The Pride of Britannia Humbled: Or, The Queen of the Ocean Unqueen'd, "by the American Cock Boats"

William Reynolds, 1815 - 215 páginas

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Página 166 - I cannot speak sufficiently in praise of the firmness, and deliberation, with which my whole line received their approach — more could not have been expected from veterans, inured to war.
Página 194 - ... she gave us a broadside, and filled, away, and wore, giving us a broadside on the other tack, but without effect ; her shot falling short. She continued wearing and...
Página 195 - After informing you that so fine a ship as the Guerriere, commanded by an able and experienced officer, had been totally dismasted and otherwise cut to pieces, so as to make her not worth towing into port, in the short space of thirty minutes...
Página 168 - ... they should cease on the other side ; but that no reinforcements should be sent across by either army until the expiration of that day. His excellency...
Página 198 - ... exertion had not sufficiently removed. Mr. Biddle, who had charge of the Frolic, states, that from what he saw, and from information from the officers, the number of killed must have been about thirty, and that of the wounded about forty or...
Página 167 - Upwards of three hundred have already been delivered over for burial; and my men are still engaged in picking them up within my lines, and carrying them to the point where the enemy are to receive them. This is in addition to the dead and wounded, whom the enemy have been enabled to carry from the field, during, and since the action, and to those who have since died of the wounds they received. We have taken about 500 prisoners, upwards of 300 of whom are wounded, and a great part of them mortally.
Página 167 - The entire destruction of the enemy's army was now inevitable, had it not been for an unfortunate occurrence which at this moment took place on the other side of the river.
Página 199 - W., we fell in. with, and, after an action of an hour and a half, captured his Britannic Majesty's ship Macedonian, commanded by Captain John Carden, and mounting forty-nine carriage guns, the odd gun shifting. She is a frigate of the largest class, two years old, four months out of dock, and reputed one of the best sailers in the British service. The enemy, being to windward, had the advantage of engaging us at his own distance, which was so great, that, for the first half hour, we did not use our...
Página 161 - No people ought to feel greater obligations to celebrate the goodness of the Great Disposer of Events and of the Destiny of Nations than the people of the United States.
Página 187 - For 24 hours after the action it was nearly calm, and the squadron were occupied in repairing the crippled ships. Such of the crew of the President as were not badly wounded, were put on board the different ships; myself and a part of my crew were put on board this ship. On the 17th we had a gale from the eastward, when this ship lost her bowsprit, fore and...

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