Introduction to Physical Oceanography

University Press of Florida, 2009 - 345 páginas
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This book is written for college juniors and seniors and new graduate students in meteorology, ocean engineering, and oceanography. It begins with a brief overview of what is known about the ocean. This is followed by a description of the ocean basins, for the shape of the seas influences the physical processes in the water. Next, students will study the external forces, wind and heat, acting on the ocean, and the ocean's response. It also includes the equations describing dynamic response of the ocean. For example, the equations of motion, the influence of earth's rotation, and viscosity. Finally, students consider some particular examples: the deep circulation, the equatorial ocean and El NiE no, and the circulation of particular areas of the ocean. Contents: 1) A Voyage of Discovery. 2) The Historical Setting. 3) The Physical Setting. 4) Atmospheric Influences. 5) The Oceanic Heat Budget. 6) Temperature, Salinity and Density. 7) The Equations of Motion. 8) Equations of Motion with Viscosity. 9) Response of the Upper Ocean to Winds. 10) Geostrophic Currents. 11) Wind Driven Ocean Circulation. 12) Vorticity in the Ocean. 13) Deep Circulation in the Ocean. 14) Equatorial Processes. 15) Numerical Models. 16) Ocean Waves. 17) Coastal Processes and Tides."

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