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of the house ; the flames were so ra- fion. It has done considerable da. pid, that his lordfhip had only time maye. to save his jewels and cath; every 20. This day the parliament was article, except his plate, which was prorogued to the 5th day of Sepat the banker's, perished in the tember. See the Public Papers. fiames.

Worcester, July 20. In beginning 18. On Sunday night, and the the repairs of our cathedral on Monearly part of yesterday morning, oc- day last, the tomb which stood in curred one of the most tremendous the nave, near the chancel, to comftorms of thunder, lightning, and memorate - the interment of king rain, ever remembered in the mes John, was proposed to be removed tropolis. The lightning com- to a more convenient place; but, to menced about nine o'clock in the the astonishment of the workmen, a evening, and continued without one stone coffin was discovered at the instant's intermission till twelve, il. bottom, level with the floor, which, luminating with its corufcations on carefully examiningit, was found every quarter of the heavens with to contain the remains of the king. vivid gleams of scarlet and blue From the great length of time the light. The thunder came on about body had been deposited (so long twelve, and continued till half af- fince as the year 1216) nothing but ter three, with incesant peals of the conjectural ideas could be formed as loudest and most awful effect, fo to the vestments, &c. Part of the near as seemingly to be bursting din robe was firm in its texture, but of rectly over head, and accompanied what colour could not be alcerthe whole time with the heavieit tained. What was discovered of and most uninterrupted deluges of the body appeared to be nearly in rain.

the same position as the figure on This very heavy storm appears the top of the tomb-stone, and, to have taken a very wide and ex. from the length of the coffin, mea. tended circuit. In Buckinghamthire, fured five fect fix inches and a half; Berkshire, Hants, &c. its commence part of a sword was lying by his ment was about nine or ten o'clock left side, which time' had much in the evening, and its duration till mouldered ; and the leather fheath after day-light. In the metropolis, was nearly in the fame state: the by the minutest observation, its fury moft perfect part was towards the began a little before midnight, and bottom of the legs and feet, on had ceased at four o'clock. At which appeared a kind of halfWindsor it was extremely and awe boot. A quantity of a sort of white fully heavy; at Harrow on the paste lay in two or three lumps on Hill, Highgate, Hampstead, Shoot- and below the belly, which it may er's Hill in Kent, and other elevated be supposed had been poured into situations, it was felt in a manner the body on the heart and bowels particularly severe.

being taken out; on breaking a The storm felt here on Sunday piece of this parte, it was mixed night and Monday morning palied with the skeletons of maggots and over the continent previous io vi- fies, of which vast quantities lay on fiting this country. "It was felt at and about the body; and on the Life on Saturday afternoon, and right cheek of the ikull there was a continued till three o'clock on Sharp point about half an inch long, Sunday morning without internis- and some grey hairs appeared under


part of the cap, which had fitted the you to a copy of captain Ricketts's head very tight, and seemed to have letter. been buckled under the chin, part La Magicienne, in Carcalje Bay, of the itraps remaining; the robe St. Domingo, April 24, 1797. had the appearance, in some parts, SIR, of having been embroidered, parti I beg leave to inform you, that on cularly on the right knee; no bones Sunday the 2 3d instant, when douof the fingers were to be found. One bling Cape Tiberoon, in company point ascertained is, that the body with the Regulus and Fortune eertainly was deposited here, and schooner, we discovered a fix gun not in the more eastern part of the privateer sloop and four fchooners church, as was supposed; and the at anchor in this bay, which conextraordinary circumstance of there vinced me that the posts of Irois being no memorandum or record was attacked. Soon after the alarm of the place of interment in the ar- gun was fired at the fort. As no chives of the cathedral is now ob. time was to be lost in endeavouring viated. The tomb is to remain fa- to counteract the views of the enecred to the ashes of the king, and my, we ft.nd in and anchored, will no doubt be preserved with when we commenced a heavy canadditional care and attention. The nonade, and had the good fortune, dean and chapter gave orders that in a fhiort time, to drive them into the curiosity of the people should the mountains; their field-pieces, be gratified as far as could be done ammunition, provifions, and vessels consistently with safety ; but, the laden with necessaries for carrying concourse from all parts becoming on the fiege, fell into our hands. so great, it was deemed proper to The good conduct of every officlose the tomb again on Tuesday cer and sailor belonging to our litafternoon. It was observed by the tle squadron manifested itself upon masons that the coffin was cut out this occasion, as well as upon many of Higley stone; but there was others, since I have had the honour no other top to it than two elm- to command it. I have to regret boards, which were perfe&tly found. the loss of four men killed, and From the London Gazette, July 22. Mr. Morgan, master's mate, and ten

Admiralty-Ofice, July 22, 1797. men wounded (though not mortalExtract of a Letter from Vice-Ad. ly), who were in the Magicienne's

miral Sir Hyde Parker, Knight, boat when endeavouring to tow out Commander in Chief of his Ma- the privateer. jesty's Ships and Vessels at sa I have the honour to be, &c. &c. maica, to Evan Nepean, Esq.

W. H. RICKETTS. dated June 11, 1797.

Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. Vice. I have the pleasure to acquaint Admiral of the Red, &c. you for their lord ships'information, Diligence, Nafau, New-Providence, that the Grande Anse is acknow

March 13, 1797 ledged to be saved by a spirited and SIR, well-timed attack made by captain I beg leave to inform you, that Ricketts, of his majesty's fhip La having cleared the Bahama Straits Magicienne, upon the enemy's the 3d of this month, the following transports of provisions and ammu- day, ten leagues S. W. of the Pan of nition in Carcasse Bay, for the par. Motonozas, we fell in with and ticulars of which I beg leave to refer took, after an action of three quar

(H 3)


ters of an hour, La Nativetas, of longing to Ribadeo, by his majesfixteen guns and fifty men, about ty's thip Boston; and, also, the St. five hundred tons, laden with log. Jose y Noftra Signora de Bagoyna, wood, which had left the Havannah mounting 16 6-pounders, with 52 that morning for Cadiz. I have the men, laden with brandy, wine, and pleasure of testifying the best con- flour, from Bilboa, bound to the 'duct of my officers and people in Caraccas, by his majesty's fhip Palthis little affair, and have no doubt las. but they will diftinguish themselves 25. This gazette contains acwhen any occasion offers, and am counts of the capture of La Prohappy to add we had only one man spère, French privateer brig, mountDightly wounded.

ing, 14 4-pounders, and manned I have the honour to be, &c. &c. with 73 men, by his majesty's brig

A. MENDS. Rambler, captain Honeyman, after Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. Vice receiving the fire of several guns,

Admiral of the Red, &c. but without making any resistance ; A List of Armed Vefsels taken and also, a French lugger, mounting 2

destroyed by his Man sty's Squa- guns, and 25 men, chased off the dron under my Con.mand since land, by the Duke of York Jugger, the 27th of April, 1797.

into the hands of the Hind cutter, Port au Paix French privateer lieut. Bray, who also retook a sloop schooner, of 2 guns and 17 men; which the privateer had before captaken by his niajesty's brig Swal- tured; allo, Le Triton, a French low.

privateer, pierced for eighteen guns, La Liberté French privateer though only mounting 12 8-poundschooner, mounting 6 guns; had ers, and 180 me, by his majefiy's on board only 13 men, the remain- fhip Magnanime, the hou. captain der put into different prizes which De Courcy; also, La Papilion, the had taken. Taken by his ma- mounting 4 fuivels, and plenty of jesty's flip Proselyte.

small arms, with 30 men, by the La Buonaparte French privateer Dolphin Revenue cutter, Mr. Risuhooner, mounting 3 guns and 39 chard Johns, jun. commander. men; taken by his majesty's thip From the London Gazette, July 29. Ambuscade.

Admiralty-Office, July 29, 1797. General Toutiaint French priva. Extract of a Letter from the Right toer schooner, mounting 8 guns and Hon. Lord Bridport, K. B. Adfive men ; taken by his majefty's miral of the White, to Evan Ne"briz Swallow ; with several small

pean, Esq. dated on Board his row-boats.

Majesty's Ship Royal George, at

P. PARKER. Sea, July 24, 1797. This gazette also contains ac I acquaint you, for theirlordships' counts of the capture of L'Adour, information, that I this day joined a fine new French ihip out of Ba- the flips under the orders of fir yonne, carrying 16 guns and 147 John B. Warren, who has transmen, by his majesty's fhip Santa mitted me the inclosed letters and Margarita ; also, a French brig, of papers, which are copies of origi. 6 guns, and 24 men, by his majes. nais he sent by express to me at ty's ship L'Aigle; also, the Si. ber- Torbay, which did not arrive there nardo, alias El Conquestador, pri- till after I had quitted that anchora vateer, of 1- guns and 75 men, be- age.

La Pomene, at Sea, July 18, 1797. La Pomone, at Sea, July 18, 1797. My Lord,

An Account of Vessels belonging I beg leave to acquaint your to the French Republic, captured lordihip, that in obedience to your and destroyed on the 17th of command, I continued off Utant July, 1797, in Hodierne Bay, by with his majesty's squadron under a Squadron of Frigates, under my orders, con lifting of the La Po the Orders of Sir John Borlase mone, Artois, Anson, Sylph, Dolly Warren, Bart. K. B. cutter, until the 16th instant, when Veífels captured.- La Thalia, hearing the report of many guns to transport ship, laden with a large the southward, I stood round the anchor 6ooolb. weight, one purwest end of the Saints, and at day. chase crane, flour, bread, beef, break in the morning of the 17th I pork, brandy, soldiers' clothing, discovered a frigate, with a ship, &c.; brig, name unknown, laden corvette, and brig, having 14 fail with brandy and wine; brig, name of vessels under convoy, in Ho- unknown, laden with brandy and dierne Bay, eight of which were falt; brig, name unknown, laden captured.

with flour, biscuit, and one moorI am sorry to add, that the ship, ing chain; chasse-marée, name corvette, and brig escaped round unknown, laden with brandy, wine the Penmarks, and the frigate, by and provisions ; chaffe-marée, cutting away her masts, and being name unknown, laden with brandy, other ways lighted, ran on fhore: å wine and provisions; La St. René, brig, laden with ordnance and naval challe-mareé, laden with coffee, fustores, came to an anchor near her, gar, &c. where it was impossible for the An Veffels destroyed.--La Freedom, fon and Sylph to follow. The brig, an English built fhip, armed en however, was sunk, and the frigate Aute, burnt, being on shore, laden (La Calliope) much damaged in with square timber; brig, name unher hull by the shot of the above- known, sunk, laden with cannon mentioned thip, whose officers and and naval stores. men behaved with the greatest zeal Run on shore. -La Calliope fri, and activity, which induces me to gate, of 36 guns, totally difinasted, hope that the enemy will not be and supposed to be scuttled. enabled to get her off

, as the wind (Signed) John Warren, foon after changed to the south- Right Hon. Lord Bridport. west, with a great swell upon the

La Pomone, at Sea, July 18, 1797. beach.

A Return of Men wounded on I was obliged to burn La Free. Board his Majesty's Brig Sylph, dom, a large thip armed en flute, John Chambers White, Ela. laden with squared timber, as the Commander, in engaging La Calenemy had run her on thore at liope French Frigate, of 36 Guns, high water, and the crew, with in Hodierne Bay, on the 17th of the wounded, got away in their July, 1797 boats.

John Green, seaman, in the I have enclofed to your lordship hand; Wilson Wescot, seaman, in a list of the vessels captured and de- the head; Toby Burke, feaman, in stroyed on the 17th inftant, with a the back; Richard Batt, seaman, in return of the wounded on board his the neck; Thomas Izzard, feamajesty's brig Sylph.

man, in the head; Thomas Egan, I have the honour to be, &c. marine, in the knee. J. WARREN. Joun WARREN, Right Hon. Lord Bridport.

(H 4)


La Pomone, at Sea, July 24, 1797. leron, captain, mounting 12 small My Lord,

carriage-guns, and having, when I have the satisfaction of ac Me failed, 51 men, but when taken quainting your lordship, that I had only 20, by the Trial cutter, lieut. an opportunity of seeing that La Garret; and, also, thę L'IncroyaCalliope, republican frigate, of 36 ble French privateer, mounting 2 guns and 250 men, that was left on carriage-guns, and 21 men, by the fhore, on the 17th, by the Anfon Hind revenue cutter, Mr. Murray and Sylph, is totally destroyed, hav, acting commander. ing separated in the midship body, This gazette also contains a proand part of her sunk. The crew clamation, dated the 26th inft. deare encamped near her to save scribing the copper coinage about fych stores as may be driven on to be immediately issued of penny More. I am particularly indebted pieces, to weigh one ounce avoirto captain White, of the Sylph brig, dupois, and of two-penny pieces, to who having anchored with springs weigh two ounces, each of which on his cable within pistol shot of are to bear the royal effigy on one the said frigate on the above day, side, and a figure of Britannia fitand for same hours, kept up an in- ting on a rock in the sea, on the ceffant and well-directed fire, which other; and ordering their currency, was at every convenient opportu- to the amount of one shilling, in nity returned by her. I perceived any payment. likewise the wrecks of La Freedom, 31. This day, notwithstanding the armed en flute, laden with timber, notices issued by the magiftrates of and the brig with ordnance stores, the various police offices, and in dewhich were driven on thore the spite of the appearance of large mifame day, and destroyed.

litary detachments, a very numeI have the honour to be, &c. rous meeting of the London Corre

John WARREN. sponding Society took place in the Right Hon. Lord Bridport. field adjoining to the veterinary col

La Pomone, at Sea, July 24, 1797. lege, in Pancras. To accommodate An Account of tivo Vessels belong. the vast assemblage of people who

ing to the French Republic, had collected, three tribunes were which were burnt in Hodierne erected in different quarters of the Bay on the 23d of July 1797, by field, round the principal of which the Boats of the Squadron under the police magistrates, with a large the Orders of Sir J. B. Warren, body of constabies, took their stand, K. B.

Sir William Addingion informed La Fidelle brig, laden with wine the persons in the tribune that the and wads; La Henri floop, in bal- meeting had been illegally conlast.

voked, and declared his intention JOHN WARREN. of reading the riot act, to which he Right Hon. Lori Bridport, was assured no opposition should be &c. &c. &c.

given. This gazette also contains ac. Mr. Galloway, having read the counts of the capture of Le Hardi advertisement of the London CorFrench privateer lugger, of 4 guns, responding Society, and the notice an 1 30 men, and the re-cap'ure of from Bow-street, called upon the two brivs, by the Telemachus arm- magistrates to point out in what es cuiter, lieut. Newton ; also, of circumstances the meeting was illeLu Courier de la ller, André Mouil- gal, and what pravisions of the late

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