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hours and three quarters, followed privateer, of 10 guns, and 50 men, the judge to his lodgings, and de. with her prizes, an English ship livered a verdict of — Not guilty. and brig, by his majetty's flip

20. Yesterday, the coroner's in- Proserpine, capt. Lake; - also, Le quest was taken on the body of Lynx, French lugger privateer, of the right hou. Harvey Redmond vif- 14 guns, and 50 men, by his macount Mountmorres, who, on Fri- jeity's floop Stork, capt. Pearson; day morning last, shot himself at -- and the recaptures of the Charhis lodgings, lo York-street, St. lotte of Liverpool, and the NepJames's square, and brought in their tune of Greenock, by his majesty's ierdict - Lunacy.

fhip Magnanime. It appeared, on evidence, that This gazette contains achis lordship's physician had been counts of the capture of the Prowith him the preceding day, when digy French brig privateer, pierced a conversation took place respect for 18 guns, mounting 14, and 87 ing his lord thip's departure for Ire- men, by his majefty's floop Efpeigle, land, when he appeared particule capt. Boorder; - aiso, a French larly gloomy, and lamented the lugger privateer, of 10 guns (only mileries of his unhappy country, 4 of which were mounted), and and the portentous cloud that over 34 men, called the Revenge, by hung its politics. - So agitated was the Resolution hired lugger, Mr. he at the recital, that his physician George Broad commander. endeavoured to diffuade hin fron 26. This gazette contains ac. his intended journey, in the de- counts of the capture of the Filranged itate of mind and body he busier privateer brig, of 12 guns then appeared to experience. This and 104 men, by his majesty's Mip advice had very little weight with his Maidstone, capt. Matthews ;-also, lordnip, for, after taking the medi. Le Batave, of 12 guns, and 54 cine prescribed, he dreiled himself men, by his majesty's snip Roefor the journey, and had made all buck, capt. Burrows. things ready. It is supposed that 29. This gazette contains an the derangement incre:(05, he did account of the capture of Le Tiera not go to bed, but sat up the whole selet French fchooner privateer, of of the night, and in the morning 8 gris, 10 swiveis, and 47 men, committed the fatal act of suicide, copper bottoned, (together with by dilcharging the pistol in his the Prosperity of London, which mouth.

the privateer had captured three Admiralty-office, Aug. 21. This days before,) by his niajesty's fhip gazette contains accounts of the Magnanime, capt. de Courcy. capture of La Vi&torine, French Bail, ting: 30. At the yearly schooner privateer, pierced for 16 conference of the methodist preacha glins, and $2 mer, by his majes: ers and delegates from the princi.. ir's fhip Santa Margaritta, capt. pal focieties in the kingdom, lateParker;

also, D'Klyne Sperwer, ly held at Leeds, they came to a Dutch privateer, of 6 guns, and resolution, that if any of the mem28 men, twenty of whom escaped bers of their focieties Mould maina in ibeir boats, by his majesty's tain and propagate opinions inifloops Nautilis and Sea-Gull, and mical to the civil government and King George and Fox cutters; - established religion of the country, also, the Unity Dutch fchooner they thould no longer be confider



ed as having fellowship or con- again on the starboard tack: wore nection with them, but, that all immediately, keeping under their such should be delired quietly to lee, with a constant fire at both. withdraw themselves from the so- At three quarters past nine the cieties : which, if they refused to sternmost struck, and hove-to, but do, and continued to act contrary the sea running too high to take to the spirit of this resolution, that immediate poffeffion of her, and then they should be forthwith ex- finding the other of much more pelled ; it being unanimously de- consequence, who was making termined that the societies should every endeavour to escape, I connot become a nursery of sedition, tinued the pursuit, when, after an or acknowledge the disturbers of hour and forty minutes running the public weal.

fire, having shot away her main

top-mast, she struck, and at nice SEPTEMBER.

took possession of her. Found ber

to be L'Oiseau French privateci, Admiralty-office, Sept. 2. Copy of 18 guns (pierced for 20), 10 of a letter from vice-admiral King- 9-pounders, and a long French mill, to Evan Nepean, esq. dated twelves, with 119 men on board. on board L'Engageante, at Cork, At half past meridian, wore, and the 27th of August, 1797.

made fail after the other, who by SIR,

this time was nearly out of sight, I herewith transmit, for the in- endeavouring to get off. At four formation of my lords commission- brought her to, and took posielers of the admiralty, a letter to me fion, finding her to be the Express

, from capt. Pulling, of his majesty's of Dartmouth, prize to L'Oiseau, Hoop Penguin, containing particu- formerly L'Appocrate French prilars relative to a capital brig priva- vateer, of 12 guns, taken a few teer, and a prize the had made of months ago. °L'Oiseau is quite the brig Express, of Dartmouth, new-built, for a corvette, launched bound to Newfoundland, both of in June laft, and coppered. Her which he lias brought in here. length of keel 73 feet, of gun-deck

R. KINGSMILL. 87 feet, and breadth of beam 25 Penguin, Cork Harbour, Aug. 23. feet: her first cruize from Nantz, SIR,

out 34 days, and had taken two I have the honour to inform other vessels. She has been chased you, that on the 21st instant, in five times before by his majesty's lat. 48 deg. 30 min. north long. 8 frigaies, but always maintained a deg. weti, being on the larboard decided fuperiority of failing; spares tack, with the wind eatterly, blow- the Penguin at least one-third of ing hard, at half past eight A. M. saw her canvas; and we are much in*two fail a-head, standing towards debted to their disorder, and a high us, with every appearance of being sea, for our success. She had one cruizers. At half past nine, hav man killed, and five wounded. ! ing weathered us about a mile, beg leave to express the warmest they bore down, the headmoft un- approbation of the conduct of my der English colours, but very soon firit lieutenant, Mr. Geo. Neat discovered themselves to be the Tremlett, with every officer and enemy, when we opened our fire, man in his majesty's' floop I have which obliged them to haul up the honour to conimand, for their


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teer of fix guns, and twenty-two exemplary manner in which are me, by captain Boorder of discharged the duties of a wile and L'Efpeigle.

a mother. The unfortunate lady Precredings in the Sheriff's Court, in gaestion is a daughter of a Mr.

Clerkenwell, September 8, to affefs Amburnham, a gentleman of some Damages, in an astion, Bedding- consequence in Bombay, who fent for versus Boddington.

her over here at an early age for A special jary was impannelled education, and, when she had acby the pheriff of London, to a Tefs quired all the requites to adorn the damages to be awarded against her sex, directed that the should the defendant, Mr. Benjamin Bod return to Bombay, which was to dington, for criminal conversation have taken place in the year 1790, with the wife of the plaintiff (Mr. and the was actually on board the Samuel Boddington) in which he fbip for that purpose, when his had suffered judgment to go hy de- client, Mr. S. Boddington, who fault, on an action brought against had been fowe time deeply enahin in the court of king's-bench. moured of her, and almost reduced The damages were laid at 50,000l. to a ftate of defpair by the thoughts

Mr. Eršine, as leading counsel of losing her, followed her on for the plantiff, opened the case, board the vellel, then at Graveland, after expatiating, with his end, and having obtained the conusual eloquence on the enormity sent of her guardians to await the of the crime of adultery and fe- fiat of her father for their union, duction, which, he said, itruck at persuaded her to return; which the very root of society, especially was no hard talk, as her love was where there were children, as in then reciprocal. A period of teu the present cafe, and of which months elapsed before the wishedcharges the defendant had admitted for letter came, containing her fathe truth, by suffering judgment to ther's confent, and approbation of go by default, proceeded to ftate her choice, and on which the the particular circumstances attend- union took place, the lady having ing it, which, he contended, unit scool. fettled on her by her faed in themselves the most shock.. ther, and the like fum by Mr. Boding instance of depravity that ever dington. Two children were the entered the human mind, the des fruits of this marriage, and they fendant not only being partner with continued to enjoy the most unin. the plantiff in a very extenfive terrupted felicity till a short time. mercantile concern, but his firtt previous to Mrs. Boddington's co coulin. They were the children lopement with the defendant, which of tuo brothers. The defendant, took place the beginning of June under the sacred mask of friend last, and which was conducted in ship, abused the confidence reposed such a way as to thew that it was in him, and by various acts conta- a premeditated thing, and a delibeminated the mind of Mrs. Bodding- rate plan of seduction laid down ton, a lady who, previous to this by the defendant, who had so overunhappy and fatal error, bore the powered the lady's reason as 'to most unblemished character, and make her forget the duties she owed who, beside poffefling a most beau- to an honourable huiband and her tiful person and elegant accom children, and to persuade her to flifments, was remarked for the elope with him. The means to ef

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