The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, Volumen3

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1877

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Página 23 - It can hardly be otherwise but that the sovereign, who insists with such pertinacity upon the impending fall of a neighbouring state, must have settled in his own mind that the hour, if not of its dissolution, at all events for its dissolution, must be at hand.
Página 199 - Roebuck announced that he should move for the appointment of a select committee ' to inquire into the condition of our army before Sebastopol, and into the conduct of those departments of the Government whose duty it has been to minister to the wants of that army.
Página 379 - The study of the laws by which the Almighty governs the Universe is therefore our bounden duty. Of these laws, our great academies and seats of education have, rather arbitrarily, selected only two spheres or groups (as I may call them), as essential parts of our national education : the laws which regulate quantities and proportions, which form the subject of mathematies ; and the laws regulating the expression of our thoughts, through the medium of language, that is to say, grammar, which finds...
Página 439 - that those persons, whose conduct in respect of certain departments, as shown in the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the supplies of the British army in the Crimea, had caused great and unnecessary suffering and loss in that army, had received honours and rewards, and had been appointed to, and still held, responsible offices in the public service.
Página 360 - He had already spoken to us, on the 20th, of his wishes ; but we were uncertain, on account of her extreme youth, whether he should speak to her himself, or wait till he came back again. However, we felt it was better he should do so, and during our ride up Craig-na-Ban this afternoon, he picked a piece of white heather (the emblem of " good luck ") which he gave to her ; and this enabled him to make an allusion to his hopes and wishes as they rode down Glen Girnoch...
Página 347 - Inkermann, the wind upset it, strange to say ; and now again, most strangely, it only seemed to wait for our return to be lit. ' The new house seems to be lucky indeed, for, from the first moment of our arrival, we have had good news.
Página 75 - This, however, I unhesitatingly declare, that in no event, except that of extreme necessity, ought we to make peace without previously destroying the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, and laying prostrate the fortifications by which it is defended.
Página 279 - That this House cannot adjourn for the recess without expressing its dissatisfaction with the ambiguous language and uncertain conduct of her Majesty's Government in reference to the great question of peace or war ; and that, under these circumstances, this House feels it a duty to declare that it will continue to give every support to her Majesty in the prosecution of the war, until her Majesty shall, in conjunction with her Allies, obtain for this country a safe and honourable peace.
Página 132 - What Lord Raglan himself had to report of the conduct of the troops was all that could be wished. Wasted for two months previously by the scourge of cholera which ' pursued them to the very battle-field,' ' exposed since they had landed in the Crimea to the extremes of wet, cold, and heat,' ' in the ardour of the attack they forgot all they had endured, and displayed that high courage for which the British soldier is ever distinguished ; and under the heaviest fire they maintained the same determination...
Página 44 - ... as these are and fraught with danger, which it' imposes. Renounce these obligations, my dear brother, and in doing so you renounce for Prussia the status she has hitherto held. And if the example thus set should find imitators, European civilisation is abandoned as a plaything for the winds ; right will no longer find a champion, nor the oppressed an umpire to appeal to.

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