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this indulgence must be limited, able fubje&ts of his Britannic ma.
his excellency Don Chacon will jefty.
previously deliver to the British Art. XIII. The failors and fol
commanders a list of their names, diers of his Catholic majelly are,
rank, and places which they are from the time of their laying down
going to.

their arms, to be fed by ihe British
Art. VII. The officers of the government, leaving the expence
royal administration, upon the deli- to be regulated by the cartel be-
very of stores with which they are tween the two nations.
charged to such officers as may be Art. XIV. The fick of the Spa-
appointed by the British comman- nish troops will be taken care of,
ders, will receive receipts, accord- but to be attended, and to be un.
ing to the custom in like cases, der the infpe&tion, of their own
from the officers so appointed to surgeons.
receive the stores.

Art. XV. All the inhabitants of Art. VIII. All the private pro- Trinidad Mall

, within thirty days perty of the inhabitants, as well from the date hereof, take the oath Spaniards as may such as have of allegiance to his Britannic mabeen naturalized, is preserved to jesty, to demean themselves quietly them.

and faithfully to his government,
Art. IX. All public records are upon pain, in case of non-compli.
to be preserved in fuch courts or ance, of being sent away from the
offices as they are now in, and all inand.
contracts or purchases between in Done at Port d'Espagne, in the
dividuals, which have been done isand of Trinidad, the 13th day of
according to the laws of Spain, are February, 1797.
to be held binding and valid by the

British governmelit.

Art. X. The Spanish officers of

administration, who are potiefed of Return of the Spanish Garrifon
landed property in Trinidad, are of the Illand of Trinidad made
allowed to remain in the island, Prisoners of War, Feb. 18,
they taking the oaths of aliegi 1797
ance to his Britannic majesty; and Royal artillery.-- I captain, :
they are further allowed, Bould lieutenant, 43 non-comniifiioned
they please, to sell or dispose of officers, drummers, and privates.
their property, and to retire else Engineers. -- I brigadier, 2 cap-

tains, i fubaltern. Art. XI. The free exercise of Trinidad regiment.2 lieutenanttheir religion is allowed to the in- colonels, 2 captains, 15 fubalterns, habitants.

1 adjutant, 2 ensigns, i surgeon, ! Art. XII. The free-coloured peo- chaplain, 504 non-commissioned ofple, who have been acknowledged ficers, drummers and privates. as such by the laws of Spain, thall French officers. --'lieutenantbe protected in their liberty, per- colonel, 3 captains, 1 subaltern, 2 fons, and property, like other inlia- engineers. . bitants; they taking the oath of Fifty men fick in general hosallegiance, and demeaning them- pital. Selves as become good and peace.

John IIope, Adj. Gen.


Return of the Naval Oficers and Seamen made Prisoners of War at

the Capture of Trinidad, February, 16, 1797Chef d'efcadre. 1 Brigadier. $ Captsins of line of bartle ships. 3 Captains of trigates. 7 Lieutenants of line of bat:le flips. 74 Officers of all other dekritions. gi Officers.

58: Marines. 1032 Seamen.



1613 Total of marines and seamen.

(Signed) John HPE, Adj. Gen.

Ofice of Ordnance, Trinidad, Feb. 20, 1797. Return of Stores and Toob found in the Engineer Arsenal of the

Town of Puerta de Hifpania. Species of stores.

Serviceable. Pickaxes helved

1918 Shovels

2739 Hoes

3461 Bill hooks

2335 Sledges

1979 Cleavers Chisels.

193 Crow bars, iron Crow bars, small ditto

2015 Wedges, alforted

1989 Screws

124 Ladles

96 Plates for wedges

4010 Steel, lbs. Iron small drawn, lbs.

825 Iron bars, flat 60, lbs.

345+ Iron bars, double 190, lbs.

12300 Iron bars, round 62, Ibs.

4045 Jumpers, 5 feet long

1436 Prickers

1732 : Axes, masons.

3727V Hammers, masons

134 Nails, spike of 13 inches, lbs:

1800 1 inches, lbs.

3000 6 inches, Ibs.

2500 44 inches, lbs.

939 1 inch, Ibs.

600 Nails, fupper Sheets of lead, each 8 cwt,

24 N.B. No


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N.B. No return has as yet been received from the commiffary sent to Gafpar Grande, to take an account of the engineer ftores depofited in that isand, but it is understood there are, amongst other articles, intrenching tools sufficient for goo men.

(Signed) CHARLES SHIPLEY, major and commandant

royal engineers, windward and leeward

islands. Return of Ordnance, Ammunition and Stores, captured on the Iand

of Trinidad, Feb. 18, 1797.

Brass Ordnance.
2 Twenty-fix pounders, dismounted.
6 Twenty-Six pounders, 4 twenty-four pounders, 9 fixteen poun-

ders, 6 twelve pounders, on travelling carriages.
3 Sixteen pounders dismounted.
Il Four pounders, on travelling carriages, with limbers.
2 Four pounders, on garrison carriages.
8 Twelve-inch mortars an brass beds.

Iron Ordnance.
10 Sixteen pounders, dismounted.
4 Twelve pounders, on travelling carriages.
4 Short twelve pounders, on garrison carriages.
2 Six pounders, dismounted.
7 Six pounders, on garrison carriages.
13 Four pounders, on ditto.
6 Four pounders, dismounted.

Loose Round Shot.
1,698 Twenty-fix pounders.
2,799 Twenty-four pounders.

1 200 Eighteen pounders. 4,240 Sixteen pounders. 1,400 Twelve pounders. 450 Ten pounders.

220 Eight pounders. 1,082 Six pounders. 5,092 Four pounders. 200 Three pounders. 125 Six pounders, double headed. 43

Four pounders, double headed. 54 Six pounders, in tin cases. 50,000 Loose iron balls, Iflb. each. 18,600 Ditto, 4 oz. each. 1,067 Twelve inch fhells, empty.

Canvas Cartridges, filled with Powder. 195 Twenty-four pounders. 193 Sixteen pounders. 201 Twelve pounders. 480 Six pounders. 143 Four pounders. 258 Twenty-four pounders, empty.

B5 Whole


85 Whole barrels of powder, HH. of 100lbs. each,

6 Half barrels of ditto.
5,883 Pounds of powder, in cases, in No. 39
70,800 Musquet cartridges, in barrels, C. H.
7,718 Ditto, in boxes.

Spare Travelling Carriages.
2 Twenty-fix pounders.
11 Sixteen pounders.

2 Twelve pounders.
3,225 Musquets, with steel ramrods and bayonets.
142,000 Musquet flints.

30 Cwt. flow match. 108 Cartouch boxes, with sings. 400 Spades, with helves. 400 Hoes, with ditto. 200 Felling axes, with ditto, 100 Picks, with ditto. 100 Pickaxes, with ditto. 400 Hand-bills.

62 Covers of leather for musquet locks. 9,436 lbs. of lead, in pigs. With a suitable proportion of fide-arms and small articles in the ordinance department.

N. B. 2 iron fix pounders ; 138 cartouch boxes, with llings; 298 scabbards, with bayonets; 118 thirteen inch fuzees; 1420 tubes'; and 227 portfires, unserviceable, and not included.

Note. The fixteen pounder brass guns are the exact dimensions of English eighteen pounders.

(Signed) John Smith, major, commanding royal artillery,

Windward and Leeward lands. Return of Provisions found in the Stores in the Illand of Trinidad, de

livered over to me by the Commiffary (or Contador) in the Service of the King of Spain. 632 Whole barrels of American flour.

99 Half ditto. 154 Tierces of Rice.


John GLASFURD, Dep.Com. Gen. Port of Spain, Trinidad,

Feb. 20, 1797Admiralty Office, March 27, 1797. ria, February 21, 1797, to Mr. Ne

Captain Harvey, of his majesty's pean, secretary of the admiralty, of fhip Prince of Wales, arrived at the which the following is a copy: Admiralty this morning with a di Sir, spatch from rear-admiral Henry Har I have the honour to acquaint vey, commander in chief of his ma- you, for the information of their jesty's lips and vessels at Barbadoes lord ships, that it having been deand the Leeward Inands, dated off terinined an attack Mould be made Port d'Espagne, in the Gulf of Pa. on the island of Trinidad, both

with a view to that colony, and to proceed a little farther up the gull, the Spanish squadron which had and anchor with all the transport: been there for some time past, the The Alarm, Favorite, and Victo. troops intended for this expedition rieuse were ordered to keep under from Martinique were accordingly fail above the transports during the embarked in the ships of war, and night, and prevent any veffels Cailtransports, and I failed from Forting from Pori Espagne. - Royal Bay, the 12th inslant, with In the evening, just before dark, the fhips and vessels of his majesty's I anchored with the flips of the {quadron under my command, as Line in order of battie, opposite the per margin*. Lieutenant-general enemy's squadrou, within random fir Ralph Abercromby embarked mot of their drips and batteries, and with me in the Prince of Wales. ia constant readiness to prevent

The Invincible had previously their escape during the night, which failed for Barbadoes, with two I fofpected they might at:einpt, as transports, to embark a part of the all their fails were bent, and they 14th regiment, and the Thorn and appeared perfectly ready for failing, Zebra were ordered to receive the At two o'clock in the morning detachment from Tobago. The of the 17th we di covered one of Favorite was sent to St. Vincent to their fhips on fire, and soon after colleet some troops from that isand, three others, all of which burnt and the whole were ordered to ren- with great fury until neai day-'ight, dezvous at the island of Cariacou, when they were entirely consumed. one of the Grenadines, on or be- One of them having escaped the fore the 13th; and, on my arrival conflagration, the boats were feat at that island, the 14th, I found all from the squadron, and the cas the ships and transports were als brought out without having receiv. sembled.

ed any damage. On the 15th, in the morning, I I have great fatisfa&tion in acfailed with the squadron and tran- quainting their lord ships that this fports, passing between Cariacou quieron of the enemy, coinmandand Grenada ; and on the 16th ar- ed by rear admiral Don Sebastian rived off Trinidad, and stood to. Ruiz de Apodaca, were destroyed ward the Gulf of Paria, when hav or captured according to the list ! ing passed through the great Bocas herewith enclose; and although channel, at half-past three in the this service was effected without afternoon, the Spanish squadron any other act on the part of his were discovered at anchor in Sha- majesty's squadron under my comgaramus Bay, confifting of four fail mand, than being placed in such a of the line, under the tag of a rear fituation as to prevent their escape, admiral, and one frigate.

I am fully convinced that had they - As the day was well advanced remained at their anchorage until before I approached the bay, and the next day, the officers and men the enemy appeared in strength on whom I have the honour to com. Gasparaux illand, which command- mand, would have completed, by ed the anchorage, by batteries erect- their exertion and zeal, the capture ed for that purpose, I ordered the of the whole, notwithltanding the Arethufa, Thorn, and Zebra, to advantage of their situation, under

* Prince of Wales; Bellona, Vengeance, Scipios Favourite, Zephyr, Terror bomb.


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