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tion to their relative numbers to the funds of the Seneca nation, and that the interest and income of such their share and proportion of the said funds, including the consideration money to be paid to the said nation in pursuance of this Indenture, and of all annuities belonging to the said Nation shall be paid to the said Indians so removing at their new homes, and whenever the said tracts called the Allegheny and the Cattaraugus Reservations, or any part thereof shall be sold and conveyed by the Indians remaining in the State of New York, the Indians so removing shall be entitled to share in the proceeds of said sales in the like proportion. And it is further agreed and declared, that such Indians owning improvements in the Cattaraugas and Allegheny tracts as may so remove from the State of New York, shall be entitled on such removal, and on surrendering their improvements to the Seneca nation, for the benefit of the nation to receive the like compensation for the same, according to their relative values, as in the third and fourth articles of this treaty are stipulated to be paid, to the owners of improvements in the Buffalo Creek and Tonnewanda Tracts, on surrendering their improvements; which compensations may be advanced by the President of the United States, out of any funds in the hands of the Government of the United States, belonging to the Seneca nation, and the value of these improvements shall be ascertained and reported by the Arbitrators, to be appointed in pursuance of the fourth article.

ARTICLE SEVENTH. This Indenture is to be deemed to be in lieu of, and as a substitute for the above recited Indenture made and dated the fifteenth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight, so far as the provisions of the two instruments may be inconsistent, or contradictory, and the said Indenture so far as the same may be inconsistent with the provisions of this compact, is to be regarded and is hereby declared to be rescinded and released.

“ARTICLE EIGHTH. All the expenses attending the execution of this Indenture and compact including those of the arbitration and surveys hereinbefore referred to, and also those of holding the treaty now in negotiation between the United States and the said Seneca Nation, except so far as may be provided for by the United States, shall be advanced and paid by the said Ogden and Fellows.

"ARTICLE NINTH. The parties to this compact mutually agree to solicit the influence of the Government of the United States to protect such of the lands of the Seneca Indians, within the State of New York, as may from time to time remain in their possession from all taxes, and assessments for roads, highways, or any other purpose until such lands shall be sold and conveyed by the said Indians, and the possession thereof shall have been relinquished by them.

“In witness whereof, the parties to these presents have hereunto, and to three other instruments of the same tenor and date, one to remain with the United States, one to remain with the State of Massachusetts, one to remain with the Seneca Nation of Indians, and one to remain with the said Thomas Ludlow Ogden and Joseph Fellows, interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written."

THEREFORE taking into consideration the premises it is agreed and stipulated by and between the United States of America and the Seneca nation of Indians, as follows, to wit:

First, The United States of America consent to the several articles and stipulations contained in the last recited Indenture between the said nation, and the said Thomas Ludlow Ogden and Joseph Fellows, above set forth.

Second. The United States further consent and agree that any number of the said nation, who shall remove from the State of New York, under the provisions of the above mentioned Treaty proclaimed as aforesaid, on the fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and forty, shall be entitled in proportion to their relative numbers to all the benefits of the said Treaty.

Third. The United States of America further consent and agree, that the tenth article of said Treaty proclaimed as aforesaid on the fourth day of April one thousand eight hundred and forty, be deemed, and considered as modified, in conformity with the provisions of the Indenture hereinabove set forth, so far as that the United States will receive and pay the sum stipulated to be paid as the consideration money of the improvements therein specified, and will receive hold and apply the sum to be paid, or the securities to be given for the lands therein mentioned, as provided for in such Indenture.

In testimony whereof the undersigned Ambrose Spencer Commissioner on the part of the United States of America, and the undersigned chiefs and headmen of the Seneca nation of Indians, have to two parts of this treaty, one thereof to remain with the United States, and the other thereof with the Seneca nation of Indians, set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above mentioned.


Tit-ho-yah, or William

Samuel Goudon, (L. S.) Jones,

(L. S.) Tunis Halftown, (L. S.) Saul Lagure,

(L. S.) Hau-sa-nea-nes, or Gau-geh-gruh-doh, or

White Seneca, (L. S.) George Jimison, (L. S.) Gah-nang-ga-eot, or N. T. Strong,

(L. S.) Young Chief, (L. S.) Hau-neh-hoys-soh, or

Thomas Jimeson,

(L. S.) Blue Eyes,

(L. S.) Moses Stevenson, (L. S.) Jabez Stevenson, (L. S.) Jonah Armstrong, (L. S.) William Krouse, (L. S.) Joseph Silverheels, (L. S.) Samuel Wilson, or Ni

Da-o-as-sah-au, or Jo. ge-jos-a, (L. S.) Hunlock,

(L. S.) William Krouse, (L. S.) George Fox,

(L. S.) Thompson S. Harris, (L. S.) Yaw-sau-ge, or Peter Sah-go-en-toh, or


(L. S.) Morris Halftown, (L. S.) Noh-sok-dah, or Jim Ten-wan-ne-us, or Gov


(L. S.) ernor Black Snake, (L. S.) Dih-no-se-du, or Jacob Doa-ne-pho-gah,


(L. S.) Little Johnson, (L. S.) John Seneca, or Jo-onJoh-nesh-ha-dih, or


(L. S.) James Stevenson, (L. S.) Ho-no-yea-os, or Jocob Ho-wah-tan-eh-goh, or


(L. S.) John Pierce, (L. S.) George Turkey, (L. S.) Da-gon-on-de, or

David Snow,

(L. S.) William Patterson, (L. S.) (L. S.) John Bark,

(L. S.) Daniel Fau Guns, (L. S.) George Killbuck, (L. S.) Goat-hau-oh, or Billy

George Dennis, (L. S.) Shanks,

(L. S.) John Kennedy, sen., (L. S.) Daniel Fau Guns, (L. S.) Abram John,

(L. S.)


Goat-hau-oph, or Billy

Job Pierce,

(L. S.) Shanks,

(L. S.) Saw-da-ne, or George James Pierce, (L. S.) Deer,

(L. S.) Gi-eut-twa-geh, or

Ga-na-waw, or John Robert Watt, (L. S.) Cook,

(L. S.) Seneca White,

(L. S.) Jaw-ne-es, or · John Gesh-u-aw, or James


(L. S.) Shongo,

(L. S.) George Big Deer, (L. S.) Jarvis Spraing, (L. S.) Ti-at-tah-co, or Adam

Nah-joh-gau-eh, or Tall
L. S.)) Peter,

(L. S.)
Moris B. Pierce, (L. S.) John Kennedy, jr., (L. S.)
So-gooh-quas, or John

(L. S.) Isaac Halftown, (L. S.)

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of — (The words “and Allegany” in the sixth page being interlined.)

A. Dixon, Commissioner on the part of New York.
Benj. Ferris,

Elam R. Jewett,
Orlando Allen,

Cortland B. Stebbins, Asher Wright,

Joseph S. Wasson. O. H. Marshall, (7 Stat. 586 May 20, 1843.)

EHIBIT 371. Signatures to Treaty between the United States and the Six Nations,

October 22, 1784, at Fort Stanwix
Oliver Wolcott, (L. S.)

Richard Butler, (L. S.) Otyadonenghti, his x
Arthur Lee,
(L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Mohawks:

Dagaheari, his x mark, (L. S.) Onogwendahonji, his x

Cayuga: mark,

(L. S.) Oraghgoanendagen, his Touighnatogon, his x

x mark,

(L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Tuscaroras: Onondagas:

Ononghsawenghti, his x Oheadarighton, his x


(L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Tharondawagon, his x Kendarindgon, his x

(L. S.) mark,


(L. S.) For the Treaty see Memorial Vol 3, p. 736.


Seneka Abeal: Tayagonendagighti, his Kayenthoghke, his x x mark, (L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Tehonwaeaghrigagi, his x mark,

(L. S.) Witnesses: Sam. Jo. Atlee,

James Dean, Wm. Maclay,

Saml. Montgomery, Fras. Johnston,

Derick Lane, captain, Pennsylvania Commissioners. John Mercer, lieutenant, Aaron Hill,

William Pennington, lieutenant, Alexander Campbell,

Mahlon Hord, ensign, Saml. Kirkland, missionary, Hugh Peebles.

Signatures to the Treaty between the United States and the Six Nation,

January 9, 1789, at Fort Harmar.'


Ar. St. Clair,

(L. S.) Owenewa, or Thrown Cageaga, or Dogs

in the Water, his x Round the Fire, (L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Sawedowa, or


Gyantwaia, or CornBlast,

(L. S.) planter, his x mark, (L. S.) Kiondushowa, or

Gyasota, or Big Cross, Swimming Fish, (L. S.) his x mark,

(L. S.) Oncahye, or Dancing

Kannassee, or New Feather, (L. S.) Arrow,

(L. S.) Sohaeas, or Falling


Half Mountain, (L. S.) Town,

(L. S.) Otachsaka, or Broken

Anachout, The Tomahawk, his X

Wasp, his x mark, (L. S.) mark,

(L. S.) Chishekoa, or Wood Tekahias, or Long

Bug, his x mark, (L. S.) Tree, his x mark, (L. S.) Sessewa, or Big Bale Onecnsetee, or Loaded

of a Kettle,

(L. S.) Man, his x mark, (L. S.) Sciahowa, or Council Kiahtulaho, or Snake, (L. S.) Keeper,

(L. S.) Aqueia, Bandy

Tewanias, or Broken Legs, (L. S.) Twig,

(L. S.)



For the Treaty see Memorial Vol. 3, P. 736.

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