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fit for service. The gun-boat re- through, and I fancy several of her mains sunk and destroyed. The were drowned, and, as the chemy loft several killed and tide left her, he fell over; the wounded in the two vefsels. In remainder of her nien, about 90 the fort, five soldiers were killed, in number, 'got on More. She and two guns dismounted, and was called Le Petit Diable, a very some wounded; two or three fiue vessel, pierced for 18 or 20 houses much shattered. We were guns, and 100 men complement. off Sable d'Olonne on the 26th, The prizes are laden with ship and saw the ship in the harbour.' timber, rosin, and tar, and were Extract of another letter, dated on intended to fit out privateers from

board the Pomone, at Sea, Au- the enemy's principal ports upon gust 23

the coast. On the 23d iuft. I chaled, and I have the honour to be, &c. drove upon the coast of Ile Dieu,

JOHN WARREN. L'Egalité armed chafe marée, of Right hon. lord Bridport, four 6-pounders and eight swivels, K. B. &c. &c. &c. and which we afterwards


off. A list of vefsels belonging to the La Pomone, at Sea, Sept. 6. French republic, captured and My Lord,

destroyed by the squadron under I beg leave to inform your

lord the orders of commodore for flip, that I continued steering for John Borlase Warren, bart. and the mouth of the Garonne ; and K. B. between the 17th of July, on the 27th ult. being to the south 1797, and the 6th of September ward of the river, a number of following: vefsels were seen in the south-west Vessels of war captured. quarter., I made the fignal for a L'Egalité, chasse-marée, 50 tons, general chace, and continued un

8 guns and 20 men. til night, when, from the Triton Vesels of war destroyed. being far advanced a-head, and Le Calliope, frigate, 36 guns the Jason to windward, the ships and 230 men, funk.--La Freedom, kept the enemy in light after the thip, 300 tons, & guns and 47 men, approach of night. Owing to the burnt.- A fhip corvette, 22 guns exertions of captains Gore and Stir- and 200 men, biiged.- A brig gunling, five of them were captured. vessel, 12 guns and 70 men, sunk, At two A. M. being near the shore, -Le Petit Diable, cutter, 18 guns a cutter was seen at anchor, that and So men, bilged and fell over. had accompanied the convov, and Merchant velliis captured.---La one of the boats of this ship was Thalia, thip, sent to Falmouth. fent to her ; but, being ordered to A brig, sent to Falmouth. A brig, keep off, and seeing me was a vef- sent to Falmouth.—A brig, sent to fel of force, returned. I stood in Falmouth.-Three chasse marées, after her, and upon our firing a sent to Falmouth. - L'Arche de few shot, one of which cut away Flotte, challe marée, cargo of wine her mali, the flipt'her cable, and and soap, distributed to the squaran among the breakers upon the dron.—A brig, sent to Falmouth.-coast of Arcaffon, and into a moftTMA chasse marée, sent to Falmouth, tremendous surf that broke -Le Republicaine brig, founderboard her, and must have stove ed,crew saved.-Le Sardine Fraiche, her to pieces. She at last drove brig, foundered, crew saved.-A


brig, sent to Palmouth.--Le Dau- not taken any thing. I am sorry to phine, brig, sent to Falmouth. add a list of the killed and wounded. Les Trois Seurs, challe-marée, Return of the killed and wounded sent to Falmouth.

on board his majesty's ship AreNerchant vesels destroyed.-Le thuía, in the action with La *** *, brig, sunk.

Le Henri,

Gaieté, French corvette, on the floop, burnt.-Le Fidele, brig, 29th of August, 1797. burnt. L'Anne, chaffe-marée, I seaman killed. sunk.-La Marie Anne, loop, Mr. W. D. Morton, captain's clerk, suok.--Le Pierre, noop, burnt.

lost his leg. J. B. WARREN. 2 seamen wounded. Copy of a letter from captain Return of killed and wounded on

Thomas Wolley, commander bcard La Gaieté, French cor. of his majesty's fhip Arethusa, vette; M. Guiene, conimander. to Evan Nepean, esq. dated Spit- 2 reamen killed. head, Sept. 13, 1797.

8 ditto wounded.. I am to acquaint you, that on (Signed) T. Wolley. the 2cth of August, being in lati This gazette also contains ac. tude 30 deg. 49 min. and long. 55 counts of the captures of the Dera deg. 50 min. having in tow a mip repente, a Spanith privateer lugger, under Pruffian colours from Suri- and the Fabius, a famous privateer! nam, which I have detained, fu- nip, of Nantes, of 16 fix-poundfpcéting her to be Dutch property, ers, 4 twelve-pounders, and 140 we perceived at day-light three fail men, by the Doris, captain lord to windward of us, one of which, Ranelagh; – alfo, Le Veteran, deceived by our appearance, bore French privateer Noop, of eight down upon us, under French co. guns and 24 men, and La Dorade, Jours, to within half gun mot, French privateer floop, of four when she began to fire, which she guns and 74 men, by his majesty's continued for more than half an inip Lapwing ;-and also, La Ba. hour before flie attempted to tave, Dutch privateer floop, of escape. We were, however, for- ten guns and 54 men, by his matunate enough to have so disabled jesty's ship Roebuck. her in that time as to render her Armiralty-office, Sept. 18. This endeavours fruitless. On striking, gazette contains accounts of the fhe proved to be La Gaieté, French capture of El Domini Lucas, a corvette, of 20 French eight Spania, lugger privateer, of a fourpounders, and 86 men, com- pounders, 12 swivels, and 28 men, manded by M. Guiene, enseigne bv his majesty's floop Speedy, de vaisseau. She is a very hand- capt. Dowman ;-also, the French fome thip, and quite new, this be- privateer schooner L'Incroyable, ing her first voyage. She left of 3 fix-pounders and 31 men, by France in April laft for Cayenne, his majesty's floop Spitfire, captain which last place flue faileš from Seymour;—and the sinking of La about four weeks before we fell in Cornelie, French privateer brig, with her, in company with the of 12 guns and 90 men, only 17 l'Espoir, a brig of 14 guns, who of whom were saved, by his makept to windward during the action, jelty's ship Dryad, capt. Beauclerk, and stood away as soon as the law owing to the imprudent conduct of the fate of the Gaieté. They had the Frenchman.

19. Their

19. Their majesties and the five agent of the work ordered a gin to princelles arrived safely from Wey- be erected over an old pit, about mouth at the queen's lodge yester, fixty yards from that in which the day evening, 'foon after fis, in accident happened, and going down perict health and spirits, and this pit, the workinen came to a thortly after fat down to dinner. head or way, along which they proAdmiralty-office, Sept. 22.

This seeded, until they came to another gazette contains accounts of the pit, which they likewise descended, capture of La Brave, Dutch pri- and after working fome tiine, they vateer, of six guns, eight swivels, made way into the place where this and 40 men, but had only 2500 unfortunate man and boy were at board, by his majefty's ihip Alba- work when the water eime first frofs, capt. G. Scott; allo, Le upon them, and to their great Cerf Volant, French privateer amazement found them both alive; lagger, of 14 three-pounders, eight they had crept from the water up of which were thrown overboard into a chalm sufficiently high above in the chace, fix swivels, and 63 the water to keep thein from being men, by his majesty's ship Till drowned, where they reinained for phone, capt. Honeyman; – also, the above space of time, expecting Le Neptune, of iz guns, and 55 nothing but death to relieve them men, by his majesty's thip Diana, from their miserable situation. capt. Faulknor.

They were extricated on Saturday Shrewsbury, Sept. 23. The fol- evening following, about four kowing very extraordinary circum. o'clock, as may be supposed, very fance trappened on Thursday weak from their want of food, but night, the 14th instant, at Lawley, they are now in a fair way of recocoalwork, belonging to the Coal. very. Brook- Dale company : as one man

Admiralty-office, Sept. 25. and two boys were employed in a Extract of a letter from capt. fit coal pit about forty yards deep, to Richard Strachan, bart, to Mr. drive a head or way, being nearer Nepean), dated Spithead, Sept. 23. fome old works than they expect Since writing my letter of yestered, the water suddenly and unfor- day's date, we chased on Gore, tunately broke in upon them, which near Cape La Heve, a. lugger pris in a few minutes filled all the work, vateer. The crew had jest her, and rose nine yards up the pit and assembled on the top of the haft; one of the boys being near cliffs ; and, being joined by numthe bottom of the pit at the time, bers, prepared to repel any atfortunately laid hold of the rope tempt we might make to get her and alarmed the people at the top, off. I fent the boats, under the who immediately drew him up; the orders of lieut. Rogers, to destroy other two remaining behind were

her, This service he effected with of course supposed to be drowned. great judginent; and, notwithstandDuring the space of tiventy-four ing a constant fire from the enemy, hours a number of horses were we had the good fortune to have employed in drawing water out of only man wounded ; the pit, in order to restore the fup. suppose the enemy have lost seposed dead bodies to their disconfo- veral. Late friends. In the mean time the This gazette also contains ac





counts of the capture of Le Chas. This place seems transformed seur, French schooner privateer, into a lake of bituminous matter of fix guns and 47 men, by his exhaling a fulphureous smell

, and majesty's ship Phaëton, capt. Stop- covered with Aakes of fire. Imford ; - alfo, La Marie Anne, mense ruins appear on all fides, French privateer, of 14 guns and which all the gold and filver of go men, by his majesty's ihip Au- America would be in fufficient to rora, capt. Digby.

repair. The number of people 26. The following particulars, killed cannot be ascertained, but it respecting the earthquakes which must have been very confiderable. have happened in South America, The provinces of Biabamba, Amare from a late Paris paper. bato, and Tacunga, are those

Quito, Feb. 20. History does which suffered most. In the latter not furnish so complete a destruc- province many have perished with tion as what happened in the pro. hunger, and others from thirf, vinces of Tacunga, Ambato, Bia- owing to the foulness of the water, bamba, a part of Chimbo, and a The seffions ended at the Old part of Quito. Not a building Bailey, when seven persons renow remains; all has been levelled ceived sentence of death, 23 were with the ground.

ordered to be transported beyond The volcano of Macas, opening the seas for the term of seven years, in the middle, displayed a grand one for the term of 14 years ; 13 eruption, producing an agitation were ordered to be imprisoned in which thook the mountains with Newgate, 16 to be imprisoned in such force as actually to overturn the house of correction at Clerkenthem, some emitting rocks and well, and five were ordered to whirlwinds of duft, fome torrents "be privately whipped and dilof lava, and others rivers of water. charged. Ygualaga (a mountain to the left The persons who were convi&ted of the river Bamba), in bursting, for selling bad money received the sent forth an immenfe food of la- following sentences, viz. John ya, surcharged with flakes of fire, Welchman, to be imprisoned in which, in its course, swept off Ca- Newgate one year, and to pay a palpi, St. Andre's, Guaono, Em- fine of 2001. Thomas Holden to byies, Guanardo, and several other be imprisoned in Newgate for the places. The mountain of Moya, fame term, and pay a fine of sol. was, as it were, funk in the water, and Robert Skay to be imprisoned and swallowed up with it Pelile, in Newgate for the same term, and and the famous land of Ildefonso, pay a fine of 2ol. on which upward of 1000 persons The festions were adjourned till perished. The mountain Cuero Wednesday the 25th of October tumbled on the village of the fame next. name, not leaving a fingle witness

27. The parliament was fure of the frightful disaster. That of ther prorogued to Tuesday, NoYataguy was thrown upon Mafdro, vember 2. and in the midst of it opened a

29. This day, at a numerous and gulf

, which absorbed all the houses, respectable meeting of the livery temples, and inhabitants, with the of London, at Guildhall, fir Benexception of two individuals.

jamin Hammet (the senior alder


man in rotation) was elected lord acquainted, by fir E. Pellew, of our Inayor for the year ensuing. shattered condition towards the end

A court_martial was holden on of our united action with Les Droits board his majesty's ship Cambridge, de l'Homme (a French man-ofin Hamoaze, to enquire into the war, of 74 g''is, and 1600 men, caufe and circumstances of the loss failors and troops), commanded by of his majeity's frip Amazon, and captain, ci-devant baron, le Cross. to try capt. Robert Carthew Rey; The various situations and changes nolds, the oticers, and company of incident to fo long an action, I forthe said ship, for their conduct up- bear to mention; iir E. Pellew havon that occasion. It appeared, ing unquestionably done it in a • That his majeity's hip Amazon better manner than I am able. The was lost after a well disputed action Amazon began to engage about with a French fhip, of 74 guns, Les seven o'clock in the evening on the Droits de l'Homme, in Audierne 13th, an hour after fir Edward had Bay, the Amazon having fuffered gallantly commenced the action, materially in her masts and rigging, and continued a running fight unand being far in shore at the close til five the next morning, which of the engagement. And the court brought us 40 leagues from where is of opinion, that too much praise we began the chase, near the French cannot be awarded to the captain, coaft; and the wind blowing strong officers, and crew, of the Amazon; directly upon the fore, in the eaby which, in conjunction with the gerness of pursuit, and during the Indefatigable, a thip of the ene. heat of battle, we were unable acmy's line was destroyed; and the curately to calculate the distance court do consider the loss of the we had run; and our masts, yards, Amazon to be the result of a noble and rigging, being miserably thatpursuitof an enemyon her own coast; tered, it was not possible for us to and, with respect to it, do confe- work off fhore. Our mizen-topquently acquit captain Reynolds, mast, gaff, spanker-boom, and his officers, and crew, with every main-top-fail yard, were entirely sentiment of its highest approbaMot away; the main and fore tion. And capt. Reynolds, his masts, the fore and main yards, officers, and crew, are hereby moft wounded in several places by large honourably and fully acquitted ac- fhot, some of which we judged to cordingly.

be 36-pounders ; our shrouds, stays, The following admirable letter, and back-stays, many of them thot written by capt. Reynolds, was away, besides what we had knotted sent to the admiralty, but never and stoppered in the action; and appeared in the gazette. The letter our cordage all expended in reev. was produced in court.

ing running-rigging. In this conQuimper, June 20, 1797. dition, sir, and with three feet

water in our hold, we struck the “ It is with inexpressible concern ground a little after five in the that I have to acquaint you, for morning, and not more than ten the information of their lordíhips, minutes after we had ceased firing. of the fate of his majesty's ship Les Droits de l'Homme met with a Amazon, wrecked on the French similar fate a little distance from us, coast in Audierne Bay, on the 14th and almost at the fame moment. inft. Their lordships are already From half past five to nine o'clock,


6 SIR,

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