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Rodgers, Patrick K., letter written to, 327.
Roscoe, Mr., letter written to, 195.
Rush Richard, letters written to, 347, 379.

Address lost, letters written to, 220, 223, 383, 397, 411, 425, 431, 444.

Letters to Thomas Jefferson from John Adams, 29, 38, 47, 58, 68, 70, 85,

219, 261, 279, 302, 396.

1. Report on the method of obtaining fresh water from salt, 455.

2. Opinion on the proposition for establishing a woollen manufactory in

Virginia, 460.

3. Report on copper coinage, 462.

4. Opinion on the question whether the Senate has the right to negative

the grade of persons appointed by the Executive to fill foreign mis-

sions, 465.

5. Opinion on the validity of a grant made by the State of Georgia to

certain companies of individuals, of a tract of country, whereof the

Indian right had never been extinguished, with power to such indi-

viduals to extinguish the Indian right, 467.

6. Opinion in favor of the Resolution of May 21, 1790, directing that, in

all cases where payment had not been already made, the debts due

to the soldiers of Virginia and North Carolina, should be paid to the

original claimants, and not to their assignees, 469.

7. Report on plan for establishing uniformity in the coins, weights and

measures, of the United States, 472.

8. Opinion on the question whether the President should veto the bill,

declaring that the seat of government shall be transferred to the Po-

tomac in the year 1790, 498.

9. Opinion respecting expenses and salaries of foreign ministers, 501.

10. Opinion in regard to the continuances of the monopoly of the com-

merce of the Creek nation enjoyed by Colonel McGillivray, 504.

11. Opinion respecting our foreign debt, 506.

12. Opinion on the question whether Lord Dorchester should be permitted

to march troops through the territories of United States from Detroit

to the Mississippi, 508.

13. Opinion on the question whether the real object of the expedition of

Governor St. Clair, should be notified to Lord Dorchester, 510.

14. Opinion on the proceedings to be had under the Residence Act, 511.

15. Report of the Secretary of State to the President of the United States,

on the Report of the Secretary of the Government of the North-West

of the Ohio, 516.

16. Opinion on certain proceedings of the Executive in the North-Western

Territory, 515.

17. Report on certain letters between the President and Governeur Morris,

relative to our difficulties with England, 517.

18. Report on the Mediterranean trade, 519.

19. Report on the Algerine prisoners, 532.

20. Report on the cod and whale fisheries, 538.

21. Opinion against the constitutionality of a National Bank, 555.

22. Opinion relative to the ten mile square for the federal government, 561.

23. Report on the policy of securing peculiar marks to manufacturers by

law, 563.

24. Opinion relative to the demolition of Mr. Carroll's house by Major

L'Enfant, in laying out the Federal City 564.

25. Opinion relative to certain lands on Lake Erie, sold by the U. States

to Pennsylvania, 567.

26. Report on the negotiations with Spain to secure the navigation of the

Mississippi, and a port on the same, 568.

27. Report on the case of Charles Russell and others, claiming certain

lands, 592.

28. Report relative to negotiations at Madrid, 593.

29. Opinion on bill apportioning representation, 594.

30. Opinion relative to the re-capture of slaves, escaped to Florida, 601.

31. Report on the assays at the mint, 604.

32. Report on the petition of John Rodgers relative to certain lands on the

north-east side of the Tennessee, 605.

33. Report relative to the boundaries of the lands between the Ohio and

the lakes acquired by treaties from the Indians, 608.

34. Report on proceedings of Secretary of State to transfer to Europe the

annual fund of $40,000, appropriated to that department, 610.

35. Opinion on the question whether the United States have the right to

renounce their treaties with France, or hold them suspended, until

the government of that country shall become established, 611.

36. Opinion relative to granting passports to American vessels, 624.

37. Opinion relative to the case of a British vessel captured by a French

vessel, purchased by French citizens, and fitted out as a privateer in

one of our ports, 626.

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