The Autobiography of a Seaman, Volumen1

R. Bentley, 1860 - 488 páginas

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Página 312 - ... from being sent from that province into Spain, but even excited such dismay that 2000 men were withdrawn from Figueras to oppose him, when they would otherwise have been marching farther into the peninsula. The coasting trade was entirely suspended during this alarm ; VOL.
Página 396 - I cannot speak in sufficient terms of admiration and applause of the vigorous and gallant attack made by Lord Cochrane upon the French...
Página 409 - He could not only have destroyed them,' replied Napoleon, ' but he might and would have taken them out, had your admiral supported him as he ought to have done. For, in consequence of the signal made by L'Allemand...
Página 111 - Knowing that the final struggle would be a desperate one, and calculating on the superstitious wonder which forms an element in the Spanish character, a portion of our crew were ordered to blacken their faces, and what with this and the excitement of combat, more ferocious-looking objects could scarcely be imagined.
Página 191 - The gallant and successful exertions of the Pallas therein detailed, reflect very high honour on her captain, officers and crew, and call for my warmest approbation.
Página 147 - Admiralty my letter <5f the 17th inst., and that you are commanded by their Lordships to acquaint me that my application to you was perfectly regular, but that it is not so for officers to correspond with the Board. " I have, therefore, to request that you will inform the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that, although I have received your letter, still I wait in expectation to be favoured with an answer to the representation which, through you, I had the honour to transmit to their Lordships....
Página 332 - The enemy's ships lie much exposed to the operation of fireships, it is a horrible mode of warfare, and the attempt hazardous if not desperate; but we should have plenty of volunteers for the service. If you mean to do anything of the kind, it should be done with secrecy and quickly, and the ships used should not be less than those built for the purpose — at least a dozen, and some smaller ones.
Página 111 - The fellows thus disguised were directed to board by the head, and the effect produced was precisely that calculated on. The greater portion of the Spaniard's crew was prepared to repel boarders in that direction, but stood for a few moments as it were transfixed to the deck by the apparition of so many...
Página 109 - I told the men that they must either take the frigate or be themselves taken, in which case the Spaniards would give no quarter whilst a few minutes energetically employed on their part would decide the matter in their own favour. The doctor, Mr Guthrie...
Página 337 - My lord, you must go. The Board cannot listen to further refusal or delay. Rejoin your frigate at once. I will make you all right with Lord Gambier. Your...

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