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good citizens, and particularly the tiation at Lifle, and if it was so defenders of the country, are, at meant, to declare that no accusaseeing deferred at the very moment tion was ever more deftitute of when its conclusion was thought to foundation, nor a wider deviation be near at hand, and after having from the real fact. I said I was bought it with so much blood and perfectly ready to abide by their so much suffering - a definitive determination on this point, conpeace, which the heads of the van- vinced that it was impossible for quished coalition at length solicited them not to acknowledge that the in good earnest, when its conclu- delay (if there had been any blame-, sion was expected, and which a go- able’delay) rested with the French vernment, friendly to humanity, government, and not with his mawere still more earnest to con- jesty. The French plenipotentiaclude: when, all on a sudden, ries admitted this to be most strictbuoyed up with new hopes, reck- ly true ; that the phrase I had oning upon a general diffolution of quoted was an ill-judged one, and the government by the failing of mal redigéet but that it could not its finances, upon its destruction, in any point of view whatever be upon the death or banishment of construed as applying to Eng. its bravest generals, and upon the land ; and they were ready to say, dispersion and loss of its armies, that when it was written, the dithese very same coalesced powers rectory alluded solely to the court have thrown as much delay into of Vienna ; that they could assure the negotiations, as they had shewn me they had been very faithful in anxiety to bring them to an end. their reports, and that when they

said this it was saying in other (No. 32.)- Copy of a Dispatch from words that I had carried on the ne

Lord Malmesbury to Lord Gren- gotiation with as much expedition ville, dated Lisle, August 22, as possible, and that if it had pro1797.

ceeded flowly for this last month,

the slowness arose on their side and My Lord,

riot on mine. In my conference of this morning I said I could not for an instant I took an opportunity of remarking call in question their feelings on this to the French plevipotentiaries on point; it was the insinuation conthe very unfair and extraordinary veyed in the message, and which assertion which had appeared in the had gone over Europe, that it was message of the gth instant, from necessary for me to clear up, and the directory to the council of five to know whether the directory hundred, viz: Que les puissances thought and felt as they did. One coalisées ont mis autant de lenteur of the French ministers, with very dans les negotiations, qu'elles avoient strong expressions, assured me the montré de l'ardeur pour les terminer." directory certainly did think and I observed to them, that I had or- feel like them ; that no unfair or ders from my court to ask a pre- insidious allusion was meant, and cise explanation, whether this ac. added, “ Que ce mesage eroit fait cusation of delay was meant to ap- pour stimuler les conseils.

I went ply, to the manner in which his on by observing it was very essenmajesty had conducted the nego- til for me to have this fully ex. 1797.

(S) plained,


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plained, and that I should give day, or at the latest by Saturday, them in a note to this effect; they they expected to receive their longrequested I would not, it would expected messenger. lead to disagreeable discusions, and would not ansu'er the end I pro- (No. 34.)-Extrait of a Dispatch posed.' They would take upon from Lord Malmesbury to Lord themselves now to assure me in the Grenville, dated Lilic, Aug. 29, name of the directory, that nothing 1797 at all limiar to the conftru&ion I put on the phrate was intended, I am extremely sorry to be forcand that as soon as they could re ed to announce to your lordship, ceive an answer to the report they that fresh delays occur in the profhould make of to-day's conversa- 'gress of the negotiation. tion, they would say the same from The French plenipotentiaries in. the directory itself.

formed me at our conference yesterI hope, my lord, I have, there- day, that the last answer from Holfore, by obtaining this very precise land was so unsatisfactory, that the and formal disavowal of an inten- directory had ordered the minister tion to fix any imputation of delay for foreign affairs to return it to on bis majesty's government, sulm the Dutch ministers at Paris; that filled the object of my instructions the Dutch minifters could not take on this particular point. If, when upon themselves to alter it in the the French plenipotentiaries speak way the directory proposed, but from the directory, the disavowal had been obliged to refer to their Thould not be equally satisfactory government for new orders; and and complete, I then will not fail, that therefore, fuppofing no time according to your lordihip's order, to be lost in the deliberation on this to give in a note.

subject at the Hague, it would be I have the honour to be, &c. at least a week from to-day before (Signed)

any farther account could be reMALMESBURY.

ceived here. Righi Honourablc Lord Grenville.

After lamenting this unexpected

procrastination of our bufnets, I (No.33.)- Exrrail of a Leiter from expressed a wish to know what the

Lord Malmesbury to Lord Grrn Dutch answer had been, what obvillig dated Lille, August 22, jections the directory bad made to 1797.

it, and the alteration they were de.

firous it fhould undergo. The four conferences I have held One of the French plenipotenwith the French plenipotentiaries, tiaries said, it had not been comsince I wrote to your lordilip on municated to them, but that he un. the 4th inftant, will not, I fear, derstood it was complexe, louche, et furnith very interesting materials peu fatisfaisante.--'That the direcfor a dispatch.

tory expected it should be clear and Our conference of this morning distinct, and such an one as would was principally employed in what enable them to send such inftrucI have related in my other di- tions here, as would allow us to go spatch ; but the French plenipoten- on with the negotiation in a way tiaries assured me, that by Thurs- to recover the time we had loft.


(No. 35.)- Extract of a Dispatch was not admitted by the French

from Lord Malmesbury to Lord plenipotentiaries.
Grinville, dated Lille, Sept. 5,

(No. 36.)-Extract of a Dispatch

from Lord Malmosbury to Lord My Lord,

Grenville, dated Lijle, 9th Sept. I should have considered what

1797. has passed in our conferences fince

I need not say that the tito 200. I last had the honour of writing to ferences which have been held Gince your lordMhip by Mr. Wesley, as I dispatched the messenger Brooks, in itself too unimportant to autho

were not likely, under the present rise me to dispatch a messenger, but circumstances of this country, to that in general I think it my duty afford any thing extremely imnever to leave your lordship more

portant or intereiting. than a week without hearing from

In that of Thursday the 7th, me; and I was also glad of an op- one of the French plenipotentiaries portunity to acknowledge the re

began, on my entering the room, ceipt of your lordship's dispatch, by announcing a wish that the great No. 23, which was delivered to me

event which had taken place at by the messenger Shaw, on the 31st Paris, should not interrupt for a August, at 10 P. M.

long time our negotiation, or deNothing but common conversa: stroy the pleasing prospect we had tion passed in our conferences of of its foon terminating successful. the 30th August and of the ist ly; and from his manner I clearly September. In that of the 3d the saw he meant to convey the idea French plenipotentiaries confirmed that it was his opinion it would what they had taken upon them.

not. I endeavoured to discover selves to assure me on the 22d Au- whether he spoke in consequence guft, in confequence of the repre.. of any private intelligence he had sentation I had your lordship's or received from Paris, or simply from ders to make on the expressions his own private judgment, and I emploved by the directory in their found it was entirely from the latmeilage of the 9th August to the councils, and which expreflions ap In our conference of this morn. peared to fix an imputation of de- ing, he said they were still without lay on his majesty's government in

any letters from M. Tallerand the progress of the negotiation. (which rather surprised him); but They said that they had reported he could affure me, with certainty, to the directory what I observed that by Monday they should be emon this subject, and that they were powered to go on with the negonow charged to repeat what I had tiation, and ihat I might safely say already heard from them, and to

so to my court. declare that no intention similar to that I supposed ever existed on the (No. 37.) Extra&t of a Dispatch part of the directory.

from Lord Grenville to Lord In our conference of this morn Malmefury, dated Doeuning fireet, ing, although I had reason to ex

September 11, 1797. pect that the answer from the Hague was arrived at Paris, yet it Your lord hip's dispatches by the

(S2) messenger,


messenger, Shaw, were received gether fo cordially, that it was to here this morning.

be lamented any circumstances had It would be premature in the arisen which made the French gopresent moment, to enter into any vernment think it advisable to put reasoning on the effect which the the negotiation into other hands. extraordinary events at Paris may That I received with satisfaction be expected to have on the import what they told me as to the sentiant negotiation with which your meirts manifested by the directory, lordship is charged. A very few relative to the negotiation, and that I days must now probably few, in could affure them, they were such the most unequivocal manner, wha: as certainly existed in the breast of are the views which are entertained my royal matter. by the now predominant party at 'I then suggested to them, wheParis, respecting the queltion of ther it would not be proper to give peace or war with Great Britain: me an official note on this occagoa, and it becomes his majesty's go- fince it made a very marked period vernment to wait the event with in the negotiation; and as they the same desire for accommodation perfectly agreed with me on the on reasonable terms, and the same propriety of this, they fent me that firmness, with respect to undue and I now enclose. insulting demands, which has actu I consider this event as fo mateated every part of the conduct held rial, that I do not lose a moment in hy your lord fhip.

dispatching one of my fervants to

England, as I have at present no (No. 38.) Copy of a Dispatch from meitenger with me.

Lord Malmesbury to Lord Gren I have the honour to be, &c. ville, dated Lisle, Monday, Septem (Signed) MALMESBURY. ber 11, 1797

Right Hon. Lord Grenville,
My Lord,

(No. 39.) — Note from the Frenck On my going to the conference Plenipotentiaries to Lord Malmel. this morning, the French plenipo

bury. tentiaries informed me that the whole French 'legatiðn was recall. The ministers plenipotentiary of ed, and that Meilrs. Treilhard and the French republic have the hoBonnier d’Alco were appointed in nour to inform lord Malmesbury their room. They said, their or- that they have received, by this ders were to communicate this e- day's post

, a decree of the execuvent to me immediately, and at the tive directory, fignifying their resame time to add, in the name of call, and the nomination of citizens the French government, that this Treilhard and Bonnier to succeed alteration, in the choice of the ne- them, and to continue the negotiagotiators, would not produce any tions entered upon with England. whatever in tre dispolition of the The minister for foreign affairs

, directory, to bring the negotiation in sending to the underligned mito a happy issue.

nifters plenipotentiary this decree I allured them I was extremely of the dire&óry, of the 22d of this sorry to hear that they recall. month, orders them to wait the ared. "That we had hitlierto acted to rival of their successors. It also di


rects them to inform the minister assurances of his high confideraplenipotentiary of his Britannic ma- tion. jesty, that the change of the nego (Signed) MALMESBURY. tiators does not carry with it any

Lille, September 12, 1797. change in the disposition of the directory, with regard to the negotia- (No. 41.) - Extrait of a Dispatch tion.

from Lord Malmesbury to Lord The ministers plenipotentiary of Grenville, dated Life, 17th Septhe French republic have the ho

tember, 1797 nour to renew to lord Malınelbury the assurances of their high confi My Lord, deration.

The new French plenipotentia. (Signed) LE TOURNEUR. ries, Messrs. Treilhard and Bonnier

Hugues B. MARET. d’Alco, with their principal secre, Lille, 25th Fructidor,

tary, M. Derché, and two private 5th Year of the Republic.

secretaries, arrived here at five (September 11, 1797.)

o'clock, A. M. on Wednesday the Colchen, secretary general of the 13th instant. At eleven, A M. Legation.

they sent M. Derché to acquaint me with their arrival, and to en

quire at what hour I would receive (No. 40.) -- Note from Lord Malmef- their visit. In consequence of my

bury to the French Plenipotentia. saying whenever it was convenient ries.

to them, they came immediately,

attended by Mellrs. Le Tourneur, The minister plenipotentiary of Maret, and Colchen. his Britannic majesty has the ho On taking leave, M. Le Tour. pour to acknowledge the receipt of neur came forward and said to me, the note which the ministers pleni- in his name and that of his colpotentiary of the French republic leagues, that they could not termi. have addressed him, communicating nate their mission without expressthe decree of the executive directo- ing the satisfaction they had felt ry, which fignifies their recall and from the openness and candour the nomination of the ministers (loyauté et franchise) with which I destined to succeed them, and to had acted during the whole of the continue the negotiations already negotiation, or take leave of me, commenced. He receives at the without expressing their fincere persame time with satisfaction, and fonal regrets; that the recollection will transmit without delay to his of my conduct would always be acourt, the assurance, that this greeable to them, and that it had change of the negotiators does not given me the strongest title to their bring with it any change in the dif- esteem and good wishes. pofition of the directory as to the After giving the new plenipotennegotiation.

tiaries as much time as was necessary Lord Malmesbury, in thanking to return to their own house, I sent the ministers plenipotentiary of the Mr. Ross to ask at what bour I might French republic for this communi. return their visit; and in confecation, begs them to be persuaded quence of their answer, I went to of his personal regret on account of them, attended by lord Morpeth their departure, and to accept the and Mr. Ellis.

($ 3) I took

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