The Law Advertiser, Volumen9

W.J. Paget, 1831

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Página 9 - Monday 14 Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday •17 Friday 18 Saturday 19 SUNDAY 20 Monday 21 Tuesday 22 Wednesday 23 Thursday 24 Friday 25 Saturday 26 SUNDAY 27 Monday 28 Tuesday 29 Wednesday 30 Thursday...
Página 262 - London, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the benefit of the said decree.
Página 8 - Majesty, and to extend the period within which the patents of governors of colonies shall on any future demise of the Crown become vacant, and to provide for the longer duration of the patents of governors after the demise of the Crown.
Página 267 - Street, in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, in the county of Middlesex, spinster, all of his estate, after the payment of his debts and funeral expenses, and appointed her, executrix.
Página 8 - An Act to apply the Sum of One million eight hundred and fifty thousand Pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty ; and to appropriate the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.
Página 193 - June, 1854 : the bearers must attend at this Office to sign receipts for the payment of principal and interest. Payment, in money, may be obtained at this Office for any of the said Exchequer Bills, previously to the said...
Página 262 - Court who were the next of kin, according to the Statutes of Distribution, of the said , living at the time of his decease, and whether any of them are since dead, and if dead, who is or are their legal personal representative or representatives ; and if the said Master shall find that such...
Página 262 - By a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause wherein the s'd John Ld.
Página 8 - An Act to continue for the term of six Calendar months, all such commissions, appointments, grants, or patents of offices or employments, civil or military, as were in force at the time of the demise of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, and as have not been superseded, determined, or made void during the reign of his present VII.
Página 182 - Sl days in the parish of St. Mary, Newington, in the county of Surrey.

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