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The following extract was omitted at p. 574 of the Appendix to this volume. See p. 318, also the Errata in the preceding page.

Nous avons lu dans les Nos. 282 et 288 du Moniteur, article Londres, extraits des papiers anglais, le rapport inexact du capitaine anglais Blackwood ; il a indigné toute l'escadre. Elle attestera toute entière qu'un seul vaisseau de 74, (l'Ajax,) et la frégate l'Amélie, purent approcher les trois vaisseaux ennemis, parce que le vent tomba tout-à-fait, et changer ensuite cap pour cap, ce qui y plaçait ses derniers : ils étaient donc les seuls mattres d'attaquer, et loin d'en venir à une seconde action, en se dirigeant sur le vaisseau l’Ajax et la frégate l'Amélie, ils ont fui. L'intrépidité des marins qui composent l'escadre ne le cédera en rien à celles des Anglais; et le moment viendra peut-être où le capitaine Blackwood aura à faire une autre preuve de courage que celle dont il se vante. Il est faux que le vaisseau amiral de 130 canons ait tiré une bordée à ce capitaine ni aux autres ; certes s'il avait pu les joindre ils s'en seraient aperçus. Il faút, monsieur, avoir la jactance d'un Anglais pour vouloir faire penser que le feu de trois vaisseaux de cette nation puisse faire taire celui de six de notre et les faire fuir. Moniteur, of November 4, 1810.



BRITISH AND FRENCH FLEETS, 1-State of the british navy, ibid.,

State of french navy, 2-Escape of Rochefort squadron, 4

Admiral Ganteaume in the Mediterranean, 6–Lord Collingwood

and admiral Ganteaume, 9—Revolution in Spain, 13—Capture

of french ship in Cadiz, ibid. -- Peace between England and

Spain, 14–Convention of Cintra, 15—State of northern navies,.

ibid.-War between Russia and England, 16-ANGLO-SWEDISH

RUSSIAN FLEETS, ibid.—Sir Samuel Hood and admiral

Hanickoff, 18-Capture and destruction of the Sewolod, 22-

Sir James Saumarez off Rogerswick, 23—Spanish patriots in

Zealand, 24-Rear-admiral Keats at Nyborg, 25—Light SQUA-

DRONS AND SINGLE SHIPS, 26-Linnet and Courier, ibid.-De-

couverte and two french privateers, 27-Same and Dorade,

ibid.—Boats of Meleager off San-Iago de Cuba, 28—Boat of

Confiance off the Tagus, ibid.-Sappho and Admiral-Yawl, 29%

San-Fiorenzo and Piémontaise, 30—Boats of Emerald at Vivero,

35—Aigle with Italienne and Seine, 37–Childers and Lougen,

39—Seagull with Lougen and consorts, 43—Stately and Nassau

with Prindts-Christian-Frederic, 45—Boats of Daphne and Tar-

tarus at Flodstrand, 46—Boats of Falcon at Endelau, 47-Swan

and danish cutter, 48-Boats of the Tartar at North Bergen,

49—Virginie and Guelderland, 51–Boats of the Alceste and

squadron off Rota, 53—Grasshopper and spanish gun-boats, 54

Boats of Nymphe and Blossom in the Tagus, 55—Grasshopper

and Rapid with spanish gun-boats, 58—Goree with Palinure,

and Pilade, 59—Supérieure and same, 60—Carnation and Pali-

nure, 61-Boats of the Heureux at Mahaut, 65-Remarks on

the 4-gun schooners, 66–British schooners and french priva-

teers, 67-Redwing and spanish gun-boats, 68—Wizard and

Requin, 70_Capture of Griffon, 74-Unité and Ronco, 75

Capture of Nettuno and Teullié, 77Ampbion and Baleine,

ibid.—Boats of Porcupine off Civita-Vecchia and Monte-Circello,

79—Same at Planosa, &c. 80-Boats of Standard off Corfu, 81

-Seahorse and Badere-Zaffer, 83-Pitt and Sémillante, 91-

Cornwallis and Sémillante, 93-Dédaigneuse and Sémillante,

95-Terpsichore and Sémillante, 97–Laurel and Canonnière,

101-British convoys and danish gun-boats, 107-Boats of

Euryalus and consorts capture gun-boats, ¡bid, -The Danes

BRITISH AND FRENCH FLEETS, 135—State of the british navy, ibid.

-Commodore Beresford and M. Willaumez, 137—Destruction

of french frigates at Sable d'Olonne, 139—Lord Gambier at

Basque roads, 143—Capture of Anholt, 189—Expedition to the

Scheldt, 191-Lord Collingwood and M. Ganteaume, 205-

Rear-admirals Martin and Baudin, 207 ---Lieutenant Tailour in

the bay of Rosas, 211–Surrender of Zante, &c. 212-Light

SQUADRONS AND SINGLE SHIPS, 213—Onyx and Manly, ibid. -

Capture of Iris and Hébé, 214–Cleopatra and Topaze, 215-

Horatio and consorts with Junon, 217—Boats of Amphion at

Melida, 223—Capture of the Var, ibid. -- Proserpine with Péne-

lope and Pauline, 225—Boats of Arethusa at Lequito, 227–

Amethyst and Niemen, 228—Capture of the D'Haupoult, 235–

Intrepid with Furieuse and Félicité, 240—Capture of Félicité by

Latona, 241-Bonne-Citoyenne and Furieuse, ibid.—Goldfinch

and Mouche, 246—Boats of Spartan, Amphion, &c. off Pesaro,

247-Boats of Spartan and Mercury at Cesenatico, 248—Boats

of Scout off Cape Croisette, and at Carri, 249—Topaze with

Danaé and Flore, 250—Boats of Topaze at Demata, 251—

Pomone and Lucien-Charles, 252–Cyane and Cérès, 253—

Boats of Excellent and squadron at Duin, 256-Boats of Am-

phion at Cortellazzo, 257-Boats of Mercury at Rovigno, and

at Rotti, 259—Same at Barletta, 260—Boats of Melpomène at

Huilbo, ibid.—Boats of Tartar on coast of Courland, 261—

Melpomène and danish gun-boats, ibid. --Boats of Bellerophon

at Hango, 262—Boats of Implacable off Porcola, 263—Captain

Forrest and russian gun-boats at Fredericksham, 265—Boats

of Lynx and Monkey off Dais head, 266–Diana and Zephyr,

267-Boats of Hazard and Pelorus at Sainte-Marie, 269—Boats

of Thetis and consorts at the Hayes, 270_Capture of Nisus,

ibid.--Also of Bearnais and Papillon, 271-Junon with Re-

nommée and consorts, 273—British indiamen and french

frigates, 290_Boats of Otter at Rivière-Noire, 285—Capture

of St.-Paul's, Isle Bourbon, 287—British indiamen and french

frigates, 291—Destruction of a nest of pirates, 297—COLONIAL

EXPEDITIONS, Coast of AFRICA, 298-Capture of Sénégal, 299.-

West INDIES, 300--Capture of Martinique, 301--South Ame-

RICA, 305—Capture of Cayenne, ibid.

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BRITISH AND TRENCH PLEETS, 311-State of the british navy, ibid.
-Sweden declares war, 312-Death of lord Collingwood, ibid.

- Captain Eyre at St.-Maura, 313—Captain Blackwood off

Toulon, 315—Captain Halliday off Toulon, 319-LIGHT SQUA-

DRONS AND 'SINGLE SHIPS, 321-Cherokee and french luggers,

ibid.-Scorpion and Oreste, ibid.-Boats of Freija at Mahaut,

323—Thistle and Havik, 32-Rainbow and Avon with Néréide,

329—Boats of Christian VII. &c. in Basque roads, 333—Capture

of Canonnière frigate, 335_Horatio and Nécessité, 336_Uni-

corn and Espérance, ibid.— Tribune and four danish brigs, 337

-Boats of Belvidera and Nemesis near Studtland, 338-Queen-

Charlotte and Indomptable, 339—Boats of Surveillante at the

Morbihan, 340—Also at the river Crache, 341-Boats of Cale-

donia and squadron in Basque roads, ibid. --Boats of Dreadnaught

at Ushant, 343—Briseis and Sans-Souci, 344—Calliope and

Comtesse-d'Hambourg, 345-Orestes and Loup-Garou, ibid.-

Boats of Quebec in the Vlie, 346—Diana and Niobe with

Amazone and Eliza, 347–Phipps and Barbier-de-Seville, 351

Rosario and Mamelouck, ibid.-Entreprenante and four french

privateers, 353–Rinaldo and Maraudeur, 354-Same with

Vieille-Josephine and consorts, 355—Boats of Success at Cas-

tiglione, 357-Boats of Spartan and Success at Terrecino, ibid.

--Spartan with Cérès and consorts, 359—Boats of Alceste at

Agaye, 365--Boats of Amphion and Cerberus at Groa, 366

Captain Hoste and commodore Dubourdieu, 368—Boats of

Thames and consorts. at Amanthea, 373--Captain Hall at Bar-

bate, 375-Boats .of Blossom off Cape Sicie, 376—Captain

Fane at Palamos, 377-Sylvia and armed prows, 378–British

indiamen and french frigates, 381--Captain Willoughby at

Jacolet, 389—Capture of Isle Bourbon, 393-Capture of Isle

de la Passe, 399-Captain Willoughby at Pointe du Diable,

403—Same at Isle de la Passe, 407_Captain Pym at Grand-

Port, 413—Boadicea with Vénus and Manche, 433—Africaine

with Iphigénie and Astrée, 435-Ceylon and Vénus, 449—Co-

LONIAL EXPEDITIONS, West INDIES, 457—Capture of Guade-

loupe, ibid.-Capture of St. Martin, 458-EAST INDIES, ibid.

Capture of Amboyna, 459-Capture of Banda Neira, 463-Cap-

ture of the Isle of France, 473.

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BRITISH AND FRENCH Fleets, 477—State of the british navy, ibid.

-Sir Edward Pellew and M. Emeriau, 479-Light SQUADRONS
AND SINGLE SHIPS, 483—Destruction of Amazone, ibid.-Scylla
and Canonnier, 485—Diana and Semiramis in the Gironde,
ibid.-Hawk and french convoy, 489–Barbadoes and Goshawk
with french gun-brigs, 490-Rinaldo and Redpole with Bou-

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logne flotilla, 491–Naiad and the Boulogne flotilla, 492-Cap-
ture of the Ville-de-Milan, 494-Boats of Quebec and consorts
on coast of East-Friesland, 495-Defence of Anholt, 498—
Breydrageren with Langland and consorts, 503–Manly with
Loland and consorts, 507—Loss of the St.-George, Defence,
· and Hero, 509-Boats of Active and Cerberus at Pescaro and
Ortona, 511-Action off Lissa, 512-Destruction of Giraffe and
Nourrice, 529_Belle-Poule and Alceste at Parenza, 531-
Alacrity and Abeille, 533-Guadeloupe with Tactique and
Guêpe, 538-Boats of Unite at Port Hercule, 540-Boats of
same and Cephalus on roman coast, ibid.-Boats of Thames and
Cephalus at Porto del Infreschi, 541-Boats of Active at
Ragosniza, 542—Boats of Pilot at Strongoli, 543-Boats of
Impérieuse at Possitano, 544–Boats of same and Thames at

Palinuro, 545-Capture of the Corceyre, 547-Alceste and

Active with Pauline and consorts, 549— Boats of Sabine at

Sabiona, 555.

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