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A check with other sources regarding the 1852 invasion is not very impressing:
"Acting without instructions, Cushing wrote to the commander of an American warship in Guayaquil harbor urging him to
remain in those waters to deal with “the atrocious acts of man-stealing, robbery and plunder” of the Flores expedition. Intervention by the US navy proved unnecessary however , for the expeditionary force ran into serious difficulties soon after its arrival in Ecuadorian waters."
"For a time the USS Portsmouth and some French vessels sat in front of the Guayaquil shore battery, blocking its line of fire. Whether this action was intentional or accidental will probably never be resolved, but more important was that most Ecuadorians believed it was intentional."
(Ecuador and the United States: useful strangers by Ronn F. Pineo)
There is also no mentioning that the real reason for Flores initial hesitation was the presence of the Swedish frigate Eugenie:
"When thanking [commander] Virgin for the rescue of George Howland, in a letter of March 27, Cushing told him that, according to reports from Peru, Flores had promised his men the plunder of Guayaquil for forty-eight hours after its capture. Until an American warship could arrive, within about a week, Eugenie was sorely needed to afford protection of life and property."
(Swedish Frigate Eugenie and the Flores Expedition against Guayaquil
by Magnus Mörner (1965), Pacific Historical Review 34 (1). 51-64)

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