Democracy and Monarchy in France from the Inception of the Great Revolution to the Overthrow of the Second Empire

H. Holt, 1874 - 544 páginas

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Página 92 - The only freedom which deserves the name is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs or impede their efforts to obtain it.
Página 95 - To him that hath shall be given ; and from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.
Página 95 - I should find it difficult to resist the conclusion, that however the labourer has derived benefit from the cheapness of manufactured commodities, and from many inventions of common utility, he is much inferior in ability to support a family, to his ancestors three or four centuries ago.
Página 62 - Trouver une forme d'association qui défende et protège de toute la force commune la personne et les biens de chaque associé, et par laquelle chacun, s'unissant à tous, n'obéisse pourtant qu'à lui-même, et reste aussi libre qu'auparavant!
Página 67 - It is impossible to express or imagine the enthusiasm of this nation in his favour ; ... no person ever so much engaged their attention as Rousseau. Voltaire and everybody else are quite eclipsed by him.
Página 1 - ... that government is always either in the hands, or passing into the hands, of whatever is the strongest power in society, and that what this power is, does not depend on institutions, but institutions on it : that any general theory or philosophy of politics supposes a previous theory of human progress, and that this is the same thing with a philosophy of history.
Página 311 - Finally, in the Chamber of Deputies, when the vigorous protest of Garibaldi seemed likely to put an end to the whole transaction, confidence was restored only when Count Cavour assured the deputies that " the vote should be absolutely free " (pienamente libero). And yet, in view of all these most solemn assurances, what have we seen ? Italian troops removed and French troops put in their places ; all the important civil offices filled with Frenchmen, or men committed to the support of the French...
Página 71 - We have never seen in our own generation — indeed the world has not seen more than once or twice in all the course of history — a literature which has exercised such prodigious influence over the minds of men, over every cast and shade of intellect, as that which emanated from Rousseau between 1749 and 1762.
Página 294 - Legislatif an organ through which her voice may be heard with less chance of being mistaken than even the public voice in the Parliament of England ; for there the right of suffrage is restricted to a few, whereas in France it belongs to the whole adult male population.
Página 33 - ... grand thaumaturgic faculty of Thought' in their head. French Philosophism has arisen; in which little word how much do we include ! Here, indeed, lies properly the cardinal symptom of the whole widespread malady. Faith is gone out; Scepticism is come in. Evil abounds and accumulates ; no man has Faith to withstand it, to amend it, to begin by amending himself; it must even go on accumulating. While hollow languor and vacuity is the lot of the Upper, and want and stagnation of the Lower, and universal...

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