American Addresses at the Second Hague Peace Conferene

James Brown Scott
For the International school of peace, Ginn, 1910 - 217 páginas

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Página 55 - The Contracting Powers agree not to have recourse to armed force for the recovery of contract debts claimed from the Government of one country by the Government of another country as being due to its nationals. This undertaking is, however, not applicable when the debtor State refuses or neglects to reply to an offer of arbitration, or, after accepting the offer, prevents any compromis from being agreed on, or, after the arbitration, fails to submit to the award.
Página xxxv - Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it is the sense of the congress of the United States that it is desirable, in the interest of uniformity of action by the maritime states of the world in time of war, that the president endeavor to bring about an understanding among the principal maritime powers with a view of incorporating into the permanent law of civilized nations the principle of the exemption of all private property...
Página 11 - International arbitration has for its object the settlement of disputes between States by judges of their own choice and on the basis of respect for law.
Página 85 - The judges appointed by the following contracting powers : Germany, the United States of America, Austria-Hungary, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and Russia, are always summoned to sit.
Página 79 - The present Convention shall be ratified as soon as possible. The ratifications shall be deposited at The Hague.
Página 73 - Minister for Foreign Affairs. The subsequent deposits of ratifications shall be made by means of a written notification, addressed to the Netherland Government and accompanied by the instrument of ratification.
Página 62 - Articles 21 to 29 are applicable by analogy to the procedure before the delegation. When the right of attaching a member to the delegation has been exercised by one of the parties only, the vote of the member attached is not recorded if the votes are evenly divided.
Página xxvii - The conference recommends to the signatory powers the adoption of the project hereto annexed, of a convention for the establishment of a court of arbitral justice and its putting into effect as soon as an accord shall be reached upon the choice of the judges and the constitution of the court.
Página xv - It is important also that the agreements reached shall be genuine and not reluctant. Otherwise they will inevitably fail to receive approval when submitted for the ratification of the Powers represented. Comparison of views and frank and considerate explanation and discussion may frequently resolve doubts, obviate difficulties, and lead to real agreement upon matters which at the outset have appeared insurmountable. It is not wise, however, to carry this process to the point of irritation. After...
Página 3 - ... responsibility. These judges should be so selected from the different countries that the different systems of law and procedure and the principal languages shall be fairly represented. The court should be [made] of such dignity, consideration and rank that the best and ablest jurists will accept appointment to it, and that the whole world will have absolute confidence in its judgments.

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