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to the wages of petty officers and able and ordinary, therefore the able seamen ;

distinction between ordinary and Three thillings per month to the fandmen is totally new; we there.

wages of ordinary seamen ; and fore humbly propose to your lordTwo thillings per month to the ships, that the old regulations be wages of landmen.

adhered to, that the wages of Ttat we have resolved, that able feameri be raised to one thil-' Seamen wounded in action shall be ling per day, and that of petty of. continued in pay until their wounds ficers, and the ordinary, in the åre healed, or until, being declared usual proportion: and as a further unserviceable, they fliall receive a proof of our moderation, and that penfion, or be received into the we are actuated by a true spirit of royal hospital at Greenwich; and benevolence toward our brethren that, having a perfect confidence the marines, who are not noticed in the zeal, loyalty, and courage of in your lordships' answer, we humall the seamen in the fieet, fo ge. bly propose that their be auga nerally expressed in their petition, mented, while serving on board, and in their earnest desire of serve in the same proportion as ordinary ing their country with that fpiritseamen. This we hope and trust which always so eminently distin- will be a convincing proof to your guished British seamen, we have lordships that we are not actuated come to this resolution the more by a spirit of contradiction, but teadily, that the seamen may have that we earneftly wish to put a as early as poffible an opportunity speedy end to the present affair. of showing their good dispositions, We beg leave to itate to your by returning to their duty, as it lord ships, that the penfions from may be necessary that the fleet Greenwich college we carnestly thould speedily put to fea, to meet' wish to be raised to ten pounds the enemy of the country:

per apnum; and, in order to mains Given under our hands, at tain which, we humbly propose to

Portsmouth, the 18th day of your lordships, that every seaman
April, 1797.

employed in the merchant fervice, Spencer, instead of six-pence per month, Arden. which he now pays, mall hereaf

W. YOUNG. ter pay one thilling per month, To the right hon. lord Brid which, we trust, will raise a fund

port, K. B. admiral of the fully adequate to the purpose ; and white, commander in chief as this in time of peace must be of a squadron of his ma paid by your petitioners, we trust jesty's ships employed in it will give a convincing proof of the Channel service.

our disinterestedness and modera. The Seamen's Replý. tion. We would also recommend We received your lord thips' an that this regulation be extended to swer to our petition ; and in order the feamen in the service of the to convince your lordfiips, and the East India company, as we know Jlation in general, of our modera- by experience that there are few tion, beg leave to offer the follow. failors employed by them but what ing remarks to your consideration, have been in the royal navy; and viz. – That there never has existed we have feen them with our own but two orders of men in the navy, eyes, after fickness or other acci. 1797.



dent has disabled them, without their accomplices was signed by any hope of relief or support, but his majetty. It was near ten o'clock from their former services in the at night before the whole of this navy. -As to provifions, that they butinefs was settled, at which hour, be augmented to fixteen ounces to Mr. Powell, the admiralty melen: the pound of bread and meat; ger, who was in waiting, was sent cheese, butter, and liquor in pro. off with copies of the proceedings portion, and of a better quality, to lord Bridport at Portsmouth. and a sufficient quantity of vegeta The following is a copy of the bles; and that no four be served letter from the admiralty to lord · with fresh beef. And we further. Bridport, notifying their complibeg leave to inform your lord- ance with the demands of the feathips, that it is unanimously agreed, men; with their final answer. that, until the grievances before By the commissioners for execu:stated are redressed, and an act of ing the office of lord high adindemnity paffed, we are determin miral of Great Britain and Ireed not to lift an anchor: and the land, &c. grievances of particular fhips must Having taken into our confiderabe redressed.

tion a paper containing several reGiven under our hands, the presentations from the seainen of

delegates of the feet, on his majesty's fhips at Spithead, reboard the Queen Charlotte specting the advance of their wages,

at Spithead, April 19, 1797. and being desirous of granting them Signed as before.

every request that can with any In this situation of affairs, lord degree of reason be complied with, Spencer, and the other commiflion we have resolved to recommend ers, left Portsmouth, and arrived in it to his majesty, that an addition town on Saturday. The business of five fhillings and fixpence per was urgent, and no time was to month be made to the wages of be loft. A council was immediately petty officers and seamen belong. held, which consisted of the lord ing toʻlis majesty's navy, which president, the duke of Portland, will make the wages of able fea. earl Spencer, the lord chancellor, men one'fhilling per day, clear of lord Grenville, Mr. Durdas, and all deductions; an addition of four lord Wallingham; and the whole thillings and fixpence per month to board of admiralty assified upon the the wages of ordinary seamen; and occasion. The deliberations conti an addition f three shillings and nued upward of three hours, the sixpence per month to the wages

of result of which was favourable to landmen; and that none of the althe claims of the seamen in every lowance niade to the marines when particular. The whole of the ca. on shore shall be stopped, on their binet ministers then set off for being embarked on board any of Windsor, where they arrived at his majesty's ships. We have also seven o'clock. Another council resolved, that all leamen, marines, was instantly held in the prefence and others ferving in his majesty's, of his majesty, at the lodge, when ships, shall have the full allowance an order was regularly made out of provisions, without any deducfor granting the whole of the sailors' tions for leakage or waste; and that, deinands; and a full pardon and until proper steps can be take for indemnity for the delegates and carrying this into effect, short al


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lowance money thall be paid to Given under our hands, at the men in lieu of the deduction Portsmouth, the 20th of beretofore made: and that all men April, 1797 wounded in action shall receive

SPENCER. their full pay until their wounds

Arden. shall be healed, or until, being de

W. YOUNG, clared incurable, they shall receive To the right hon. lord Brida pension fron the chest at Chat port, K. B. admiral of the bam, or shall be admitted into the white, commander in chief royal hospital at Greenwich. And of a squadron of his mayour lordship is hereby required jesty's thips to be employand directed to communicate this ed in the Channel Soundour determination to the captain of ings, &c. each of his majefty's ships under By the command of their your orders, directing him to make Lorddhips, (Signed) it known to the ship's company un.

WM. MARSDEN. der his command, and to inform To the right hon. the lords comthem that dould they be insensible millioners of the admiralty. to the very liberal offers now made We, the seamen and marines in to them, and persist in their pre. and belonging to his majesty's fleet fent disobedience, they must no now lying at Spithead, having relonger expect to enjoy those bene- ceived with the utmoft satisfaction, fits to which, by their former good and with hearts full of gratitude, condu&t, they were entitled : and the bountiful augmentation of pay that in such case, all the men nou and provisions which your lordon board the fleet at Spithead shall fhips have been pleased to signify be incapable of receiving any sinart shall take place in future in his money or pensions from the chest majesty's royal navy by your orof Chatham, or of being admitted der, which has been read to us this at any time into the royal hospital morning by the command of adat Greenwich; and that they must miral lord Bridporibe answerable for the dreadful con- · Your lordrhips having thus gefequences which will necessarily nerously taken the prayer of our attend their continuing to traní- several petitions into your serious gress the rules of the service, in consideration, you have given fa, open violation of the laws of their tisfaction to every loyal and well. country.

disposed seamen and marine be. On the other hand, he is to in longing to his majetty's fleets; and form them, that we promise the from the aflurance which your most perfect forgiveness of all that lordships have given us respecting bas passed on this occasion to every such other grievances as we thought fhip's company, who, within one right to lay before you, we are hour after the communication to thoroughly convinced, should any them of the above-mentioned re- real grievance or other cause of folutions, Niall return to their duty complaint arise in future, and the in every particular, and hall ceale same be laid before your lordships to hold further intercourse with in a regular manner, we are per any men who continue in a state of fectly satisfied that your lord thips disobedience and mutiny.

will pay every attention to a min


ber of brave men, who ever have ferving on board the said squadron, and ever will be true and faithful who Mall, upon notification hereof to their king and country,

on board their respective thips, reBut we beg leave to remind your turn to the regular and ordinary lordships, that it is a firm resolu- discharge of their duty: and we do tion, that, until the flour io port be hereby declare, that all such feamen removed, the vegetables and pen- and marines, fo returning to their fions augmented, the grievances of duty, shall be discharged and reprivate thips be redressed, an act teased from all prosecutions, impassed, and his majesty's most prisonments, and penalties, incur. gracious pardon for the fleet now sed by reafon of any act of muliny lying at Spithead be granted, that or disobedience of orders, or any the feet will not lift an anchor; breach or negle of duty, previousand this is the total and final an- ly committed by them, or any of fwer.

them. The following is a copy of the Given at our court at Windsor, royal proclamation.

the 22d day of April, 1797. By the KING.

and in the 37th year of our A Proclamation

reign. For pardoning such feamen and God save the King.

marines of the squadron of his Thus happily evded this dismajesty's fleet stationed at Spit- agrecable affair. A letter from head, as have been guilty of any Portsmouth, dated Sunday even. act of mutiny or disobedience of ing, eight o'clock, April 23, says, orders, or any breach or neglect • The dispatches which of duty, and who fhall, upon no. brought down by Mr. Powell in tification of such proclamation the extraordinary short period of on board their respective tips, feven hours, were instantly carried return to the regular and ordi- to the port admira”, who sent for nary discharge of their duty. lord Bridport, admirals Gardner, GEORGE R.

Pole, and Colpoys; and after conUpon report of the lords com- sulting a long time together, about missioners of the admiralty of the 11 o'clock they proceeded on board procecdings of the feamen and ma the Royal George, where lord Bridrines of the squadron of our fleet port's flag had been again hoisted. stationed at Spithead, and of the A lignal was immediately made for measures taken by the said lords all captains to go on board the adcommiffioners in consequence miral's ship, when the nature of the thereof; and in order to manifest dispatches was divulged. Every our desire to give due encourage. captain then returned to his own ment to all those who shall return ship, and communicated to the to the regular and ordinary dis- crews the contents of the dispatches charge of their duty, according to from Windsor. The feamen una. the rules and practice of the navy; nimously declared they could give we have thought fit, by the advice no answer till the proposals were of our privy council, to issue this submitted to the court of delegates. our royal proclamation, and do On assembling the court, it was hereby promise our most gracious found that Joyce and Glynn, two pardon to all seamen and marines of the delegates, were on thore.



The court would not proceed with Downing-fireet, April 29, 1797. out them.

By dispatches from col. Graham, • A boat was sent on shore, and dated at the head quarters of his they were brought on board in as royal highness the archduke much form as if they had been two Charles, at Vorderenberg, the 8th officers. The court of delegates instant, it appears that no general being completed, proceeded to bu- action had taken place fince the finess. The proposals were dis- date of his last dispatches, and that cussed, and finally agreed upon at general Buonaparte's head-quarters half past fix. The signal of appro- were then at Bruck. bation, being three cheers, was first Vienna, April 11. An armistice given by the Queen Charlotte, and for six days has been agreed upon then went through the whole fleet, between the archduke Charles and every fhip giving in this manner its general Buonaparte, which will excontent.

pire on the 13th instant. Captain Holloway, of the Duke, Vienna, April 12. Accounts from first came on shore about seven the Tyrol state that the baron de o'clock, to announce the happy Laudohn had gained several consis tidings to the thousands of anxious derable advantages over the enemy. spectators waiting the result on the On the 4th he had made himself platform. All the boats from the master of Lotzen, and on the 5th other thips followed, and the sea- he had advanced as far as Deutchen men in each, on landing, declared and Braurol. the businefs happily settled. The The enemy abandoned Millerseamen are satisfied. They have vald, Oberau, and Unterau, and uaanimeusly agreed to resume their fet fire to the bridges between Oberduty, and it is understood the feet au and Ampozzo, in the night of will fail on Tuesday.

the 4th, and retired precipitately to · The intelligence was received Pusterthal. General Laudohn 'had with the most excessive joy by the in the mean time taken the enemy people on thore.'

in the rear, and had forced them to From the London Gazette, April 29. abandon the posts of Clauser and

Doruning-ftreet, April 29, 1797 Steben : they were also driven from A letrer, of which the following is Brixen, and baron Kerpen had ada

a copy, has been received from vanced the whole of his line, and colonel Craufurd, by the right had effected a junction, and fixed his hon. lord Grenville, his majesty's head-quarters at Brixen. principal secretary of state for The enemy left behind them a ibe foreign department,

considerable quantity of provisions My lord,

and ammunition. I have the honour to inform The people of the Tyrol are rif. yons lordship, that general Hoche ing in a mass, and the commotions has given notice to general Wer in the Venetian states threaten the neck, that the armistice which had French in the rear. been arranged for the Lower Rhine, Prince Efterhazy is advancing will expire this day.

through Croatia with a considerable I have the honour to be, &c. body of Hungarians.

(Signed) C. CRAUFURD. Admiralty Office, April 29, 1797. Right hon. lord Grenville, &c. Extract of a letter from vice-ad.

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