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this short conflict 18 or zo Spa Barfleur, Mr. Hugh Pearson,
niards were killed, the command- master's mate.
ant and several wounded, he and Theseus, John Sykes, admiral's
25 men made prisoners: the rest coxswain.
fwam on shore.

This spirited action was perform-

Theseus, July 4, 1797. ed with inconsiderable loss on our SIR, part, as per enclosed. The launch In obedience to your orders, of the Ville de Paris was funk by a the Thunder bomb was placed, raking shot from the enemy's gun. by the good management of lieuboats; but, by the active, intelli- tenant Gourly, her present comgent mind of captain Troubridge, mander, affified by Mr. Jackson, got up yesterday morning, and re master of the Ville de Paris, who paired on board the Cuiloden. volunteered his able services, with

Rear-admiral Nelson's actions in 2500 yards of the walls of Ca. speak for themselves; any praise of diz, and the shells were thrown mine would fall very short of his from her with much precision, iDmerit. I am, Sir,

der the direction of lieutenant Your most obedient

Baynes of the royal artillery; but Humble Servant, unfortunately it was soon found

J. JERVIS. that the large mortar was materfully P. S. The enclosed report from injured froin its former services; I rear-admiral Neilon has just reached therefore judged it proper to order mé.

her to return under the protection Evan Nepean. Esq.

of the Goliath, Terpsichore, and Return of the killed and Wounded Fox, who were kept under fail for

on the Attack of the Spanish that purpose, and for whose aâive
Gun-Boats, the Night of the 3d services I feel much obliged.
of July, 1797.

The Spaniards having sent out a
Theseus, 5 wounded,

great number of mortar-gun-boats Irrelistible, I wounded.

and armed launches, I directed a vi. Seahorse, I wounded.

gorous attack to be made on thein, Ville de Paris, 5 wounded. which was done with such gallan

Mince George, killed; 5 try that they were drove and purwounded.

sued close to the walls of Cadiz, Diadem, i wounded.

and must have suffered confideraBarfleur, I wounded.

ble loss; and I have the pleasure 10 Egmont, i wounded.

inform you, that two mortar- boats Total. killed ; 20 wounded. and an armed launch remained in Officers Wounded.

our pofleflion. Seahorse, captain Freemaptle. I feel myself particularly inSlightly.

debted for the successful terminaVille de Paris, lieut, William Sel- tion of this contest to the gallantry by. Ditto.

of captains Fremantle and Miller, Diadem, lieutenant W. J. Rowe. the former of whom accompanied Ditto.'

me in my barge, and to my coxPrince George, lieutenant Gre. swain, John Sykes, who, in defendDitto.

ing my persón, is most severely Ditto, M. R. Tooley, Midlip. wounded, as was captain Freman

tle, ilightly, in the attack; and my



gory Grant.

man. Ditto,


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lords commissioners of the admi mander, i seaman kiled; 2 sea-
ralty, that rear-admiral Nelson or men wounded.
dered a second bombardment of Irresistible, G. Martin, command-
Cadiz on the night of the 5th, un er, i seaman wounded.
der the direction of captain Bowen, Audacious, D. Gould, commander,
of the Terpsichore; captain Miller, I officer, 3 seamen, wounded.
of the Theleus; and captain Wal. Seahorse, T. F. Fremantle, com-
ler, of the Emerald; and appointed mander, 1 officer wounded.
Mr. Jackson, master of the Ville

Officers Wounded.
de Paris, to place the Thunderer, Victory, Lieut. Collins, much
Terror, and Strombolo, and that bruised.
the bombardment produced confi. Theseus, John Oldfield, captain of
derable effect in the town and marines.
among the shipping; ten fail of the Ditto, John Collier, mid thipman.
line, among them the fhips carry- Audacious, Stephenson, dit-
ing the flags of admirals Mezzaredo
and Gravina, having warped out Seahorse, Jolin Homsey, acting
of the range of thell with much lieutenant.
precipitation the following morn-

J. JERVIS. ing; and it is with great fatisfac 1. A violent whirlwind arose tion I inforın you, that this im- upon part of Balsall common, takportant service was effected with ing with it a great quantity of duris very little lots on our fide, as per out of a field, that had been laid enclosed return of killed and there for manuring the ground, and wounded. The rear-admiral me. in its progress darkening the air, ditated another operation on the till it fell in Kenilworth chafe, pight of Saturday the Sth, under which is a considerable distance - bis own direction, but the wind from the former place. In its di

blew so strong down the Bay he rection, houses and barns were could not get his bomb vessels up stripped of their roofs, and strong to the point of attack in time. lofty trees and hedges were almoit

Mr. Hornley, matter’s-mate of bent double by this alarming tor. the Seahorse, diftinguished bimself nado. in a very remarkable manner. About fix P. M. a prodigions A return of the officers and men storm of rain and hail fell at Dob

belonging to the squadron, who cross, in Saddleworth, attended were killed or wounded on the with thunder and lightning. At niglit of the 5th instant, attend- the same time, a young man and ing the bomb vessels, and at. his uncle were working in a small

tacking the Spanish gun-boats. dye-house near the above place; Victory, Wm. Cuming, command- the uncle was standing near the er, i oficer wounde i.

door, when he received a fhock Blenheim, W. Bowen, commander, from the lightning, which knockI feaman killed.

ed him down. He immediately Therevs, R. W. Miller, com- got up, and, turning to his ne

mander, 1 framan killed; 2 phew, saw him finking down: he officers, 5 marines or soldiers, ran to his allistance, but, to his wounded.

great surprise, found him quite Culloden, T. Troubridge, com. dead. The young man's hat was


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torn to pieces, and the hair burnt in the Mary revenue-cutter; --allo, off his head; the inside of his Le Duguai Trouin, a French thip clothes was faged, and some of of 20 6-pounders, and 127 men, the buttons buret off his breeches; by the Doris, capt. lord Ranelagh; and the infide of his stockings --- alfo, by his majesty's fhip Taanged as is done by a hot iron, mer,

the following privateer lo many places the ftorm has fchooners, La Jaloufe, of 4 guns exbibited all the violence of a tor. and 45 men; La Galatea, of s nado. At Jiancheiter it has un- guns and 55 men; and L. Heureuse, roofed houses, torn up trees, and of 2 guns and 26 men. carried off and dispersed hayricks; 5. Last night, about it, the ina man at plough had a great diffi- habitants of the western district of culty in relitting the attraction of a Argylefiire, to the extent of upwhirlwind, though he held by his wards of 60 miles, were alarmed horses.

by the fhock of an earthquake, so 2. Some miners from the tunnel violent in several houses as to overof the Huddersfield canal, went for turn many weighty articles of anusement, with a great number household furniture. Its duration of people, to blow up a very large was about a minute. rock in Greenfield, in Saddleworth, Plymouth, Aug. 9. Sir Edward known by the name of Raven Stone. Pellew's squadron (to which the After many fruitless attempts, they Anson belongs) were chased yeitereffe&ed their purpose in the even- day off Brest, by a French squaing, when they tore that venerable dron, consisting of two flips of the relic of antiquity from its ancient line, and eight frigates and corbafis. It fell with a most dreadful vettes, who were very near retakcrash, and, dividing, took diiferent ing the Fair Americanı : on which directions. We are sorry to add, fir Edward made the Gignal for the that one man was killed upon the squadron to disperse, and make the spot, and others so much wound- best of their way into port. — By ed, that they are not expected to the above vellel, intelligence is rerecover. The rock had been long ceived of the loss of the Arrois admired for its towering grandeur, frigate, of 38 guns, commanded by and had near a mile to roll down a sir Edmund Nagle, near Ille de very steep eminence.

Rhé, on Monday, the 7th instant, Almiralty-office, Ang. 5. This by striking on a rock at high wagazette contains accounts of the ter, while looking into Rochelle. capture of La Vengeur des Fran- Happily all the officers and crew çois, French privatcer, belonging were faved by the British squadron. to Guadaloupe, of 4 guns and 35 They are arrived in the Anton. men, by his majesty's floop Ze- From the London Gazette, Aug.15, ph;.; — also, the Captain Thurot Parliament-ftreet, Hug. 14, 1797. French privateer cutter, carrying Dispatches, of wlach the follo:y. 2 brass 6-pounders, 4 fwivels, and ing are copies, have been this day 22 men, by his majesty's Roop Sea- received by the right hon. Kerry gull, capt. Henry Wry; - alía, Dundas, one of his majesty's prinL'Acheron, a chasse-marée, of 28 cipal secretaries of state, from tons, out of Morlaix, carrying one lieutenant-general Simcoe, carronade 8-pounder and 6 swi- manding his majesty's troops in the vels, and 40 men, by lieut. Pulling, island of St. Domingo



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