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Sir John Jervis makes his first appearance in Parliament – Advocates

the cause of Captain David Brodie. Is defeated - Remarks - Has

his flag on board the Prince of 98 guns, in 1790—In 1792 makes a

motion in the House of Commons in favour of disabled Seamen

Motion withdrawn in consequence of a promise for redress 77


Expedition to attack the French Carribee Islands — Sir John Jervis and

Sir Charles Grey appointed to the command of the land and sea forces

- Names of ships, regiments, and principal officers — Arrival of the

forces at Barbadoes — Departure for Martinique — Landing and

success exactly similar to that of 1808 - Attack on Fort Bourbon

and Fort Republican — The affair of Captain Brown in the Asia –

Faulkner and the quartermaster Surrender of the island - The

forces proceed to St. Lucia, which also surrenders — The Admiral and

the General then prepare to attack Guadaloupe - Particulars of the

events on that island Storming of Fleur d’Epée - Dreadful car-

nage - Final surrender — Too many troops of the enemy left on the

island - Prince Edward, father of our present most gracious Queen,


Importance of the Mediterranean command-Eventful crisis on the

shores of that Sea during the last forty years

· Lord Hood's rea-

sous for resigning the command-Admiral Hotham's action with the

French fleet in March and July, 1795--Disastrous results to the

British fleet--Account of Nelson from Clarke and M‘Arthur-His

opinion of the Austrians--Subsidies to the Emperor-Introduction of

Nelson to Sir John Jervis-Character of the latter-Scandalous re-

port against the character of Nelson and his captains, supposed to

have been got up by the French for the purpose of sowing dissen-

sions between us and our allies-List of the ships under the orders of

Sir John Jervis-Objects which he had to keep in view—The block-

ade of Toulon-Trowbridge commands the inshore squadron-High

state of Order and Discipline in the Fleet-Good humour of the

Sailors—Mode of Repairing the Ships at Sea-Health of the People

attended to—Hospital Ship constantly inspected—Spain shows symp-

toms of approaching hostility-Rear-Admiral Mann sent out with a re-

inforcement - Anxiety of the Commander-in-chief to keep up his


plies of Stores, Provisions, and Slop-clothing—Account of the Island

of Corsica from Boswell's history-Difference between the Govern-

ment of the Count de Marboeuf and Sir Gilbert Elliot-Anecdote of

Galferi-Lord Hood's Landing on the Island --Conflicting opinions

of Collingwood and Nelson-The Strength of the Martello Towers-

Siege of Bastia and Calvi-The Union between Corsica and Great

Britain—Unfortunate preference shown by the British Government

towards St. Domingo, to the entire loss of Corsica_Misapplication

et ek wier simrai Christian-Preparations to eva-
sam ni el mier ji Sir John Jervis

. 124


es à Letters—Beneficial change in Dock vard
katika liters Commissioner Coffin — Duties of Naval
L, JALAN UTN me verl jennel_The office under that name discon-
. Lakakita landariumuirai Mana—To Consul Udney—To the Right

* : la cha mitram – To Chevalier Acton—To Sir William
Iuliukaalle Le Ryc Hon. William Wyndham—To the same
lei i video ir Gubert Elliot, afterwards Lord Minto-
Po wisit ne kipa-To Consul Gregory - To the Viceroy of

kerala to leased Consul Gregory—To Mr. Wyndham-To

Vi lastutuu


ima vedere with ile ses made by Mr. Pitt in the commencement

ASTUCES — Unavimity between Sir J. Jervis, Sir

so na lica – Letters to the Viceroy of Corsica — To
kimi ") the veror-To Nelson—To the Viceroy—To Captain
Disa t'i kerana Eden—To Mr. Wyndham-Occupation of the

da ode u leto the Viceroy - To Mr. Jackson at Turin - To

1240 ***** Ia the Viceroy—To General O‘Hara—To Colonel

With the Court of Naples on our evacuation of Corsica

the veryTo Joseph Braame, Esq.—To General O‘Hara-

* Win - To Lieutenant-General Trigge- To the Viceroy —

is be wide Corsica-Hostilities of the natives — The ships of war

SBS El tantmen in tow, and proceed to Gibraltar-Counter-

s home to prevent the evacuation — Too late-To His

*** Hiness Prince Augustus, now Duke of Sussex 186


1xbers - To Captain Fremantle—To Mr. Braame- To Vice-Admiral

the Hon. William Waldegrave — To the Viceroy — To the same

-Difficult and embarrassing situation of the Commander-in-Chief-

To Admiral Waldegrave—To Captain Towry-To Mr. Braame -

To Rear-Admiral Mann — The Commander-in-Chief's uneasiness oc-

casioned by the conduct of that officer — To Captain Trowbridge-

To the Dey of Algiers — To Sir William Hamilton - To the Viceroy

- To the King of the Two Sicilies—To the Viceroy—To Mr. Braame

-- To the Viceroy-To Captain Trowbridge -- To the same-Col-

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