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Lord Harrowby ..........

Lord President of the Council.
Lord Eldon....................... Lord High Chancellor.
Lord Westmoreland .....

Lord Privy Seal.
Lord Clancarty

President of the Board of Trade. Lord Liverpool .............. *First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minister),

s Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of the ExRight Hon. N. Vansittart ......

Right Hon. Charles Bathurst.. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
Lord Viscount Melville ....... First Lord of the Admiralty.
Lord Mulgrave ....

Master General of the Ordnance.
Lord Sidmouth .....

Secretary of State for the Home Department. Lord Castlereagh ...

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Lord Bathurst........

Secretary of State for the Department of War ...........

and Colonies.

President of the Board of Control for the Lord Buckinghamshire ......

Affairs in India.

NOT OF THE CABINET. Right Hon. George Rose............. Vice-President of the Board of Trade, and

Treasurer of the Navy. Lord Palmerston ....

..... Secretary at War. Right Hon. C. Long .....

Joint Paymasters-General of the Forces,
Hon. J. F. Robinson ....
Earl of Chichester ........

Joint Postmasters-General.
Earl of Clancarty.......
Right Hon. C. Arbuthnot.
Sir R. Lushington .....

Secretaries of the Treasury.
Sir Wm. Grant....

Master of the Rolls. Sir Wm. Garrow .......

Attorney-General. Sir S. Shepherd .................. Solicitor-General.

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| Literary Fund and Washington Benevolent Soci
To John Cartwright, Esq. on the Peace between

ety, 591.

England and America, 1, 33.

Interesting Documents, 599.

Mrs. Spei cer Perceval, 15.

The Endyinion and President Frigates, 605,

America, 65, 165.

Notiingham Petition against the War, 621.

Murder Murder! 79.

Petitions against the War, 639.

Lord Cochrane, and the Legion of Honour, 80,

America and Algiers, 663.

Property Tax, 97.

Notes on Jonathan's Letters from Boston, 678-9i.

Corn Bill, 100, 161, 201, 353.


Continental Affairs, 109.

The Champ De Mai, 726.

Hampshire Meeting -- Property Tax-Trick of the 1 Abdication of Napoleon in favour of his Son.

Historicai Notices of the War, 783, 821.

London Press, 129,

To the Knights Grand Crosses, &c, of Hertford,

Appointment of a Provisional Government,

New England, 225,

&c. 805.

The Budger, 228.


Deliverance of Spain, 257.

Wiltshire County Meeting, on the Corn Bill, 289.

A By Stander, on German Troops, 16.
Napoleon's Return, 322, 358.

| No German, on Riot at Lynn, 17.
Treaty with Napoleon, 326.

Erasmus Parkins, on Religious Persecution, 19,
Letter I. to Lord Castiereagh, on Peace, 335.

92, 152, 214, 250, 433.

Letter II. -

, on the Message to

on the Message to Justus, on the dipus judaicus, 24.

the Prince Regent, 449.

Justitia, on Lettres de Cacher, 27. .

Letter II.

—, on the Hope of Suc.

on Legitimate Sovereignty, 588.

cess in a War against France, 614.

Benevolus, on the Pillory, 69.

Letter IV. -

--, on the Debates rela-

University of Oxford, 32, 186, 281, 310.

tive to the commencement of the War, 689, 705.

An Admirer of American Republicanism, 54.

Letter V,

- on the Westminster

Juvenis, on the Congress, 92, 120, 437.

Meeting, the Emperor Napoleon, the Duke of

| A, B. on the Pillory, 85.

Enghien, and Captain Wright, 769.

Varro, on the @dipus Judaicus, 88.

Letter VI -

on the overthrow of

Civis, on Finance, i14.

the Emperor Napoleon, 801.

Public Rejoicing by W. W.120.

To Louis, on the Causes of his late Expulsion, &c.

A Thinking Briton, on the State of the Nation,



The Regent's Message, 429,

Civis, on the Inquisition, 173, 277.

To the People of England on the War against

- -, on the beloved Ferdinand, 208.

France, 481.

---, to the Thinking People of England, 724.

The Emperor Napoleon, 504.

Look at Home, by Tertio, 179.

To the Merchants of England on the War against

Philo-Civis, on®“ Horrid Blasphemous lmpos.

France, and Parliamentary Reform, 513.

ture,” 182.

To the People of Nottingham, on the motives and

-, on the Legion of Honour, 248.

on the New Post Office, 267.

prospects of the War, 545.

Letter Vil, to the Earl of Liverpool, 577.

Julian, on the late King of Sweden, 183.

Letter VIII. -

, 615.

P.C. on the Legion of Honour, 184, 263.

Letter IX. -

--, 673.

Inspired Writings, 211

To the Fundholders, on the War against France,

- by Veritas, 275.

Aristides, on Cheap Corn, 216.
To Correspondents in the United States of Ame.

-, on the Farmers, 415.

rica, 611, 687, 722.

-, on the War against France, 555.

To Sir Francis Burdett, Bart, on the Pitt System

-, on Traits of Courage in Frenchmen, 759.
of w

-, on the Invasion of France, 813.
ar against France, 650.
To Lord Grenville, on the Constitutions of Eng.

G, G. Fordham, on the Corn Bill, 248.

land, America, and France, 737.

, on Reform, War, and Taxes, 380.

The New Era, 755.

--, on the consequences of a War with

France, 521.


A Constant Reader, on Commerce and No Corn

Partial and Mean Perry, Proprietor of the Morn. | Bill, 270.
ing Chronicle, 97.

GM's Plain Picture of the Corn Laws, 271.
Sir John Cox Hippesly, 148.

W. P. R. on Freedom of speech, 284.

Murat, King of Naples, 171.

- on the Corn Laws, 336

Sierra Leone, 193.

A Friend to Sincerity, on Cheap Corn, 293.

Property Tax and Finance, 203.

T. H. I. on the Corn Laws, 297.

The Inquisition, 308.

Amicus Britanniæ, on Popular Opinions, $13.

Occupations and Miracles of King Ferdinand VII, An Old Bachelor, on the Bachelor's Tax, 333.


R.F.'s Defence of the Farmers, 337.

Bonaparte in France, 315.

Verax on Religious Persecution, 378.

To the People of Hampshire, on the Corn Bill, 321. The Fair Sex, 379.

On Birkbeck's Journey in France, 466, 528,

H. on the War with France, 411.

Lord Cochrane, 478.

A True Briton, on Retrenchment and Reform, 439.
Petition of the Livery of London against the War,

-, on British Political Objects, 816,
| Hampden, on No War with France, 443.

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