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character as that of the noble duke, tioning that there were three French yet the plaintiff could not say on frigates off that place; that they This record that he had lost the had scuttled several merchantmen, comfort of the society of his wife and were attempting to destroy the by the conduct of the defendant, fhipping in the harbour. They Since the plaintiff himself had begged that I would immediately given up his right to insist on that order the North Devon regiment Tociety.

of volunteers under my command The plaintiff was therefore non to march to their assistance. In suited.

consequence of this representation, Saturday, Feb. 25 I ordered the men to get ready to The following letter was this day march as soon as possible. I have sent to the lord mayor of London. great satisfaction in saying, that in • My Lord,

four hours I found every officer • I have the honour to acquaint and man that was ordered to the your lord ship that intelligence has parade at Biddeford (fifteen miles been received that two French fri- from home) ready and willing to gales, a corvette, and a lugger, ap- march to any place they should be peared off the east of Pembroke, commanded to go to. I cannot mire, on the 22d instant, and on express the fatisfaction I felt on seethe evening of that day disembark. ing the men fo willing to defend cd some troops (reported by de. their king and country, at the fame ferters to be about 1200 men, but time as filent, orderly, and sober, without field pieces.) Every ex- as might be expected at a morning ertion had been made by the lord parade of an old regiment. The lieutenant and gentlemen of that greatest exertions were made by all county and its neighbourhood for descriptions of people to alliit, and taking the proper fteps on this oc to render every service in their casion; and the greatest zeal and power. As I was preparing to loyalty has been sewn by all ranks march, I received an account from of people. Immediately on an ac- Ilfracombe, that the French fhips count having been received at Ply- were gone from the coast, and that mouth of this force having appear. tranquillity was again restored to ed in the Bristol Channel, frigates the town. How far the report was were dispatched from Plymouth in well founded, I cannot poflibly quest of them. I have the honour say; but, as this affair may be mit. to be, &c.

PORTLAND.' represented and exaggerated, I trust This letter was followed in the your grace will excuse my trouevening by an extraordinary ga- bling you with this letter; and I zette; containing the fame' facts, fiatter myself it must give you pleaas stated in a letter from lord Mil. sure to hear of the loyalty of this ford, lord lieutenant of the county neighbourhood, and that the behaof Pembroke ; and accompanied viour of the volunteers and inhabiwith the following letter io the tants will meet the approbation of duke of Portland from lieut. col. his majesty.' Orchard, commanding the North

Sunday, Feb. 26. Devon volunteers.

Another extraordinary gazette • I think it my duty to state to has the following extracts of letters your grace that I yesterday received from lord Milford to che duke of an express from Ilfracombe, men- Portland.

Hererferdwft, Feb. 24, 6 A. M. about 1200 men, but no cannen,

Since I had the honour of writ- Upon the night's fetting in, ing last to your grace by express, I French officer, whom I found to have received information of the be the second in command, came French fhip having failed, and left in with a letter, a copy of which I three hundred men behind, who have the honour to inclose to your have surrendered themselves pri- grace, together with my answer: foners. The great spirit and loyal- in consequence of which they dety that the gentlemen and peasantry termined to surrender themselves have thewn on this occasion ex- prisoners of war, and accordingly ceeds defcription. Many thousands laid down their arms this day at of the latter assembled, armed with two o'clock. pikes and fcythes, and attacked the. I cannot at this moment inform enemy, previous to the arrival of your grace of the exact number of the troops that were fent against prisoners, but I believe it to be them.'

their whole force: it is my intenHaverfor dweli, Feb. 24, 9 P. M. tion to march them this night to

• I have the honour and pleasure Haverfordwest, where I shall inake to inform your grace, that the the best distribution in my power. wbole' of 'the French troops, The frigates, corvette, and lugger amounting to near fourteen hundo got under weigh yesterday evening, red men, havę surrendered, and and were this morning entire .y out are now on their march to Haver- of fight. fordwest. I have taken the first The fatigue we have experienced opportunity of announcing this will, I truit, excuse me to your good news to your grace, and Mall grace for not giving a more partihave the honour of writing again cular detail; but my anxiety to do to your grace by to-morrow's post,' justice to the officers and men I

Whitehall, Feb. 27, 1797: had the honour to command, will A letter, of which the following is induce me to attend your grace, a copy, has been this day re with as little delay as possible, to ceived from the right honourable state their merits, and at the same lord Cawdor, by his grace the time to give you every information duke of Portland, his majesty's in my power upon this fubject. principal secretary of state for The spirit of loyalty which has the home department.

pervaded all ranks throughout this Fishguard, Friday, Feb. 24, 1797.. country, is infinitely beyond what My lord,

I can express.

In consequence of having re-

CAWDOR: ceived information, on Wednef- Cardigan Bay, şih of Ventose, sta day night at eleven o'clock, that

year of the republic. three large ships of war and a lug Sir, ger had anchored in a fmall road The circumstances under which fted, upon the coast in the neigh- the body of the French troops unbourhood of this town, I proceed- der my command were landed at ed immediately, with a detachment this place, renders it unnecessary of the Cardigan militia and all the to attempt any military operations, provincial force I could collect, to as they would tend only to bloodthe place. I soon gained positive lhed and pillage. The officers of intelligence they had disembarked the whole corps have therefore inti.



am, &c.


mated their desire of entering into to request his majesty to come to a negotiation, upon principles of town on Sunday morning to affitt humanity, for a furrender. 'If you at a privy council

. It is the first are influenced by similar considera. time during his reign that his ma. tions, you may úgnify the same by jesty has come to town to do busithe bearer, and in the mean time nefs on Sunday. The council was hoftilities shall cease.

accordingly held at St. James's; Salute and respect. present his majesty, the chancellor

TATE, Chef de Brigade. of the exchequer, the duke of To the officer commanding his

York, the duke of Portland, lord Britannic majiAly's troops.

Grenville, the marquis CornwalFishguard, Feb. 23, 1797 lis, earl Spencer, and the earl of Sir,

Chatham; the deliberation lasted The superiority of the force un- till three o'clock, when a procla. der my command, which is hourly mation was directed to be issued. increasing, muft prevent my treat As soon as the plan was agreed ing pon any terms short of your upon at the privy council, the mir surrendering your whole force pri- nisters were met in Downing-Street foners of war.

I enter fully into by the governor and deputy go. your rith of preventing an unne vernor of the bank, Mr. Thornceffary effufion of blood, which ton, Mr. Bofanquet, and other gen.. your speedy surrender can alone tlemen in the dire&ion. It was prevent, and which will entitle you communicated to them, and a long to that consideration it is ever the and warm conference took place wish of British troops to thew an on the occason.— The substance enemy whose numbers are inferior, of the measure is, a recommenda.

My major will deliver you this tion to the bank of England not to letter, and I Mall expect your de. iffue any more gold in payment of termination by ten o'clock, by your their notes until the sense of parliaofficer, whom I have furnished with ment Mall be taken. an escort that will conduet him to On this day (the 27th) the folme without molestation,

lowing notice was published by I am, &c.

the directors of the bank.

CAWDOR. Bank of England, Feb. 27, 1797; To the officer commanding

In consequence of an order of

his majesty's privy council notified The city of London has been to the baink last night, a copy of for some days thrown into a state which is hereunto annexed, of unusual alarm, by the stoppage The governor, deputy-governor, of payment in cand at the bank of and directors of the bank of EngEngland. The following particu- land, think it their duty to inform lars will give an idea of this af- the proprietors of bank stock, as fair.

well as the public at large, that the 27. The critical posture of the general concerns of the bank are empire making it necessary to take in the most affluent and prosperous the king's pleasure on a ftep of the situation, and such as to preclude higliest and most important nature, every doubt as to the security of and which nothing but desperate its notes. alarm can justify, Mr. Shaw, the The directors mean to continue inessenger, was sent on Saturday their usual discounts for the ac.

the French troops.



commodation of the commercial minute be transmitted to the direcintereti, paying the amount in fors of the bank of England, and bank potes, and the dividend war. they are hereby required on the rants will be paid in the same man- grounds of the exigency of the case (Sigoed)

to conformn thereto until the sense FRANCIS MARTIN, secretary. of parliament can b: taken as aforeCopy of the order of privy council. faid. Ai the council chamber, White (Signed) W. FAWKENER. hall, Feb. 26, 1797

A meeting was held on the same By the lords of his majesty's most ho- day at the manfion-house, of the aourable privy council. Present, merchants and bankers, &c. to

The Lord Chancellor, consider of the steps which it may Lord Prelident,

be proper to take to prevent emDuke of Portland,

barrallments to public credit, from Marquis Cornwallis,

the effect of any ill-founded or Earl Spencer,

exaggerated alarms, and to support Earl of Liverpool,

it with the utmost exertions at the Lord Grenville,

present important conjuncture. Mr. Chancellor of the Exche The lord-mayor in the chair. quer.

Resolved unanimously, that we, Upon the representation of the the underligned, being highly senchancellor of the exchequer, fat fible how necessary the preserva. ing that from the result of the in- tion of public credit is at this time formation which he has received, do molt readily hereby declare and of the inquiries which it has that we will not refuse to receive been his duty to make refpe&ting bank-notes in payment of any sum the effect of the unusual demands of money to be paid to us, and we for specie, that have been made will use our utmost endleavours to upon the metropolis, in conse- make all our payments in the same quence of ill-founded or exagge. manner.

Brook WATSON. rated alarms in different parts of This resolution, which is nearly dae country, it appears that unless a copy of that used in the year Some mealure is immediately taken, 1745, when there was a run upon there may be reason to apprehend the bank, was signed in a few days a want of a sufficient tupply of by the principal bankers, mercash to aoswer the exigencies of chants, and traders; and the folthe public service. It is the una lowing appeared in the London nimous opinion of the board, that Gazette. it is indispensably necessary for the At the council chamber, Whitchall, public service, that the directors of the 28th of February, 1797. the bank of Eogland Mould for.

Present, bear issuing any cash in payment The lords of his majesty's most until the sense of parliament can honourable privy council. be taken on that subject, and the We, whose names are hereunto proper measures adopted thereupon, fubscribed, being desirous to confor maintaining the means of cir- tribute, as far as we can, to the culation, and supporting the public support of the public and com. and commercial credit of the king. mercial credit of this kingdom at dom at this important conjuncture; this important crisis, do hereby and it is ordered, that a copy of this agreç and bind ourselves to receive



the notes of the bank of England dore Nelson to Admiral Sir John in all payments as money, and to Jervis, Commander in Chief of support, as far as depends on us his Majesty's Ships and Veliels individually, their circulation. in the Mediterranean, dated DeJ. Cantuar,

cember 20, 1796. Loughborough, C.

Last night at ten o'clock, I saw Chatham, P.

two Spaniflı frigates, and directed Dorfet,

captain Cockburne, in the MiLeeds,

nerve, to attack the fhip which Montrose,

carried a poop-light; the Blanche Roxburgh,

bore down to attack the other. I Portland,

have not yet received from cap. Townshend,

tain Preston an account of his acCornwallis,

tion; but as I saw the Blanche Bute,

this morning to windward with Pembroke,

every fail set, I presume the had Westmorland,

not suffered much damage. Chesterfield,

Captain Cockburne brought his Sandwich,

Tip to close action at twenty miDrummond Hay Kinnoul, nutes before eleven, which contiMacclesfield,

nued without intermiflion till hilf Spencer,

past one, when La Sabina, of forty Liverpool,

guns, twenty-eight eighteen-pounMornington,

ders on her main deck, two hun. Gower Sutherland,

dred and eighty-fix men, captain Sydney,

Don Jacobo Stuart, having loft her Grenville,

mizen malt, (as the did after the Onflow and Cranley,

action) nain and fore mait, one Walfingham,

liundred and fixty-four men killed Kenyon,

and wounded, struck her colours. Malmesbury,

You are, fir, fo thoroughly acAuckland,

quainted with the merits of capSt. Helen's,

tain Cockburne, that it is needless Henry Addington,

for me to express them; but the W. Pitt,

discipline of the Minerve does the Henry Dundas,

highest credit to her captain and Cha. Townfhend,

lieutenants, and I wish fully to ex. C.F. Greville, V.C.

press the sense I entertain of their J. C. Villiers,

judgment and gallantry: lieutenant Tames Grenville,

Culverhouse, the first lieutenant, is R. P. Arden,

an old officer of very diftinguished Wm. Wynne,

merit; lieutenants Hardy, Gage, Thomas Steele,

and Noble, deserve every praise A. Macdonald,

which gallantry and zeal juftly en8. Douglas,

title them to, as do every other of W. Windham.

ficer and man in the thip. You For the farther proceedings on

will observe, fir, I am sure, with this subject, see the Public Papers regret, amongst the wounded, lieu. of this volume.

tenant James Noble, who quitted Admiralty-office, Feb. 28, 1797. the captain to serve with me, and Copy of a Letter from Commo. whose merits and repeated wounds


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