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and other securities-seventeen mil. commissioners of the admiralty, that lions sterling and a fraction. his majesty's floop Fairy arrived

Due to the bank from govern- here this morning, and has brought ment, four millions and a fraction. in with her a small French priva

The debts of the bank were- teer. For particulars respecting the eleven millions of outstanding notes conduct of the said privateer, I beg besides fix millions of other de- leave to refer their lord Mhips ocast. mands on it.

Horton's letter, here with inclosed. The nett balance in favour of the

I am, Sir, &c. bank, independent of the govern

Jos. PEYTON. ment stock which it held, was

His Majesty's Sloop Fairy, three millions, eight hundred and

November 13, thirty-nine thousand pound ster Having weighed this morning ling

from off Calais, the Fox (20) cutMr. Raikes then sinformed the ter in company, eight or nine miles court, that the minister had pro. to the westward of Seater Cliff, the posed to extend the further limita. cutter being fix or seven a-head of tion of time when the bank should me, me made the fignal for an ene. resume its payments in specie; that my, which, as the haze cleared, I it was not necessary for him to judge made to be a lugger, with her fails of the urgency of political motives turned to the northward, and ueftwhich miglt render such a step ad- ward of her two or three niles. viseable ; but he had the pleasure to Being light winds, I hoisted out my inform the court, that the bank was boats, armed them, and went to the in such a state of affluence, as to be aslistance of the Fox; but during ready to pay all the demands on it the chace, the launch (commanded in specie, whenever called upon. by Mr. Middleton, purser of the

The consent of the proprietors Fairy) separated, and went in chace was then asked for advancing the of another lugger, running down amount of the land and malt-iax to along More from tie westward.government, amounting to two mil- About two o'clock the breeze freshfions, seven hundied and fifty thou- ened, when, having no longer any fand pounds, which was unanimous- prospect of coming up with our ly agreed to.

chace, I tacked in shore, with the The business of the meeting be. cutter and boats, to the alistance of ing over, Mr. Hoare represented to the launch, the having then brought the directors the great inconveni. the lugger to action, under a very ence arising from the present scar. heavy fire from the two batieries in city of blver; and was informed Whitesand Bay; but, to my very that a coinage was in agitation. great astonishment, I found the

The London gazette contains the launch had carried her, notwithfollowing dispatches.

ftanding the bad anchored within Copy of a Letter from Admiral musket Thot of the western battery.

Peyton, Commander-in-Chief of She proyes to be L'Erperver, na. His Majesty's Ships and Vessels tional privateer, mounting 2 twoin the Downs, to Evan Nepean, pound' carriage guns, 4 swivels, Esg. dated on Board the Overyf- musketoons, and fmall arms, car, fel, Nov. 14.

rying 25 men, all of whom effected SIR,

their escape, three being badly Be pleased to acquaint the lords wounded; was commanded by ci


tizen George Hammond, an Irish- rived here last night with a privateer man, belonging to Dunkirk. Mr. schooner of 3 guns, called the NanMiddleton had only seven men in taise, copper-bottomed. the launch, was himself the only Armed vessels taken and destroyman wounded by a grape shot graz- ed since my last: one small barge ing (though not entering) his fto- of one gun, captured by his majel. mach badly. His gallantry on this ty's ship Thames; one schooner occafiou speaks for itself, nor is it privateer of 2 guns, 14 musquets, the first time I have witnessed it. I and 30 men; three other small boats beg leave to recommend him strong- fent in, and 10 destroyed, by the ly to your attention.

Drake - one fchooner privateer of I bave the honour to be, &c. I gun, and 20 men, captured and

Joshua SYDNEY Horton. brought in by the Aquilon; two P. S. Mr. Hoare, commanding armed barges, captured and brought the Fox, made the greatest exer. in by the Rattler; La Trompeuse tion.

French schooner privateer, of 12 Jóseph Peyton, Esq. Admiral guns and 78 men, sunk by his inaof the Blue, &c.

esty's brig Pelican; a Spanish pacThis gazette also contains an ac- quet, of 6 guns, with troops on count of the capture of Le Zephyr, board, captured by the Diligence, French brig privateer, armed with in company with the Renommée 2 brafs 6-pounders, 6 fixes, and and Hermione; a copper-bottomed 70 men, coppered ; and the re-cap- fchooner privateer, of 3 guns and ture of the dip Eliza, from London 56 men, captured and brought in to the Cape of Good Hope, with a by the Albicore; one row-boat cargo of merchandize of various privateer, armed with swivels and forts; and Msip Jenny, of Greenock, musquetry, captured by the Albi. from Liverpool, bound to Virginia, core. laden with salt, earthen ware, and Admiralty Office, Nov. 25. Ex. some bale goods, by his majesty's tract of another letter from vice. ship Boadicea and Anson ;-also, admiral fir Hyde Parker, knight, to the French national brig corvette Mr. Nepean, dated the 6th of Oc. Le Ranger, of 14 guns and 70 men; tober, 1797. 2 Spanith schooner, with fith; I beg you will be pleased to in. and the French privateer L'Hyénne, form their lord Mips, that, captain of 24 9. pounders, and 230 men, Gascoigne being ill of a fever, I by his majesty's thip Indefatigable, put lieutenant White, of the Queen, captain fr É. Pellew ;-and, also, into his majesty's brig Pelican, to a French lugger privateer, called command her during the captain's L'Emoscher, of 8 guns, 6 swivels, illness. On the 17th

of latt month, and 5; men, by his majesty's ship lieutenant White had the good forAlbatross, captain Scott.

tune to fall in with the Trompeuse Admiral.y Office, Nov. 25. Ex- French privateer brig. His fpitract of a letter from vice-admiral rited conduct and officer-like mafor Hyde Parker, knight, command- nagement, I am sure, will be as er in chief of his majesty's lips strongly impressed on their lordand vessels at Jamaica, to Mr. Ne ships' minds by his account of the pean, dated Queen, Cape Nicola action, herewith inclosed, as it was Mole, oa. 8.

on mine in giving him great credit His majesty's Noop Albicore ar- for both.

(L 4) Pelican

Pelican, at Sea, Sept. 17. and bravery; as also to the inferior SIR,

officers and thip's company, for I have the honour to inform you, their steadiness, obedience, and cou. that at 30 minutes past 7 A. M. we rage. discovered a brig bearing N. N.W.

Thomas Waite. (Cape Nicolas S. by W. halt W.) 28. This day admiral Gir Horatio Itanding towards us, with the lar: Nelson attended at the chamberboard tacks on board. As the ap- lain's office in Guildhall with the peared to be a veffel of forcé, I im- lord mayor and Mr. alderman mediately made all fail towards her, Wilkes, to receive the gold box of the wind being east. At 45 mi- one hundred guineas value voted to nutes past 8, lie having nown him for his bravery and conduct in French colours, we opened our the British service. After the adfite on her in crosting, then wore miral hud received the box, and the round her stern, and kept up a freedom of the city beautifully writ. continued and well-directed 'fire ten and illuminated, the customary until 20 minutes after 9, when the path of every freeman was admini. made all fail from us, with the lar- stered; to which Mr. chamberlain board tacks. Untortunately, we Wilkes added, could not immediately make all fail “ Rear admiral fir Horatio Nelson, after her, as our running rigging was “ I give you joy; and with true much cut; but, as soon as it was satisfaction Í return you thanks in repaired, every exertion was made the name of the lord mayor, alder. to get along.lide of her a second men, and commons of the city of time, which was effe&ted at 45 mi. London, in common council assemnutes after 12, when we opened bled, who have unanimoully voted our fire on her, which was so well you the freedom of the capital

, for directed, that at ten minutes past one your distinguished valour and confhe blew up abaft and struck her duet in the favourite service of the colours. At 15 minutes after one navy, and particularly against a very Mhe, went down by the head, and fuperior force of the enemy off was totally lost, Upon which we Cape St. Vincent, on the 14th of imm ciately hoisted out our boats, February last. and fortunately saved the lives of 60 " Many of our naval command. of her crew, hy whom we learn the ers have merited highly of their was the Trompeuse French priva- country by their exertions; but in teer brig, mounting 12 fix-pound your case ihere is a rare beroic moers, and 78 men on board: De had' desty, which cannot be fufficiently been out eleven days, but had admired. You have given the warm. taken one prize. I feel myself est applause to your brother offigreatly indebted to captain Perkins, cers, and the feamen under your of the Drake, whom I discovered in command; but your own merit you snore of us, for using every exertion have not mentioned even in the to work to windward, and cut ber flightest manner; and the relation of off from Jean Rebel, as soon as I the severe and cruel wound you fufmade the private lignal to him, and fered in the service of your country that of the chace being an enemy. is transmitted to pofterity by your Great praise is due to lients. Ward noble commander-in-chief. and Ufer, and Mr. M'Cleaverty May you long live to en: the master, for their zeal, conduct, joy the grateful benedi&tions of


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the country which you honour and and alsothe restoration of her watch, prote&t!

which she stated to have been withSir Horatio Nelson's answer. · held from her; adding, that fie had

"Sir, Nothing could be more made previous complaint to a Mr. gratifying to me (as it must be to Williams upon the subject of the every fea-officer) than receiving the detention of her property, who rehigh honour this day conferred upon plied only with abuse and cruel far. me in becoming a freeman of the calms, and told her the would soon great city of London. And I beg be in a place where she would have you to believe, and to assure my fel. no occafion for it. A chair was low-citizens, that my hand and head immediately ordered; but the court thail ever be exerted, with all my postponed the consideration of the heart, in defence of my king, the fecond part of her request until the laws, and the juit liberties of my much more momentous business country; in which are included eve- then pending Tould be decided. Ty thing wbich can be beneficial to And Mr. Conft, having finished his the capital of the empire. I beg ftatement, called the witnesses in leave to return you, fir, my sincere support of the charge. thanks, for the very flattering ex Letitia Munday, the first witness preffions you have honoured me called, swore, that the prisoner lodgwith on this occasion."

ed in her house in Garden-ftreet,

St. George's in the East; that on

the morning of the day laid in the

indictment, the deceased came to 5. The gazette announces the visit the prisoner, who immediately capture of L'Aimable Sylvie, three fent out the witness for some bran. Spanith coasters, two Spanish brigs, dy, and likewise the change of a and L'Aventure French privateer, guinea ; that on her return the priof 8 guns and 43 men, by captain foner called out from above stairs Digby of the Aurora.

that the things brought in were not 8. Maria Theresa Phipoe, other- then wanting, and that when they wife Mary Benson, was indi&ted at were the prisoner would apply to the Old Bailey for the murder of her. Witness shortly after heard a Mary Cox, on the 25th of O&tober great groaning, and a noise like a laft, by giving her a mortal wound scuffle

in the prisoner's room, where under the lett breaft, of which me the deceased was; that being greatdied. The prisoner, who appeared ly alarmed thereat, the called in to be about forty years of age, of Mrs. Macdonald and Mrs. Eyles, middle fize, rather inclining to the two of her neighbours, accompaenbon;oint, and not at all hand- nied by whom the went up stairs ; some, was dressed in a white muslin that they found the door locked, gown, a black filk cloak, and a and on enquiring what was the plain cap, and came to the bar at- matter, the prisoner answered from tended by a female friend.

within, that the woman was only Mr. Conft, on the part of the in a fit, and would be soon well; profecution, stated the case, in the that not being satisfied with this course of which he was interrupted answer, and having persevered in by the prisoner, who requested from insisting to know the truth, the prithe court the indulgence of a chair, soner opened the door a little, and

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