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From the Ledon Gazette, July 15. rangements were made as provided
Paniatreet, July 13, 1797. for the protection of L'Arcahaye,
A dispatch, of which the following and were well calculated to mislead

is an extract, has been received the enemy; and such teints were
by Le right honourable Henry directed as might diftract their at-
Dundas, one of his majesty's tention.
principal secretaries of ftate, fron The attack was intended to have
lieute ant colonel Simcoe, com- taken place on the 13th of April:
manding his majesty's troops in but the wind did not permit the ar-
the land of St. Domingo, dated rival of colonel Deltources with
Port au Prince, May S, 1797..

his regiment until the 26th, when In my letter of the 13th April I he marched early in the morning have done myself the honour of in- from Port au Prince to Tourmier. furming you, that the army of the The enemy, as was their custom taemy under Tour:int, after the placed fome troops in ambuscade, unexpected evacuation of Mireba- who were soon dispersed, and the lais, had poscited itself of Grand king's forces arrived at Tourmier, Bois, while the division of their with little loss. The enemy had forces on the fide of Leogane con- Occupied two posts on the crest of tinued to fire with cannon againīt the mountain of L'Hospitre, on Grenier.

each side of Tourmier, and nearly The preservation of these posts at two miles distance froin it, at was an object of confiderable mo- the habitations of Boutillier and St. ment. Every method was taken, Laurent. It was necessary to dilu in case of their loss, to guard the lodge them from these politions, mountain, and to difpute the ground Colonel de Peyster was therefore on which the enemy could place detached to Boutillier, from which, their howitzers for the destruction with his usual gallantry and good of Port au Prince, the object which conduct, he drove the enemy. was supposed to be in their con- The post of St. Laurent was more templation; but, as it was evident obftinately defended; and, by the that the army of Toussaint could unfortunate lofs of major Pouchet, not be prevented from crolling the who was killed in leading on the plain, and, under this impreffion, Jeremie troops, they were thrown the baron Montalembert had ob- into confusion ; nor was the post tained my permission to evacuate taken till a greater force, with canthe post of Thomazeau, at the foot non, appeared against it. of the mountains of Grand Bois, The delay occafioned by the de. I determined to take the guns in fence of St. Laurent induced colothe battery against Grenier, that, in ne! Deffources to postpone the atcase the armies of Toussaint and tack of the battery till the next day; Leogane fould join, they might be and that intelligent officer employed Totally without cannon, which could the remainder of the night in maknot be well brought across the plain ing such preparations as were re. of the Cul de sac, and without cessary to affure the success of this Cannon the junction or separation enterprise. of their armies was equally indiffe The defence of the Cul de Sac cent. Colonel Dessources was there was entrusted to the baron Monta

placed at the head of 2000 lembert, who made a considerable troops, and such preparatory, ar- detachment to the pats where the


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road from Leogane by Grenier en- tiving in the bottomi, which sepa. ters the plain. This detachment rated the post of Grenier from the was fkilfully conducted by major enemy's battery, it turned to the O'Gorman. It attracted the notice right, and joined the column thai of considerable bodies of the ene- hadu marched from St. Laurent. my, and, on its return to the Croix The fog and haze in the bottom des Bouquets in the evening, was prevented the enemy from seeing attacked on all sides by small par- this movement. It was also conties, who were repulsed.

cealed by the judicious manner in Touflaint entered the plain in which captain Spicer of the royal the course of the day, and marched artillery threw Mells from the to the Gide of the Croix des Bou- heights of Fournier from an howquets, actuated, as it is said, by itzer and carronade, directing them some vague report of that import against the various ambuscades and ant poft being to be abandoned on defences which the enemy had his first appearance. His cavalry thrown up to protect their battery fell in 'with the advanced pofts of from any attack in its front or on the baron Montalembert's cavalry, its right under the command of captain On the junction of his division in comte Manoux. That officer, col to one column, colonel Defources lecting. his troops, immediately proceeded through a most difficult charged the enemy with great vi and inaccessible country to turn the vacity, when they fled, and with left of the enemy's battery, and the drew, with the utmost expedition, works which supported it

, having to the mountain.

left troops on the heights of St. In the mean time captain Couchet, Laurent to secure his retreat, and of his majesty's fhip Abergavenny, major Clay to protect him from any with some arined vessels, proceeded attack inade by the road from Leooff Leogane, which place has been gane. effe&tually blockaded since my arri As the colonel approached the val at Port au Prince, and made fank of the battery, and that of various demonstrations to draw the the breast-work which defended it, enemy's attention to that side. I he successively broke his troops inan happy in this opportunity to to divisions, which kept the ene. express how much I am beholder my's forces in check and fufpence, to the zeal and promptitude with until another division, under the which captain Coucher has aflisted command oflieutenant-colonel Delme in promoting his majesty's ser. sources, had, to their great furprise, vice.

poffefTed themselves of the heights On the morning of the 17th co- considerably beyond them, when, lonel Deflources, having made his after an ineffectual reliftance, they dispositions, marched in two co fied on all Gdes, and left colonel lumns; the left to Grenier, under Deffources in poffeflion of their the direction of colonel Depeyfter, battery; the work of several months, in which was the British detaché and of the gun which they had in ment commanded by major Clay. the preceding night withdrawn from The right column, under the di- it for the detence of their breast tection of colonel vicomte D'Al work. This critical enterprise, ! Zune, descended from St. Laurent. am happy to fay, was effected with

Upon the diviĝon of the left ar- but little lofs; and by its fuccefs,

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was freed from any apprehensions and also the attack of the enemy's from the junction of the enemy's batttery, breast-works and places army.

of arms near post Grenier. I am persuaded this additional Head-quarters, St. Domingo, Portproof of colonel Dessources' military au-Prince, May 8, 1797. ibility and spirit will meet with his In driving the enemy from their majefty's approbation. That officer ambuscade above post Guerin, [peaks in the highest terms of the (Jean Kina's entrenched camp) behaviour of the troops under his under the command of major command, of the officers who com Clay, of the 40th regiment. manded the columns, and in a 66th regimentmi rank and file particular manner of the captains killed; i serjeant wounded. Rodanes, Conegrat, and Mouchet, 69th ditto.--I rank and file woundof the colonial forces, who fosmed ed. his advanced guard, and to their 3d battalion of Irish brigade - I intrepidity and conduct he attributes officer wounded. much of the success of his opera. Total, i rank and file killed; I . tion.

officer, i serjeant, 1 rank and As the troops were assembling to file wounded. proceed to other objects, which I On the attack of posts St. Laurent thought of importance for the

and Boutillier. king's service, I was informed by Deffources' reginient.- 1 officer, 3 brigadier-general Churchill of an rank and file, killed; 3 rank and attack that had been made at Irois, file killed; 3 rank and file woundwhere, though the enemy had been ed. fortunately repulsed in the affault De Pestris' ditto-1 rank and file upon that post, they still continued killed. to invett it, and to threaten its Detachment of troops from Jeremie. Hege.

- officer killed ; 2 rank and No time was lost in detaching file wounded. the honourable colonel Maitland Jean Kina's corps.-- ferjeant killwith a sufficient force to the allift. ed; 4 officers, 4 rank and file ance of that officer. On his arrival, wounded. brigadier-general Churchill inform- Total, 2 officers, i ferjeant, 4 rank ed him of the repulse of the enemy.

and file killed; 4 officers, 9 rank I have the honour to enclose to and file wounded. you a return of the killed and At the tack of the enemy's batwounded upon the attack and de tery, breast-works, and places of Itruction of the enemy's battery

arins, near poft Grenier. and breast-works, and of the ord. Chasseurs Royeaux,-2 rank and nance and ordnance stores taken file wounded. and destroyed.

De Pestris' regiment.--2 rank and Return of killed and wounded in file wounded.

his majesty's British and colonial Chasseurs de York.–4 rank and troops, under the command of file wounded. colonel Dessources, on the 16th Chasseurs de Prince of Wales. I and 17th of April, 1797, at the officer, i ferjeant, 5 rank and attack of the enemy's positions file wounded. of St. Laurent and Boutillier, Dessources' regiment.--1 rank and from whence they were driven; file killed. 1797.



Total, 1 rank and file killed; I Limbers for fix-pounders, 2 deofficer, í ferjeant, 12 rank and file stroyed. wounded.

Side boxes for fix-pounders, 8 Names of Officers killed and destroyed. wounded.

Two-inch rope coils, 2 destroyed. Captain Haly, of the 3d Irish A proportion of drag washers brigade, wounded. Major Pocket, and linch pins for nine-pounder of the Jeremie, killed. Lieutenant and eight-pounder and two-pounder de la Rue, of Desloạrces, killed. carriages, taken and carried to Port Ensign Eviere, of Prince of Wales's Fournier. chaffeurs, wounded. Lieutenants Carriage with limber for nine. Babin and Campanne, of Jean Ki- pounder, i destroyed. na's corps, wounded. Ensign Le Cartridges filled for nine-poundPine and L'Artigonave, of ditto, ers, taken and carried to Port Grewounded.

nier, 52. E. B. LITTLEHALES,


W. SPICA, Dep. Adj. Gen.

Captain-Lieutenant, comReturn of Ordnance and Ordnance

manding a Detachment Stores taken and destroyed at the

of Royal Artillery. Attack of the Battery and Heights

E. B. LIITLEHALES, of Post Fezard, on the Morning

Dep. Adj. Gen. of the 17th of April, 1797. This gazette also contains an acBrafs Ordnance.

count of the following captures by Two pounder; i taken and car the ships under the command of ried to Poft Grenier.

rear-admiral Harvey: the schooner Iron Ordnance.

Ranger, from Wilmington, bound Nine pounder, i destroyed. Eight to Trinidad, laden with lumber and pounder, 1 destroyed.

faves, belonging to Massachuset, reStores.

taken from the French to the windFixed ammunition for fix-pound- ward of Mariegalante by the Vaners, equal proportion of case and guard, and sent into St. Pierre's, round, taken and carried to Post Martinique; the schooner Nobby, Grenier, rounds 11o destroyed. from Weseaset, bound to the West · Case mot anfixed for fix-pound- Indies, laden with lumber and ers, taken and carried to Poit Gre- llaves, belonging

to Massachuset, renier, fifty destroyed.

taken from the French off Marie. Cole-thot unfixed for nine-pound- galante by the Vanguard, and sent ers, rounds 110 destroyed.

into St. Pierre's, Martinique; the Langridge in bags for nine- schooner Little Mary, from Suripounders, rounds 150 destroyed. nam, bound to Philadelphia, laden

Langridge in bags for eight- with coffee, cotton, and sugar, bepounders, rounds 150 destroyed,

longing to Philadelphia, retaken Ammunition for two-pounder, from the French off Mariegalante ** destroyed.

by the Vanguard, and sent into St. Carriage with limber for eight- Pierre's, Martinique, went on fore; pounder, 1 destroyed.

the Tip Hero, from London, laden Carriage for two-pounder, i de- with provisions, retaken from a stroyed.

French privateer off St. Kitts by Devie cart for moving guns, I the Lapwing, and sent into si. deftroyed.

Kitt's; the brig Paramaubon, Geo.



Curd, master, from Surinam, bound the Scipio, and sent into Roseau, to St. Thomas, laden with molaires, Dominica; the schooner Jean Kirsugar, and coffee, belonging to Bal- by, bound to Guadaloupe, in baltimore, retaken from a French pri- laft, belonging to Antigua, re-capvateer between Tortola and St. tured from the French otf GuadaCroix by the Fury, and sent into loupe, by the Scipio, and sent into Tortola; the snow Rebecca, from Roseau,' Dominica; the French Demerara, bound to St. Thomas, schooner privateer La Bayonaite, laden with sugar and coffee, re- belonging to Guadaloupe, carry, taken from a French privateer to ing 2 guns, some swivels, and 36 windward of the Virgin Itlands by men, by the Cyane, the Fury, and sent into Tortola, pa 16. A most melancholy accident pers not found; the floop General, happened this night, about eleven H. Bloomibury, master, from Barba- o'clock. As the three Mr. Taylors, does, bound to Martinique, laden two of whom are clerks in the of. with dry goods and provisions, re fice for foreign affairs, the other captured from the enemy off Gua- aide-de-camp to the duke of York, daloupe by the Perdrix, and sent to were coming to town from RichFort Royal, Martinique; the schoon- mond, in a imall wherry with a fail, er Phoenix, Jacob Perkins, master, which they had built for theiramuse from Tobago, bound to St. Tho- ment, the boat overset near Kew, mas, laden with fifty puncheons of by striking against a barge, and all rum, belonging to New York, re three tuinbled overboard. Mr. B. taken from a French privatcer to Taylor got on flore unhurt; Mr. the north east of St. Croix by the Herbert Taylor was brought on Fury, and sent into Tortola; the thore with little figns of life, but fhip Lealand, U. Beaumain, master, has since recovered by the means from Guadaloupe, bound to Santa recommended by the humane foCruz, laden with coffee and sugar, ciety; and Mr. William Taylor belonging to Barbadoes, taken to was drowned. The latter had lately windward of St. Croix by the Fa- returned with Mr. Hammond from vourite, and sent into Tortola; de- Vienna, to whom he acted as fetained, having French property; cretary, and was much esteemed by the ship Atlanti, Thomas Stockel, all who had the pleasure of knowmafter, from Teneriffe, laden with ing him. The night was extremely wive and dry goods, recaptured dark and tempestuous. from the enemy thirty-seven leagues 17. This morning at one o'clock fouth-west by south of Barbuda by a fire broke out at lord St. Helen's the Lapwing, and sent into Basse- house, in Great Ruficl-treat, Bloomfterre, St. Kiti's; the schooner Ade. bury, which consumed the same, lagarde, Bartolame Table, master, and the upper part of fir George from Cuba, bound to Porto Rico, Yonge's house adjoining; the acladen with wax and tortoise.thell, cident is not any other way actaken off Porto Rico by the Are- counted for thao, that his lord nip, thula, and sent into Martinique ; who had been writing, the candle is detained, being Spanish property i fupposed to have caught the furnithe ship Scipio, from Guadaloupe, ture of the bed, which providenbound to St. Thomas, in ballast, tially waking him, he instantly a, belonging to Liverpool, re-captured larmed his fervants, who hrad fcarce from the French of Guadaloupe by time to make their escape at the top


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