The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, Volumen3

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1877

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Página 199 - Roebuck announced that he should move for the appointment of a select committee ' to inquire into the condition of our army before Sebastopol, and into the conduct of those departments of the Government whose duty it has been to minister to the wants of that army.
Página 33 - Majesty feels called upon, by regard for an ally, the integrity and independence of whose empire have been recognized as essential to the peace of Europe, by the sympathies of her people with right against wrong, by a desire to avert from her dominions most injurious consequences, and to save Europe from the preponderance of a power which has violated the faith of treaties, and defies the opinion of the...
Página 23 - It can hardly be otherwise but that the sovereign, who insists with such pertinacity upon the impending fall of a neighbouring state, must have settled in his own mind that the hour, if not of its dissolution, at all events for its dissolution, must be at hand.
Página 453 - that those persons, whose conduct in respect of certain departments, as shown in the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the supplies of the British army in the Crimea, had caused great and unnecessary suffering- and loss in that army, had received honours and rewards, and had been appointed to, and still held, responsible offices in the public service.
Página 285 - ... peace. If we now fought merely for military success, ' let the House look at this sentiment with the eye of reason, and it would appear immoral, inhuman, and un-Christian. If the war were continued in order to obtain military glory we should tempt the justice of Him in whose hands was the fate of armies, to launch upon us His wrath.
Página 240 - Leiningen) and our children (Vicky, with very alarmed eyes, making very low curtsies); the Emperor embraced Bertie; and then we went upstairs, Albert leading the Empress, who in the most engaging manner refused to go first, but at length with graceful reluctance did so, the Emperor leading me, expressing his great gratification at being here and seeing me, and admiring Windsor.
Página 283 - That this House cannot adjourn for the recess without expressing its dissatisfaction with the ambiguous language and uncertain conduct of her Majesty's Government in reference to the great question of peace or war ; and that, under these circumstances, this House feels it a duty to declare that it will continue to give every support to her Majesty in the prosecution of the war, until her Majesty shall, in conjunction with her Allies, obtain for this country a safe and honourable peace.
Página 457 - Paris, and was summoned thither a week ago. She is now better, and I have recalled him, so as to give the malicious world no warrant for the gossiping rumour, which is already current, that the Court is more pacific than Palmerston, and would be well pleased that the Russians should keep themselves en rapport with it. ' The things of all sorts that are laid on our shoulders, ie, on mine, are not to be told.
Página 132 - I do not go beyond the truth in declaring that they merit the highest commendation. " In the ardour of attack they forgot all they had endured, and displayed that high courage, that gallant spirit, for which the British soldier is ever distinguished, and under the heaviest fire, they maintained the same determination to conquer as they had exhibited before they went into action.
Página 44 - that now you mean to persist in complete neutrality," and if on this occasion you refer us to your Nation, who are said to exclaim, with sound common sense : " Acts of violence have been done by the Turks, the Turk has good friends in large numbers, and the Emperor has done us no harm

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