Three Essays on the Subjects Propsed by the Cambrian Society in Dyfed which Gained the Respective Prizes at the Eisteddfod Held at Caermarthen

Harris, 1825 - 112 páginas

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Página 111 - ... verum ubi plura nitent in carmine, non ego paucis offendar maculis, quas aut incuria fudit aut humana parum cavit natura.
Página 85 - In the morning, as soon as they are up, they come ;o search out the stones, and if any one of them is found wanting, they have a notion that the person who threw it in will die before he sees another All Saints Eve.
Página 61 - They make use of light arms, which do not impede their agility, small coats of mail, bundles of arrows, and long lances, helmets and shields, and more rarely greaves plated with iron. The higher class go to battle mounted on swift and generous steeds, which their country produces; but the greater part of the people fight on foot, on account of the marshy nature and unevenness...
Página 75 - In their musical concerts they do not sing in unison like the inhabitants of other countries, but in many different parts; so that in a company of singers, which one very frequently meets with in Wales, you will hear as many different parts and voices as there are performers, who all at length unite, with organic melody, in one consonance and the soft sweetness of B flat.
Página 66 - Those who arrive in the morning are entertained till evening with the conversation of young women, and the music of the harp ; for each house has its young women and harps allotted to this purpose.
Página 91 - Reasons for rejecting the Welsh Orthography that is proposed and attempted to be introduced with a view of superseding the system that has been established since the publication of Dr. Davies's Grammar and Dictionary, and Bishop Parry's edition of the Welsh Bible, and that of 1630.
Página 91 - For, as on the one side common experience sheweth, that where a change hath been made of things advisedly established (no evident necessity so requiring) sundry inconveniences have • thereupon ensued ; and those many times more and greater than the evils, that were intended to be remedied by such change...
Página 61 - In time of peace, the young men, by penetrating the deep recesses of the woods, and climbing the tops of mountains, learn by practice to endure fatigue through day and night; and as they meditate on war during peace, they acquire the art of fighting by accustoming themselves to the use of the lance, and by inuring themselves to hard exercise.
Página 96 - Of these reformers some have endeavoured to accommodate orthography better to the pronunciation, without considering that this is to measure by a shadow, to take that for a model or standard which is changing while they apply it.
Página 66 - While the family is engaged in waiting on the guests, the host and hostess stand up, paying unremitting attention to everything, and take no food till all the company are satisfied; that in case of any deficiency, it may fall upon them.

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