Histoire de l'île de la Trinidad sous le gouvernement espagnol: ptie. Colonisation, 1622-1797


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Página 204 - La première clameur passée , chacun trouva que tout était pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles , qui certes doit être le monde judiciaire.
Página 296 - Por la parte oriental termina en el mar que circunda la costa de Paria, golfo Triste, Bocas de Orinoco y las costas de Esquivo y Cayana ; y por el sudoeste confina con el nuevo reino de Granada, que extiende sus límites hasta el referido Orinoco ; desde el cual, por ser países despoblados, está indecisa hasta hoy la línea y sus respectivos meridianos que, corriendo norte a sur, divida la jurisdicción de dicho reino con la expresada provincia de Cumaná.
Página 365 - Don Carlos por la gracia de Dios, Rey de Castilla de León de Aragón de las dos Cicilias de Jerusalen de Navarra de Granada de Toledo, de Valencia, de Galicia de Mayorca. de Sevilla, de Cerdeña.
Página 409 - The free coloured people who have been acknowledged as such by the laws of Spain, shall be protected in their liberty, persons and property, like other inhabitants, they taking the oath of allegiance, and demeaning themselves as become good and peaceable subjects of his Britannic Majesty.
Página 386 - ... are not married; and they must be commodious and sufficient to defend them from the inclemencies of the weather, with beds, blankets, and every thing necessary. Each man shall have his own bed, and there shall be no more than two in a room; another habitation, separated from the rest, which must be warm and commodious, shall be destined for the sick, who must be assisted with every thing necessary by their masters; and in case that the latter, on account of not having room enough, or being near...
Página 387 - ... couple cannot fulfil the object of marriage, the wife shall follow her husband, whose master shall buy her at a fair valuation, set upon her by skilful men, who shall...
Página 387 - As masters of slaves are obliged to maintain them, to educate and to employ them in useful work proportioned to their strength, age and sex, without forsaking their children and those who are old and sickly; so, on the other hand, there is an obligation on slaves to obey and respect their masters and the stewards, to perform the work which is given them to do, conformable to their strength, and to venerate them as heads of the family. Thus he who will not fulfil any of those obligations must be...
Página 390 - ... permitting slaves to go out without an order from their' master, under the pretext of complaining; and the just regulations of the law, which orders that no fugitive slave shall be assisted, protected, or concealed; require that means be facilitated which are proportioned to all those circumstances, in order that it may be known how they are treated by their masters; and one of those is, that the priests who go to the estates to explain to them the Christian doctrine and to say mass, do obtain...
Página 390 - ... foregoing chapters, informing the said justices of it, who must apply the remedy ; and it is likewise declared to be a popular action, that of informing against a master or his steward for not having fulfilled one or the whole of the said chapters, as the name of the informer shall not be made known, and he shall have the part of the fine which he is entitled to, without being responsible in any other case than in that where it is proved that the information is false. And lastly, it is likewise...
Página 389 - Stewards can only chastise slaves with that moderation which is required, no other person, who is not their Master or his Steward, shall injure, chastise, wound or kill them without incurring the punishment enacted by the Laws against those who commit the like excesses towards free people; and the master of the slave who has been injured, chastised or killed shall commence a Law suit against the criminal, and the Attomey as Protector of Slaves, shall defend his cause.

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