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Declaration of Ular



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BRITISH AND FRENCH FLEETS, 1-State of the british navy, ibid.-Buona-

parte's negotiation for peace, 5„Expedition to the Morbihan, 7-Lord

Keith in the Mediterranean, 8-Loss of the Queen-Charlotte by fire, 9-

Siege and bombardment of Genoa, 13-Cutting out the Prima galley,

15—Surrender of Genoa, 17-Convention between France and Austria,

19-Blockade of Malta, 21-Surrender of Malta, 29— Treaty of El-Arich,

31-Death of general Kléber, 35-BRITISH AND SPANISH FLEETS, 364

General Pulteney at Ferrol, 37-Light SQUADRONS AND SINGLE SHIPS,

39_Constellation and Vengeance, ibid.Capture of the Pallas, 43–

Néréide with . Bellone and consorts, 47—Mutiny on board, and loss of,

the Danaé 49–Capture of the Ligurienne, 51-Peterel and a turkish

80-gun ship aground, 53—Capture of the Carmen and Florentina, 55

Boats of Calypso off Tiburon, 56— Lark and french privateer, ibid.-

Boat-attacks at St.-Croix, 57-Same at Quimper, 58—Same at Noir-

moutier, 59—Cutting out the Désiréė, 61–Capture of the Concorde and

Médée, 65-Seine and Vengeance, 67—Capture of the Guêpe, 72-

Captain Hillyar at Barcelona, 73--Rover and Santa-Ritta, 75–Gipsy

and Quidproquo, 76–Kent and Confiancc, 77-Boston and Berceau,,

79—Lieutenant Beaufort at Fuengirola, 80–Milbrook and Bellone, 82-

Netley and San Miguel, 84-Destruction of the Réolaise, 85–Lieutenant

Argles in Quiberon bay, 86_Capture of the Admiral-Pasley, ibid.-

COLONIAL EXPEDITIONS, 87-Surrender of Curaçoa, ibid.-Lieutenant

Fitton at Curaçoa, 88.

BRITISH AND DANISH FLEETS, 90_State of the british navy,


confederacy against England, 91-Attack upon the Freya, 92–Hostility

of Russia and armed neutrality, 93—Naval force of Russia, &c., 94–

Arrival of sir Hyde Parker in the Sound, 95—Lord Nelson at Copen-
hagen, 97-Armistice with Denmark, 115-BRITISH AND SWEDISH
FLEETS, 116e Negotiation with Sweden, ibid.--Anecdote of Lord
Nelson, 117–BRITISH AND RUSSIAN FLEETS, 118—Recall of sir Hyde
Parker, ibid.—Lord Nelson at Revel, ibid.-His departure from the
Baltic, 119–Arrival and departure of vice-admiral Pole, ibid.-BRITISH


Invasion-flotilla, 120Boats of Jamaica, &c.

at St.-Vallery, 124_Buonaparte's attempts to relieve his egyptian army,

125—Escape of admiral Ganteaume from Brest, ibid. Concorde and

Bravoure, 126_Cruise of admiral Ganteaume, 127—His successes in

the Mediterranean, 129-Capture of Success and Sprightly, 130-Squa-


drons in search of M. Ganteaume, 131—Pursuit of M. Ganteaume by

sir John Warren, 133—Capture of the Swiftsure, 135—Siege of Porto-

Ferrajo, 137—Capture of Carrère, 138—Recapture of Success, 139–

Destruction of Bravoure, ibid.—British expedition to Egypt, 141—

Death of general Abercromby, 149—Capture of Suez, 154–Capture of

Marabou and Alexandria, 156-Also of Egyptienne, Régénérée, &c.,


FLEETS, 160—Sale of spanish

ships to France, 161_Sailing of M. Linois from Toulon, 162—Sir James

Saumarez at Algeziras, 163—Sailing of spanish squadron from Cadiz,

177—Its arrival at Algeziras, 179—Sailing of british squadron from

Gibraltar, 181—Sir James Squmarez in the gut of Gibraltar, 183–Light

SQUADRONS AND SINGLE SHIPS, 189—Melpomène at Sénégal, 190—

Mercury's boats, 191—Capture of the Sans-Pareille, ibid.—Boats of

Cyane at Guadeloupe, 192—Capture of Eclair, ibid.—Abergavenny's

tender and Santa-Maria, 193—Capture of the Dédaigneuse, 196—Bor-

delais with Curieux and consorts, 197—Penguin and french corvette,

1994 Phæbe and Africaine, 201—Boats of Andromache at Levita, 204

Boats of Trent at Brehat, 205—Sibylle and Chiffonne, 206-Speedy
and Gamo, 207—Kangaroo and Speedy at Profeso, 211–Boats of Mer-
cury at Ancona, 212–Boats of same and Corso at Tremiti, 213—Cutting
out the Chevrette, 214–Capture of the Invention, 220—Boats of Ata-
lante in Quiberon bay, ibid.- Victor and Flèche, 221-Sylph and french
frigate, 225—Boats of Lark at Cuba, 228—Pasley and spanish xebec of
war, 229—Same and Vergen-del-Rosurio, 230—COLONIAL EXPEDITIONS,
WEST INDIES, ibid.--Capture of St.-Bartholomew, St.-Martin, St.-Thomas,
St.-John, Santa-Cruz, St.-Eustatia, and Saba, 231-Coast OF AFRICA,
ibid.-Capture of Madeira, and peace between France and Portugal,
ibid.-EAST INDIES, 232–Surrender of Ternate, &c. ibid.—Peace
between England and France, ibid.—Treaty of Amiens, 233—Colonial
restorations, ibid.-NORTH AMERICÀ, ibid.-West Indies, 234-Coast

of Africa, ibid.-East Indies, 235.

BRITISH AND FRENCH FLEETS, 310—State of the british navy, ibid.-Pre-

parations for invading England, 311—Admiral Cornwallis off Brest,

312—Buonaparte's naval regulations, 313—He is made emperor of

France, ibid.—Rear-admiral Graves and french squadron, 314-Force

in Brest, ibid.-Plan of operations for Brest fleet, 315—Invasion-flotilla,

ibid.—Description of prames, &c. 316—Defensive preparations in Eng-

land, 317–Capture of Jeune-Isabelle, 318—Also of Vincejo, ibid.

Cruiser and Rattler off Boulogne, 322—Gun-brigs and french prames

329—Bombardment of Hâvre, ibid.—Commodore Owen and Boulogne

flotilla, 330—Bruiser off Boulogne, 332–Archer and Bloodhound off

Cape Grisnez, 333—Immortalité off Boulogne; ibid.—Catamaran ex-

pedition, 335--Captain Henniker off Grosnez, 339—Captain Hancock

off Ostende, 340—Catamarans at Calais, 341-Lord Nelson off Toulon,

ibid.-Rear-admiral Campbell and Toulon ships, 343—Amazon and

Phæbe and Porquerolles, 344–Lord Nelson and M. La Touche-Tréville,

345—Intended crụise of latter, 347–Also of admiral Villeneuve, 349—

Directions to lord Nelson regarding Spain, 351-LIGHT SQUADRONS AND

SINGLE SHIPS, 352—Commodore Hood and the Diamond-rock, ibid.

Cutting out the Curieux, 353—Eclair and Grand-Décidé, 357—Boat

of Eclair at Guadeloupe, 3584Commodore Dance and Admiral Linois,

359—Lieutenants Cumpston and King at Trinité, Martinique, 365—

Lieutenant Furber at St. Pierre, 366-Capture of Mosambique, 367—The

Drake at the Hayes, Guadeloupe, ibid.—Penguin at Sénégal, 368—

Osprey and Egyptienne, 369-— Hippomenes and Egyptienne, 370—

Wolverine and Blonde, 371—Loss of the Apollo, 373—Cutting out the

Atalante, 378—Swift and Espérance, 381–Wilhelmina and Psyché,

382—Hippomenes and Buonaparte, 388—Boats of Narcissus, &c. at

La Vandour, 391–Destruction of Charente and Joie, 392—Lilly and

Dame-Ambert, 393—Tartar and Hirondelle, 395—Boats of Galatea at

the Saintes, 396—Capture of the Blonde, 401–Centurion with Marengo

and consorts, ibid. Capture of spanish treasure ships, 406—COLONIAL

EXPEDITIONS, WEST INDIES, 411–Captain Tucker and the fiscal of

Curaçoa, ibid. ---Captain Bligh at Curaçoa, 412–Capture of Surinam,

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