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“ Sir,

keep company; and was proceeding to They requested, therefore, with confidence, Port-au-Prince, when I was informed that Thomas Paine should be restored to from Leogavne, that the Inconstant had the embrace of his fellow citi. failed with two small vessels for Petit Truo, zens, and they offered themselves fu reties but was daily expected back.

for his conduct during the short time that I immediately made tail, with intention he Mould remain in France. of trying to take or destroy her in the The President, after a high compliment harbour; but on the night of the 25th, to the American people, said, “ You rewe had the good fortune to fall in with queft us to deliver up Thomas Paineher, and, after exchanging a few broadsides, you are anxious to reconduct to your own The struck her colours to the frigues. lides the alterior of the Rights of Mu

The Penelope had one man killed and We must applaud this generous devotion. seven wounded; among the latter is Mr. Thomas Paine was born in EnglandJohn Allen, Midshipnian. The Incon. that was enough to lubjeet him to the de. Itant had fix killed, amongst whoin was the cree in the firit instance, which our own First-Lieutenant; and the Captain and safety demanded by the revolutionary iwenty wounded, three of whom are lince laws. The Convention will take into dead.

confideration your demand.” From the gallant behaviour of Lieutenant Extra& of a letter from tbe Pojimafiere Malcolm, the Officers, and ship's company, General in Jamaica, to the Lieutenant I have every reason to flutter myselt, that Governor of chat and. had either of his Majeity's frigates been “ Post Office, Kingston, Dec. 9, 3793: single, they would have been equally tur. tunate in capturing her.

“ Having received letters from Anotta I beg leave to adı, that Captain Sin. Bay, giving a circumstantial account of clair's very favourable report of the cun. the late action between his Maje?ty's duct of his officers and Mip's company Packet boat and the Antelope, and the is such as does them the greatest honour. French privateer schooner L'Atalante, I I remain, Sir,

take :he liberty of laying the particulars Your most obedient humble servant, betore your Honour. B. S. ROWLEY.

"In compliance with your instructions, Jobn Ford, Esq. Commodore and

the Antelope failed from Port Royal on Commander in Chief, &c. &c.

Wednesday 27th ult. and proceeded on

hier voyage until the morning of Sunday ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, FEB. 10. the itt init. when, being upon tiie coast of Rear-Admiral Macbride, in his letter Cuba, not far from Cumberland Harbour, to Mr. Stephens, dated the 311t ult. men The feil in with two schooners, apparently tions, that Sir John Borlase Warren, Cap- of equal force, which hoisted Spanith tain of his Majesty's tip Flora, being on a colours, and itood directly for her. Upon cruize on the coait of France, had captured, this the Master of the Packet bore up for and sent to Portmouth a French Repub. this Ifand. L'Atalante out-lailing her lican brig, named La Viper, of 16 fix consoir, left her, and continued the chale pounder guns and 105 men, quite new, all day, until about four o'clock in the coppered,

and only four days froin llavre. afternoon, when the wind tailing, the [Here end the GAZETTES. rowed up with the Packet, and having

exchanged several moi, the sheered off FROM OTHER PAPERS.

again. During the course of the night In the fittings of the French Conven. the frequently bore down, and some thot tion of the 27th of January, a deputa were fired on both sides. tion of Americans were adiniited to the

" At five o'click on Monday morning, bar, and the cra:or requetted the pardon it being almost caim, the rowed up, and of Thomas Paine, thai Apostle of Li grappled the Antelope on the itarboard. berty, who had been proscribed in Eng- ne, pouring in at the laine time a broad. land, whole arrett was a species of triumph tide, and iminediarely made a vigorous atto all the tyrants on earth. His papers toinpt to board, which was braveiy repul. had been examined, and far from finding led, with great daughter on the part of any dangerous propofition:, the Commit tie eueiny. In this artack Mr. Curtis tee had traced only the characters of that (commanding the Packer) unfortunately burning zeal for liberty—ut that eloquence teli, as did also the thip’s steward, Jolin of nature and philofophy—and of those Austin, and a French gentleman, Aideprinciples of public morality, which had du Camp to Mons. Loppint, a passenger ihrough life procured him the hatred of Mr. Mitchell, the mate, was thot through despots and the love of his fellow citizens. the body, and three seamen were severely


wnunded. The second mate, Mr. Smith, ried 65 men. She sailed from thence 24 having died of a fever subsequent to the days before ; had captured a Bermudian Packer's failing from Port Royal, the boop and Spanish schooner, both privacommand now devolved upon the boal teers. She chased ihe Antelope all Sunday fwain (Pascoe by uame), who, with the under a red Hag, but had no colours flyfew brave men that were left, ftrenuoullying during the engagement. She had 49 affifted by the passengers, repulled the men killed and wounded; many of the toeiny in repeated attempts to board, dur- latter dangerously. ing a very considerable time that the ver. “ The Antelope failed from Port Royal fets were along-lide of each other. The with 27 hands, but loft four with fevers boatswain at last observing that they had previous to the action, and had then two cut their grapplings, and were attempting unfit for duty. Killed, two-wounded, to theer off, ran aloft, and lashed the four. Too much praise cannot be given privateer's square fail.yard to the Ante to the boatswain, and the rest of those lope's fore throuds, and immediately brave men who contended against so very pouring in a few vollies of small-arms, fuperior a force, and succeeded in saving which did great execution, the survivors his Majesty's Packet with the mail from of the crew called out for quarter, which capture. was immediately granted, the prize taken « I have the honour to remain, &c. &c. poffeßion of, and carried into Anotta

“G. ATKINSON, Bay about eleven next morning.

A&ing Pottmaster-General." “ L'Atalante was fitted out at Charles To his Honour, town, mounted 8 three-pounders, and car Major-General Williamson.




By a Treaty with the Margrave of Ba. THE following is the fubftance of the den, dated September 21, 1793, a corps of

Treaties for Subsidies, entered into, Baden troops, including 754 men, is taken during the last year, between Great Britain into the British service, upon the same and other Countries,

By a Treaty with the Landgrave of By a Treaty with the Landgrave of Heffe Casel, entered into on the 10th Heile Darmstadı, dated Oktober 5, 1793, of April 1793, his Serene Highness en a corps of 3000 troops of Heffe Darmgages to keep in readiness for service, ftadt is taken into the British pay, upon during three years, 8000 men, as well the fime terms. infantry as cavalry. The levy money The Crown Banco is equal to four fhil. for these troops is 80 crowns Banco for lings and nine-pence three farthings Engeach hoi feman, and 30 ciowns Bunco for litheach foot foldier ;-the subsidy is 225,000 The Treaty with the King of Sardinia, crowns Banco per annum. The expence figued April 25, 1793, grants to his Sarof obtaining recruits, for the purpose of dinian Majelty the sum of 200,000l. Iterkeeping this corps complete, and that of ling annually, during the whole course of replacing any artillery, 'or other effects, the war. which may be taken by the enemy, will The Treaty with the King of the Two be defrayed by this Country. The pay Sicilies covenants, that his Sicilian Majesty of those, who may be wanting hetween " thall unite :o the forces of his Britannic one Spring Review and the next, is not Majelty, in order that he may employ to be retained, but Mall be allowed, with them in the Mediterranean, either con. out abatement, as if they were compleat; junctly or in concert with his own military and, initead of what was formerly paid and naval forces, a body of 6000 land for recruiting, in the room of one killed, troops, as well as four ships of the line, or three wounded, it is agreed, that, four frigates, and four finall thips of without distinction, each man turnished

war." hall be supplied at the rate of twelve The subsistence and forage of the said Crowns Banco a head.

corps are to be supplied by this country, as By a second Treaty with the Land. foon as it hall have quitted the dominions grave, dated August 23, 1793, another of his Sicilian Majesty. His Britannic corps of 4000 men is taken into the British Majesty engages to keep a respectable fervice, upon terms proportioned to the feet of ships of the line in the Mediterra

pean, as long as the danger of the Two




Sicilies and the operations which they shall condition proposed by Sir James : Marriol, undertake against the common enemy shall with regard to the St. Jago Prize; and that require: and his said Majesty engages to

all Br tih (hips retaken by ships of war, or take such arrangements as Mall be mor oiher belonging to Spain, ball be restored proper for

on the same footing. maintaining, either by his own forces, or in concert with the other mari 9. On Wednesday Morning the arrival of

the Swallow Packet at Torbay, with the time Powers engagert in this war, a decided

Moit Noble Marquis Cornwallis and part fuperiority in that sea, and to provide, by

of his suite, was announced at the Indian this means, for the security of his Sicilian,

House --The Swallow left Madras the 10th Majesty's dominions."

of O&tober- when all the presidencies

and possessions of the Company were in an IXBRUARY 3.

unexampled state of prosperity ; five Lacks The Hon. Richard Power, L. L. D. les of Pagodas had been sent to Bengal from sond Bacon of his Majeliv's Court of Madras, and there were fill five Lacks Exchequer in Ireland, was drowned near remaining in the Treasury of Fort St. the Pigeon-house, Dublin. The Jury fat George. —Tippoo Saib had made all his upon the body, and returned a verdic

payments. Accidental Death. The Baron's properly in

This morning Messrs. Muir, Marga, the English Funds was estimated at upwards rot, and Skirving, were removed from Newof 60,oool.

ga:c in a post-cach and lour, attended by The Baron wås Usher and Accountant Ge.

two King's mesengers. We learn that they neral of the Court of Chancery ; by virtue of were taken on board velleis bound to Box the latter office, all monies pending on suits tany-Bay. in thai Court were lodged with him.--A By the Court of King's Bench in Ireland cause, we believe, of the Chandos family, it has been decided, that Mr. A. H. Rowan having been twenty years in that Court, lately fall not have a new trial; and judgment came to a dccifion, and by virtue of a law bas been pronounced, that he hall be ime the claimant of the property demanded the prisoned for two years, pay a fine of soola interest which accrued upon the principal; and find securities for his good behavithis the Baron refused, alledging that the

our, under a penalty of 4000l. for seven principal only was adjudged; the party com- / years. plained to the Chancellor, and bis Lordship 11. A fire this pight broke out at thç ordered the Baron to appear personally in Floor-Cloth Manufactory, in Knightsbridge. Court to answer the complaint. This che By it no less ihan 20,000l. worth of property, Baron's pride revolied at, having been a with the buildings, was destroyed, and not a Judge of many years standing, even when farthing oi either insured. the Chancellor was a Barrister; but he was The above fire, it is said, was occasioned ready to account to the claimant, under his by the neglect of a boy, who, in bcating Lordship's decree. The Chancellor was in some colours, suffered it to boil over. flexiole, and allowed him five days to ap The following are some circumstances at: pear. On the third the Baron, after making sending a late marriage between a branch of bis will, and leaving his papers in a regular the Royal Family and the daughter of a manner, put a period to his existence, by Northern Earl. drowning himself at the above place.

About eighteen months since, Lady Dung 5. This morning were executed before more, whose husband is now governor of the Newgate, pursuant to their sentence, John Bahaina i lands, went with her two daughRabbilis and William Brown, alias Barileti, ters into Italy, where they resided till very two very old offenders. They confessed le- lately. His Royal Highness Prince Augusveral robberies, amongst which was that and tus, being at Rome, met with those ladies, the murder of Mr. Evion in Berwick-street, and very naturally courted their agreeable Soho; of Mr. Woodcock, who was knockrd society; the consequence of which was, a down and robbed of his watch in Bedford mutual attachment between his Royal High

ness and Lady Auguita Murray, and ibey This night, at eight o'clock, his Royal were there married. Highness the Duke of York arrived at While. Lady Murray became pregnant, and rehall from the Continent. His Royal High- tumed 'to England. His Royal Highness did ress came pallonger in the Veital frigate, the same : and, at the instance of the Lady which conveyed the Prince Adolphus to and her friends, a second marriage sock Oltend, and landed al Ramigiee, atrer à place. Toil passage of fourteen hours The Duke The parties were regularly asked in the of York, immediately upon his arrival in Church of St. George's, Hanover-square, in to-n), ft of for Oatlands, where his Duchess the month of November last, and on the 5th was.' His Royal Highness was accompanied of December they were again unned, acon ijs.journey to England hy Colonel Hew- cording to the ceremonics of the church of gill of the Guards, and Capt. Crawford, bis England, under the names of Augustus FreRuyal Highuess's Aides-du Camp.

derick and Augusta Murray. The X 196 of Spain bas condępted to the The circuinitance's having come to the


sow, &c.


King's knowledge, his Majesty has infti- Northamptonsbire. Richard Booth, of Glen. tuted a suit of nullity in his own name, in don, Esq. the Arches Court of Canterbury, to let afide Norfolk. John Richard Dashwood, of Cockthe validity of this marriage, on the ground

ley Clay, Eig. of an Aå of Parliament passed carly in Nostingbambirc. John Simpson, of Babworth, the reign of his present Maj:ity, for lhe

Esq. prevention of the marriage of male branch of the Royal Family, without the Oxfordsbire

. Samuel Gardner, of Hardwick,

Esq. previous consent of Parliament.

On the 8tn inft. Mr. Heleltine, the King's Rusiandshire. Thomas Forsyth, of EmpingPro&or, served a Citation on Lady Murray,

ham. Esq. to answer the charges of the suit.

Sbropshire. William Yelverton Davenport, The Privy-Counci! has been occupied, of Davenport- Hause, Esq. for two days, io the investigation of the cir. Somersethire. Charies Knatchbull, of Babingcumftances a!tending the late marriage of his ton, Esq. Royal Highness Prince Auguftus Frederick Staffordshire. Matthew Boulton, of Soho, and Lady Augufta Murray.

Esq. The persons who have been examined on Suffolk. Charles Purvis, of Darsham, Esq. this business, are-Lady Dunmore, Lady E. Soutbampton. Henry Ronham, of Petersfield, Murray, a coal-merchant and his wife who

Esq. live in Souih Molton-firect, where the lodge

Surrey. Charles Bowles, of East Sheen, ings were taken, to complete the rehdence of one month in the parish of St. George's,

Esq. Hanover-square ; the clergyman who mar


Samuel Twyford, of Trotton, ried the parties; and Mr.


Esq. reldes at I wickenham.

Warwick;hire. Richard Hill, of Kinelon, Lady A. Murray was brought to bed of a Esq. lon on the 13th inst. which is likely to do Worcestershire. Thomas Farley, of Halton, well; but the motber continues very much Erq. indisposed.

Wilt hire. Richard Long, of West Alhton,


Yorkshire. Thomas Lifter, of Guisbourn SHERIFFS appointed by his Majesty in

Park, E'q.
Council for the Year 1794, viz.

Berkshire. Edward Stephenson, of Farley-
hill, Esq.

Carmarthen. William Clayton, of AlltyBedfordshire. Edward Nicholl, of S:udham, caduo, Esq. Esq.

Pembroke. John Phelps, of Withy-Bula Bucks. Charles Clowes, of Iver, Esq.

House, Elq. Cumberland. William Henry Milbourne, of Cardigan. William Owen Brigstock, of Armathwaite Castle, Esq.

Blaenypant, Esq. Chefkire. Dumville Poole, of Lymm, Esq. Glamorgan. Henry Knight, of Tytheghone, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonjhire. Juno Esq. Richards, of Brampton, Esq.

Brecon. Richard Wellington, of Hay-Castle, Devonshire. John Spurrell Pode, of Stoke

Esq. Damerell, Esq.

Radsor. Richard Price, of Knighton, Esq. Dar fet/kire, Edward Buckley Baison, of Six. penny Handley, Esq.

NORTH WALES. Derbyshire. Sir Henry Harpur, of Caulk, Anglefea. Hugh Jones, of Carrog, Esq. Bart.

Carnarvon. Richard Lloyd, of Trefbedlig, Elex, James Hatch, of Claybury, Esq.

Eq. Gloucestershire. líaac Elion, of Stapleton, Merionib. Owen Ormsby, of Glynn, Esq.

Esq. Hertfordshirt.

Montgomery. John James, of Castle Caeria Samuel Leightonhouse, of

nion, Elq. Orford House, Efy.

Denbigbbire. Bryan Cooke, of HavodyHerefordshire. John Miles, of Ledbury, Esq.

wern, Esq.
Keni. Richard Carew, of Orpington, Esq. Flint. Daniel Leo, of Gwasaney, Esq.
Leicefter fbire. George Moore, of Appleby,

SHERIFF appointed by his Royal Highness Lincolnshire. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart.

the Prince of Wales in Council, for the Monmouthshire. John Rose, of Duffrain,

Year 1788. Esq. Nertbumberland, Charles Joho Clavering, of County of Cornwall. Edward Archer, of Bicchfield, Esq.

Trelak, Esq.


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He was

HE Rev. Robert Loweh, rector of Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Buckeridge,
T'oro wa uppheng hindi mo na tom of

to M:s Hochkin, daughter of the late the late Bishop of London, to Miss Frances Th:m:s Hotchkin, E!g. of Queen-square, Harrington, 4th daughter of the Rev. Dr.

barritter at law. Harrington, rector of Tiruxton, Hnts. John Lee, Esq.of Burley, in Yorkshire, te

Lieuc. Henry Kent, of the Royal wavy, Miss Maria Mainwairing, second daughter to Miss Hunter, only daugliter of Lieut. of Lady Kaye. William Hunter, of Greew:ch hospital. Francis Bradshaw, Esq. of Holmbroke,

William Thoinas Darby: Eqi of Sun to Miss Eliza Wilmot, youngest daughter bury, to Miss Arabella Calcraft, second of the late Sir R. Wilmot, Bart. Caddelden, daughter of the late Lieu'enant General Gerge Gunning, Ely. son of Sir R. Calcraft.

Gunning, Miss Bridgeman, daughter John Hornby, Esq. eldeft Son of Governor of Sir Henry Bridgøman, Bart. Hornby, to Miss Wynne, daughter of Wils Stephen Thornton, Esq. of Austin-Friars, Hain Hlynne, Esq. of Peniorth.

to Mils Mary Lituledale, daughter of Thomas William Currie, Esq. of East Hornby, Litiledale, Esq. ot Rotterdam. Surry, M. P. to Miss Percy Gore, youngest H. Gawler, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to daugli er of ihela!c Colonel Gore, Lieut. Go. Miss Lydia Frances Ncale, youngest daughter the Grenades.

and co-heiress of the late Robert Neale, Esq. Rev. Dr. Owen, canon of Bangor carlic. of Shaw.houli, liilis. dra!, to Mrs. Guffith, widow of the late John Mine Fecior, Esq. of Updown, in Rev. Richard Griffith.

Kini, 10 Miss Laurie, only daughter of Mr. Wewbold, 10 Miss Julia, Sir Robert Laurie, Bart. of Maxwelton, pne of the Sia:ds of Honour to the Qieci). Member for the county of Dumfries. MONTHLY OBITUARY.

eld it son of the Call of Bute, lord-lieuteDECEMBER 1793.

nint and cuitos roiulorum of the county of

Glamorga!), colonel of its militia, and repreof his M jly's executive council, sentative in parliament for Cardiff. Speaker of the legillative council, and chief born on theiwenty-fifth of Specmber 1768. Justice of the province of Lower Canada.

On the t wellihor October 1792, he married JA N. 12. Mrs. Grey, widow of Dr. Grey, Lady Elizabeth Penclope Crichton, fole author of Memoria Technica, and liter of daughter and heiress to the present Earl of Dr. Thicknetie, master of St. Paul's school. Dumiries, leaving ifiuc by her one fon, who 14. The Rev. Tho. Eilis, London-wall.

succeeds to his lills, and who was born on 15. John Ramey, eiq. barrist raidoe, and

the ionth of August 1793. ferior of the corporatron of Yarmouth, aged 21. Mark Holman, eiq. one of the oldest 75.

proctors, and many years deputy register of Mr. Benjamin S xton, of Wymondham. the diocese of London.

16. Mr Sanuel Spalding, matter molla At Trowbridge, in his 70th year, the Rev. maker in his Msjetly's dock-yard at Wool Wiliam Waidron, pittor of the Baptift wich.

merting there. 17. Ac Anchingraymont, near Hamilton,

Charles Fearne, esq. an eminent convey. Samuel Douglas, elq. ot Burnhouses.. ancer, and author of a learned treatise in

Lately at Siili Jier, in the island or Jersey, contingentr.mainders. Mr. Williain Pearlon, matter of the academy Lately, ac Innithannon, the Rev. Dean there.

Birry. 19. William Lumfuaine, esq. clcik to the Lately, at Manchester, the Rev, Richard figniei, at Blansheld near Edinburga. Alhion, D. D. fellow of the Old Church,

Lately, Mr. Robert Kelly, late of the In-
Der Tem;le.

22. The Rev. Join Kippling Clerk, vicar 20. At Exeter, the Rev. James Carrington, of Staverton and Boddington, near Chelten Chanc llor of that dincele.

ham. Dr. Biūdulph, one of the physicians of St. Edmund Kelly, esq. Princes street, Bed. Bartholomew's hospital,

ford-row, aged 86 years. Mr. Edward Bury, Voion-ftreet, Bishops. Lately, in Merrion-street, Dublin, in the gate-itreet.

79 h year of her aye, Lady Ann Daly, relict John Broomhead, esq. Holles-streer, Ca of Denis Daly,'w of the late, and aunt vendish-square.

of the prcient Earl of Cianricarde, Mrs. Bicknell, wife of Mr. Alex. Bicknell, 23. J. Dickinson, esg. captain of his Ma. author of the Life of Edwaid the Biack jelly's itigate Thisbe. Prince, &c.

Mr. Suinuel Cork, banker, Bury, Suffolk, A: Ballingbourn-hall, ncar Stanlcad, Ellex, AlDunfries. jaines Jordan, clc. laic of in'con quence of a faiirun his horfi, about

the island of Jainaica. a mood loce, Joha, vilcount Mourdiuari, Ai Vienna, Prince Anthony d'Enerhazy


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