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[ WITH A PORTRAIT. ] THE name of this Gentleman was digging, and clearing away the rubbish

He is de which concealed a great part of the seended from the very ancient family of Theatre of Saguntum, in Spain. The that name in Yorkshire. Mr.CoNYNG- novelty of this light gave rise to a reHam took the name wbich he now bears port among the people of that town, on the death of his uncic, LORD that Mr. Č. was digging for the gold CONYNGHAM, of the kingdom of Ire- bells, valued at one hundred thousand 1.d. He is one of the Lords of the pounds sterling, which tradition reTreasury in Ireland, a Member of the ported to have been concealed in this House of Commons, and a Privy Coun. place. The fable obtained credit fo fellor of that Kingdom, Vice President far, that thc Prime Minifter of the day and Treasurer of the Royal Irith thought it expedicnt to dispatch one Academy, Fellow of the Royal and of his Majesty's engineers from MaAntiquary Socictics of England, and driv, to inipect theic operations : the 2 Meinber of several Foreign Acade- workmen notwithftanding proceeded, mies. The abilities of Mr. Conyng- and discovered the treasures which tam have been particularly applied to Mr. C. fought for; they confifted of onje&ts of national utility and conveni. a number of ancien: inserip:ions, bases

He often speaks in the Irish and capitals of columns, and a curious S. patc upon matters of trade and Roman alrar. Asioon as rawiny were is policy, and, as few men poffefs morc i:- taken of these, antique fragments, the iurmation on these subjeêts, he is always originals were pretented to the engineer, beard with the greatest attention. He as a reward for his trouble. Mr. Co18 a very excellent engineer. The road nyngham is known to the lovers of Thee leads to Dublin from the Phoenix Wriu, by the patronage tharlie has afPark bears his naine; an honour bestow- forded to an ingenious architect or his ed upon him for planning it, and the country, Nir. JAMES MURPHY, in his exeriion and talents he displayed in its defcription of the Royal Miovaftcry of fabrication. And also one of the finest Batalha, in Portugal, from the dedicaroads in Ireland extending upwards of tion of which elegini work our porfixty miles, from Rutland to Donnegal, trait of Mr. Conynghrain is taheu, by was planned by him; a work, which, for the permillion of Mr. Murpliv. It is aras, had been considered as impracti- with pleasure that, in theic times of cabic by all the gentlemen of that coun- fiction and of luxurv, we can present to try. But the fubject which mostly on- the public a character like this of lír. pages his liberal leisure,is antiquity. The Conyngham, a man of diftinguithed w.icētion of drawings relating to Irish runk in ll great fortune, 1 ho, facrificing churches, abbe; s, and calle, in his the enjoyments of retirement, and disa políeffiun, is cftccmed the most valuable daining the allurements of ditipation, extant; and there are but few objects confecrates his talents to the advantage, of antiquity in Spain or in Portugal of and the improvement of his country. which he has not drawings, as he Wc couid with that his example was traveled through these countries 20 more imitated in thcle kingdoms, and companied by three ingenious artists that abilities and wealth liki his were he employed for that purpose. One of applied to uses for which they were destese artists rclates, that thre:fcore signed by the order of Vature, and the workmin were employed by him, in directions of Providence.



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A Swe learn from one pf to-day's Naufa dition of the supposed difturbers of papers, that the Tragedy of Mac

so belb will be revived at the New Theatre cised the fagacity of our Britilh Solo. jo Drury-lane, with such expensive mon, King James the First. ornaments as the liberal Manager of The dress of the Weird Sifters ought Covent Garden has alrely buitowed not to relemhle any that custom has on Hamlet, the following hints relative rendered familiar. The steeple crowned to the dress and conduct of the Witches hat, the neck-handkerchiet, the gown, may nor be improperly suggested in this the quilted petticoat, &c. should all be public vehicle of inttruction and enter laid aside. Loose, duiky vesturcs, of tainment.

uncouth or indeterminate shape, may We are well aware of the general bc fubftituted for these mean habilia adherence of Managers to ancianie prac. menis. Nor have we yet been informed rices. By these Gentlemen precedents why Hecate thould wear mittens, a are too frequently adduced to countc. plaited cap with a towcry front to it, a nance detceted abiurdities, or apologize ruff

, a red stomacher, and a laccd apron; for oinitsions that are never meant to be for such were the paraphernalia of fupplied. Till the influence of the Messrs. BEARD and 'CHAMPNESS in priblic, therefore, is exerted, fuch de- that character, at a time when our ini. vixtions from propriery as have been mitabic GARRICK perfonated Macbeib. long endured, will continue to dilgrace The scenery also in thic fourth Aci zhe Stage in almost every drama that should be illuminated only by glimples requires a peculiar display of character, issuing from the cauldron, and fintly fccncry, and dress.

brightening up at intervals. Our Author The representation prefixed to Ho himfelf, in one of the choruffes to King linthead's narrative of Macbeth's en. llenry the Fifth, has described the pico' counter with the il'ciret Sitters, is ridi: yurcique effect of objects visible by the culousy inilconceived : But Shak. reflected light of nocturnal tires. speare's idea of these dangerous females

"Lothro' thcir paly flames was wholly different from that suggested

! Each battle fees the other's umber' hy the print before him. He, in con

face." formity to our ancient Chroniclcr's description, has given us terrific bags, Thus allo Milton, in his Il Penferofam in tead of the young well-dressed ladics

“ Where glowing cmbers thro' the in the wooden cut ; as the latter arc by “wonen in ftrauye and

“ Tcach light to counterfeit a gloom." furiy apparel, resembling creatures of au elder worke."

Across the mouth of the cavcry a thin On the modern Stage these imaginary bluish gauze should be extended. Thro' beings have lümetimes been drefied above this hazy medium the royal phantoms their rank, and fometimes beycath it. By would appear as shadows, and Tufficient the claflical Mr. COIMAX they were distinction be produced between the clevated into majestic lybils. Mr. fubftantial and unsubitantial beings on GARRICK Piwk them down into beg- the Stage. A vilion of ablent ladies garly Gammer Gurtons, with high was thus naturally exhibited in the crowned nars on their heads, and broom- after-piece of Selinaand Azor, at Druryíticks in their hands. A morc fuitable lanc; and the l'uccess of the fame mihabit for them may casily be contrived, chanilm was abundantly justitied by the without running into either extreme; skilful representation of a fog, in a pan for a corubination of rags and vulgar tomime at Mr. Colman's Theatre in attributes, is incompatible with the 10- the Haynarket. femu agency of fuch powerful Belo But till, the force of the most cha. dames; willt a formal tatcliness of racteristic scenery will be alvorare, as gari does bit i!! accord with the in- long as the latches themiclves are relorious onlichici to which they occa prefented by Comic Actors, who think sionally condcíceud. Sybiiline robes, their “ occupation's gone," unicts they therefore, are misplaced on a "killer are allowed to folicit luoghter from the of live ;” and yor the representatives loweti cialo of spectators. The judi. of creatures who have the clements at cious Mr. MUNDES, of Covent Gare cummand, would appear aborc the con den, las lately thewn that l'osniai nav



no nicais

appear with much effcet, independent with fome ingredient of peculiar maof buffo.mery; and though the plca- lignity, judiciously selectcu it from the (apt voice and countchance of Mr. vitals of an antique Jerv, the Olafphener QUICK, of the same Theatre, are of a Being whole name would be too truly welcome in the Old Iloman in irrevcrendly mentioned in a critique oa Ralé a Wife and Have a Wife, it may Itage exhibition. be hoped that his good understand. To feveral other patages in preceding ing (for a good one it is) will hencetor- dialogues between the littbui, a ludo ward reftrain him from intermeddling crous turn has aitu been annexeel by cur with serious witchcraft, in which bis late performers; cither becaule they excellencies only serve to counteract his were ftrangers to the dritt of the fenriAuthor's deligri. In fhort, the flatu ments and allusions entrusted to their lence of Punco in the pupper-how of care, or were resolved, at all cvenis, the Wife Judgement of Solomon, is not tu confult their own private interest es more out of place, than the lo:v and lu- Comedians, by debating Tragedy to dicrous contortions of three grinning, Farce. It is time, thereforc, that petticoated, malc buffoons, during the fupernatural agents, who ride the air moft sublime and awful process through. in whirlwinals, awake the dead, recal out the whole drama of Macbeth. the past, and anticipate the future,

It may be fubjoined, that after all the fhould be retined from the hands of tricksof grimace have been exhausted,the Mummers, We cannot conclude withonly article among our Author's "poi. out repeating, that the fole ambition of fund entrails" that decisively awakens thele Zanics has hitherto beun to pro) the risibility of the upper regions, is voke applaude from fools who chuckle the

in thc Galleries, and perhaps may club " Liver of blaspbeming Jewu."

their thillings at the Benefits of Actors

who liave engrafice merriment on a This materia magica both John and his scene that unites the folcmnities of infavourite Sular conceive to have been cantation with the terrors of a Monarch a part of one of thosc itinerant Smouches who has just been taught that his irreby whom every man and maid servant in vocable crimes were perpetrated in the kingdom has been occationally de- vain. frauded. Hence the roar of vindicrive Should the foregoing remarks be exultation above-It airs, when the fup- overlooked by our august Managers, posed inteftine of an Iraelite is thrown we may at least experi they will 110 joto the blaze. But it were needlcts to longer delude the public by a falle de. de montirate that fo mean, to untcalon- icriprion of this celebrated Play of able an image had never obtruded itfulf Shakipeare, but boldly advertite in on our Poct's imagination. Besides, their future Bills-“This Evening will biwipbemy, froni whatever mouth it pro be prelented the Tragi-comedy ot Macceeds, is no topic for laughter. Shak- beth." spearc, defirous to impregnate his charın

March 10, 1794.





favourable mention had been made to Philadelphia, May 1, 1792.

I was further induced to entrust My LORD,

the execution to Nir. Robinton, from I SHOULD have had the honour his having informed me that he had

of acknowledging fooner the re drawn others for your Lordihip, and ccipe of your letter of the 13th of knew the lize which would best suit your June laft, had I not concluded to collcetion. defer doing it tili I could an?. lince to I accept with sensibility and with you the transmission of my portrair, fatisfaction: fignificant prefent of the which has been just finished by Mr. ber which accompaniid your Lord. Rubinton (of New York), who has also thip's letter. undertaken to forward it. The manner in viciding clic toute duc from every of the execution of it dues no diccredit, lover of mankind to the patriotic and I am told, to the artist ; of whose skill heroic virtues of which it is commemno. A box made of the oak that affordd Nielter to Wallics after the battle of Falkirk.



rative, I estimate as I ought the ad- always found the most prominent feaditional value whiclı it derives fro:n the ture in the adminiftration of this coun. hand that sent it, and my obligation try; and I Hatter myfelf that nothing for the sentiments that induced the short of imperious neceility can occatranstor.

sion a breach with any of them. Under I will, however, ask that you will fuch a filtem, if we are allowed to exempt me from compliance with the pursue it, the agriculture and mechanirequilt relating to its eventual Julti-. calats-the wealth and population of

thco Siates will incrcale with that dce In an attempt to execute your with in gree of rapidity as to balle all calcula. this particular; I thould feciumjarrall., tion, and inult furpass any idea your ment froni a jult comparison of relative Lordilip can, hitherto, have enterpretentions, and thould icar u riik in. taincd on the occasion. To esince thus juftice by to marked a preference. Our views (whether realized or not) are With fentiments of the truert eitten expanded, I take the liberty of sending and confideration, I remin your you the plan of a new city, fituated Lordihip's most obcdicnt lervulli, about the centre of the union of these

G. WASHINGTON, States, which is designed for the permis LARL OF BUCLAN.

nent luat of the Government : and we

are at this moinent dceply engaged, and LETTER II.

far advanced in extending the inland Philadelpbii, Apii!'22, 119;.

liavigation of the river (Potomac) on

winch it stands, and the branches My LORD,

thercof, through a tract of as rich THE favourable withcs which your country for hundreds of miles as any in Loruihip has expreifid for the prosperie the world. Nor is this a folitary inty of viis young and riting country, Itance of attemy of the kind, although cannot but be gratefully recived by aid it is the only one which is near com. its citizens, ana etery lover of it; one plction and in partial use. Several mean to the contribution of whicit,ind other very important ones are coilits happinels, is very judiciously pour menced, and little doubt is entertaiocd trajtu on the following words of your that in ten years, if left undisturbed, letter, “to be little heard of in the we fhail open a communication by great world of politics." These words, water with all the lakes northward and I can ailure your Lordshi;, arc express wellward of us, with which we hare sive of my fentiments on this head; and territorial connexions; and an inland, I belicve it is the fincere will of united in a full years morc, fron Rloud liland America, to have nothing wo do with to Georgia inclusively, partiy by curs the political iverigues or the squabbles between the great bavs and sounds, and of European nations; but on the con- partly between the stands and fand: trary, to exchange commodities, and banks, and the main, fruin Albemarie live in peace and amity with all the in. Suund to the River St. Mary's. To habitants of the carth: and this I am tincte may alto b. added, the creation persuaded they will do, it rightfully it of bridges over considerable rivers, and can be done. To adminifter julticu to, tire commencement of turnpike-roadsy and receive it from every Puiver they as further indications of the improves are connected with, nl, I hope, be 94nc in hand. PLASNWYDD, A COTTAGE NEAK LLANGOLLEN, DENBIGHSHIRE, THIS locautiiul little manfion and its New Bond Street.” The Motto pre

appendages were embeluished and tixed to them is from Petrarch, and decoratuit by the exquisite talde of the may be thus tranilated : two el gant Ladies who now reside in it, the R ghi Hon. Lady ELEANOR BUT No palace here, or porch of lengthen'd LER, öid Niiss PONSONBI, of this

pile, kuigoii et Irciand. The view of Pits Nor spiendid thcatre, the cyes beguile, Nwida, wiil which we preient our But in their tical, amidii the turt's Readers, 35 takea by the permittiin bright clyes,

[rite, of the ingcnious Artists from the Amidst the mountains that abruptly fronuncce 10 " H Collecrion of Vict's The fir, the afh, their solemn hade ix' in inn Neijnbourhood or Llangollen


[hcar'n aicene. and Lala, ivy lis). George Woud ,cf And icach the mind from caren ta


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