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to become citizens of such city or Britain. All this is to be underplace where they shall refide or stood with the reftri&tion, that trade. By selling wholesale, is un every permiflion on either ade, derstood one or more bales of specified in this article, shall be in goods, chests, casks, barrels, also no wise contrary to the laws of the leveral dozens of finall articles of country, and that the Russian fubmerchandise of the fame kind, jects, as well as the British fubjects, collected in the same place, and in and their clerks, conform themconsiderable lors or other sorts of selves, on both fides, punctually to package. It is further agreed, that the rights, statutes, and ordinances the subjects of Ruflia may carry, of the country in wlsich they shall in the same manner, into the ports trade, in order to obviate all forts of Great Britain and of Ireland, of frauds and pretexts. It is for where they shall be establighed or this reason the decisions of the said relide, all sorts of merchandise or cases happening to the British faceffects, of which the trade or the tories in Rustia phalldepend, at St. Peentry is not prohibited, which is teriburgh, upon the college of comunderstood equally of ihe mapu- merce, and in the other cities, where fa&tures and prosvétions of the there is no college of commerce, Afiatic provinces, provided that it upon the tribunals which have cogs be not actualiy prohibited by some nizance of commercial affairs. law now in force in Great Britain ; V. And in order to preserve a that they shall be permitted to keep just equality between Russian and them in their houses or magazines, British subjects, both the one and to sell or exchange them uholetale, the other shall pay the same duties freely become citizens of such city of exportation and of importation, or place where they thall rende or whether it be in Russia or in Great trade; and that they may buy and Britain and Ireland, whether it be transport out of the dominions of in Ruflian or in Britilli vessels ; and Great Britain all forts of merchan- no regulation thall be made by the dile and effects which the subjects: high contracting parties in favour of any other nation may there buy of its own subje&ts, which the fuband transport elsewhere, particu- jects of the other high contracting larly gold and filver, wrought or party shall not enjoy, and that ununwrought, except the coined mo derstood bona fide, under whatever ney of Great Britain. It is agreed name or form it may be, in fuch that British subjects trading in the manner as that the subjects of one dominions of Ruslia thail have the of the powers shall have no advanliberty, in case of death, of an ex- tage over thole of the other in the traordinary: want, or of an absolute respective dominious. necellity, when there reniains no VI. Every affiftance and polother nieans of procuring monev, fible dispatch shall be given for the or in case of bankruptcy, of dif- loading and unloading of vefsels, posing of their effectseither in' as well as for the entry and deRullian or foreign merchandise, in parture of their merchandise

, ac the manner in which the persons cording to the regulations nace interested all think most advan- for that purpose; and they ball tageous.

The same thing thall be not in any manner be detained, observed with regard to Rufan upon the penalties announced in subje&ts in the dominions of Great the ind regulations. In like man.


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ner, if the subjects of Great Britain nations. - Nevertheless, in order make contracts with any chancery to prevent, on both Gides, the cus. or college whatsoever, for deliver- tom-house from being defrauded, ing certain merchandise or effects, in the case of the discovery of on the declaration that those mer. merchandise imported clandestinechandite are ready to be delivered, ly, and without paying the customand after they hall have been ac- house duty, they shall be confifcat. tually delivered within the term ed, and the inerchants convicted fixed in those contracts, they fall of contrabanding ball be subjected be received, and the accounts shall to the fine establiiled by the law in be regulated and liquidated, in con- such cases. sequence, between the said college X. li firall be permitted to the or chancery and the British mer- high contracting parties to go, = 'rants, within the time which shall come, and trade freely in the states have been fixed in the said coil with which the one or the other of tracts. The same rule thall be those parties thall be, in present or observed in the dominions of in future, at war, provided that Great Britain towards kuilian mer- they do not carry aminunition to chants.

the enemy: With the exception, VII. It is agreed that the fub- nevertheless, of places actually jects of Great Britain may, in all blockaded or besieged, whether by the cities and places of Ruflia sea or land; but at all other times, where it is ailowed to any other and with the exception of wariike nation to trade, pay for merchan- ammunition, the fubjects aforefaid dise bought in the fame current may transport into those places money of Rusia which they have every other fort of merchandise, taken for their merchandise fold, as well as passengers, without the unless the contrary mould be stipu- finalleit hindrance.

With respect lated in their contracts.' The same to the searching of merchant thips, is to be understood equally respect- fhips of war and privateers Thall iug Ruffian merchandise in the do- conduct themselves as favourable minions of Greai Britain,

as the course of the war then exiftVIII. In the places where em- ing may poffibly permit it towards barkations are usually made, it shall the most friendly powers which shall be permitted to the subjects of tie remain neuter, observing, as much high contracting parties to load as poflible, the acknowledged printheir flips or carriages with, and ciples and rules of the law of na, to transport by water and by lard, tions. all sorts of merchandise which they XI. All cannons, mortars, firemay have bought (with the excep- arms, pistols, bombs, grenades, tion of those of which the ex- balls, builets, musquets, Aints, portation is prohibited), on paying ratches, powder, falt petre, fuithe custom-house duties, providing phur, cutlafles, piles, fuords, belts, that those thips and carriages con cartouch-boxes, faddies and bri: form themselves to the laws. dies, beyond the quantity which

IX. The subjects of the high may be necesary for the use of the contra&ing parties thall not pay flip, or beyond that which each more duties upon the entry or de- nian serving on board the vcslel, or parture of their pierchandise than pallenger shall have, thall be eare paid by the fubjects of other itet ned warlike provisions or am


znunition; and if any are found, British merchants to build, buy,
they shall be confiscated, according fell, and hire houses in all states
to the laws, as contraband or pro- and cities of Ruflia, excepting only
hibited effe&ts; but neither the the permision of building, buying,
Nips, passengers, nor the other selling, and hiring bouses in those
merchandise found at the same cities of the empire which have
time, fall be detained or prevent- particular rights of citizenship, and
ed from continuing their voyage. privileges contrary thereto ; and it

XII. If, which God forbid, is expressly ftipulated that at St.
peace fhould be broken between Petersburgh, Moscow, Archangel,
The two high contracting parties, Riga, and Narva, as well as in all
neither persons, thips, nor mer- ports of the Black Sea, the houses
chandise, shall be detained or con which British merchants shall have
fiscated; but the term of a year at purchased or built, fhail, as long as
least shall be granted, for the pur- they fhall continue to belong to
pose of selling, disposing of, or car- them, and reside therein, be ex-
rving away their effects, and with. empted from having soldiers quar-
drawing themselves wherever they tered in them; but such houses as
thall pleate, which is to be under they shall let or hire, shall be sub-
ftood equally respecting all thofejected to all city taxes, the tenant
who shall be in the sea and land and proprietor agreeing with cach
service, and they thall be permit- other on that subject. As to every
ted, previous to, or at their depar- other city in Russia, the houses
ture, to consign the effects of which which they shall purchase or build,
they shall not have difpofed, as well as well as those which they thail
as the debts to which they may hire or let, mall not be rexempt
have a claim, to such person as they from having foldiers quartered in
Thall judge proper, to be disposed them. It is, in like manner, per-
of according to their will and pro- mitted to Ruflian merchants to
fit; which debts the debtor Thall build, buy, sell, and hire houses in
equally be obliged to pay as if the Great Britain and Ireland, and to
rupture had not taken place. dispose of them as it is allowed to

XIII. In the event of a hip- the subjects of the most favoured
wreck happening in a place be- nations. They hall have the free
longing to one or other of the high exercise of the Greek religion in
contracting parties, not only every their own houses or in the places
aslittance Mall be given to the un- allotted for that purpose. In like
fortunate persons, and no violence manner British merchants fhall
done to them, but also the effects have the free exercise of the protes.
which they Mall have thrown out tant religion. The fubjects of both
of the hip into the sea shall not be the one and the other power efta-
concealed, detained, nor damaged, blifhed in Ruffia or Great Britain,
under any pretext hatever; on the shall have the aisposed of their pro-
Contrary, the above mentioned ef- perty, and the power of leaving it
tests and merchandise Mall be pre. by will to whom they fall judge
Terved and restored to them, upon a proper, according to the custom
fuitable recompence being given to and the laws of their own coun.
those who Mall have affified in fave try.
ing their persons, vessels, and effects. XV. Passports Thall be granted
XIV. It shall be permitted to to all Britili subjects who fall de-


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fire to quit Rusija, after having not be obliged to thew their books published their names and places of or papers to any person whatsoever, abode in the gazettes, according to unless it be to afford evidence in the custom of the present day, courts of justice; neither shall the without obiiging them to give fe- faid hooks or papers be taken nor curity; and if at the time there detained. If it Mould happen, does not appear any just cause for however, that a British merchant detaining them, they thail be per- becomes a bankrupt, the affair shall mitted to depart, after providing be under the jurisdi&tion, at Șt. themselves, however, with passports Peterburgh, of the college of comfrom the tribunals established for merce, or of that which Niall herethat purpose. The same facility after be established for the purpose fhall be granted, on the like occa- of adıninistering justice in commerlion, according to the custom of the cial affairs, and, in the other cities country, to Ruffian subjects, who at a distance, under that of the maHall desire to quit the dominions of gistrate of the city: and the busiGreat Britain.

nefs Mhall be carried on according XVI. British merchants, who to the laws which are, or thali Mall hire or keep servants, shall be hereafter be made upon that subobliged to conform themselves to je&t. If, however, Britith mer. the laws of that empire upon this chants, obftinately resolved not to subject; which Russian merchants become bankrupts, Mould refuse to Thall be equally obliged to do in pay their debts either into the Great Britain.

banks of his imperial majesty or to XVII. In all lawsuits and other individuals, it fhall be permitted to affairs, British merchants shall not arrest a part of their effects, equi . be under any other jurifdictio valent to their debts; and in cafe than that of the college of com-" those effe&ts fhould prove inademerce, or that which thall be here- quate to that purpose, they may arafter established for the administra- reit their persons, and detain them

tion of justice between merchants. until the n-ajority of their creditors If it thould happen, however, that both as to the number and value British merchants were to have of their respective demands, conlawsuits in any cities at a distance sent to liberate them: with respe&t to from the above-mentioned college their effects which thall have been of commerce, both they and the o- arrested, they shall remain in the ther party thall carry their com- custody of those who sa'l be applaint before the magiftrates of the pointed and duly authorited for that laid cities. Ruffian merchants in purpose by the majority of the creGreat Britain fall have reciprocal disors as aforesaid; and the persons ly the fame protection and juice, so appointed shall be obliged to apaccording to the laws of that king- praise the effects as soon as poilible, dom, which other foreign mer and to make a juft and equitable chants have there, and ihall be distribution to all the creditors, actreated in the fame manner as the cording to their respective claims. subjects of the most favoured na The same course Mall be pursued, tion.

in similar cases, with regard to RufXVIII. Rullian merchants re fian merchants in the dominions of fiding in Great Br tain, and British Great Britain, and they shall be merchants residing in Russia, fhall protected therein in the manner


regulated in the preceding arti- delivering their merchandise at the cle.

place, or at the time agreed upon XIX. In case of complaints and and mentioned in the laid bills or of law-suits, three perfons of irre: contracts, the college of commerce, proachable character, from amongst after complaints to that effe&t thali the foreign merchants, fall be, ac. have been made, and proofs given, cording to the circumstances of the fall summons them three times, cafe, appointed by the college of granting them a sufficient time to commerce, and in such places appear in person, and if they allow where there is none, by the magi: it to elaple without appearing, the strate, to examine the books and said college shall condemo them, Ipers of the complainants, and and fall send an exprefs, at the the report which they shall nrake expence of the plaintit, to the goto the college of commerce, or to vernors and to the tribunals of gothe magistrate, of what they shall verninent, enjoining them to put have found in the said books and the sentence into execution, and papers, fhall be conhidered as good thereby compel the debtors to ful. proof.

fil their engagements. And if the XX. The custom-houses fliall demands should be found frivolous take care to examine the servants or or unjust, then the British merthe clerks of Rufliau irerchants, at chants shall be obliged to pay the the time of their enregistering their damage which they shall have ocpurchases, if they are furniflied, for cafioned, either by the lofs of time, that purpose, with the orders or full or by the expences of the voyage. powers of their masters, and if they XXII. The brack shall be efta. are not, they shall not be credited. blished with jufiice, and the brack. The faine measures Mall be adopt- or's Mhall be answerable for the quae ed with the servants of British mer- lity of the merchandise and for chants; and when the faid fer- fraudulent packages, and obliged, vants, having orders or full powers tpon fufficient proofs againft them, from their maiters, shall have enre- to pay for the losses which they gistered the merchandise on ac- have occasioned. count of their masters, the latter XXIII. A regulation shall be fall be responsible therefore in the made in order to prevent the abuses fame manner as if they had them- which may be practised in the selves enregistered them. With re. Packing ot leather, hemp, and lint; spect to Ruflian servants employed and if any disputes mould happen in snops, they mall, in like manner, between the purchaser and the fellbe enregistered by the tribunals esta- er respecting the weight or the blished for that purpose, in the cities tare of any merchandile, the cufwhere those tops fhall be; and tom-house fall decide it according their maiters (hall be responsible for to equity. them, in matters of trade, and in XXIV. In every thing which rethe purchaes which they shall have lates' to taxes and duties upon the made in their nanve.

importation and exportation of XXI. In the case of Ruslian mer- merchandise in general, the subchants who are in debt to British jeets of the two high contraéting merchants upon bills of exchange, parties shall always be confidered or who have made contracts for the and treated as the most favoured delivery of merchandise, not pay- nation. ing their bills of exchange, or not XXV. The subjects of the two


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