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Vries, the Gelykheid, the Hercu. morable engagement; and admit. les (which, while on fire, had ting that casual circumstances had thrown her gunpowder overboard), been equally favourable to them as and lastly, the Vryheid, were ob to the English, and admiral de Winliged severally to strike, as neither ter's signals been obeyed and exea of them were any longer manage cuted with the same promptitude as able, and, being surrounded by a admiral Duncan's were, it is no innumber of the enemy's fhips, all probable conjecture that some of further resistance was rendered in the Britilli fleet would at this time effetual.

have been moored in the TexThus the battle of the ith of el, as a memento of Batavian O&ober, 1797, was ended by the prowess, and a monument to the ceafing of the fire from the Baia- memory of the sith of October, vian Hip Vryheid, which to the 1797. laft nobly contended to preserve 16. There was a general illumi. what Mhe honourably loft--the Ba- nation in the metropolis, and its tavian colours.

vicinities, in celebration of admiThe bad success of this engage- ral Duncan's victory. The manment is to be attributed to the fola fion-house, admiralty, theatres, and lowing causes :

other public buildings, were fplenift. The English force, although didly illuminated. Few events have equal in number, exceeded that of given rise to more general and ar-, the Batavians as tv ships of the dent demonstrations of joy: line.

17. The gazette of this night 2nd. The English fhips having announces the capture of La Débeen together at sea during the couverte, French brig, 14 guns fpace of nineteen weeks, the par. and 91 men, by the Unité; and of ticular capacity of all the ships was the Telemachus, French lugger known to them, with relation to privateer, of 12 guns and 35 meni, each other; which, it must be al. by lieutenant Tomlinson of the lowed, is of the utmost importance Speedwell. and advantage in nautical manæu 18. The livery of London afvres. This was not the case with sembled in common hail, to prothe Dutch.

ceed io the choice of a fit person to 3d. The advantage of the at. fill the lord mayor's chair for the tack; and

ensuing year. 4th. The early retreat of fix Ba The court of aldermen went to tavian fhips from the action. And the hustings at one o'clock, and afamong those that remained were ter the usual ceremonies were passed four very indifferent failers, to through, the recorder came forward. which may be principally attributed He informed the hall, that in conthe breaking of the line. Add to sequence of fir Benjamin Hame this

, t'at having lost the advantage met's having declined to serve the of attack, and being partly forsaken, office to which the livery of Lone it becomes a matter of less surprize don had elected him; and of his that the victory turned out so deci- having paid into the chamber of fively in favour of the English. the city the sum of 1000l. as a Upon the whole, without magni- tine, it became necessary to choose fying Batavian courage beyond fome other fit and proper person to what was exemplified in this me. the same office in his stead, 1797,



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The names of the aldermen next 30. The coroner's inqueft fat on in turn were then read, beginning the body of Humphrey Bruifter, Efq. with those of Newman, Anderson, who, on Thursday evening, thot it and Combe; the two last of whom, himself at his house in Dean-ftreet, having the majority of hands in Soho, and brought in a verdict lutheir favour, were returned to the nacy. The nurse was the principal court of aldermen for their appro- witness on this melancholy occabation, and they returned Mr. al- fion. By her evidence it appeared, derman Anderson duly chosen, he that the deceased had been indifbeing the senior on the lift: he posed for several days. On Thurfwas accordingly invested with the day he was sufficiently well, and orinfignia of office.

dered a haddock for dinner, and a 20. The court of aldermen and pudding. About two hours before common council voted thanks to his death he changed his mind, and admiral Duncan and his officers, desired to have boiled mutton at the and the freedom of the city and a usual hour. In the morning of sword of 200 guineas value to him ; Thursday he locked himself in his and the freedom, with a sword of bed-room for a considerable time, a 100 guineas value, to vice-admiral circumstance by no means customOnilow.

ary. At one o'clock the nurse and 26. The city of London present. fervant maid heard a piftol-hot as ed a loyal address to his majesty on they fat in the kitchen. The nurfe the victory gained by admiral Dun- ran up stairs, but did not open the can. See Public Papers.

door till fie called the maid, in con28. Yesterday, the sessions ended sequence of the sulpbureous smell at the Old Bailey, when Ann San- which issued from the apartment. mert, Henry Boxer, John Clover, On entering the room, Mr. BruilCharles

Martin, Richard Simmonds, ter was stretched on the fopha-the William Goldsmith, William Ran- blood issuing from a wound made ten, William Morris, Mary Hodges in his head by the pistol ball. The (otherwise Susannah Robinson), pistol was not sufficiently charged William Olland, William Coleman to shoot the ball through the head, (otherwise Middleton), John AC in which it still remains. The ball quith, and Thomas Wiley (thir. did not enter the brain, as he furteen years of age, being a person vived the fatal shot about five miemployed in the

general poft office, nutes. Near him a loaded pistol did feloniously fecret a certain let- was found, and behind him, on ter, containing bank notes and bills the fopha, a small dish of gunof exchange to the amount of sol. powder and several balls ! Mr. the property of meff. Williams and Bruister was about fifty, extremely co.), received sentence of death; 13 infirm, and led rather a solitary life. were ordered to be transported for He was passionate, but good-nathe term of seven years; 12 to be cured ; nervous in the extreme, and imprisoned in the house of correc impatient of infult. His rental is tion, Clerkenwell; 5 to be impri- 6oool. a year. In the country he foned in Newgate; and one order- kept up a respectable establishment, ed to be publicly whipped. but in town it was by no nieans

The fiffions were adjourned un- adequate to his income. On Saturtil Wednesday the 6th of Deceinber day last Mr. Bruister returned from next.

his estate, in consequence of indil.

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pofition; and fince that time was time, in consequence of a signal. actually making arrangements to His majesty's yicht was fitted up in relide wholly in the country, be a very superb style; i the fore ca. ing inilignant at the impositions bin was a chair and rich canony of practised on him in town. This crimson velvet, with gold fringe, unfortunate gentleman had a con- for the king to fit in; the floor as Itant dred of being despoiled of his covered with carpeting; and the propertv; and some wretches, práce chairs for the noblemen who at.. tiling on his weakness, had written tended him were mahogany, with In him anonymous letters, assuring mor cco leather seats. In the af. him that a conspiracy was formed ter-cabin was the state bed for his to take away his life, and plunder majesty to sleep in, with sofas cohis house. This had an evident ef- vered with crimson damalk in the fect on the mind of the deceased. apartments a-ljoining, for the gen.

This morning, just at day-break, tlemen in waiting. The state room the king set off from Windsor was also elegantly fitted up for the lodge, in his post-chaise and four, reception of his majesty's attend. with the usual escort of light. ants. On his majesty's going on horse, to Greenwich; where his board, he was received by the lords majesty al ghted at the governor's of the admiralty, and the royal house, and was joined by his suite, standard was hoisted at the main, the lords of the admiralty, commif- the lord high ad niral's flag at the fioners of the navy, and other of- fore, and the union jack at the ficers. A regiment of London mie mizen-top-gallant-mast-head of the litia were on duty at Greenwich, as Royal Charlotte; and the Augusta well as a party of light-horse. The yacht (appropriated for the lords of college men were all drawn out to the admiralty.) hoisted the lord high receive his majesty, and lined the admiral's flag. The wind blowing ftairs, &c. on his embarkation. ftrong again it them at E. N. E. they Lord and lady Hood and daughter found it necessary to warp the Royal were the hosts on this occalion. Charlotte down the river a confiAfter breakfast, his majesty went in derable distance, ere they could his barge from the grand stairs of venture to cast her loose. The the hospital on board the Royal procession was thus arranged : Charlotte yacht, captain Trollope ;

A king's cutter. the lords of the admiralty and com- Anarmed The Royal Char- Anarme miffioners of the navy also going brig lotte. on board the Princess Augusta, and

The Princess Augusta. William and Mary yachts, all of which got under weigh at the time

A king's cutter. of the tide, and stood down the ri The captains commandling were, ver. As soon as his majesty came captain Trollope, of the Royal down to the stairs to get into the Charlotte; Princess Augusta, capbarge, the fignal was given, and a tain Riou ; Mary, captain Philroyal falute was fired by all the vel- lips. seís in the Reach, beginning at His majesty did not reach Black. Deptford, and running down to wall, owing to the contrary winds, Woolwich: on his embarking in till half past twelve; when he was the yacht, the salute was repeated ; again saluted by a number of can. the Tower guns also fired at the same non; and the wind being two

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ed brig.

The Mary.

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points to the northward of east, the committed to Newgate by D. Wil. royal yacht lay down the Reach, liams, Esq. and the rev. H. Rey. without making a single tack, and nett, D. D. charged on the oaths was off Woolwich about half past of John Dunbar, Henry Gray, one, where similar honours were and others, for having feloniously paid, and a very general and long and wilfully killed and murdered continued cannonade took place. one Mary Cox, by cutting and His majesty was not able to get far- stabbing her with a knife on the ther with the first tide than the Gal. 5th of O&ober, in the parish of leons below Woolwich; where he St. George, Middlesex. This is the waited with a perseverance worthy fame person that was tried at the Old of the object of his voyage. The Bailey in May feflions, 1795, for hav. lords of the admiralty and gentle- ing by force and violence obtained men in waiting dined and fupped from Mr. Courtois of Oxendonwith his majesty in the state-room ftreet, a note of hand for 2000l. --and at ten the king retired to his The jury found a special verdict

, cabin, earl Spencer and the other subjeét to the opinion of the judges

, lords going on board the Augusta which opinion was, that the of to fleep. "The crowd on the river fence was not capital; but, being was immense ; but, as might be ex- ordered to remain, the was indi&ed pected, fell off in proportion to the for the assault at the seffion-house, diftance.

Clerkenwell-green, and in April 31. It being found utterly im- 1796, was there tried, found guilpracticable to get farther than the ty; and imprisoned in Newgate Hope ; after lying there till this one year, which expired last April, evening, a council was held; and, when she was discharged. on account of the important bufi. ness which required his majesty's

NOVEMBER. presence in town, it was resolved to return to London without ac 1. At ten this morning, his macomplishing the object of the royal jesty and the lords of the admiralty excursion. In the evening another landed at Greenwich. After breaksignal was given to weigh; and the fasting with lord Hood, the king vessels anchored opposite Gravesend returned to town at one o'clock. at eight o'clock this night, the re- Immediately before his leaving the view being put off till a more fa- Queen Charlotte, his majesty creatvourable opportunity.

ed captain Trollope, who comAdmiralty Ofice, 02. 31. This manded the Russell in the late glogazette contains an account of the rious action, and who had the hodestruction of Le Cocyte, French nour of attending his majesty upon Jugger privateer, of 4 guns and this occafion as captain of his yacht, 30 men, off Plymouth, by his ma- a knight banneret.

jesty's thip Stag, captain Yorke ; When captain Trollope was firft . and Le Furet, French fchooner introduced to the king on board the

privateer, mounting 4 four pound- Royal Charlote yacht, his majesty ers, pierced for 14, and so men, thanked him in the most gracious by the Triton, the Childers being manner, in his own name, and

that of the kingdom, for his conYesterday, Mary Benson, widow, duft; and, when the roughnefs of alias Maria Theresa Phipoe, was the weather made it unsafe to pro


in company.

ceed (the king being thrown out of also been informed that you sufferbed by the violence of the waves), ed playing with loaded dice; but as his majesty said to captain Trols that constituted 'no part of the inlope, “ Do not congder my person; dictment, neither can it contribute but consider, if I cannot get to the toward your punishment, though it Nore, the disappointment of those increases your guilt.' brave fellows, whom I long to Lord Kenyon— If that crime thank, as I have you, for defend. had been laid to your charge, and ing me, protecting my people, and proved, your punishment would not preserving my country."

have stopped where it has.' A court of aldermen was yester 9. Yesterday at Guildhall, John day held at Guildhall, when the William Anderson, Esq. alderman Jord-mayor laid before the court of Alderlgate-ward, was sworn inan order of the court of lieute to the office of lord-mayor for the nancy, directing the commanding year ensuing. officers of the London militia not to Admiralty Office, Nov. 11. This turn out any guards in cases of gazetie contains an account of the riots, tumults, or fire, unless at the capture of the Palma, a Spanish express defire of some magistrate, Schooner privateer, of 2 three pundand being headed by him ; which ers, 4 swivels, and 28 men, by his order was made in consequence of majesty's floop Speedy, captain the lord-mayor's representation of Downman. Also, the some irregularity on the late re. L'Aigle French privateer of 12 joicing night. "The court voted guns, by the Aurora. his lordship thanks for his conftitu L'Hazard and La Manche French tional conduct.

privateers of eight guns each, by 8. Thomas Miller was brought L'Aigle. up to receive the judgment of the L'Espiegle French privateer of court of King's-bench, which was

14 guns, by the Aurora.. passed upon him by judge Amhurst, L'Espoir French privateer of 16 after a severe reprimand, to the fol. guns, by the Thalia. lowing effect : You are found La foret French privateer of 4 guilty of an unlawful and injurious guns (pierced for 14), by the Trioffence, in having kept a gamning. ton. house, in which you permitted an La Brune French privateer of 16 unlawful gane, called hazard, to guns, by the Dryad and Doris. be frequently played. The court 18. Yesterday, a court of prohaving taken into consideration the prietors was held at the bank; when enormity of your offence, ant the Mr. Raikes, the chairman, acquaintwhole of your conduct, do pass the ed the proprietors, that he and the following sentence: that you pay deputy governor had an interview a fine of sool.; that you be impri- on the preceding day with Mr. soned in the house of correction in Pitt, and had also deposited with Cold Bath-nelds for the space of one the secret committee of the house year; that you find fureties for - of commons a statement of the af. your good behaviour for seven fairs of the bank, which he should years, yourself in sool.; and two alfo lay before the roprietors. The others in 250l, each, and not to be result of this statement was as fol. discharged from your confinement lows : till such sureties be found. I have The bank had in cash, bullion,

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