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Campaign in Italy. Vaf Preparations of the Emperor. Firsi Morsement of
she Äufirian Army. Advanced Guard of the French defeated. Duonaparte

CH A P. X.

France. Interior hdminiftration of the Republic. Obfervations on the Fac-

tions in France. Plan for the Ele&ticn of a netu Tbird of the Councils.

Kwalijis Conspiracy. Oath imposid upon Electors. General Election.

New Members, introduced. Now Director chofen. Dolate in the Council of

Live Hundred coni

nierning the Colonies. Debates concerning the Finances.

Nezu Plan of Firance. Brcach betavern the Council of Fire Hundred and

the Directory. Conduct of the Direciory cerfured. Private Correspondence

protiiled from Violation and Inspection. Buonaparte's Conduet with re-

speel to Venice censured. Lacus of Divorce ordered to be revipeil. Report

on religious W crp. Refoluions in favour of Emigrants -- in favour of

Priisis. Power taken from the Directory of putting Difrices in a State of

Sirge. Political Clubs inftituted. crny dijcontented with the Proceedings

of the Councils. Change of Minifiers. Att.mpt to remove Barras from

the Direfiory. Ivloderate rafures of the Council of Ancients. Factions


e to decide the Coniell br Force. arch of Troops within the confii-

tutional Limits. Viol at Difientious hetes con t'e Councils and Directory on

this Suject. Parties in the Directory. The Conncil fierrounded by a mili-

tary Force, and the Representacions in Oil on put under drrcft. Fight

of Carno', and tirefi of La thclemi. Relo’utions of the Councils. Ba-

niliment of the accufid Members. Rcficttions on this Subicet. Ellion of

7:vo new Alernbers of the Directory'. N gotiation at Lille. Treaty with

Portugi- annuiled. Brief Remarks on the folitical Situction of France

and Ligland's


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