to the author, the genesis of these two competing perspectives arose from how differently, Cuba and its bully neighbour, the US assign meaning to the word "freedom". The US defines "freedom" as free enterprise, whereas Cuba defines "freedom" as free from foreign interreference and domination.
Although the book focuses on Cuba, it does more than just provide a comprehensive overview of the major political and economic events of the revolution. It introduces the reader to some of the most topical themes in Latin American History. In a sense, it provides great insight into the present US' rocky relationships with pro socialist regimes in Latin America.
A great read for students of history and international relations and for socialist ideologues and anti imperialism activists.

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