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Turin, December 18, 1793.
Y accounts received from Barcelona, dated the

arrived there from the Camp at Roussillon, that the Spaniards and Portuguese had obtained a complete victory in a general action over the French, in which the latter lost between seven and eight hundred men killed or drowned in passing the river Tec, above six hundred taken prisoners, forty-six pieces of cannon, two howitzers, one mortar, a great number of muskets, with tents, clothing, ammunition, and stores.

The loss of the Spaniards and Portuguese amounts to two hundred men.

Leghorn, December 22, 1793. THE Master of a Neapolitan brig just arrived from Toulon reports, that, on the 17th instant, the French made a general attack on the advanced posts and forts, and particularly on Fort Balaguier, of which they gained possession ; that on the morning of the 18th the English set fire to the arsenal and French fleet; that on the same day the Neapolitan troops embarked, and immediately sailed ; that the



English and Spaniards remained on shore, and at that time, in possession of Fort La Malgue; that the English and Spanish fleets, with some French ships, had anchored out of reach of the cannon of the place; and that transports were preparing for the embarkation of the French Royalists.

Brussels, January 4, 1794. INTELLIGENCE has been received here that the blockade of Landau is raised. It appears that the French had continued their attacks every day till the 26th ultimo, when they advanced early in the morning in force against the Duke of Brunswick, who was at Bergzabern, with his van guard commanded by Prince Hohenloe. That the grenadier battalion of Kleist, and two companies of chasseurs, advanced to meet the French ; that they were at first repulsed, but that Prince Hohenloe then marched forward to their support with some artillery, and that the enemy was at last completely routed: that towards mid-day, however, the attack was renewed on the right of General Wurmser's position, who was compelled to retreat, and has since recrossed the Rhine in two columns. The Duke of Brunswick takes a position to cover Mayence. A garrison is left in Fort Louis.




JANUARY 17, 1794.


Whitehall, January 15, 1794.
YAPTAIN HILL, Aid-de-Camp to Major-Gene-

ral Dundas, arrived on the 13th instant at the office of the Right Honourable Henry Dundas, His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, with dispatches from Vice-Admiral Lord Hood and the Major-General, of which the following are copies and extracts :

SIR, Victory, Toulon-Road, Dec. 13, 1793. NOTHING very material has happened here since the 30th of last month, when I had the honour of writing to you, except that the enemy had made approaches nearer to us by some new-erected batteries; one against Malbousquet, another against Le Brun, and a third against the Hauteur de Grasse. The shells from two of them did us some mischief on the 9th and 10th, since which they have been perfectly silent.

The enemy is reported to be fifty thousand, but I cannot credit their being much beyond half that number. By various deserters that have come in, which in this respect perfectly agree, we are soon to be attacked on all sides at once. From the numerous and important posts we have to occupy, the troops are at very hard duty, and without relief some way or other, we shall soon have more men in the hospital than are fit for service,

I have the honour to be, &c. Right Hon. Henry Dundas,

HOOD. &c. &c. &c.


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