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or, a fon.

14. Viscountess Clifden, a son. 16. Lady of fir C. Watson, a

15. Lady of Paul Benfield, esq. daughter. M.P.a son.

- Lady Charlotte Campl·ll, a 16. Viscountess Galway, a son. daughter. 24. Lady of C. Shaw Lefevre, 21. Lady of fir George Wombesq. M. P. a son.

well, bart. a fon. 25. Lady Donne, a son.

May 13. Countess of Northelk, a 26. Lady of R. Down, esq. daughter. baoker, a fon, ber 19th child.

15. Lady Musgrave, a son. Feb. 1. Rt. hon. lady Horatio 17. Princess of prince Maximi. Seymour, a fon.

lian of Saxony, brother to the elect- Lady of R. J. Sullivan, esq. a lon.

19. Princess of Brazil, a princess. 6. Countess of Guildford, a 29. Lady Heathcote, a son. daughter.

The wife of William South8. Countess of Belfast, a fon. erland, of Shetland, three sons and 9. Lady of George Henry Rose, a daughter. esq. M. P. a fon.

June 1. Lady of fir Robert Baker, 11. Counters Temple, a fon. a daughter.

12. Lady of Edward Beeston 8. Lady Charles Townsend, a Long, esq. a daughter.

fon. Rt: hon. Lady Rodney, a

18. Mrs. Dundas, lady of the lord , fon.

advocate of Scotland, a son. 26. Lady of William Currie, esq. 20. Lady Napier, a son. M. P.a son.

26. Countess of Caffilis, a daughMarch 5. Lady of alderman ter. Combe, M. P. a fon.

Fuly 7. Lady of the hon. Wil. 10. Lady of fir Thomas Henry liam Carr, a son. Liddel, bart. a son.

8. Lady Bruce, a daughter. 12. Lady of fir James Bland 16. Lady Margaret Maclean, a Burges, baut. a daughter.

fon. 15. Mrs. Woodrow, of Bridge Mrs. Amer, of Rothes, a fon water, two sons and a daughter.

and two daughters. 25. Countess of Mount Edge 21. Countess Hardwicke, a son. coinbe, a son.

30. Countess of Plymouth, a 26. Lady of fir Rich. Carr Glynn, daughter. knight, alderman, and M. P. a fon. 31. Hon. Mrs. Stanley, a daugh

23. Counters of Albemarle, a ter. daughter.

August 1. Lady Suttie, a fon. April 1. Hon. Mrs. Petre, a son. 6. Lady of fir John Chardin 3. Lady of Dr. Stewart, bishop Musgrave, bart. a fon. of St, David's, a daughter.

15. Lady of Edinund Wigley, 8. Lady of Gir Alexander Grant, efq. M. P. a daughter.

20. Lady of sir John Sinclair, Lady of the hon. John Simp- bart, a son. son, a daughter.

21. Lady of fir Thomas Which. 11. Lady of fir Richard Gamon, cote, bart. a son. bart. M. P. a daughter.

Mrs. Abrahams, of Ipswich, 16. Lady Carrington, a daughter. three children.

22, Lady

bart. a daughter.


22. Lady Elizabeth Talbot, a MARRIAGES fa 1797 daughter. 26. Lady Sherard, a son.

Feb. 2. The earl of Weftmeath 28. Lady of fir George Glyn, to lady Elizabeth Moore, eldeft bart, a daughter.

daughter of the earl of Drogheda. Sept. 4. Lady of fir Thomas Par 6. Right hon. lord viscount Monkyns, bart, a fon.

tague to miss Frances Manby, le6. Lady Charlotte Lennox, a son, cond daughter of the late Thomas

Lady Belgrave, a son. Manby, esq. of Bead's Hall, Er. 7. Marchioness of Tweedale, a sex. daughter.

13. The hereditary prince of 13. Lady of fir George Pigot, Heffe Caffel, to the princess Auþart, a daughter.

gusta of Prusia, daughter of the 17. Lady Elizabeth Spencer, a king of Pruffia. daughter.

16. Hon. Mr. Dundas, fon of 18. The duchess of Manchester, lord Dundas, to lady Caroline Beaua daughter.

clerk, daughter of the duke of St. - Mrs. Gibbons, of Colchester, Albans. three sons.

18. Sir John Kennaway, of EC- Mrs. Gairy, of Dean's Yard, cot, Devonshire, bart. to mils CharWestminster, twins. She is 49, her lotte Amyatt, daughter of James hulband 8.6.

Amyatt, eíq. M. P. for Southamp08.9. Lady Elizabeth Finch tan. Hatton, a daughter.

28. Capt. Halliday, son of lady 13. Lady of Thomas Anson, esq. Jane Halliday, to miss Eliza StraiM. P. a son.

ford. 15. Countess of Aboyne, a March 4. Sir John Menzies, bart. daughter.

to lady Charlotte Murray, daughter 17. Lady Mary Fludyer, a son. of the duke of Athol. 21. Lady Mary Stopford, a son. 14. Col. Clinton, eldest son of

23. Lady of fir James Grahain, the late sir H. Clinton, K. B. to the bart. a fon.

hon. Louisa Holroyd, youngest 24. Countess of Caithness, a daughter of lord Sheffield." son.

- Robert Bernard Sparrow, esq. Countess of Sutherland, a to the hon. miss Acheson, eldest daughter.

daughter of lord viscount Gosferd. Nov. 5. Lady Lucy Bridgman, a April 6. Col. Grosvenor, M. P. son.

nephew of earl Grosvenor, to miss 11. Mrs. Hood, of Wilmington, Heathcote, sister to fir Gilbert three daughters.

Heathcote, bart. 14. Lady of the hon. capt. Wil. 14. Capel Hanbury, esq. of Pontliam Seymour, a daughter.

pool-house, Monmouththire, to lady - Lady Helen Hall, a son. Machaworth, of Gnoll Cattle, GlaDec. 2. Lady Le Despenser, a morgan fhire. fon.

16. Rev. Edward Nares, young. 15. Lady of fir John Kennaway, est son of the late hon. justice bart. a Ton.

Nares, to lady Georgina Charlotte 18. Mrs. Nevitt, of Newark, Spencer, third daughter of the duke three daughters.

of Marlborough

17. Lord

17. Lord viscount Brome, son of 30. Lord George Thynne, bromarquis Cornwallis, to lady Louisa ther to the marquis of Bath, to miss Gordon, daughter of the Juke of Harriet Courtenay, fister to lord Gordon.

viscount Courtenay. 19. Lord viscount Garlies, eldest June 9. Rev. William Garner, {on of the earl of Galloway, to lady eldest son of George Garner, esq. of Jane Paget, second daughter of the Wickham, Hants, to miss North, earl of Uxbridge.

eldest daughter of the han. and 24. Lord Dunsany to miss Smith, rev. the bishop of Winchester. filter of Drummond Smith, esq. 23. Wenceslaus, count of Purgo Herts.

ftall, count of the holy Roman em. May 1. Earl of Derby to miss pire, to miss Cranstoun, daughter Farren.

of the late hon. George Cranfg 2. Henry St. John, efq. youngest toun. son of the late hon, and rev. An. 26. Lieut. col. Childers to the drew St. John, to miss Catherine hon. miss Eardley, daughter of lord Wigley.

Eardley. - Lieut. col. Scudamore, M.P.

- Hon. capt. Carleton, eldest to miss Walwyn, daughter of James son of lord Dorchester, to miss Pris. Walwyn, efq. M. P.

cilla Belford, niece to fir Adam 4. Hon. capt. Talbot, only bro- Williamson, K. B. ther of the earl of Shrewsbury, to July 6. Lord Holland to lady miss Harriet Bedingfield, daughter Vassal, only daughter of the late of the rev. Bacon Bedingfield, of Richard Vasfal, etc. Ditchingham-hall, Norfolk.

11. Hon. Francis Matthew, eldert 13. John Wyldbore Smith, esq. fon of lord viscount Landaff, to miss only son of fir John Smith, bart. C. La Touche, daughter of John of Sydling-house, Dorset, to miss La Touche, efq. Elizabeth Anne Marriot.

26. John Quincy Adams, esg. 18. His serene highness Frederic- ambastador from the United States Charles-William, hereditary prince of America to the Court of Berlin, of Wirtemberg, to her royal high- and son to John Adams, efq. prelia ness Charlotte - Augusta - Matilda, dent of the American States, to miss princess-royal of England. Louisa Johnson, daughter of Jofua

19. Rev. William Holwell to la- Johnson, Esq. London. dy Charlotte Hay, daughter of the August 1. Sir Thomas Pilkington, late earl of Errol.

bart, to miss Tuffnel, eldest daugh23. Rev. William Clay to lady ter of William Tuffnel, esq. of Burrell, reli&t of fir William Burrell, Langleys. bart.

8. Lord Trimblestown to miss 25. John Mosely, esg. to miss Alicia Eustace, daughter of majorPayne Galloway, only daughter of general Euftace. S. P. Galloway, esq. and niece to 17. Marquis of Carmarthen to lord Lavington.

lady Charlotte Townshend, only 30. William Wilberforce, esq. daughter of marquis Townshend. M. P. to miss Spooner, eldeit 19. Abraham Spooner, esq. of daughter of Isaac Spooner, efq. of Elndon-house, Warwick, to miss Emdon-house, Warwick.

Lillington, daughter and heiress of - Sir Charles Edwards to miss Luke Lillington, esq. of FerribyHoward.

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grange, York,

19, Wild

19. William Blake, efq. fon of 11. Sir Samuel Egerton Leigh, W. Blake, esq. banker, London, to bart. miss Nash, only daughter and heiress 14. John Stuart Wortley, efq. of Jofeph Nash, esq. son of William M. P. Nalh, esq. late alderman of Lon 17. Henry Pelham, elg. brother don.

to the right hon. Thomas Pelham. Sept. 11. Sir W. Vavasour, of - Joseph Bufhnan, efq. comp. Hasiewood, York, bart. to miss Jane troller of the city of London. Langdale, daughter and heireis of 18. Anne, dowager countess of William Langdale, Esq. of Lang. Guildford. thorpe.

- Elizabeth-Anne, lady RanIỐ. David William, earl of Manf- cliffe. field, to miss Frederic Markham,

The countess of Exeter. fourth daughter of the archbifhop 18. Lucy, lady Sheffield, second of York.

wife of lord Shettield. 27. Mr. Benyon, son of the late The hon. and rev. William governor Benyon, to miss Sykes, Bromley Cadogan, second son of daughter of fir Francis Sykes, bart, lord Cadogan.

Ost. 12. Robert Carey Elwes, 26. Right hon. Hew Macky, efq. of Roxly-upon-Humber, tó fixth lord Keay. the hon. Caroline Pelhanı, second Hon. and rev. Tohn Ellis daughter of lord Yarborough. Agar, brother to the right hon. lord.

18. The hon. col. Robert Fulke viscount Cliefden, Greville, younger brother of the - Lady Smythe, reliet of fir earl of Warwick, to Louisa counters Edward Smythe, of Acton Burnell, dowager of Mansfield.

Salor, and aunt to lord Clifford. Nob. 27. Alexander Trotter, efq. Feb. 1. Col. Frederic, son of of Dreghere, paymaster of the navy, Theodore, king of Corsica. [See to mil's Lilias Stuart, daughter of Public Occurrences, P. (24).] the late fir John Stuart, bart.

3. Shot himself, Richard Muil. Dec. 5. The hon. Thomas Mor man French Chiswell, efq. M. P. ton, eldest son of lord Ducie, to 7. Hon. Mrs. C. Lindsay, wife lady Frances Herbert, only daugh- of the hon. and rev. C. Lindsay. ter of the earl of Carnarvon.

10. Right hon, lady Mary MilHon. Thomas Powys, eldest fington, wife of lord viscount Milson of lord Lifiord, to mils Ather- fington. tor, eldest daughter and heiress of 14. Lady Morgan, wife of fir the lare Robert Vernon Atherton, Charles Morgan. cig. of Atherton-hall, Lancashire. 17. Lady Anne Conolly, daugh

23. Lord Grey, son of the earl ter of the third earl of Strafford. of Stamford, to the hon, miss Char 22. Sir John Filrer, bart. teris, daughter of lord Elchio.

28. Edwin, lord Sandys.

- Miss Addison, only furviv, ing daughter of the celebrated Jo.

feph Addison, efq. DEATHS in the Year 1797. March 2. Horatio Walpole, earl

of Orford. Jan. 11. Jemima, marchioness 5. Elizabeth, countess dowager Grey, baronels Lucas of Crudwell, of Harborough, relict of the third Wilts.

earl of Harborough,

7. Madame

brated poet.

7. Madame Schwellenbergen, 22. William Brabazon, ninth earl keeper of the robes to the queen. of Meath, killed in a duel.

14. Elizabeth, countess of Derby, 23. Lady Mary Cecil, youngest daughter of the eighth duke of Ha- daughter of the marquis of Salis. milion.

burv. 15. Mrs. Pope, the celebrated 25. John Griffin Griffin, lord actress.

Howard de Walden. 19. Philip Hayes, Muf. D. pro June 4. Sir Andrew Snape Doufessor of music in the university of glas, captain of the Queen Char. Oxford,

lotte. 21. Charles Fitzroy, earl South 6. Miss Moore, only daughter ampton, recond brother to the duke of the archbihop of Canterbury. of Grafton.

14. Hon. Mrs. Olmius, lady of 30. Lady Pitches, relict of fir the hon. J. Olmius. Abraham Pitches, and mother to 21. Count Bernítoff, first minilady Deerhurst.

fter of Denmark. - Rev. W. Mason, Residen 24. Denys Rolle, esq. father of diary of York cathedral, the cele- lord Rolle.

July 4. Sir Richard Symons, bart. - John Pratt, esq. uncle to earl 9. Right Hon. Edmund Burke. Camden.

11. Charies Macklin, the father April 8. Robert Barclay, esq. of of the ftage. Ury, M. P.

17. Dorothy, countess-dowager 20. C. W. Jones, lord viscount of Sandwich. Ranelagh.

20. Cornelius O’Calloghau, ba29. Henry Leigh, viscount Tracy. ron Lismore.

- George Barnwell, fifth vir 21. Peter Ifaac Thellufson, esq. couot Kingsland, of Turvey in Ire- M.P.

25. Lady Mountftewart, relict of - Henry-Lewis Charles-Albert, John lord yiscount Mountstewart, reigning prince of Nassau, Saar- and fole daughter of earl Dun. bruck

fries. Elizabeth, countefs of March Mrs. Gunning, aunt to the mont.

late duchess of Argyle. -- Hon. Charles Paget, young August 3. Jeffrey, lord Amherst, est son of the earl of Uxbridge. K. B.

May i. The hon. Grace Trevor. 6. James Pettit Andrews, esq.

8. Archibald Erskine, seventh 8. Thomas Peter Legh, esq. earl of Kelly.

M. P. 16. John Wallop, earl of Portf 9. Frances, wife of lord Charles mouth.

Fitzroy. 19. Hon. Simon Butler, third son IS. 'Shot himself, Harvey Redof Edmund, tenth lord viscount mond Morres, lord viscount MountMountgarret.

morres, 20. Hon. James Hay, third son 27. Elizabeth lady Cranstoun, of the late earl of Errol.

relict of the late lord Cranstoun. 21. Thomas Coventry, esq. un 29. Joseph Wright, Esq. of Dercle to the earl of Coventry.

by, a celebrated painter, 22. George Robert Clarke, huf - Robert George William Treband of the dowager lady Warwick, fulis, lord Clinton.



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