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pointed for its defence, and The administrators, judges, grand - against whom it had taken no jury, &c. appointed by this affem

precaution, it would be impofsi- bly, shall enter upon the exercise of ble to maintain it without re their respective functions. curring to extraordinary mea III, The elections for the de. sures - Considering, in a word, partment of Lot are in the same that in order to extinguish the manner judged valid, contrary to a existing conspiracy, to prevent a fornier decision, and the citizens civil war, and the general effu- chosen ; Lachiere, for the elders, fion of blood, which would have and loncet and Debrel, for the five been the inevitable consequence hundred, shall take their seats. of it, nothing can be more ur IV. The individuals appointed gent than to repair the wounds to public functions by the primary, inflicted on the constitution since communal, or electoral allemblies, the ist Prairial last, and to take without exception of those appointa the necessary measures to prevented to the legislative body, by the dethe liberty, the repose, and hap- partments above mentioned, shall, piness of the people, from being on the publication of this law, ceafe in future exposed to dauger to exercise all their functions, una The council, after declaring ur der the penalties contained in the gency, adopts the following reso: 6th article of the 5th title of the lutions :

penal code. I. The operations of the pri V. The executive directory is mary, communal, and electoral af- required to fill up the vacancies in semblies in the departments of Ain, the tribunals in virtue of the prel'Ardoche, l'Arriege, l'Aube, l'A: ceding articles, as well as those veynon, Bouches du Rhone, Cal. , which thall become vacant by revados, Charante, Cher, Cote d'Or, fignation or otherwise, before the Cotes du Nord, Dordogne, l'Eure, election in the month of Germinal, l'Eure and Loire, Gironde, He- 6th year. raulte, Illie and Villane, Indre and

VI. The nominations made by Loire, Loire, Haute Loire, Loire the directory, in virtue of the preInterieure, Loiret, Manche, Marne, ceding article, Mall, in every reMayenne, Mont-Blanc, Morbiban, fpect, have the fame effect, and the Mózelle, les Deux-Nethes, Nord, lame duration, as if they had been Oile, Orne, Pas de Calais, Puy-de-made by the primary and electoral dome, Lower Rhine, Upper Rhine, assemblies. Rhone, Haute Saor e, Saone and VII. The law of the ist Prairial Loire, Sarthe, Seine, Lower Seine, last, which, in contravention of the Seine and Marne, Seine and Oise, 75th article of the constitutional act, Somme, Tarn, Var, Vaucluse, admits into the legislative body, the Yonne, are declared nuil and illegal. citizens Job Ayme, Merfan, Ter

II. Those of the electoral aflem- rand Vaillant, Garr, and Polisart, bly of the department of Gers are is repealed. delared legal and valid.

VIII. The first article of the In consequence, citizen Dufuan law of 8th Meslidor last, bearing in is admitted into the council of el- 'contempt of the same article of the ders; and citizens Carriere, Lacar- conftitutional act, the recal of the riere, and Sauran, into the council ist, ist, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th artiof five hundred.

cles of the law of 3d Brumaire,

ukser, reintive to ile relations of liemes, Heary Lanez Iber errigran's, is likewise repealed. Cc30es, CE

IX. Tre ift, 2d, 3d, 4:h, 5th, of the 50s Gas and 6th articies of te fand law of Lacarriere, is Has Gone ise za Brunaire, 4. year, are re court, Lenen, Ysza. Madia, estab ned, and fall remain ia vi. Mlad, cistec Lalo gour tiil four years fubfequent to zere, Mac CP-4,722.set, tie proclamation of a geval Picbegri, P132, P2, Mass. peace.

ard, Qe20emere oi LT, Sada. X. Xo person, the relation or din, Simeon, Par, Vesor, conneáion of an emigrant, within Va-bla::c, Vilare: jose, the degrees prescribed by the se. all members of the Cocacio sve cond article of the said law, thall hundred; Barbe Tabs Docess, be admitted for the same space to Dumas, Feroot least Land, vote in the primary aseir.blies, and Ladeput, La.ract a Muri cannot be appointed elector if he is nais, Paralis, Ponas Rovers, not comprehended in one of the ex. Trorçon Ducoce-ay, 23 set bers ceptions specified by the 4th article of the council of eders; Carnot, of the same law.

Bartbeleri, dire@ors; Brotier, 03. XI. ,bo man can be admitted to aboé; Laville beurrois, ex-ragivote in the primary and electoral ftrate; Duveme-de-Prette, cated assemblies, till he has previously Dunan; Cochon, ex-minifer of taken, in presence of the asembly po!ice; Do:Toaviile, exclerk in the of u hich he is member, and depo-; Miranda, Morgan, ex-gefited in the hands of the president, nerais; Suardi, journals, Yarine, the individual oath of hatred to ex-conventional: royalty and to anarchy, of fidelity ant of the guard of the legislative and attachment to the republic and body, fhall, without dela:, be transconftitution of the 3d year. ported to the place which the di

XII. The ed article of the law rectory shall determine. Their proof the gtla Melbdor laft is repealed, perty fall be fequestrated after the in fo far as it concerns the chiefs publication of the present law; and of the rebels of La Vendée, and the they shall not be allowed to interChouans, to whom of consequence fere with it till after an authentic 110 provision of the article of the return of their arrival at the place prefent law remains common. of their transportation. Those are deemed chiefs of the XIV. The executive directory is rebels of La Vendée, and of the authorised to y focure for their proChouans, who are pointed out as visionally out of their effects the fuch by the law of the 5th July, means of supplying their most ur1792.

gent wants. XIII. The individuals after XV. All the individuals infcribed named, viz. Aubry, Joh Aune, upon the list of emigrants, and no? Bavard, Blain, of the mouths of the definitively er fed, thall be obliged Rhone Boifly d'Anglis, Borne, to quit the territory on the republic, Bourdon of Oise, Cadroi, Concher- that is to say, from Paris, and every ry, Delahaye of the Lower Seine, other communé, of which the poa Delarue, Doumere, Dumolard, De- polation is twenty thousand inhaplautier, Esprat, Gilbert Dermo- bitants, and vpwards, in 24 hours


after the publication of the present such principles, Mall be prosecuted law, and in fifteen days from every agreeably to the law of the 27th other part of the republic.

Germinál, fourth year. XVI. After the delay allowed by XXXVIII. The laws of the 25th the preceding article,' every indi- Thermidor laft, and 5th Fructidor, vidual inscribed upon the list of present month, relative to the esta emigrants, and not definitively blishment and organization of the erased, who shall be arrefted within national guard, are repealed. the republic, shall be prosecuted be

XXXIX. The power of putting fore a military committee, in order a commune in a state of Gege is reto be tried within twenty-four stored to the directory hours, according to the ed article XL. The present resolution shall of the 4th title of the law 2d Brua be printed, and sent to the council maire, 3d year, relative to the emi- of elders. grants.

The list of the members ordered The different provisions from the to be transported being afterwards 17th to the 34th are solely relative read, Savary, Boullay, and Tallien, to the mode of trying and punish- spoke highly in favour of Nor. ing the emigrants and priests. mand, and proposed his 'erasure

XXXIV. The decrees of the ift froni the litt, which was accordof Auguft, and 17th of September, ingly done.

1793, and 21st Prairial, third year, Boullay made a similar propofir 'which authorise the banishment of tion in favour of Thibaudeau. He the Bourbons, including the widow bore witness to his attachment to of Orleans, and the confiscation of liberty, and contended that in the their effects, shall be executed, and report he lately made, he spoke the all contrary provisions shall be of sentiments of the committee, and no avail. The directory shall be not his own. authorised to determine the place Lebardy moved that the council of their transportation, and allow should not decide en male upon the then, out of their estates, the ne fate of its members, but individual cesary means of sublistence. ly, after hearing every member who

XXXV. The journals, and other migiit chuse to speak for or against public papers, and the preffes in their erasure which was adopted. which they are privted, are to be Dumont, of Calvados; and seveplaced for a year under the infpec- ral other members, spoke in favour tion of the police, which may pro- of Doulcet, whose name, as well as bibit them in terms of the 335th that of Thibaudeau, was ordered to article of the convention act. be erased; Bailly de Torcey, Tarbe,

XXXVI, The law of 7th Ther- and Noguier Malguay, were also midor laft, relative to private fo- erated. Motions in favour of Ducieties discussing political subjects, plat and Simeon were reje&ted, and is repealed.

the name of Ramel, laie commandXXXVII. Every private society ant of the guard of the legislative discussing political questions, in body, was auded to the list. which principles hostile to the con The council of ancients conftitution of the third year, accepted curred unanimously in the refoluby the French people, are professed, tions and proceedings of the counthall be shut up, and thofe of its cil of five hundred. On the folmembers who hall have professed lowing day, on the motion of ge


neral Jourdan (who at this time ap- other who was implicated in the pears to have been reconciled with affair, as Englishmen or friends of the directory), the council of five liberty, we never can approve the hundred proceeded to the nomina- infliction of any punishment, in an tion of proper persons to succeed case quhatever; without a fair and the directors Carnot and Barthe. open trial. Whatever may be the lemi. François de Neufchateau, prejudices of fpeculative men in Merlin, Garat, the generals Maf- favour of any form of government, sena, Augereau, and Ernouf, Le we will venture to assert, from the Charlier, Charles de la Croix, liftory of our own country, and Monge, and Gohier, were return- froin observation, that the TRIAL ed; out of these the council of an BY JURY is a practical improve. cients made choice of François de ment in government and jurispruNeufchateau as the succeitor of dence which is worth all that spe. Carnot; and a îmilar list being culative writers have ever pro. afterwards presented with only the duced, or modern reformers ever insertion of the name of Taleyrand, attempted in the science of politics. instead of François de Neufchateau, And we inuch doubt, whether to Merlin, the minister of justice, was give up in a angle instance fo inchosen as the successor of Barthe valuable a privilege, to establish to lemi.

bad a precedent, was not a more Such is the outline of this ex- serious evil than any of thofe, with traordinary transaction, on which which, even taking for granted the we shall reserve our reflections till statement of the directory themthe publication of our next volume. selves, the republic was threatened. By one party it is extolled as the The event of the 4th of Seponly means of saving the republic tember probably contributed to the - as a great stroke applied in a abrupt termination of a negotiation great crisis, that crushed in an in- which was at this time carrying on Itant, and without the loss of a life, at Lille with the Britith governall the hopes of the enemy, and ment for the happy and defirable restored tranquillity to the inte. purpose of restoring peace between rior"-while, by the opposite party, the two nations. In the course of it is regarded as a violation of every the month of June a proposal bav: principle of justice, as a sacrifice to ing been made on the part of lord a base and tyrannical faction, and Grenville to the French minister as the overthrow of the French for foreign affairs, for commencing constitution.

a fresh negotiation, a passport was Some documents were afterwards granted for a minifter furnished presented by the directory to prove with full powers to negotiate a de. the reality of the royalist confpi- finitive and separate treaty of peace, racy; and that general Pichegru in and Lille was appointed as the scene particular was engaged in the in- of the negotiation. In the beginterest of Louis XVIII. These pa- ning of July, lord Malmesbury, the pers, though authenticated by the British plenipotentiary, arrived at names of Buonaparte and Moreau, Lifle; and, after exchanging his were, we confess, not satisfactory powers with the French plenipoto us; but whatever miglit be the tentiaries, Letourncur *, Pleville, guilt of this general, or of any Pellay, and Maret, had his first con

* The director who went out on the preceding 20th of May.

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ference of bufiness on the Sth of Hood on his taking poffeffion of the fare month : in this conference Toulon, and on the 8th article of ford Malmelbury delivered in his the declaration of the sections to project as the basis of the negotia. hin. They said that his Britannic tion—the leading articles of which majesty, in acknowledging the were, that the principle of the state French republic, admitted that the of poffeffion before the war fhould fovereignty existed in that governbe reciprocally adopted as the ba- ment, and of course the ships held fas; and all conquests restored, un- only as a deposit by England, till less such as hould be excepted by this legal authority' should be acthe present treaty; and that all the knowledged, ought to be restored. conqueits from the French repub. The third question was, as to any lic by the British should be relin- mortgage which Great Britain might quilhed, and only Trinidad retain- have on the low countries, in coned, as conquered from Spain; and fequence of money advanced to the Ceylon, and the cape of Good emperor; and they alked pointedly Hope, from Holland; a restoration whether any such existed. On this of the effects of the stadtholder was last point the British negotiator, also claimed, or an equivalent with without replying to the question, a compensation for the loss of his informed them that, fupposing the hereditary dignities.

case to exist, the exceptions they reAs the project of lord Malmesbury quired Mould have been stated in contained Tomt particulars con- their treaty with the emperor. If cerning which the French plenipo- they had taken the low countries tentiaries said their instructions did with all their incumbrances, there not fully enable theni to conclude, could be no doubt what these they sent thein, with their observa- words meant, and that no exceptions, to the directory; and, in the tion was implied. As to the other mean time, proposed to his lordship questions, he said they went fo far (on the oth) to enter into some ex- beyond his instructions, that he planation concerning certain other must make application to his court points, the discusion of which before he could proceed any furmight facilitate and haften the im- ther in the negotiation. portant business. On his lordihip In this state the negotiation conafsenting to this proposal, the tinued till the 16th of July, when French negotiators objected in the lord Malmesbury received a note first place to the title of king of from the French plenipotentiaries, France,

as osed by his Britannic informing him that the French yomajesty, the abolition of which, vernment, unable to detach itseif they asserted, was essential to the from its treaties with its allies, re. full acknowledgment of the repub- quired as a preliminary of negotilic. The second subject on wlich ation, the restitution of all his Brithey demanded satisfaction was, as tannic majesty's conquests. To this his lord ship justly remarks, of note lord Malmesbury replied, in a much greater importance; it was conference, after having received to ask, either a restitution of the fresh instructions from his court Ships taken at Toulon, or an equi- “ That he was fure peace on such valent for all which were either terms would not be heard of.”' taken or destroyed in that port. His lordi ip added every argument They grounded their claim on the in his power to convince them of preliminary declarations of lord the unreasonableness of the de

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mand ;

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