History of the United States of America, Volumen5

Review of reviews Company, 1905

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Página 140 - July, 1899, provided, nevertheless, that they do not affect the vital interests, the independence, or the honor of the two Contracting States, and do not concern the interests of third parties.
Página 102 - In the name of humanity, in the name of civilization, in behalf of endangered American interests which give us the right and the duty to speak and to act, the war in Cuba must stop.
Página 41 - As to the gentleman's cruel sarcasm, I hope he will not be too severe. The contempt of that largeminded gentleman is so wilting ; his haughty disdain, his grandiloquent swell, his majestic, supereminent, overpowering, turkey-gobbler strut has been so crushing to myself and all the members of this House that I know it was an act of the greatest temerity for me to venture upon a controversy with him.
Página 58 - Blaine, referred to the Democratic party as the party of
Página 140 - Differences which may arise of a legal nature, or relating to the interpretation of Treaties existing between the two Contracting Parties, and which it may not have been possible to settle by diplomacy...
Página 10 - Her Majesty's Government must therefore decline either to make reparation and compensation for the captures made by the " Alabama," or to refer the question to any foreign State.
Página 74 - North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Washington were admitted to the Union, in 1890 Idaho and Wyoming, and in 1896 Utah, making the number of States in the Union forty-five.
Página 31 - Horticultural Hall, built of iron and glass in the Moorish style of the twelfth century, also a permanent structure, was erected by Philadelphia.
Página 58 - Samuel J. Tilden of New York for President, and Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana for Vice-President.
Página 27 - Treasury to purchase silver bullion at the market price to the value of not less than two million nor more than four million dollars a month and to coin this into silver dollars.

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