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L I T E R A T U R E,
For the Y E. A. R. 1797.

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in Great BRIT AIN, during the Reign of King Charles II. —
Part I. *

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VARIous causes, which it would be fruitless to detail, have delayed the publication of the New An. nual Register a little beyond the time which we had originally fixed for its appearance. Our readers, however, we flatter ourselves, will not be hastily disposed to accuse us of unpunctuality, when they consider the great importance of our domestic transactions, independent of the foreign matter, during the last year. The volume for 1798, we can venture to promise, will be much earlier in its appearance; that volume will contain information highly interesting, but which, for reasons that must be obvious to every refle&ting person, it was necessary and proper to withhold for the present. It will contain (besides the usual historical matter) a copious, impartial, and authentic narrative of the affairs of Ireland, and a view of the present state of North America, and of the dispute between the French Republic and the United States.

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