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Sept. 1. Hon. Penn Aleton Cur Dec. 8. Henry De Burgh, mare zon, son of lord Curzon.

quis of Clanrickard. 2. John Gunning, efq. brother 12. Hon. Thomas Bruce, for of to ihe late duchess of Argyle. William earl of Kincardine. 4. Robert Marsham, eso. F. R. S. 13. General James Johnfton, ge

Right. rev. fir William Ash vernor of Quebec. burnham, bart. lord bishop of Chi 26. John Wilkes, esq. chamber. chester.

lain and alderman of London. 8. Rev. Richard Farmer, D. D. F. R. and A. S. S. master of Emanuel College.

9. Rt. hon, fir Skaffington Smith, PROMOTIONS in the Year

17. Lady Georgina Johnstone, January 18. The counters-dowfecond daughter of the earl of ager of Elgin-governess to the Hopetown.

princess Charlotte. 20. Hon. Edward-James Elliot, 28. Right hon. William Pitt, M. P.

Richard earl of Mornington, John 22. Lady Farquhar, wife of fir Thomas Townshend, and John Walter Farquhar, bart.

Smyth, esqrs. and the right hon. 25. Right. hon. lady Dormer. Sylvester Douglas -- commiflioners

Oft. 4. Hon. Mrs. A. King, aunt for executing the office of treasurer to lord King.

of his majefty's exchequer. 6. Lady Charlotte William Beau. - James Talbot, eíq. - secreclerk, wife of lord William Beau- tary of legation to the Swiss canclerk.

tons. 17. Hon. George Murray, vice 30. John Macnamara Hayes, admiral of the white.

M. D.

a baronet. 20. Hon. Robert Rochfort, bro Feb. 14. Right. rev. Henry Re. ther to the earl of Belvidere. ginald Courteney, biflop of Bristol

22. Hon. George Petre, second translated to ile see of Exeter. fon of William lord Petre.

- John Forbes, efq.- caprain. 26. Mrs. Gee, aunt of earl Cam- general and governor in chief of den.

the Bahama islands, vice the earl of Nov. 2. Rev. William Enfield, Dunmore. LL. D.

15. Right hon. Lloyd lord Ken5. Sir Stephen Langston, knight, yon, lord chief justice of the court and alderman of London.

of King's-bench — lord lieutenant 13. Edward, earl of Kingstown. of the county of Flint.

16. Frederic William II. king of 20. Alexander Græme, George Pruflia.

Keppel, and Samuel Reeve, ergrs. 22. Lady Mary Irvine, reli&t of rear-admirals of the white — rearJ: Irvine, efq. and daughter of admirals of the red. Andrew George, earl of Granard.

Mitchell, Charles Chamberlayne, 25. Right Rev. Charles Walm. Peter Rainier, esgıs. fir Hugh Clofley, lord bishop of Rama, F.R. S. berry Chriftian, K. B. William

29. Lady Leslie, wife of lord Truscott, esq. and lord Hugh Sey. Leslie, and daughter of lord Pel mour, rear-admirals of the blue --banı.

rear-admirals of the white. Cap

tains William Swiney, Charles Ed 28. Hon. Andrew Cochrane mund Nugent, William Fooks, Johnstone -- captain-general and Charles Powell Hamilton, Edmund governor in chief of the island of Dod, Horatio Nelson,' Thomas Dominica. Lenox Frederick, fir George Home, 29. Sir Joseph Banks, bart. K. þart. and fir Charles Cotton, bart. B. --- sworn of his majesty's privy-rear-admirals of the blue. council.

- Sir Andrew Snape Douglas, 31. Richard White, erq. of kot. - colonel in his majesty's ma- Bantry, co. Cork - a baron of sine forces.

the kingdom of Ireland, by the 24. Paul Pechell, efq. of Paggle- name, style, and title of baron Banthan, Elex a baronet.

try, of Bantry: March 7. Şir George Keith El April 14. William Bentinck, efq. phinstone, K. B. vice-admiral of captain-general and governor in the blue a baron of the kingdom chief of the island of St. Vincent, of Ireland, by the name, style, and Bequia, and such other of the islands title of baron Keith, of Stonehaven commonly called the Grenadines, marischal.

as lie to the northward of the island - William Hotham, esq. ad. of Cariacou, in America. miral of the blue,

a baron of George Beckwith, efq. - goverthe kingdom of Ireland, by the nor and commander in chief of the name, style, and title of baron Ho islands called the Bermuda or So. tham, of South Dalton, with re mers islands, in America. mainder (in default of issue-male) 18. Stephen de Lancey, esq. to fir Charles Hotham, bart, of captain-general and governor in Scorhorough, the nephew of the chief of the island of Tobago. said William Hotham, and the - Henry Motz, and Haviland grandson and heir-male of fir Beau- le Mesurier, esqrs. late deputy commont Hotham, bart. of Scorborough miffaries-general on the continentaforesaid, deceased, the father of commissaries of stores and provisithe said William Hotbam, and to ons for the forces in South Britain. the heirs-male of the body of the John Wood, John Langden, Wilsaid fir Charles Hotham, bart; and, liam J. Cooper, Francis Coffin, P. in default of such issue, to the heirs- S. Woltjee, George Spiller, James male of the body of the said fir Newland, William Kay, Roger Beaumont Hotham, deceased. Metcalfe, William Tudor, and Ko

18. Rev. Folliot Herbert Walker bert Kennedy, gents. late aflıstantCornwall, D. D. dean of Canter- conmillaries the continent ; bury - bishop of Bristol.

Francis Boughton, Maurice Nel. 21. Capt. Francis Raleigh, of fon, and John Thomson, gents. major-gen. Nichols's regiment late affiftant-commillaries to the town-major of the garrison of Gi. forces under the command of lord braltar.

Moira, and Richard Anderson, - Hon. lieut, col. Alexander gent. affiant-commillaries to Hope, of the 14th foot - lieute- the said forces. Dant governor of Tynemouth and 26.. Lord Charles Somerset, Clifford's fort.

comptroller of his majesty's houfe: 25. Major-general Andrew Gor- hold; George Beckwith, and Stedon - lieutenant-governor of the phen de Lancey, esqrs. and the hon.

Andrew Cochrane Johnstone



Mand of Jersey.

fworn of his majesty's privy.coun 14. His grace the duke of Athol, cil.

sworn of his majesty's privy-coun. 29. Major Henry Davis, of the cil. late 93d foot --- major of brigade to

29. Edmund

Henry baron the forces in South Britain.

Glentworth — sworn of his majerMajor Lindelthal - deputy. ty's privy-council in the kingdom quarter-master-general to the forces of Ireland. in Portugal, with the rank of lieu July 7. Sir John Cox Hippilley, tenant-colonel in the army. Geo. of Warfield-grove, Berks, bart. reWarden, esq.- affiftant-commiffa- corder of Sudbury, co. Suffolk, perry-general to the said forces. mitted to accept, use, and bear, the

May 10. Henry Russell, esq. ducal arms of Wirtemberg. knighted, on being appointed one 8. Edmund Henry baron Glentof the judges of the supreme court worth — clerk of the hanaper and of judicature at Fort William in clerk of the crown in his majesty's Bengal.

high court of chancery in Ire. 27. Sir John Jervis, K. B. admi. land, ral of the blue baron Jervis, of 11. Walter earl of Ormond and Medford, .co. Stafford, and earl of Oxfory-sworn of his majesty's Irish St. l'incent.

privy-council. - Charles Thompson, efq. 17. Charles earl of Ely, and vice-admiral of the blue, and wil. Charles marquis of Drogheda liam Parker, esq. rear-admiral of the post-masters-general of the kingdom red po baronets.

of Ireland. 31. Charles Buggin, esq. of Thet 25. Hon. Robert Stewart, comford, co. Norfolk, knighted. moniy called lord viscount Caftic

June 2. Right hon. Richard earl reagh – keeper of his majesty's fig, Howe the order of the Garter.

net, or privy-real, of the kingdom 3. Capt. William Maxwell, of of Ireland. the late 93d foot, and capt. Willi. 29. Frederick Christian Lentz, am Gray, of the ac foot - majors esq. – his majesty's consul at Mag. of brigade to the forces in South debourg and Stettin. Britain.

Ang. 2. Henry Lawes, earl of -- Lieut. col. fir James Fculis, Carhampton-master-general of his bait. of the Mid-Lothian fencible majesty's ordnance in Ireland. cavalry-fort-major and lieutenant 12. Gen. fir Charles Grey, K. B. of Edinburgh castle.

governor of the itland of Guern8. John Thomas Duckworth, sey. eig. colonel of his majesty's ma 26. James Ker, elg. barrister at rine forces.

law - judge of the court of viceCharles lord viscount Dil. admiralty for Lower Canada. lon of the kingdom of Ireland - George Ifted, eiq. of the midconfiable of the castle, town, and dle Temple — agent, on the behalf barony of Athlone, the half-barony of the public, for the affairs of the of Moycarnan, co. Roscommon, island of cape Breton, in North and the territory of Brawney, co. America. Westmeath.

Sept. 5. Major James Hadden, of 14. Charles lord Romney-lord- the royal artillery - adjutant-geneLieutenant of the county of Kent. ral to the army serving in Portugal,

with the rank of lieutenant-colonel military-superintendant of hospitals in the army.

in South Britain. 5. Brevet-major William Doyle, 9. Rev. John Buckner, LL. D. of 24th foot - deputy adjutant-ge bishop of Chicheiter: neral to the forces in Canada, with 10. James earl of Lonsdale the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the baron and viscount Lowther, of army.

Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, witty 14. George Leonard, esq. fu- remainder to the heirs-male of fir perintendant to the trade and fishe. William Lowther, late of Swillings ries on the coasts of the provinces ton, co. York, bart. dec. and islands in North America, from --- Richard earl of Mornington Gaspee, in the gulph of the river in the kingdom of Ireland -an St. Lawrence, unto and including English peer, baron Wellesley, of the bay of Paffimaquoddy, com- Wellesley, co. Somerset; and Ros prising the waters of the bay of bert baron Carrington in the kingFundy, Chignecto, and Minas, the dom of Ireland - baron Carringcoasts of Nova Scotia and Newton, of Upton, co. Nottingha'n. Brunswick, the islands of St. John Right hon. Charles Tounsand cape Breton, and the Made- hend - baron Bayning, of Foxley, laine islands,

Berks; right hon. James Grenville 19. Lieutenant-general Gerard baron Glastonbury, of Butleigh, Lake – governor of Dumbarton co. Somerset, with remainder to castle,

lieut. gen. Rd. Grenville, and his Major-gen. Patrick Bellew, heirs-male; right hon. Thomas of the ift foot guards -- lieutenant- Orde Powlett – baron Bolton, of governor of Quebec.

Bolton-castle, co. York; right hon. 27. John Trevor, erg. sworn of fir Gilbert Elliot, of Minto, bart.-his majesty's most honourable pri- baron of Minto, co. Roxburg; fir vy-council.

John Wodehouse, bart. baron - Rear-admiral fir Horatio Wodehouse, of Kimberly, co. NorNelson - K. B.

folk; fir John Ruthout, bart.-ban 30. Capt. Colin Macdonald, of ron Northwick, of Northwick park, the 2d battalion of royals — major co. Worcefter; Thomas Powis, esq. of brigade to the forces serving in - baron of Lilford, co. NorthampPortugal.

ton; Thomas Lifter, esq. baron - Capt. lieut. Spicer, of the Ribbelsdale, of Gilburne-park, in royal artillery – lieutenant-gover the west riding of Yorkshire ; James por of Fort Royal, in the illand of Drummond, esq. — lord Perth, ba. St. Domingo.

ron Drummond of Stob-hall, co. 08. 4. Gen. sir Charles Grey, Perth; and Francis Hunberstone K. B.-worn of his majesty's most Mackenzie, efq. - lord Seaforth, honourable privy-council; and al- baron Mackenzie, of Kintail, co. fo as governor of the island of Ross. Guernsey.

14. Capt. James Maitland, of - John Anftruther, efq. major-general Whyte's regiment knighted.

major of brigade to the forces at St. 7. W. Henry Souper, efq.- de- Domingo. puty.commissary of musters in the Richard earl of Shannon, K. P. West'iciis.

right hon. fir John Parnell, bart, to-col. John Sontag - chancellor of his majesty's exche


O T i Š

Τ Ι ο Ν 5. [1797 quer in Ireland, the right hon. viscount Cremorne - baron Cre. Thomas Pelhain, chief secretary to morne, of Dawson-grove, co. Mo. the lord slieutenant of Ireland, or naghan, with remainder to Richard she chief secretary to the lord lieu. Dawson, esq. nephew of the faid, tenant for the time being, the right Thomas viscount Cremorne ; Rihon. John Monck Mason, the right chard lord Sunderlin – baron Sun. hon. Lodge Morres, and the right derlin, of Baronston, co. Wefthon. Robert Stewart, commonly meath, with remainder to his brocalled lord viscount Castlereagh - ther, Edmond Malone, of Shingles, commissioners for executing the co. Westmeath aforesaid, esq; right office of treasurer of his majesty's hon. James Cuff — baron Tyraw. exchequer in Ireland.

ley, of Balinrobe, co. Maro; 17. Adam Duncan, esq. admiral Charles Stanley Monck, efq. – baof the blue — baron Duncan of ron Monck, of Ballytrammon, co. Lundie, in the Mire of Perth, and Wexford; Mrs. Grace Toler, wife viscount Duncan of Camper Down. of John Toler, esq. his majesty's

- Richard Onflow, efq. vice- solicitor-general of that kingdomadmiral of the red - a baronet. baroness Norwood, co. Tipperary,

Nov. 4. Francis baron de Dun. and the dignity of haron Norwood, stanville-baron Bailet, of Strattoil, of Knockalton, co. Tipperary, aco. Cornwall; with remainder to foresaid, to the heirs-male of her Frances Baffet, his daughter, by body by the said Jolin Toler; WilFrances Susannah baronefs de Dun- liam Power Keating Trench, efq.ftanville, his wife.

lord Kilconnel, baron Kilconnel, 14. Armor Lowry, viscount Bel- of Garbelly, co. Galway; Charlesmore, of the kingdom of Ireland - William Bury, esą. — baron Tullicarl Belmore, of the county of Fer- inore, of Charleville-foreft, in the managh; Henry viscount Conyng- King's county; sir Geo. Allanson ham - viscount Mount Charles, Winn, bart. -- lord Headley, baren co. Donegal, and earl Conyngham, Allanfon and Winn, of Agliadoe, of Mount Charles aforesaid; Fran co. Kerry ; fir John Shore, bart.cis viscount Landaff --earl Lan- governor-general of India, baron daif, of Thomastown, co. Tippe- Teignmouth, of Teignmouth; and rary; Richard Hely, lord Donough- Leonard Troughear Holmes, cleak more-- viscount Donoughmore, of - baron Holmes, of Kiinallock, Knocklofty, co. Tipperary, with co. Limerick. remainder to the heirs-male of 20. Wm. Dowdeswell, efq. Christian Hely, baroness Donough- captain-general and governor in more, dec.; Hugh baron Carleton, chief of the Bahama ilands in Ame. chief justice of his majesty's court rica. of common pleas--viscount Carles 25. Thomas Burke, of Marbleton, of Clare, co. Tipperary ; Mar- hill, co. Galway, efq; John Jervis garet baroness Oriel, wife of the White Jervis, of Ballyel is, co. right hon. John Foster-viscountess Wexford, efq'; Thomas Mullins, Ferrard, of Oriel, and the dignity of Burnham, county Kerry, csq; of viscount Ferrard, of Oriel a fore- John Edmond Browne, of Palmerlaid, to the heirs-male of her body ston, co. Mayo, efq; and Anthony by the said John Foster ; James Brabazon, of New Park, co. Mayo, lord Caledon-- viscount Caledon, efg. - baroneta of the kingdom of of Caledon co. Tyrone ; Thomas Ireland,

25. Lieut..

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