An Impartial and Correct History of the War Between the United States of America, and Great Britain: Comprising a Particular Detail of the Naval and Military Operations, and a Faithful Record of the Events Produced During the Contest. From Its Commencement, June 18, 1812, to the Treaty of Peace, Ratified at the City of Washington, February 17, 1815

John Low, at Shakespear's head, no. 17 Chatham-street, 1816 - 336 páginas

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Página 118 - At 15 minutes before 12, the enemy commenced firing; at 5 minutes before 12 the action commenced on our part. Finding their fire very destructive, owing to their long guns, and its being mostly directed at...
Página 1 - Comprising a particular detail of the naval and military operations, and a faithful record of the events produced during the conquest.
Página 118 - The Niagara being very •little injured, I determined to pass through the enemy's line, bore up and passed ahead of their two ships and a brig, giving a raking fire to them from the starboard guns, and to a large schooner and sloop, from the larboard side, at half pistol shot distance.
Página 118 - It was with unspeakable pain that I saw, soon after I got on board the Niagara, the flag of the Lawrence come down, although I was perfectly sensible that she had been defended to the last, and that to have continued to make a show of resistance would have been a wanton sacrifice of the remains of her brave crew.
Página 52 - The commanders were popular men, "destitute alike of theory and experience" in the art of war. In a few days the troops under my command will plant the American standard in Canada. They are men accustomed to obedience, silence, and steadiness. They will conquer or they will die. Will you stand with your arms folded and look on this interesting struggle? Are you not related to the men who fought at Bennington and Saratoga? Has the race degenerated? Or have you, under the baneful influence of contending...
Página 325 - The consuls shall have liberty and personal security given them, to travel within the territories of each other...
Página 53 - Would you not choose in future times to be named as one of those who, imitating the heroes whom Montgomery led, have, in spite of the seasons, visited the tomb of the chief and conquered the country where he lies? Yes. You desire your share of fame. Then seize the present moment. If you do not you will regret it and say, "the valiant have bled in vain; the friends of my country fell, and I was not there.
Página 36 - The first stroke of the tomahawk, the first attempt with the scalping knife, will be the signal of one indiscriminate scene of desolation No white man found fighting by the side of an Indian will be taken prisoner; instant destruction will be his lot.
Página 279 - I ran close into a small bay, about three quarters of a mile to leeward of the battery, on the east side of the harbour, and...
Página 285 - Jackson's lines. With infinite labour, they had succeeded on the night of the 7th, in getting their boats across from the lake to the river, by widening and deepening the canal, on which they had effected their disembarkation.

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