Observations in Europe: Principally in France and Great Britain, Volumen1

Harper & Brothers, 1844

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Página 291 - HOLY Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation : so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed as an Article of the Faith, or be thought requisite or necessary to salvation.
Página 288 - But the superiority of the enemy in numbers was too great ; Napoleon continually brought forward considerable masses, and with whatever firmness the English troops maintained themselves in their position, it was not possible but that such heroic exertions must have a limit.
Página 249 - And Slaughter heap'd on high his weltering ranks : Their very graves are gone, and what are they...
Página 307 - Russia, thus confessing that the Christian nation, of which they and their people form a part, has in reality no other sovereign than Him to whom alone power really belongs, because in Him alone are found all the treasures of love, science, and infinite wisdom ; HOLT ALLIANCE.
Página 221 - Where simple sufferers bend, in trust To win a happier hour. I love, where spreads the village lawn, Upon some knee-worn cell to gaze : Hail to the firm unmoving cross, Aloft, where pines their branches toss ! And to the chapel far withdrawn, That lurks by lonely ways ! Where'er we roam, along the brink Of Rhine, or by the sweeping Po, Through Alpine vale, or champaign wide, Whate'er we look on, at our side Be Charity ! to bid us think, And feel, if we would know.
Página 306 - Conformably to the words of the Holy Scriptures, which command all men to consider each other as brethren, the Three contracting Monarchs will remain united by the bonds of a true and indissoluble fraternity...
Página 27 - ... with pictures and statuary, frequently with candles burning before the image of the Virgin with the infant Jesus in her arms, all seen in a flood of light poured into the church through more than a hundred windows, whose glass is stained with every shade of color, from fiery red to the soft tints fading into white, until nave, and choir, and aisles seem magically illuminated ; the silence that reigns in the vast space, broken only by the occasional footfall of a priest in his long black robe,...
Página 306 - Princes looking on themselves as merely delegated by Providence to govern three branches of the one family, namely Austria, Prussia and Russia; thus confessing that the Christian world, of which they and their people form a part, has, in reality, no other Sovereign than Him to whom alone power really belongs...
Página 238 - Thither, in time of adverse shocks, Of fainting hopes and backward wills, Did mighty Tell repair of old — A Hero cast in Nature's mould. Deliverer of the...
Página 306 - Monarchs will remain united by the bonds of a true and indissoluble fraternity, and, considering each other as fellow-countrymen, they will, on all occasions and in all places, lend each other aid and assistance; and regarding themselves towards their subjects and armies as fathers of families, they will lead them, in the same spirit of fraternity with which they are animated, to protect Religion, Peace, and Justice.

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