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In the Year 1797



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In the Year 1797.

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the evening, when they quitted their

ftation, and have not since been THE Lisbon mail, which ar- heard of. The wind, at the time of brings us the melancholy intelli From their first appearance every gence of the loss of his majesty's exertion was made by general Dalthips, the Bombay Castle, of 74 rymple, the commanding officer of guns, commanded by capt. Sother the

district; and a considerable force by, and the Courageux, of 74 guns, was collected to repel the enemy: commanded by capt. Hallowell. The accounts further state, that The fleet of admiral fir John Jer. the yeomanry and volunteer corps vis encountered a severe storm in displayed the utmost zeal and ala. coming through the Straits of crity in undertaking the guards in Gibraltar. The Courageux was those places from whence the regu. seen to go down.- Capt. Hallowell

, lar troops were withdrawn; and the the master, and about 100 of the universal readiness sewn by all decrew were happily saved; but we fcriptions of people to forward the Jament to fay that between 4•and preparations for defence, left no 500 gallant men lost their lives. doubt of the event, in case the ene

The Bombay Castle was loft clofe my had ventured to make a descent. to the Tagus, and the captain and In particular, the spirit, activity, all the crew fortunately saved. and exertions of Richard White,

The following are the official ac Efq. of Seafield park, deserve the counts of the attempt of the French most honourable mention. upon Ireland :

An officer and seven men were Whitehall, January 3. By dị. driven on thore in a boat belong{patches received on Sunday even- ing to one of the French fhips, and ing from the lord lieutenant of were immediately made prisoners. Ireland, by his grace the duke of This gentleman was conveyed to Portland, his majesty's principal fe, Dublin, and, upon examination, cretary of state for the home de- states that the fleet, upon its leaving partment, it appears that a part of Brest, conGsted in all of about fifty the French feet, consisting of eight fail, having an army of 25,000 men two-deckers, and nine other veilels on board, commanded by general of different classes, had anchored in Hoche, and that it was destined for Bantry Bay, on the 24th ultimo, the attack of Ireland. and had remained there, without Whitehally January 7. By diany attempt to land, till the 27th in spatches received this day by the

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duke of Portland, from the lord- reason to believe, that if a landing lieutenant of Ireland and Mr. Pel- had taken place, they would have ham, dated the 3d and 4th, it ap- displayed the utmost fidelity. When pears that a part of the French the flank companies of the Antrim Aeet had returned to Bantry Bay, regiment were formed, the whole and that another part had been seen regiment turned out, to a man, off the mouth of the Shannon; but with expressions of the greatest cathat both divisions had quitted their gerness to march ; and the Down. stations, and put to sea, on the even- fhire regiment, to a man, declared ing of the 2d inft. without at- they would stand and fall by their tempting a landing. The accounts officers. of the disposition of the country, At the time the army was ordered where the troops are assembled, are to march, the weather was extremeas favourable as possible; and the ly severe; I therefore ordered them greatest loyalty has manifested itself a proportion of spirits upon their throughout the kingdom; and in route, and directed an allowance of the south and west, where the troops four-pence a day to their wives unhave been in motion, they have been til their return. During their march met by the country people of all the utmost attention was paid them descriptions, with provisions and all by the inhabitants of the towns and sorts of accommodations, to facilitate villages through which they palied; their march ; arid every demonstra- so that in many places the meat tion has been given of the zeal and provided by the commissaries was ardour of the nation to oppose the not consumed.—The roads, which enemy in every place where it could in parts had been rendered impairbe fuppofed a descent might be at- able by the snow, were cleared by tempted.

the peasantry. The poor people Whitehall, January 17. often shared their potatoes with Extract of a Letter from his Ex: them, and dressed their meat with

cellency the Lord-lieutenant of out demanding payment, of which Ireland to his Grace the Duke of there was a very particular instance Portland, dated Dublin. Castle, in the town of Banagher, where Jan, 10, 1797

no gentleman or principal farmer I have the satisfaction to ac resides to set them the example. At quaint your grace, that since the Carlow a considerable subscription information transmitted to Mr. was made for the troops as they Greville, that the French had en. paffed; and at Limerick and Cork tirely left Bantry Bay, there has every exertion was used to facilitate been no re appearance of them up- the carriage of artillery and bag. on the coasts ; so that I trust, from gage, by premiums to the carmen; the violence of the tempest, and and in the town of Galway, which from their thips being ill-found for a short time was left with a very and ill-victualled, their expedition inadequate garrison, the zeal and is for the present frustrated.

ardour of the inhabitants and yeo. Upon reviewing what has passed manry was peculiarly manifested, during this expedition of the ene. and in a manner to give me the ut. my, I have the satisfaction to re- most satisfaction. In short, the gefect, that the best spirit was mani. neral good disposition of the peo. feited by his majesty's regular and ple through the south and weft was militia forces; and I have every lo prevalent, that, had the enemy


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landed, their hope of affistance from lar letter written to the commandthe inhabitants would have been to- ants of the refpe&tive corps, their tally difappointed.

answers Jmost universally containfrom the armed yeomanry go- ed a general offer of service in any vernment derived the most honour. 'part of the kingdom. able affiftance. Noblemen and gen. Many prominent examples of in. tiemen of the first property vied in dividual loyalty and spirit have apexerting themselves at the head of peared. An useful impresion was their corps. Much of the express made upon the minds of the lower and escort duty was performed by Catholics by a judicious address them. In Cork, Limerick, and Gal- from Dr. Moylan, the titular bithop way, they took the duty of the gar- of Cork. I cannot but take notice rifon. Lord Shannon informs me, of the exertions of Lord Keninare, that men of three and four thou. who spared no expence in giving {and pounds a year were employed aisistance to the commanding ofiin escorting baggage and carrying cer in his neighbourhood, and who expreffes. Mr. John Latouche, who took into his own demesne a great was a private in his son's corps, quantity of cattle which had been rode twenty-five miles in one of driven from the coast. Nor could the feverest nights, with an any thing exceed the ardor of the press, it being his turn for duty. earl of Ormond, who, when his reThe merchants of Dublin, many of giment of militia was retained as them of the first eminence, marched part of the garrison of Dublin, sofixteen Irish miles with a convoy licited with so much zeal a comof arms to the North, whither it mand in the flank companies, that was conducted by reliefs of yeo. I thought it a measure due to his manry. The appearance in this majesty's service to encourage his metropolis has been highly meri- lord ship's request. torious. The corps have been 3. The London Gazette of this formed of the most respectable bar. day announces the capture of Le risters, attorneys, merchants, gen- Surfrein, a French vessel

, with 250 tlemen, and citizens, and their num- troops, arms, &c. on board. She ber is so conliderable, and their was taken off Cape Clear by Capa zeal in mounting guard so useful, tain Sterling of the Jason. Also of that I was enabled greatly to re the Didon French cutter privateer, duce the garrison with perfect safe. carrying four brass four-pounders ty to the town. The numbers of and 30 men, by capt. Drew of the yeomanry fully appointed and dif. Cerberus. Also of the L'Amaciplined in Dublin exceed two ranthe French - brig, of thousand ; above four hundred of pounders and nine men, by the whom are horse. The whole num- Diamond. ber of corps approved by govern. 7. The London Gazette announces ment amount to four hundred and the capture of the San Pio Spanith forty, exclusive of the Dublin corps. corvette, of 18 guns and 140 men, The gross number is nearly twen- by capt. Carthen of the Regulus ; ty-five thousand. There are also Le Coup d'Efai, a small privateer ninety-one offers of service under of 2 guns, small arms, and 28 men, connideration, and one hundred and by capt. Colvill of the Star. twenty-five proposals have been 8. The fteeple of Horningtoft declined; and, in reply to a circu- church, near Norwich, fell down,



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