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Riz bonifié 11/2 —

Sirop, la cave (de 12 flacons) 3 —

Sucre blanc, la livre 3 —

Cire noire — 2 —

Huile grasse, la cave (de 12 flacons) 4 —

Saindoux — — 6 —

Gingembre, les 3 livres 1 —

1 coq d'Inde 9 —

1 poule d'Inde 6 —

Tabac de bonne qualité, Varoba de 25 livres 30 —

1 grosse pastèque ou melon d'eau 1/2 —

2 moyennes — 1/2 —

1 gros melon 1/2 —

2 petits melons 1/2 —

Œufs, les quatre 1/2 —

Avocats, les huit 1 —

Cannes à sucre, la douzaine 1/2 —

Bananes de la Dominique, le régime 1 '—

Bananes morcarandons — 1/2 —

Ananas, les deux 1/2 —

Cocos, — 1/2 —


(Meany, Abstracl of the minutes of Cabikio, 1733-1813, ms.,
p. 26 et seq.)

Traduction anglaise de la dépêche du vice-roi du Nouveau-
Royaume de Grenade.

Don Sebastian de Eslava, knight of the order of St James, Commander of Fuente del Emperador in the commandery of the Order of Calatrava, Lord of Cavillact, Captain-General in the Army, Vice-Roy, Governor and Captain-General of the New kingdom of Granada, and President of the Royal Audience of Santa Fe, etc.

Whereas His Excellency Don Gabriel de Zuloaga, Governor of the City and Province of Caracas, has transmitted to me enclosed in his Letter bearing date 10 June 1745, a copy of the Proceedings instituted by the Cabildo and Alcades of the City of San José de Ou ña in the Island of Trinidad relative to the deposition of their Governor the Lieutenant-Colonel Don Estevan Simon de Linan y Vera by a band of soldiers and civileans assembled at Port of Spain, who, in a disorderly and riotous manner arrested him, thi-reby rebelling against the lawful authority of their Governor and against the respect and subordination due to His Majesty's Repre • sentative, which act was encouraged and supported by the aforesaid Cabildo which gave the orders they thought most conducive to secure more effectually the prison where the Govt-rnor was detained and caused him to be put in chains with two pairs of Irons to his feet and had sentries placed over him that he might be narrowly watched as if he had been a criminal guilty of the most heinous offense, and moreover not only laid an embargo on all his property in the Island, but very audaciously wrote an oflicial letter to the Governor and b.jih principal Officers of His Majesty's Revenues of Caracas, requiring them to sequester all the money which might be due to the said Don Estevan de Linan by reason of salary, alter all which excess the said Cabildo having consulted Dr Don Antonio Antolino de Liendo, one of the lawyers residents of Caracas received an answer in which he shewed them the many faults which they had committed and advised them that, in order to correct in some measure the evil they had done and their excess, they had to restore the said Don Estevan de Linan to the possession of his government.

And whereas no information has been received of the effect that such advice produced, and considering the audacity with which they committed an act so condemnable, sorttegal and so disrespectful of the royal representation of the Governor, it has been thought prudent to anticipate by way of precaution such orders as the circumstances of the case require;

Therefore, declaring as it is hereby declared, that every thing that was done and acted by the Cabildo and Alcades of the City of Oruna against their aforesaid Governor is an unwarrantable attempt and an excess of authority, full power and authority is hereby granted to Captain Don Felix Espinosa de los Monteros, Lieutenant-Governor of the City of Cumana to repair to the Island of Trinidad, to get out the said Bon Estevan de Linan of any place where he may be confined or imprisoned and to replace him immediately to the possession of the offices and situations of which he has been violently dipossessed, and then to proceed as Judge Commissioner to the investigation of the outrage and trial of the conspirators and those who were accessory to the conspiration either actually or by counsel, to take into his possession the Autos framed by that Cabildo, and to prosecute and try those of that Body who may prove guilty, not omitting to raise off the sequester of the property of the said Governor and to sequester in it stead the property of the criminals at whose expense all the costs and charges incurred in this commission shall be paid in the manner directed in my private Instructions to the said Judge Commissioner; and if it should happen that al the time of carrying these orders into execution, the said Don Estevan Simon de Linan may have died, or shoulhd he, after being put in possession of his office, refuse to continue serving the said government and should resign the same by any motive which might make his resignation admissible, then the said Don Felix Espinosa is authorised and empowered to constitute himself Governor of the said Island ad interim, until His Majesty's pleasure be known, or this superior Government should determine otherwise, in which case he shall have the command of the Arms and Militia of the said Island and shall take the usual oath before the Cabildo that he may he put in possession of the Government in due form. And as it will be most proper and conducive to make himself respected in the said Island to have a sufficient force of troops under his command, he may ask a detachment of troops from the Governor of Cumana who will afford him every help that may be required to pacify and subdue the inhabitants of the Island. And the said Don Felix Espinosa will send a statement to the Governor of Caracas of the state in which he may find the Island and of ulterior operations from time to lime.

Given under my Hand and Royal Seal in the City of Carthagena on the 12th day of august in the year 1745.

Sebastian de Eslava.

By His Excellency's command:

In Fco Vicente Ortiz.


(Fr. A. Caulin, Historia de la N.-Andalueia, liv. I, ch. ii, p. 6etseq.)

En la distancia de cincuenta, 6 cincuenla y cinco leguas, que se regulan desde Cumana hasta el estremo de ia cosla de Paria, y en las vegas y terreno que circunvala el rio Guarapiche, estai) siluadas las misionesde Santa Maria, pueblos de indios que han fundado y actualmenle administran los RR. PP. Capuchinos espanoles de la provincia de Aragon; y son Santa Maria, capital de todos, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Fernando, San Lorenzo, San Félix, San Juan de Cotùa, Santa Ana, Catuâro, Santa-Cruz, Casanay, Guaipanacuâr, San José, el Rincon, Pilar, San Francisco de Chacaracuar y Coculzas, todos pueblos contribuyentes a la Real Corona. Adenias de los dichos tienen otrosr que por mas modernos, y atrasados con los acaecimientos del tiempo, no han entrado à la anual exhibicion de tributos; y son : Caripe, Guanaguana, Caicara, Guayuta, Punseres, Teresen, Coicuar, Irapa, Soro y Amacuro; y actualmente estân en los de la fundacion de Santa Barbara, en el rio Amana, y sitio de Maturin, y el de Cutacuar, en la costa de Maracapana. Tienen igualmente cuatro pueblos que llaman de Encomienda; y son : Macarapana, Marigitar, Aricagua y Arenas, fundados por los mismos padres, y hoi administrados por curas cléri^os : todos

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