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- The report of the committee pro- ceflion at these resting places : duced a more detailed message from that, without examining the itinethe directory relative to the march rary which had been given to him, of the troops, and as the subject is or knowing that Ferte-Alais was joportant, and as the paper gives within the conftitutional limits of se interesting view of the fate of Paris, he expedited the order for the Erare at this important juniture, route, in consequence of which the we have thought it neceffary to in- troops were to march-that he fola fort is a large

lowed the same route to Rheims

that, being there afsured that the « Citizens Representatives, letters heliad written to Charleville, .Tbe executive directory delayed with directions to the municipalireplying to your mefage of the te. ties of the places through which verteenth of this month, relative to the troops were to pass, had been the marching orders given to four re- duly received, and having no furgiznents of challeurs which were to ther precautions to take, as the mupass by Perte-Alais, in the expecta. nicipal adminiftrations were chargtica that the report of the commit- ed with quartering and providing tee of inspectors, upon which that for the troops, he yielded to the message bad been adopted, would defire of seeing his family, who rebe printed. It is not yet printed; fide at Chartres, and lett the route but the directory, who in the mean of the division to take the shorter, time have been collecting the docu- one by Soissons. ments they were detirous of pro “ He further certifies, that neieuring respecting the route of these ther the general Richepause, nor troops, consider it their duty to any other staff-officer, gave him tradimit to you fuch information any other marching order than the as has reached them.

above, the itinerary of which was • Citizen Lesage, commissary at transmitted to him at Durenne ;war, has made the following décla- that, during the course of the march, ration upon this fubject :

he did not hear any of the troops « Citizen Lesage, commiffary of fpeak of their destination ;--that he war for the army of the Sambre and only heard, at Bono and Durenne, Meuse, charged with the police of persons who did not belong to the the division of chasseurs command- army say, that the division was to ed by general Richepause, certifies, embark at Brest.” that after the said general had given • General Richepause ftates, on to him, at Durenne, the itinerary his part, that he received an order of the route which this division was froni general Hoche, dated Cologne, to observe in going to Chartres (an the 15th Messidor, in the following itinerary which was entirely written terms:by General Richepauise, but not "General Richepause, commandfigned by him), he received at Aix- ing the division of horse chasseurs, la-Chapelle the order of proceeding is hereby ordered to proceed, with in that destination, and preparing, the four regiments under his combefore hand, at the places pointed mand, to Brest, by the way of out, the necessary provisions and Chartres and Alençon. quarters for the four regiments

" HOCHE.” which composed that divifion, but • General Richepause has besides which were only to arrive in luc- made the following declaration,

which he subscribed before the di- proved by the municipality of the rectory on the 22d of Thermidor : place. The proces-verbal of the

“ I certify that it was in confe- municipality has been addressed to quence of the order of the general in you; so that you must already be Chief, Hoche, dated the 15th Mef- convinced that the enemies of the fidor, directing me to proceed with country have led the members of the four regiments under my com your committee into an error upon mand to Brest, by the way of Char- this subjea. tres and Alençon, that I traced the • We now come, citizens repre. route by which the division I com- sentatives, to the second part of manded was to proceed to Char- your message. The executive ditres ;--that I was totally ignorant rectory aid not, till the day before of the existence of any law which yesterday, receive the originals of required that the troops should not the addresses of the defenders of the eone within twelve leagues of Pa. country from the different diviớions ris ;--that I even was inclined to that compose the army of Italy, have made them pass through Pa. They were all destined for the exeris; and that the difficuity of maine cutive directory, with the exceptaining order among troops quar. tion of two only; and these were tered in a large city was the only addressed to the defenders of the reason which determined me not to country_composing the other ar, adopt that route; that my intention mies, Though the meaning and was evidently pure; for, if it had sense of the word " deliberer" (to denot, I should not have ordered a liberate) has not been lo accurately commissary of war to have preceded defined as to be clearly applied to me, who was six davs before the van the act by which, after having exof the troops, which was the head pressed their fears and their hopes of the column cominanded by me. to the executive directory and to

66 RICHEPAUSE.” their brethren in arms, the defendSuch is the information which ers of their country have only stated the directory has procured respect- the wishes they had formed, and ing the marching order given to the sentiinents that animated them, the four regiments of chasseurs the executive directory have, nedrawn from the army of the Sam- vertheless, resolved to prevent ils bre and Meuse, and which were to circulation. They have also writpass by Ferte-Alais to Brest. While ten to the general in chief, deplorthe dire&tory confine their answer ing the circumstances which had to this point, they consider it ne induced the brave republican solcessary to direct your attention to a diers to commit those acts which statement which appears to have might be considered irregular, and been contained in the report upon inviting them carefully to avoid which your metíaye was founded. every thing which may in the least All the journals agree in itating, degree tend to the infraction or viothat you were informed that arms lation of the constitution. The diand ammunition had recently been rectory has not stopp-d there ; they distributed at Chartres to five hun- have thought it their duty to go dred ruffians, for the purpose of back to the causes, and to point suppresling or of threatening the them out, persuaded that you will, freedom of the legislative body. in your wisdom, adopt such mea. This statement is completely dif- fures as Iljall make thein cease to

exift. The cause of these proceed- the enemies of their country take ings on the part of the defenders of in the glory and the prosperity of the country, is to be attributed to the English government and the the general alarm and inquietude, Austrian court; while they endeawhich, for fome months pait, hav. vour, on the contrary, to diminith ing taken possession of all perfons, the true renown of our warriors, have succeeded the profound tran- and speak with an ill-disguised conquillity that reigoed, and the gene. tempi of the high deftiny held out ral confidence that every where to France, and of the eminent de: prevailed. It is to be attributed to gree of glory and of happiness thedefalcationin the revenue, which which me was about to reach. It leaves al parts of the administration is owing to the blame which has in the most deplorabie situation, and been thrown upon the most glorious deprives often of their pay and and useful confequences of the victheir fubfiftence, the men who, for tories of our defenders – to the plan, years past, have f:ed their blood openly, declared; of calumniating and facrificed their health to serve and ruining the reputation of our the republic. It is to be attributed republican generals, and particuto the perfecution and assassination larly those who, to the glory of the of the purchasers of national pro- most brilliant triumphs and the perty, of the public functionaries, most skillful campaigns, have added, of the defenders of the country; in the one in the west of France, the short, of all those who have dared other in Italy, the immortal honour to how themselves the friends of of a political conduct, which will the republic. It is to be attributed procure to their philosophy and hu. to the want of firmness and vigourmanity as much praise as has alrea. in the punishment of criminals, and dy been bettowed on their military to the partiality of the public tribu- genius. Finally, the cause is to be nals. It is to be attributed to the found in the despair to which all insolence of the emigrants and the true citizens, and particularly the refractory priests, who, recalled, and defenders of their country, are re. openly favoured, appear every duced, in seeing, at the moment of where, keep alive the flame of dif- its conclufion, and after they had cord, and inspire a contempt for purchased it with so much blood the laws. It is to be ascribed to and so many sufferings, the definithe multitude of journals with tive peace, solicited by :he chiefs which the armies, like the inte. of the vanquished coalition, placed rior, are inundated-journals which at a distance-that peace which a threaten death to the supporters of government, the friend of humaniliberty, which vilify all the repub. ty, seeks fill with the greatest exa lican institutions, which openly and actness to conclude-But all at hamefully desire the return of roy, once, re-animating their hopes, and alty, and all the oppreffive and reckoning upon the diffolution of vexatious inftitutions, which equal. the republican government, in conly torment and humiiiate the iner- féquence of the exhausted state of chant, the artison, and the labourer, our finances, upon the death or the and even the rich proprietor who is exile of our bravest generals, and untitled. It is to be found in the on the difperfion and deliruction of interest, always ill-dissembled, and our armies, these same coalesced frequently openly manifetted, which powers have exhibited as much


tardiness in the progress of their tv, viz. _Thibadeau, Vaublanc, - negotiations as they at first testified Simeon, Paftoret, Boifly d’Anglas, ardour tó terminate them. Such, Emery, and Jourdan des bouches citizens representatives, are the de Rhine.-On the 2nd of August, causes which have agitated the the report of the committee was minds of the foldiers of the repub- brought up, and as the directory lic, and induced them to express had entered into the detail of the their fears and their resolutions. subjects of general complaint, the The executive directory repeats, reporter, Thibadeau, was also cothat they shall do what they ought pious in his reply. to do, in recommending to the He began by calling the attentroops to avoid all irregular pro- tion of the council to the present ceedings which are contrary to that state of the nation ; and contrafted discipline which is the soul of ar- it with the situation it was lately in mies, and opposite to the laws when the republic advanced towhich are the support of the state ; wards peace, when confidence rebut they owe to you, in the mean vived, and the constitution began time, a frank and faithful declara, to be consolidated. To recover tion of their sentiments. The go- those desirable advantages, he con.vernment still confidently hopes to sidered it as necessary to encourage fave France from the diffolution to good citizens to repress the bad, which it is precipitately hurriedand to let the voice of justice, reato extinguish the torches of civil son, and impartiality, be heard war which are lighted up with fu- from the tribune of the council of ry-and to protect persons and pro- five hundred. perty from the danger of a new re He next adverted to the late fube volution. This resolution the di- jects of alarm, and, while he admitrectory will purfue with perfever- ted that the directory had the inconance and with courage, and will teftable right of changing the minot be turned aside by any fears, or nisters, he maintained that of the by any influence. They will not, legislative body to require informahowever, consent to inspire a false tion respecting the violation of the security, either in their fellow-citi- constitutional limits. The cause zens of the interior, or in those who of that violation, said he, which defend the country without. They we fall not now inquire into, will thoukl consider themselves guilty of one day be known. General Richetreason towards their country if they pause avows the giving of the orconcealed the atrocious attempts der, but denies his knowledge of that are unremittingly made to lead the law.-This excuse would not us into all the horrors of a second serve him before a tribunal; but revolution, by overthrowing the from what we have heard of his present government either by trea- moral character, we believe he had fon or by force.

no ill intention. • CARNOT, President. The reporter then proceeded to · LAGARDE, Sec. Gen.'

the addresles of the army of Italy,

and contended, that the sentiments A new committee was appointed of liberty they breathed belonged to consider of the message of the to the generous defenders of the directory. It conGfted of seven ftate; the rest to fa&tious men, demembers, all of the opposition par. lirous of wounding the bosom of

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their country. He particularly no- Italy have not retarded the concluticed the affertion, that a fyftem of fion of peace; but can France royaliln was purved in the coun- blame - her generals for giving li. cil. Does the rebel who penned berty to millions of men? And can it, said be, exifti-Does he exist, me refuse those millions her friendand are you free ? -Is the govern. fhip and alliance? But upon there ment afleep, that it suffers him to events, your committee cannot be enjoy impunity

filent.--The directory bas exceedThe directory inform you, thated its powers.--Who had the right they have put a top to these ad- of declaring war against the Italian dresses, and written to the com- ftates without your consent? Who mander in chief, deploring the cir- could make treaties of commerce cumstances that led to the viola- and subsidy without your approbation of the constitution.--Your tion? committee congder it their duty to After declaring that the legisla declare openly, that the answer of tive body could not fear the aitack the directory appears to them un- of a few brigands, and exhorting worthy of its power, and the rank the different members of governin which the conftitution has placed ment to concord and unanimity, them.

the reporter added the following Thibadeau next pointed out words: the dangers to be feared from the “ In examining this message of {pirit of faction which had been in the directory, its exaggerations, and troduced into the camps ; he called the bitterness of its style, we have upon the different branches of the avoided giving new aliment to the government to watch over the fa- fa&tious. Legislators ought not to cred deposit of the constitution : be guided by paflion. In vain our he did not think it necessary to an camion enemies meditate the ruin {wer the charges brought againk of the republic. It is deeply rootthe council, but asked who favour- ed; it has ripened in the midst of ed te emigrants ? who prevented storms, and it belongs not alone to their punishment ? and what was the present generation. The new the meaning of those erasements, dangers which threaten it, serve which, according to public report, only to display its strength once were made a trade of?

more. Each power thall return to He then adverted to the assaffi- its proper limits ; and if some men nations that had been committed, have wished to overstep them, they and asked why the laws against af- shall be recalled, and confined to {afsins had not been enforced? As their proper station. to the journals which breathed on Thibadeau concluded by prely murder, and the return of royal- senting the plan of two refoluty, he faid that a law was prepar- tions. ing to repress their audacity. The The first declared, that all conwant of economy, and the neglect spiracies or crimes against the conof the finances he admitted ; and fiitution, the legislative body, and recommended to the legislature to the directory, came under the judire&t its principal attention to that risdiction of the criminal tribunal important object.

of the place where the legislature Hiftory, continued he, will exa. fits; that all persons accused thould mige whether the late events in be denounced at the ofice of the

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