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in the prize.

. (41) received in fighting the enemies of lord ship, that in consequence of a our country, entitle hio to every capitulation concluded on the 2d Teward which a grateful nation can initant, between lieutenant general befow. The Minerve's opponent the prince of Furstenburg and the being commanded by a gallant of- French general commanding the ficer, was well defended, which has works of the Tete-de-pont of Hucaused her lift of killed and wound- ningen, and of the island called the ed to be great, as also her masts, fails, Shutter Infel, the said works and and rigging, to be much damaged. island have been evacuated by the

I have the honour to be, fir, &c. enemy, and taken possession of by &c.

the troops of his imperial majesty. (Signed) HORATIO NELSON. The French had bestowed very Killed. Seven.

considerable labour on this poft Wounded. Thirty-four. during the time that their armies Miffing. Four, supposed to be were advanced into Germany. The

Tete-de-pont itself was supported Officers wounded. Lieutenant and outflanked by the extensive J. Noble, Mr. Merryweather, boat. horn-work on the Shuster island, Twain.

as were both by the fire of the forPetty officers killed and wounded. tress of Huningen, as well as of seKilled. One midfhipman.

veral temporary batteries on the Wounded. Captain's clerk, and left bank of the Rhine. But a con. sergeant of the uth regiment, fiderable quantity of heavy artilserving as marines,

lery having been sent to the Upper Damages. All her masts shot Brisgaw immediately after the rethrough, and furniture much cut. duction of Kehl, the attack, after

(Signed) Horatio Nelson. its arrival, was carried on with ef

(À second letter from commo- fect; and by its successful terminadore Nelson, gives an account of tion the right bank of the Upper captain Cockburne's having by Rhine has been completely cleared great address faved his ship against of the enemy. two Spanish line of battle thips, I have the honour to be, &c. which were within shot of him.

(Signed) Rob. CRAUFURD. Captain Preston, in the Blanche, filenced the thip he fought; but he [The Gazette also contains a could not take possession of her, letter from rear admiral Bazeley, owing to three more ships heaving Aating that fir John Colleton, in in fight, and she therefore escaped.] the Swift cutter, had taken the

Doruning-street, Feb. 28, 1797. Aventurier, French fchooner, carA Letter, of which the following is rying eleven men, with pistols and

a copy, has been received from cutlasses. Robert Craufurd, Efq. by the Also a letter from captain MacRight Honourable Lord Gren- namara, of the Southampton, ftat. ville, his Majetty's Principal Se- ing that he took the Corso, a Spacretary of State for Foreign Af- nith brig. fairs.

Also a letter from captain HarHead-quarters of the Auftrian good, that the squadron off Scararmy, Manheim, Feb. 7, 1797. borough had taken the Victorieux, My lord,

of Dunkirk, mounting 4 guns and : I have the honour to inform your, 30 men.]



The London Gazette Extraordinary.

Admiralty-Office, Marck 3, 1797Robert Calder, Esq. First Captain to Admiral Sir John Jervis, Bari.

arrived this Morning with Dispatches from him to Mr. Nepean, of which the following are Copies. SIR,

Viflory, in Lagos Bay, February 16, 1797 The hopes of falling in with the Spanish fleet, expressed in my letter to you of the 13th instant, were confirmed that night, by our distinctly hearing the report of their lignal-guns, and by intelligence received from captain Foote, of his majesty's ship the Niger, who liad, with equal judgment and perseverance, kept company with them for several days, on my prescribed rendezvous (which, from the strong fouth-east winds, I had never been able to reach), and that they were not more than the diita ce of three or four leagues from us. I anxioutly awaited the dawn of day's whey, being on the starboard tack, Çape St. Vincent bearing cait by porth eight leagues, I had the satisfaction of seeing a number of thips extending from south-west to south, the wind then at welt anu by could At forty-nine minutes pas ten, the weather being extrenicly hazy, La Bonne Citoyenne made the signal that the Nips feen were of the line, twenty-five in number. His majesty's fquadron under my command, con* Vi&ory,

fisting of the fifteen niips of the line named in margin", Britannia,

happily formed in the most compact order of failing, Barfleur,

in two lines. . By carrying a press of fail, I was for.

tunate in getting in with the enemy's feet at half past Prince George, eleven o'clock, before it had time to connect, and form Namur,

a regular order of battle. Such a moment was not to Captain,

be lost; and, confident in the skill, valour, and disciGoliath,

pline of the officers and men I had the happiness 10 Excellent,

command, and judging that the honour of his majes. Qrion,

ty's arms, and the circumstances of the war in these Colotlus,

seas, required a confiderable degree of enterprise, Egmont,

felt myself justified in departing from the regular fy: Culloden,

stem; and pasting through their feet, in a line formed Irrrefiftible,

with the utmost celerity, tacked, and thereby feparated Diadein.

one-third from the main-body, after a partial cannon

ade which prevented their rejunction till the evening; and by the very great exertions of the tips which had the good fortune

to arrive up with the enemy on the larboard tack; Salvador Guns. the thips named in the margin + were captured, and

del Mundo the action ceased about five o'clock in the evenSan Josef,

ing. San Nicolas,

80 I enclose the most corre& lift I have been able to San Ysidro 74 obtain of the Spanish fleet opposed to ine, amount:

ing to twenty-seven sail of the line, and an account of the killed and wounded in his majesty's ships, as well as in those taken from the enemy. The moment the latter (almost totally dismalted), and his majesty's thips the Captain and Culloden, are in a state to put to sea, I fall avail mytelf of the first favourable wind to proceed pff Cape St, Vincen, in my way to Lilbon.




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Captain Calder, whose able allistance has greatly contributed to the pablic service during my command, is the bearer of this, and will mare particularly describe to the lords commiffioners of the admiralty the movements of the squadron on the 14th, and the present state of it. I am, Sir, &c.

J. Jervis. Lift of the Spanish Fleet opposed to the British, the 14th of February, 1797Guns.

Guns, Santiffima Trinidad, 130


74 Mexicana,

San Genaro,

74 Príncipe de Asturias

San Ildephonfo, 74 Conception

San J. Nepomuceno, 74
Conde de Regla

San Fran. de Paula, 74
Salvador del Mundo 112 taken. San Y Gidro,
San Josef
112 taken. San Antonio,

San Nicolas,
84 taken. San Pablo,

74 Oriente,

San Firmin,

74 Glorioso,


74 Atlante,


74 Conquestador,


Name unknown, 74 Soberano,


Name unknown, 7+ Firme,

J. JERVIS 74 Lift of Killed and Wounded in the Squadron under the Command of Admiral Sir John Jervis, in the A&ion with the Spanish Fleet the 14th of February, 1797.

Killed. Wounded.

II2 112

74 taken,

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Officers Killed and Wounded.
Blenheim.-Mr. Edward Libby, acting lieutenant, wounded; M
Peacock, boatswain, wounded; Mr. Joseph Wixen, master's male,
wounded, fince dead.

Captain.-Major Williain Norris, marines, killed ; Mr. James Godench, midfhipman, killed ; commodore Nelson, bruised, but not obliged to quit the deck ; Mr. Carrington, boatswain, wounded in boarding the San Nicolas; Mr. Thomas Lund, midhipman, wounded.

Excellent.--Mr. Peter Peffers, boatswain, killed; Mr. Edward Asgustus Down, master's mate, wounded.

Orion,-Mr. Thomas Manfel, midshipman, wounded.
Culloden.-Mr. G. A. Livingstone, lieutenant of marines, killed.

Irresistible.--Serjeant Watson, marines, killed ; Mr. Andrew Thompfon, lieutenant, wounded; Mr. Hugh M*Kinnon, master's mate, wounded; Mr. William Balfour, midshipman, wounded.


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List of Killed and Wounded on board the Spanish Ships, taken by the

Squadron under the Command of Admiral Sir John Jervis, K. B. on

the 14th of February, 1797.
Ship Names.

Kd. WC.
San Yldro

Artillerists, seamen, and soldiers


[blocks in formation]


603 Notc.-Among the killed is the general Don Francisco Xavier Winthuyfen, Chef D’Escadre. Victory in Lagos Bay, off Oporto merit my highest appro


I am

Your most obedient
I inclose a letter received from

Humble servant,
captain Marsh, of his majesty's floop
'the King's Fisher, whose services Evan Nepean, Esq.

Feb. 16, 1797

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J. Jervis.

King's Fisker, of Oporio, between the 24th of January and
January 28, 1797

7th of March, 1797.

French. I beg leave to acquaint you that La Providence, noop, in ballafty on the azd inft. I fell in with two from Brest to Bourdeaux, sunk. Spanith privateers; one of which, a L'Intrepide loop, in ballast, from lugger, mounting one carriage gun, Breft to Bourdeaux, funk. and manned with thirty-eight men, La Jennée, brig, wine and branI captured, and drove the other on dy,

from Bourdeaux to Brest, fent hore, between Villa Conde and to England. . Vianoa; the latter was a schooner, Le brig, empty casks, burnt. and, I understand from the prison

Spanish. ers, mounted twelve carriage gurs,

La Santa Theresa, brig, empty and was manned with between fixty calks, from St. Andero to Vigo, and seventy men; thofe veffets had, burnt. for some time past, infefted this St. Jago de Compostella brig, in toast, and had captured several Eng- ballast, from St. Andero to Vigo, lih merchant vessels.

funk. I have the honour to be, Sir; J. B. WARREN, Commodore. Your most obedient

15. A fire broke out in a maltHumble servant,

kiln at Burwell, near Newmarket, EDWARD MARSH. occupied by M. Barlow and Wedge, Sir 7. Jervis, K. B. Adm.of the Blue, which entirely consumed the same; and Commander in Chief, &c. &c. with the malting, in which were

4. The London Gazette of this 351 Coombs of malt and barley, most day announces the capture of the of it damaged ; also a house and L'Approcrate brig, of 14 guns and workshop, the property of Mrs. 65 men; and the L'Hirondelle cut- Brown, fellmonger, widow, a house ler, of 6 guns and 45 men, by the of Mrs. Mary Isaacson's, another Stag, captain Yorke.

of Rich. Buntings, a coal-shed of 9. This day the bank began to Mr. Robt. Edwards's, and part of issue dollars at 45. gd. each. There the premises belonging to Mr. Wilis the mint stamp atixed on each, liam Shaw. Fortunately, the wind which conlíts of the king's head blew from the south-east, which marked on the king of Spain's drove the flames towards the Fen: neck.

Bunting is a great sufferer; being a 11. The captures in this day's waterman, he had several sums of London Gazette are, the L'Im- money belonging to Lynn, all of promptu, and the Le Bonheur, which were lost in the Games, not imall vetfels, by lieutenant Fefting, having time to get any thing out of of the Nimble cutter; and the Le his house. Voit geur French privateer, no guns 10. Court of Common Council. and 23 men, by captain Talbot, of The lord mayor ftated to the the Eurydice. The following list court that he had been requested to is alf riven.

convene a common hall, which he Àlit French and Spanish Vef. had declined to do until he had

fels captures and destroyed by taken the opinion of that court
his Vjeity's "qua Iron' under thereon.
the Command of Coinmodore Mr. Powel said it was improper
Sir John Borale Wan :n, K. B. for them to interfere with the livery

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